Progressed Moon in Scorpio – Reproduction and Transformation

I was 27. My progressed moon had just entered Scorpio conjunct my natal moon. Yes, the return of the progressed moon to the natal position, also known as the precursor to the Saturn return.

I had to cancel a party due to strange circumstances and I took it as some sort of sign that a shift had occurred. The universe didn’t want me to have that party. Things like that were very potent at the time. I needed to be alone.

I started sneaking into an apartment pool down the street and swimming laps in the afternoons before work. I went on long solo bike rides seeking meaning in the scenery. I thought about sex constantly.

I applied for a program in Beijing that I knew I did not have the academic track record to be accepted into, but I didn’t know what else to do with myself. In the mean time, I played John Denver songs on the piano with my Scorpio rising neighbor who I didn’t really like, but hungout with anyway for some inexplicable reason.

When I received my rejection email, I threw myself face down on my bed. I let my breath condense all over my face until I couldn’t stand it. I got down on the floor and started to pray. I begged for purpose. Something to give my life meaning. I gave myself over to whatever it is you want to call it that people pray to.

Three weeks later my period was late. I was on my knees again hurling into Albert’s toilet.

“Are you sick?”

“I think I might be pregnant.”

So began the most transformational period of my life.

Check out your progressed chart here!

Where were you when your progressed moon went into Scorpio? How transformed were you?


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Progressed Moon in Scorpio – Reproduction and Transformation — 17 Comments

  1. just ended—-it has been in my progressed 1H

    it was no picnic, that’s for sure

    i don’t know if i would use the word transformed because that implies something initially difficult then ultimately becomes positive

    i would use the word ‘hardened’ to describe what i have just been through

    thanks nota—-love these posts

    (i think we are on a very close progressed moon cycle—mine just went into sadge a month ago—-pretty cool for me as a reader here!)

  2. I really like the these posts and hearing your stories, nota.

    When my progressed Moon was in Scorpio I was living in Germany and having a mind-boggling love affair. I was a magnet for all kinds of things and I can’t say I minded. Life was really fast paced and there was a LOT going on. It was in my 11th House, conj. my MC and Uranus. Shazaam.

    I also reconnected with my parents after a 4 year break.

  3. My progressed moon is in scorpio now, it changed over in the autumn. I started dating a guy who I was in love with for a long time, but long story short, it didn’t work out at the time. Anyway, rather painful, and lots of painful things are happening but it’s only the beginning.

    Other things I know will happen… graduating college, that’ll be transformational. Maybe.

  4. Oh. Em. Gee.

    Let’s see, for the first five months of progressed Moon in Scorpio, I –

    – took a trip halfway across the world to meet a man I had only met online before, and had a weeklong Venus/Neptune romance
    – came back and decided to try to “reconcile” with my ex
    – dropped my ex (not quite an amputation) after 2 months of hell

    Since then, I’ve been strictly underground, Scorpio-style. (except for the solitary adventuring I’ve done) I’ve been starting to feel restless though…

  5. meet my ex husband (scorpio sun), traveled to the other side of the world, oh, and I found out I was pregnant too!
    Then it changed to Sag Moon!

  6. Wow Nota, that pretty much sums up my experience so far of progressed moon in the eighth house (analogous to Scorpio) it is curently on my natal Pluto with transiting Saturn exactly conjunct to both of them … i have been keeping a seriusly low profile for the last month or even longer,with spontaneus outbursts of crying, sobbing on the floor of my bedroom, praying ;), talking to god which i rarely do, my Capricorn rising will not allow it, cause only i can help myself, but how can i, i’m just so exhausted …

  7. 🙂 Got pregnant. Had a baby. In the middle of wartime in a foreign country. I had the baby in a foreign hospital because the American hospital was full of soldiers. I was deeply unimportant to everything else that was going on so I sat with my baby and rocked him and fed him and let the summer days pass one after another. SOmetimes I saw my husband but a good part of the time he was fighting the war so I was on my own. We had no money. Soda pop was an unthinkable luxury as well as the kind of groceries most people take for granted. I cooked. Meatloaf and spaghetti to stretch our US bucks. We lived on the side of a mountain. To get to a phone I would have to walk into town but sometimes it was pointless because there was a line of refugees around it, speaking a language I didn’t understand.

    At some point in that period progressed moon hit my natal scorpio moon. I have never been happier in my life, before or since.

  8. Going through progressed Lunar return as we speak (separating by a few degrees). Natal Moon at 14 Scorpio in 4th house (square ASC/square DESC). Finished finally an on/off relationship of 22+ years.
    Generally, I am becoming very antisocial and extremely critical of superficial people and have decided to isolate myself for the time being. I find it hard to be nice and polite:).

  9. Nice post! I’m beginning my progressed Scorpio Moon. The main themes so far include: putting up with no more bullshit, increasing ability at holding a direct gaze, sensing energies permeating through and around form, becoming bolder in speaking my truth, seeing ‘anger’ as yet another energy flow and just as spiritual as any other energy, intensified sexual flows, and lastly I’m prepared to die for what i stand for while on this planet.

  10. I’m at the end of it, 29 deg. My moon is natally located at 2 deg Cap. and the scorpio prog. moon is in my 6th house.

