Progressed Moon In Gemini Effects

Wgemini vintage twin dolls red dresshen my Moon progresses to a new sign, invariably there is a fundamental change in my personality.  This is from back when my progressed Moon was in Gemini.

“cf, its dog. How are you?” I asked.

“I’m good, dog. I’m great. How are you girlfriend?”

“Aaaah. I’m calling you for some gossip. Got some?”

She laughed. “Gossip?”

I don’t usually ask for gossip. In fact, I have never asked for gossip. I am known for blood and guts and sex and jokes. But these days my Moon has progressed into Gemini Moon.

“Yeah. I want to distract myself from my life for a minute,” I said.

She snorted. “You just can’t help yourself can you?”

“Help myself what? What do you mean? I am calling a double Gemini for some gossip. This is normal, right? Oh my God, it makes sense to me.”

We proceeded to get cut off… Mercury retrograde. Unable to reestablish contact, I called Alexa. She’s also a double Gemini… Cancer Moon square Uranus.

“Alexa, it’s me. This is Elsa. Do you have any gossip?”


“Yeah. I need a distraction from my life so I was hoping you have some gossip from yours. You have that whole family of freaks. Anyone doing anything? Someone must be up to something. Aren’t they? Anyone getting in trouble or have something great going on? Tell me about it, would you?”

I am inordinately sensitive to the sign of my Progressed Moon. Each time it changes signs, my entire personality shifts and I feel driven from my core to express the qualities of the sign.

Where is your Progressed Moon? Do you see it express?

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Progressed Moon In Gemini Effects — 52 Comments

  1. Hi Elsa.
    Is there a place you know of on the internet, where you can calculate the changedates of your progressions ?

    Kind regards

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