What Happens When Your Progressed Moon Changes Signs?

Moon lunaYour progressed Moon changes signs about ever 2 1/2 years and in my case there is always a shift that stuns me. My Moon recently changed signs and what happened is I stopped going to the gym.

I am a gym rat and I have been for YEARS. I have gone to the gym 4-6 week (prefer to go every day) for the last 6 or 7 years. Prior to that, my kids were young but before I had kids, I was also at the gym most days.

Before I joined a gym, I was a very physical job with Frito Lay. I have always worked out in one form or the other but my progressed Moon changed signs and I am now making it to the gym about twice a month which is the same as not going at all.

I have no other explanation for this. I just don’t feel like going and I always feel like going to the gym. I mean, I have never been someone who had to force myself to workout, it’s always been a pleasure and now look?

I am at a complete loss. I just don’t know how to have something that is just not there.

Where is your progressed Moon and what do you have to say about it?

Check out your progressed chart here.

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What Happens When Your Progressed Moon Changes Signs? — 40 Comments

  1. How do I figure out where the progressed moon is? I know my natal moon is in Leo (in the 2nd) – but I’ve searched Google for how to figure this info out and I’ve come up short handed. 🙁

  2. I done found it – my progressed moon is in Virgo. Not sure as to how to answer your question, though, because I haven’t thought about a progressed moon and I’m not sure what it means in terms of a shift and what I MIGHT have noticed.


  3. Oh, Elsa, I’ve had that going on most of the year now. It makes me sad. I miss being a gym rat, and I hate that 5 p.m. “I don’t WANNA” feeling. I made myself go 4 days last week (when I had the free time) and yay for that. But dragging myself over on weekends? Not so much. (The gym is at my work.) For most of the school year I’ve gone maybe 3-4 times a month. I have a busier schedule and I’m not so fond of the current batch of teachers as I was the old ones, but the desire is not there either.

    I can’t blame it on progressed moon, though, as it’s been in Capricorn for a long time. Capricorn’s not a lazy sign, so I don’t know why!

  4. I have never looked up my progressed chart before, but when you asked the question at the bottom of your post, I thought to myself, “I think my progressed moon has just entered Aries in the last week or so.” I figured out how to look at my progressed chart on astrodienst, and, lo and behold. My intuition was right. My moon just entered Aries.

    For the last 2.5 years or so, I have worn the same pair of earrings and the same necklace every single day. Suddenly, last week, I thought, “I think I’ll wear this other pair of earrings today and just not wear the necklace at all.” Since then, I’ve worn a different pair of earrings nearly every day. Not sure what to make of that, but there you have it. I feel like it is a more playful expression.

  5. My progressed moon will enter Gemini soon. Consider yourselves warned that I may get even more chatty and easily distracted. *laugh* 🙂

    I have never ever been able to work out at a gym. I can work hard but just can’t do the gym thing.

  6. Looks like my progressed moon recently changed too.

    It is now in Leo.

    I’m wondering when the recent change had happened? My most recent new habit: quitting caffeine on Ash Wednesday this year. People thought I was giving it up for lent, but I just woke up one day thinking to myself that I just don’t need coffee anymore to survive the day…

    And I don’t regret this. 1 inch is lost from my waistline and since I was 18, I had difficulty losing weight.

  7. I think my progressed moon is smack-dab in the middle of Taurus (if I’m reading astrodienst right), but I have no idea what that means. I’ve always just heard people talk about their natal chart. What does the progressed chart show/mean/explain?

  8. mine’s in capricorn. with natal moon in the 10th squaring saturn and all the saturn action lately, i’m feeling veeerrrryyyyy saturnian. (is that a word)?

    like maybe i should get back to work now…

  9. Huh…My natal moonis Cancer, but is now on in Aquarius, just on the cusp of Pisces…no wonder I am feeling like there is a changing in my emotionality! I thought I was going closer to a depression…but I guess It is more twards the watery moon of childhood!

  10. Natal Moon is Capricorn but progressed Moon is currently Sagittarius. I noticed a big change when my Moon progressed from Scorpio to Sagittarius… I had been writing deep and meaningful blogs, often in “Protected” mode, and I suddenly started posting “light and fluffy” blogs with lots of photos instead of words. I also haven’t been in a relationship since I’ve had a Sagittarius Moon. LOL

  11. Mine is going into Aries mid June – thank F**k for that. Maybe my body will heal so I can go back to hardcore exercise. I totally get you about when energy leaves a situation. I feel this all the time – you’re cracking along and then suddenly the energy has gone and you can’t be in that situation anymore.

    Prog moon in Pisces has been where I was a doormat for men. Not doing that again.

  12. Well according to astro.com progressed moon is in Virgo, in 9th house, but I don’t know when it happened, and I don’t know what it means. Think I will look into it some more.

  13. My progressed moon just entered Aquarius (first degree) and it’s been in the second house for awhile now. I don’t know what to expect. maybe some radical changes in my appearance. I started working on a new job three weeks ago (Internet). that seems like Aquarius influence.