    * I broke up with my boyfriend. We had a 5 year relationship.
    * I can’t stand superficial people and the people who talk too much and nonsense.
    * I became jealous of women who have good features although I was not a jealous person before.
    * At first I dropped weight like 20 pounds, then, I gained 25-30 punds back because of my obsessive overeating and jealousy and searching for perfection on my body!
    * My period went out when I dropped weight.
    * I’m still struggling to lose weight and coping with the obsessive eating! I have never such eating habits. Indeed, I didn’t eat much before till this damn thing found me!
    * I’ve been so restless that I’ve been sleeping at most 4-5 hours within a day, and sometimes I only sleep twice a day for 1.5 years, and I haven’t seen any dreams for 1.5 years.
    * I tried every single diet and exercise program, but none of them worked! And as I push it, it became worse, I gained more weight!
    * I isolated myself from everything and from everybody.
    * Because I became so obsessed with my body, most of the time I overate and couldn’t even study to my lectures.
    * I started to want to see the end of whatever I’m doing.
    * I begged the God to kill me many times.
    * I searched for the meaning behind all of this nonsense and catastrophic things that found me for months. I prayed for seeing the meaning and reason behind but I couldn’t. I felt like I’m isolated from everything even from myself. So, I can’t even hear my own voice!
    * At the end, I decided that I lost everything that I constructed in detailed so far. Now, I have nothing to lose! That’s why I started to take risks more than ever.
    * My approach to sex has totally changed! Before I was searching for it, now I see it’s so unnecessary thing in life. Because it brings me no love. It’s just an issue for physical satisfaction, but it doesn’t feed ones emotions!

    I really need Sag energy as soon as possible. I can’t endure this strong and dark and anxious energy anymore 🙁

    Sorry, I’ve been feeling depressed so much and I can’t see its positive effects. Maybe I can see them after I start to feel the Sag energy. Maybe Scorpio moon is just a storm before sunny days 🙂

  11. My progressed moon entered Scorpio in December 2013. Until today I isolated myself and felt so much emotional pain, I could never imagine it is possible. I am constantly thinking of pregnancy and for the first time in my life I want to be pregnant soooo much…
    I pray almost every day for God to just watch over me. Also, I have occasionally very dark thoughts about death, like should I die now, will I die soon…
    Wherever i go I feel some sort of pain in my chest, but this is all more emotional although I feel it physically.
    My moon is now on 7th degree of scorpio. Long way in front of me…until it gets to Sagittarius.
    But I hope it is carrying some reward after all…

  12. My progressed moon entered in Scorpio in June 2015 in the 7th house BUT it hitted the natal 8th house ruled by Venus with Pluto on it since a couple of months a go.g
    -a Scorpio ex lover just came from the sudden tried to get me pregnant
    -all my level of energy were increased (6 sense and anything you can image related To spiritual you can image
    -I had 2 car accident that wasn’t my fault (I lost my car)
    -someone was coming after me cutting the tires of my car or causing small damages on my car before the accidents, it was on my neighborhood so I needed to move
    -I completely fell in love with that scorpion ex lover but when he tried to get me pregnant I took the morning pill while he “knew” I was fertil taking no medication he’s a gynecologist but later after all my spiritual awaken I completely regret and I felt I had no purpose to be on earth since I’ve breaked the destiny (I knew with all my heart, body and soul that I was going to get pregnant). But it was all new for me and out of reality I thought I was getting crazy it freaked me out so I just took the morning after pill
    -the scorpion guy hated me for that and he “couldn’t” believe I wasn’t pregnant until 2 months later that was nothing growing on my belly eventhou I would take my blood tests or just plain texts. ( I won’t even mention how my health got).
    -he didn’t want talk to me anymore etc
    -I spent Christmas and new year alone and I just wanted to be alone
    After ALL of this I began to feel depressed, no purpose and scary (panic attacks)
    -I cutted myself on my arms witch left me deep scars thanks God the full movements returned due to the cut of the tendons
    -I was taken to a mental health hospital medicated with “a lot medication” diagnosed with depression
    -when I got home after 2 weeks in that hospital I got SO angry to be in such condition of life and being medicated and being treated as “nothing” LITERALLY so I destroyed the place were I live with knifes cutting everything around the walls and cellings placing holes etc and I also took more than 30/40 pills at that time I was out of myself) destroying the house non stop per 48hours non sleep
    -I was taken to the mental hospital one more time but now the police forcefully took me there a friend of mine called them (many times until they forcefully took me there).
    -there was more 2 weeks in the mental hospital diagnosed with “paranoia” because I was having those awkward spiritual things not seeing things or hearing just “feeling” an out burst of emotion and panic attacks. Mainly I was just afraid of everything, people and life.
    Now I just returned to “normal” life taking 0 (zero) medication. Thanks God! Working and doing things of life.. I made room for all those feeling and I am controlling them now it’s just so intense sometimes and I also feel more restless but at the same time I want to be more alone with little time for meanness things. I am more aware of my own truth and I can get even rough talking to people but I am just being more real if that makes sense. I became obsessed with the spiritual theme chakras etc and I also became more jealous of people witch I was always more of a nice/good person to everyone, I am still but just jealous of people bodies or features I feels like I want the same for me. Well, for now is this.
    I also started to feel the sex in a different way like in a more close like typo of sex like more meaningful even if just more brainy like connexion if you know what I mean or sort of energy exchange like connexion.
    Oh, I’ve been getting sick often I mean monthly is always something different going on like a stomachache, a flue, then a flue again :/
    Hopefully I will have a happy end..

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