Progressed Moon In Gemini Effects

Wgemini vintage twin dolls red dresshen my Moon progresses to a new sign, invariably there is a fundamental change in my personality.  This is from back when my progressed Moon was in Gemini.

“cf, its dog. How are you?” I asked.

“I’m good, dog. I’m great. How are you girlfriend?”

“Aaaah. I’m calling you for some gossip. Got some?”

She laughed. “Gossip?”

I don’t usually ask for gossip. In fact, I have never asked for gossip. I am known for blood and guts and sex and jokes. But these days my Moon has progressed into Gemini Moon.

“Yeah. I want to distract myself from my life for a minute,” I said.

She snorted. “You just can’t help yourself can you?”

“Help myself what? What do you mean? I am calling a double Gemini for some gossip. This is normal, right? Oh my God, it makes sense to me.”

We proceeded to get cut off… Mercury retrograde. Unable to reestablish contact, I called Alexa. She’s also a double Gemini… Cancer Moon square Uranus.

“Alexa, it’s me. This is Elsa. Do you have any gossip?”


“Yeah. I need a distraction from my life so I was hoping you have some gossip from yours. You have that whole family of freaks. Anyone doing anything? Someone must be up to something. Aren’t they? Anyone getting in trouble or have something great going on? Tell me about it, would you?”

I am inordinately sensitive to the sign of my Progressed Moon. Each time it changes signs, my entire personality shifts and I feel driven from my core to express the qualities of the sign.

Where is your Progressed Moon? Do you see it express?

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Progressed Moon In Gemini Effects — 52 Comments

  1. It’s been in Scorpio/9th for awhile. I think it’s shown through in:

    – academic research jobs
    – yoga
    – psychology classes/work

    I don’t think my personality’s changed much. I do tend to be more serious in certain situations, and more direct with my words.

  2. p.s. remember how we were talking about wardrobe changes and the prog moon on nodeorama? I wonder what the Gemini wardrobe is like! With the Scorp moon, I can’t stand bright colours now, and I love army green (Mars). I was also gifted with 3 beautiful furs from a relative who didn’t want them anymore. Don’t know if that’s really Scorpio, but animals died to make them afterall!

  3. I never pay attention to that 🙁
    It’s at the end of Aquarius now, apparently. Oh my, if it’s going into Pisces, beware – I may never come back from the clouds.

  4. Ha, Ha, Ha! I just checked mine . . . 29 Sagittarius. Guess who’s progressed Moon has had Pluto cuddling up to it!! No wonder I’ve been writing about Pluto a lot recently. duh . . . 🙂

  5. isthmus nekoi – Matter of fact it has occurred to me to post pictures of my morphing appearance over various P Moon signs. I am going to do that today, children permitting!

    Being responsible (Saturn) for children (Leo) limits (Saturn) my ability to be creative (Leo)!!!

  6. Mine is at 14 Capricorn, cusp of my 11th. No idea what it means, I have no Capricorn action in my natal chart at all. Will have to research it though, since my sun is just a few degrees away as well.

  7. Progressed Moon in Leo 12th….for me: sudden year urge to hibernate, too much stuff going thru my mind, insomnia, crying over happy memories of my childhood, dressing like I did as a kid in the 70’s, standing up to someone who ripped me off and fighting that parasite in court, and almost a nervous breakdown. Other than that, my prog Leo Moon is moving towards my boyfriend’s natal Sun and my part of marriage. Yay…

  8. My progressed Moon is now in Cancer, which is intercepted in my 7th house. I have big problems expressing, or even dealing with, anything Cancer – but now I have all these Cancers in my life… It’s very interesting for me. I allow myself to get a little whiny and let my occasional bad mood show – as long as it’s a passing thing. And with Cancer, it is just that, no?:)

  9. my progressed moon is in capricorn, i’ve become much more interested in getting ahead professionally as opposed to learning spiritual subjects, and started craving -first- green landscapes and planting fruit trees, as opposed to sea scapes as usual, -then- after this i’m craving dry landscapes. I’ve also gone through a phase of not being able to cry. nothing else i could relate to it..