  14. My progressed Moon is in Pisces (my 3rd House) and will be for about another year.
    I find tapping into moods from the Collective easier, which I had been chalking up to Pluto’s conjunction of my ASC but I guess this is it, too.

  15. My progressed Moon (4th) moving into Libra last May more or less coincides with a huge (much bigger than just the Moon) problem with one of my children. Home life has definitely been turned upside down.

  16. My natal moon is in Aries, and My progressed moon is in aries, getting ready to move into Taurus.. so i guess i’ve felt pretty comfortable emotionally.. very childlike, its my 5th house, and it explains my want for the last couple of years to not want serious stuff, just the fun times.

    I’m hoping when it moves to Taurus i’ll focus on material things more so.. get my head out of my ass! LOL I need a new job, I haven’t worked since September, and don’t really feel like it either LOL

  17. My prog moon’s been in Libra for the last two years. It’s going to conjunct my prog ascendant next month… So far I’m not noticing anything related to that.

    I remember the first month of prog moon in libra, though… I was “in love” with everything. I was sick most of the time [twelfth house], but I felt really positive and enthusiastic.

    It just recently conjunct my prog/natal Pluto… I spent about a week entirely alone. It was great.

  18. Sigh- progressed moon in Pisces, and I’ve dropped the gym also. And the going out as much, and the motivation…but I accept people more, and the music and the art-wow, that part is amazing.

  19. I agree that the Progressed Moon shift from Scorpio to Sag was very very noticeable.

    PMoon now in Cap, for another year and a half or so. Feeling determined but also very very dry.

    Progressed Venus now conj natal Saturn.
    Feeling dry there too.

    As Progressed Moon will shift into Aquarius, Progressed Sun will move into Aries. Can’t wait for that one, especially after I read Aries’ quotes today. After 30 years of PSun in Pisces, I feel ready to jump: let me rule.

  20. My progressed moon is entering my natal 9th house in the last three degrees of Taurus this Saturday and then will enter Gemini in the 9th house in March.

    The last two and a half years have been really crappy despite the moon being exalted in Taurus because it was progressing through the 8th house.

    It already seems like things are lightening up.

  21. My chart show that I have a progressed moon entering the sign of Scorpio and into my 1st house the 3rd week of this month (March 2010). Could anyone specify, in simple terms, what this could mean for me? It’s been a rough three years for me and I wondering if I need to brace myself for more work.

  22. Hello, all. My prog moon has just entered Scorpio. A few days ago, to be exact. I have read where things will get a little more, how should I say… Intense? Yeah, that’s the word. I am glad the prog moon is no longer in Libra as I have 4 planets in Cap. I really will love the serious element that Scorpio will bring. I was not really into the “lightness” of the Librian quality. Sorry natal Libras!! But, not really. I will keep you updated. Natal Merc and Nep are at 9 and 10 degrees respectively. So… 9 to 10 months from now… ???

  23. My progressed moon has entered Taurus. It’s sitting rather uncomfortable in my 6th.
    Things I’ve noticed are:
    – I eat a lot at work. Most of eating (breakfast, lunch and about five snacks) are done at work place.
    -I need to wear soft and comfy clothes at work.
    -I spent a lot of time at work.
    -Most of friend I hang with are work friends (always drinking and eating).
    That’s about it.

  24. My Moon has progressed into Leo and I am lightening my hair! But I also feel very depressed and I saw that Pluto is now sitting right on top of my Moon and is reveresed. It’s like all the old hurt I thought I had worked through is back. And my Mars is deeper into my 12th house in Scorpio where before it was closer to Libra so I am really feeling depressed and frustrated right now.

  25. Does your progressed moon have anything to do with buying/selling your house? I am about to sell a house that I will have lived in during the time my progressed moon was in taurus – it is about to move into gemini – and I am hoping to sell this house and buy another with and/or move into a rental with my sweetie who happens to have a natal gemini moon.

  26. My progressed moon’s in Libra, 0 degrees. I’m wrapping up my first semester at school, just moved back into our repaired (and beautifully painted) apartment after a month and a half of living elsewhere, rearranged some furniture and am getting a couple of new pieces in, and I’m going to have time to work on my wardrobe and creative pursuits pretty damn soon :). Yippee!

  27. Progressed Moon’s in Libra, in the 9th. We’ve just moved back into our repaired and beautifully painted apartment, rearranged furniture, planned on purchasing a couple of new pieces. On top of that, I am wrapping up a first semester and will be working on creative pursuits and… my wardrobe… very soon.


  28. Mm…I’m the same. I go to the gym 5 days a week, but these past few weeks I don’t know what my deal is. I know it’s not my progressed Moon though (which is in Scorpio).

