Progressed Moon in Sagittarius – Take Off Your Sunglasses!

Did anybody hear that? That “audible click?” Sorry for the cliche collocates but it’s the only way to accurately describe The change.

Or is it? No, there are countless ways I could describe it. Perhaps as the sound my fist made as I punched through that self spun mache that is the encapsulating progressed Scorpio moon, yeah that sounds good.

My options just keep unfurling!


I’ve been quiet for the past few weeks because it’s been a dramatic change. All my energy has been focused on breaking out of the dark. That strange space where my body made another body inside itself and then orgasmed it out. Oh! Intense transformation. I get it. Anatomical poetry.

But now, I’m free. Still learning to use this new detachable stinger with projectile device and exclamation points !!!!!!!!!!

Bear with me! I’ll get back to you as the moon progresses.

Hear any good bands lately?



Progressed Moon in Sagittarius – Take Off Your Sunglasses! — 10 Comments

  1. Detachable stinger! HAHAHAHAHA It is tough going to that from wearing your sunglasses at night.
    No, no good bands lately but did think of Corey Hart.

  2. Nota-I’ve seen the difference in your posts. Nice!!!! 😉

    Man, this gives me something to look forward to, roughly 8 months in with Progressed Scorpio. It’s a helluva humdinger.

  3. Nota – I interviewed Ezra last year for a series on musicians playing at SXSW. He was great. Actually I interviewed about 16 bands. Of those, these guys are my favorite:

    I also interviewed a really sweet, talented girl, Sharon Van Etten who received a lot of publicity this year. Her music is kind of depressing though – it probably wouldn’t be good for your progressed Sag moon.

  4. I actually just got out of a progressed sag moon. YES, it was fun. My motto was “make as MANY mistakes as possible!!!” – it was a model for taking risks. Adventures left and right.

    Then, moon progressed into Cappy and realized that EVERYTHING I did had consequences, even all the “fun” I had, and now I must take responsibility for them.

    Have fun!!!!

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