  10. Weird. I never stopped to think about it but my progressed chart is totally different because of the speed of things moving at a different rate. I just realized it now when I looked at my chart. I got a whole big “huh!” Progressed moon in sag.

  11. Mine’s in Sag (moon return), but I’ve been acting Sag-like in personality (don’t tie me down!!11!!!) even before it progressed. Then again, that’s in my natal.

    I can’t say I’ve drastically noticed differences in myself between each moon, though. I’m hoping Moon in Cap will get me to crack down on work, since I haven’t wanted to do any in ages.

  12. Mine’s in Cancer too which shocked me all to hell cause I normally don’t like anything to do with Cancer. Explains why I have been hibernating in my new house and getting all these FEELINGS and crying jags. Gawd. Make it go away.

  13. Progressed moon at 22 Aquarius – hmm, that means it’s close to transiting Neptune just now. Interesting. Learning to be more emotionally detached and rational, I suppose (natal moon is in Cancer).

  14. Mine’s about to go into Sag six weeks from now! I’m eagerly anticipating that, as I have lots of natal Sag energy and like it. I always seriously notice the shift for the first month or so of the new sign, then it sort of fades into the background. Examples: when pr. moon went into Scorpio, I seriously talked about death for a month straight and brooded like crazy about everything. When it went into Libra before that, though, I started shaving my legs for the first time in six years and bought 2 pairs of pink pants! Lol – my recent ex then was cracking up in hilarity over that. I have Scorpio rising – um, I do *not* ordinarily wear pink pants. I only later realized the pr. moon connection.

  15. it finally occurs to me that perhaps progressions are a good explanation of the difference that retrograde planets make in a birth chart. retrograde planets progressing backward for a long while before going forward into the next sign might be why it’s said that these planets work differently. aha.

  16. Satori, thats really funny that you post this now, more than a year after it was written, as if all this time a retrograde planet was just hanging there and maybe went forward in progression today, is that what it is?

  17. goofy, really. I was having trouble dealing with someone’s cancer mars only to find my mars had progressed to conjunct it while I’d not been paying attention. :p

  18. HA HA! I just found out my progressed Moon is in PISCES! No wonder I can’t stop going out for drinky-poos when I should be working! 🙂
    Oh yes…Progressed Mars/Venus conjunct my natal Chiron in Taurus…

  19. Mine changed from Taurus to Gemini recently and I now want to buy a house rather than continue to rent which seems odd with the whole Gemini “don’t tie me down” thing. But I have 4 degrees Gemini on the IC. So that may have something to do with it.

  20. Mine’s just moved from Aries to Taurus and I feel like a different person today. I feel I can cope, I feel I can move forward after a couple of months of total paralysis and depression. Amazing really, how often this must have happened, but I’m only now aware of such things…

    I’ve always been very aware of the moon though, and I’m sure that’s one reason I flowered on the island and have always felt so at home there. It’s Goddess-ruled and the phases of the moon are very powerful there. Full moon nights especially had and still have a tangible vibe and effect (though now you need to get out of the urban development to feel it so strongly)

  21. Wow,progressed moon in Cancer is so undesirable. MY progressed moon is in the late degrees of Gemini so its been opposing my sun/merc.

    It will soon move into the 9th house in cancer. I have Saturn in Cancer, 9th house. I am looking forward to trying to observe the changes. I want to exploit this placement. I think it could be key in helping this Sag. start over.

  22. How does one check if the moon has progressed? Is there a website for this? I was born with moon in scorpio in 7th house…

  23. Since last comment, my p. Moon has moved into Aries (it’s at 0 degrees) I’m MUCH more focussed on my work–no more drinky poos every other night, that’s for sure!! I still love dancing though…but I only go once every month or so, boo hoo!

    My natal Moon is in my 1st House and the energy blends nicely with p. Moon in Aries.

    I’m focussing on myself, yes I am. In good ways (taking care of my body, sorting out my emotional bizniz). I’m learning (re-learning?) how to nurture and care for myself so I can be a better partner.

  24. Thank you Elsa 🙂 I do have an account on but haven’t really explored site services yet..

  25. Reanna, if you get up your chart, you can click on
    ‘horoscope drawings and calculations’ then on the drop down menu which appears, click on ‘Extended chart selection’.