  29. The change the house is very important too..Por ex: I had my progressive moon in 6 houses)gemeos)..So i changed my rotine and get gin…Now, she are in the câncer ¨(6/7house)..I stopet my gin..but i will to take a personal goumert…
    Moon in the 6 house is very nice to make a changes with food and exercicies…
    We need to see whicht aspects she was making with another planetes..Whem she maked aspect my jupiter, i traveller for long city…and now, moon with saturno, i sold my old house…At june a don´t know what i will get…Becouse she will be in my 7 house (cancer) and wil square exactaly my MC, asc and my moon in Libra…

  30. Funny. I’m a Libra Sun & Libra Moon (Chad, your comments hurt…. not really! Ha!) My Prog Moon just moved from Sag to Cap. Also, right before my moon prog into Sag I got married. . .
    Looking back, I wasn’t truly invested in developing my marriage. In Fact, 2 weeks after I flew to New York to study, then flew to Hawaii for vacay (with hubby), then to L.A. to teach a class… it went on and on like that for, well. Until just recently. AND, to make things worse; right at the 29th degree of prog moon Sag I had a one night stand out of the country! Seriously. Me & hubby worked it out to my amazement. (his virgo moon is/was prog into Libra. thankfully for that!)
    Now I can safely say I feel much more–yes “dry” but it is welcome… even if I AM a libra, I have a Cap AC and I’m appreciating this prog Cap moon phase! phew. what a crazy Sag ride!

  31. I’ve noticed that whenever my moon moves into a new sign I experience some type of major life change. Right now my moon is just now transitioning into Aries and I’ve recently started at a new college and moved to a different state. I actually didn’t even realize that my moon was changing, but I was feeling totally overwhelmed with life and then I decided to check what was up with my moon just out of curiosity. It’s amazing. It’s set to transition mid-march. I’ anxious to see what other changes are in store.

  32. I really appreciate reading everyone’s posts and sharing. I am halfway through my Progressed Pisces Moon, first moving through the 2nd house and now in the 3rd. This water Moon is extremely challenging for me because I have 8 fires signs in my natal chart. But no stranger to water, I have a Venus in Cancer in 7th house and four fire planets in the 8th house of Scorpio. So I am either a roaring flame or a crybaby, sensitive to touch! I am an survivor of childhood sexual abuse, so I think that water progressions strike me deeply hard. The thing is I feel like I am in a bubble or stuck like bubblegum to someone’s shoe. Another interesting thing is that I found an amazing foot reflexologist and Pisces rules the feet! Mostly I want to stare at my naval. I deleted ALL my iTune music except for chanting, whale music, anything that feels spiritual to me. I found a singer/Sikh who sings Indian devotional music: Snatam Kaur. Her voice and chants are angelic if you want to feel nurtured! Deva Premal is another amazing singer/chanter! Anyone have any comments on the combination of the 3rd house and Pisces Prog. Moon I’d love to hear it. I find it interesting that my ‘outside’ events/people will be this air/Gemini energy coming to me for experiences and I will feel Piscean. Another thing I want to do is start a soup kitchen and that seems like a 3rd house, Gemini with Pisces combo. In the last two years I’ve experienced almost losing my right eye to a retina detachment [saved 1/2 the eye] a total hip replacement, lost my house and work at same time of surgery recovery! Okay, well enough about me. “in friendship love blooms…..spiraling seeds of joy into the world.”

  33. My progressed moon will change signs on the 7th this year. Oh joy! I’m moving from chatty Gemini to watery Cancer and god help me, all in the 12th house! Anyone with any insights on how to survive this???? My natal moon is in Sagittarius and my natal chart (personal and outer planets)is made up of air and earth. I have a stellium in libra (5th house)and one planet of water in my natal chart. Yes, I HATE dealing with emotions. Not to mention Saturn is conjunct my natal sun until October this year. Seriously, I have already felt the change…I’ve noticed I’ve been retreating, dreamy, and eating a lot. I lost a ton of weight last year, due to barely eating. I just didn’t have an appetite, so I guess I’ll be gaining that back. I haven’t started any crying and fingers crossed, won’t have to deal with that craziness. My family is already looking at me like…”WTF, is wrong with you?” Also noticed I started becoming interested in Astrology around the time my moon progressed into my 12th house. Astro.com shows my progressed moon will stay in 12th house until October 2013. :/ Also, it will still be in Cancer in its change over into the 1st house. Welcoming suggestions for dealing with 12th house.

  34. My progressed moon just changed sign, going into Aquarius and will conjunct my natal moon soon. I know this happens about every 28 years and it’s right on time for me. I also have prog Mercury at 29 Taurus and just had emergency surgery (the Pleides can bring health issues). My prog ASC also changed sign in 2011, so yes, there are many changes happening in my life!

  35. My Progressed Moon is at 29 degrees Libra 🙂 its like a TORNADO in my emotional life. I loved my progressed Moon being in Libra for all that beauty she`s brought into my life. But now its time for serios things-intense things to be more specific. What that is mean the progressed moon in Scorpio??? WOW

  36. I have progressed moon in Pisces in 3rd house right now. Moved from NY to Tucson Az for most of the year to help out with my mother who is now 96. Doing this with my piscean husband and to give my brother a break. We rent a house from him and he had moved to San Diego for most of the week. Very challenging and I am very emotional.

  37. About to switch to Capricorn in the 3rd and I hope that means something good. I don’t mind switching things up a bit 🙂

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