Progressed Moon in Virgo – Compulsive Finger Counting

Talking about the sign of the progressed moon on the boards today. Some people mentioned being miserable in Virgo. Well, not so much miserable, but uncomfortable. Need to be correct in my representation for Virgo’s Sake!

The other day I was thinking about my own experiences under the progressed Virgo moon. I briefly mentioned it here.

My progressed moon was in Virgo when I was 24. That was the year I started counting the hours. I was working at a coffee shop and consistently picking up shifts for anyone who asked. I didn’t see it as me doing them a favor. I saw it as them giving me more money, but I was also not ignorant to the fact that I came out looking helpful.

I was pulling overtime all the time. I was worn out. I would come home from work and count out on my fingers how many hours until I had to go back, trying to determine when to go to bed so I could get the minimum amount of sleep necessary to function. The answer was usually two hours before I got home.

Sometimes I would secretly get high. Sometimes I would eat. Sometimes I would pull my shoes off and pass out in my clothes sprawled across the bed. Then I would wake up and count the hours again. I would look at the digital alarm clock on the floor by the foot of the bed and count. 3:58…3:58, that’s almost 4. I have to be at work at 7. Let’s see… 4 to 5…5 to 6… 6 to 7. That’s 3 hours. I need 20 minutes to get ready. That 3 minus 20 mins, that’s 2 hours and forty mins. Back to sleep.

I would wake up with my alarm and start shaving things off my routine. I need 20 minutes to get ready but if I don’t take a shower, I only need 13. Hit the snooze. I need 13 mins to get ready, but if I skip breakfast and get dressed as fast as I can, I only need 7. Snooze.

I would wake up at the last possible minute after 3 or 4 hellish snooze sessions and fly into work by the seat of my pants. Then the counting would start again. Ok, just four more hours and I get a lunch break. Then it was four more hours and I get to go home and do it all again.

Sometimes I would catch myself looking at a clock and tapping my fingers against my leg counting, but to when? I didn’t know, it just became a habit. There was always a set time I had to be somewhere and I counted it out compulsively on my fingers.

Where were you when your progressed moon was in Virgo? Were you nervous? Maybe just a little bit?

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Progressed Moon in Virgo – Compulsive Finger Counting — 18 Comments

  1. Nota,
    Your story resonates! But, it’s my pluto 6th virgo, and now progressed sun in virgo. It rolls out the same way, except it’s all mental, no fingers added:)

  2. Funny that you mention it,lol, my progressed Moon is in Virgo! I am already a nervous person anyways so…..but I have been extremely busy. Busy at work and at home. I have mentioned here that I feel like a pack mule lately,lol. If only I could shed some extra lbs while doing all this work, 🙂

  3. great post Nota! my pr. moon moved into the 6th not long ago and uhmm indeed l feel a little :O concerned…hehe. l need to relax a little and yeah relax!!!!
    l don’t feel like working so much now especially for someone else, it’s weird. l have this worry thing…not cool!

  4. I really don’t understand why people get so freaked by this – Virgo is a fine sign to have in the arsenal.

    I’ve called on my Virgo many times in my life especially whenever I’ve been in full time work, or when I’ve had a massive project or several projects to manage at once, or when I’ve had jobs requiring great attention to detail. Without it, and with a Taurus Moon, I’d never have achieved a damn thing. It’s also given me the ability to research things all the way – would I have picked up the bones of astrology so fast without it for example?

    My sister has a Virgo Moon, and she is the sort of person who never forgets anyone’s birthday, who does Christmas ‘properly’ and wants to include all the family, who sends everyone a postcard from foreign parts to let them know she is thinking of them. A Virgo Moon allows you – esp in a Saturn in Libra period – to work out what or rather who is truly important to you, and to work on that. It’s there to be used, like any other transit 😉

  5. PS I agree that getting stressed out by overwork – and thinking you are irreplaceable – is a danger with Virgo, but it’s something you learn to control over time

  6. I’m very grateful for this post Nota – perfect timing!

    I like your viewpoint Blessed PLace – I have been focussing on what’s important to me at the moment, the key thing being that I’d rather have a family and a happy home life than work a 25 hour day. I tried explaining that to my taurus mum at the weekend, which wasn’t easy!

    This could be a highlight of my pMoon in virgo phase – but the lowlight is having very little energy for anything other than work.

  7. I was in elementary school and I loved my black and white checked jumper. I was a conscientious little kid who didn’t have to be reminded to do her homework; my parents didn’t even really help me with it. They were too busy with my brother. I totally believed in all of the rules and I think I wrote a note to my best school friend saying that if she didn’t behave in class I wouldn’t be her friend anymore. I got giant glasses which made my mother cry, but I was thrilled because I could see.

    My school day started earlier and ended later than the other kids in my neighborhood, and I’d use the bus ride to nap and then remind myself to wake up by singing a breakfast jingle in my head. When the neighbor kids were napping, I was watching television — but it was educational public television. (Maybe that’s not Virgo, lol)

  8. nice blessed place…l was wondering about the positive traits of Virgo! there must be like with every sign. l have Virgo Moon 11th H.composite don’t know what to make of it just yet…!

  9. BP, I’m not freaked by the sign, I’ve just noticed how I’ve been feeling and more critical in general. (although that comes with what’s come my way.) I don’t know if Saturn, Pluto and age are playing into it, and how much my progressed Moon fits… it started in my 10th, moved to my 11th, and I’ve been more vocal and more likely to make friends, so that’s good.

    shakti, that is sweet. 🙂 I think I got glasses when it was first in Virgo for me. I got new glasses (after not wearing them for ten years), late 2009, when it had been in Virgo since the early Spring. I’ve been more argumentative, and self-critical, as well as critical of someone else, but as I said, that may come with other things. Now that I think about it, I’ve been smacked over the head with glaring mistakes from my past, when I could have done this, this or that, and moved in this or that direction… I’ve been venting and kicking myself over wasted time. I’ve felt guilty about having all kinds of decks that I don’t use that often, but I’ve also somehow taken worse care of them than I did when Moon was in Leo. I had them all in one cupboard, but once I started carrying them around with me.. ugh. I also got blocked for the first time that I know of, on a site, as it opposed my Mars and squared my Moon/Venus.

  10. I’ve been obsessed with time, as well- everything seeming to move so fast, and feeling as though I’m running out of time. I don’t remember having that feeling before.

  11. It’s great that ran across this article because I thought that my being obsessed with time had to do with my having Saturn in Gemini in the tenth almost at the top of my chart.

    Now I know this preoccupation with not having accomplished what I think I should have by a certain age come from my Virgo ascendant coupled with my Pluto in retrograde Virgo in the 1st.

  12. I just love those little finger peeps. I wanted to run and get my felt tip pen and get drawing as soon as I saw them! I haven’t a clue if this has anything to do with being a Virgo sun – it’s just fun!

  13. Everyone say “Hi Roderick!” and welcome our new friend to the blog.

    I think that your Saturn cans till be to “blame” here, haha. Virgosity isn’t necessarily about time, the emphasis is more on the busy fingers. It’s a frenetic mercurial energy.

  14. Virgo natal Moon 3rd House with Pluto and Uranus.
    I wrote a short story about a child who had finger sisters. Also once I learned to type, I mentally typed out, and still do! Any new words I come across.

    Cancer rising, Libra Sun… I wish my moon translated to being well organized. I definitely have the critical thinking in spades ♠️.

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