    Then scroll down on there, til you find ‘natal chart with transits’ and click on that you chart will then show where the moon is now in relation to your natal chart. I keep that up, and refresh it every day so I know what is where…

  26. Blessed Place, that’s not the progressed moon, that’s the transiting moon. You need to click on ‘progressed chart’, which is something different. If you google Progressed chart you’ll find lots of explanations.

  27. I’ve never paid much attention to progressed planets – don’t really understand the concept/why it’s important/how they differ from transits. I just went to astro – it shows my current progressed Moon at 29 degrees Aquarius, heading toward a conjunction with my natal Mercury – which is quintile my natal Moon – that’s good for creative writing, maybe, huh?

    How long does a progressed Moon stay in a sign? (I really don’t know much about progressions.)

  28. It’s in Pisces.
    The World has felt surreal and dream-like since it’s progression in late 08. I feel lost at sea…I’ve had many an existential crisis. & my already strong Water intuition has been sharper than ever, I’ve frequently had premonitions in dreams. It has aided my artistic pursuits though, I never get Artist’s block…so I know what they mean when they say Pisces Moon is very creative.
    When my progressed moon was in Aquarius, I was very eccentric bizarre and didn’t care about anything at all…that changed overnight.
    It moves into Aries early next year, I welcome it’s progression, I’ve had a few years of relative inaction…and have had to deal with painful questions of my own existence and identity. I hope it brings many new starts.

  29. Oh and by the way after studying my progressed chart for a little while, I can only SIGH: Moon closely conjunct Neptune in Libra, and Venus just as closely conjunct Mercury in Aries – is there no end of it…

    How long does the Moon stay in a sign in the progressed chart?

  30. My progressed moon is in Virgo, I definitely feel I’m embarking on a period of getting my (internal) affairs in order and sorting things out. Duty to myself.

  31. So admitting to a bit of confusion. I know that my progressed moon is conjunct my progressed sun (not sure what that means). I also know that my progressed moon is about to move into my natal 7th house in about 6th months. It is in Aqua right now. My confusion is are we supposed to be looking at the progressed planets in relation to the natal chart or the progressed planets in relation to the progressed chart? Zoinks!

  32. When my pMoon went into Gemini and then into my 11th house, I was way social! Always out doing stuff in groups. Since my pMoon went into Cancer, that’s all ended and I find myself wanting to stay home with my bf or maybe see a friend or two once in awhile. It feels like it’s already in my 12th, even though I’ve got about 6 months to go before that happens. I probably won’t want to leave my cave until pMoon turns to Leo!

  33. My confusion is are we supposed to be looking at the progressed planets in relation to the natal chart or the progressed planets in relation to the progressed chart? Zoinks!

    Machi, I think you are supposed to look at progressed planets in relation to natal planets as well as progressed planets and transiting planets.

    For example my progressed sun is moving into Aquarius so I already know that my progressed sun will be conjuncted by T Pluto in my 4th house. because progressed sun only changes sign every 28-30 years.

  34. Caroline, try “extended charts” section.

    Honestly, I can’t tell if my progressed moon has really influenced me. In some ways I feel the same as I always have. On the other hand I miiight be feeling a little more Capricornish than usual. And my sun’s now a Libra, apparently. Sheesh.

  35. I’m just getting into progressions and see my prog. moon is at 1 degree Cancer. So… while it was in Gemini, I was feeling rather depressed and dejected and stay at home and nervous, now it’s in Cancer I’m energised and raring to go. That doesn’t seem right. Maybe because Cancer is my rising sign? It’s still in my natal 12th but rapidly approaching my Asc…?

    Colour me confused! 😀

  36. *bump*

    My moon recently progressed to Sagittarius. I just received my first passport, and subscribed to several channels on YouTube that focus on travel and food.
    Sometimes I eat with chopsticks now–it’s more fun. Thinking of going back to school.

  37. Hello.
    I am a natal gemini moon. I just want to express that as a gemini moon I do not have patience for clutter and useless information. So I flicker it through to find the essential and the rest is just a bore. Gemini moons are forever conscious and cannot turn that off and have a straight line between feelings and thoughts and can therefore express them effortlessly.

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