Progressed Charts Are Amazing!

scorpio cell phoneThis is one of those things that are just freaky. I woke up this morning with progressed charts on my mind. I linked some old posts.  Nota on her progressed moon in Scorpio. And short interpretations of the progressed moon through the signs. 

Then I checked my own progressed chart. I found my progressed Sun conjunct Neptune.  But what floored was my husband’s progressed chart.

I found his progressed moon was at 29:59 Scorpio.  That’s right. His progressed moon will change to Sagittarius today.

Remember his joy when he saw our new house (that he’d already purchased) for the first time? His progressed moon was conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio at that time. Now it will move into Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius. He’ll be living in open space.

My husband has his natal moon in Scorpio and here’s something interesting…

He was born in the United States but moved out of the country when he was six months old. His moon would have progressed to Sagittarius, see?  And off he goes.

I think progressed charts are CRAZY interesting. I say this because it does not seem they should work, but they clearly do.

What’s going on with your progressed chart?

If you don’t know, buy a Progressed chart report and find out.  And keep in mind, a progressed chart changes very slowly. You only need one of these every 2-3 years to keep on top of things.



Progressed Charts Are Amazing! — 26 Comments

  1. I was floored a few months ago upon discovery that my progressed Pisces moon was exactly conjunct my ex-boyfriend’s progressed Pisces sun.

  2. Wild! My progressed Moon is almost the exact same placement as your husband’s! It is at 0.3 degrees Scorpio. Does that mean that we have the same natal placement then? Mine is Scorpio 17.27.

  3. This is funny because I just looked a few weeks ago at my progressed chart and saw my progressed Sun conjunct my natal Venus. Ugh, I should get a progressed chart report so I can find out more of everything because I’m sure, just like with everything else, the answer is staring me in the face and for some reason I cannot see it!

  4. My Progressed Moon is today within a degree of my Ascendant (26 Virgo) after a 12th house passage that has been marked by illness. A time of retreat, confinement and attention to health and – particularly – diet. Progressed Moon has also in the past 3 months conjuncted Progressed Hygiea and quincunxed my natal moon. Diet and health again.

    I am SO looking forward to the imminent start of a new chapter. It’s my birthday as well at the end of this month so I hope this year it will initiate a host of new beginnings!!

  5. I have pSun conjunct pMercuryrx. Similar issues many moons ago (40 years) when pMercury direct ran over my pSun. Fascinating. And I also have Scorpio Moon with a late (28sco55) Jupiter. When pMoon conjuncted nJupiter on it’s way into Sag last year we purchased a lake home.

  6. My progressed moon is at 29 Taurus. It’s in a Yod with my natal Neptune/SN at 29 Sag and Pluto at 29 Libra. I feel stuck and I feel like running away. Every morning, here lately, I flirt with the idea of just up and leaving- going back where I belong. I may do it. I miss feeling alive. But I dunno if Taurus has the energy. It goes into Gemini on May 31.

  7. I only tend to pay attention to progressions when they involve sign changes or exact aspects. I have progressed Mercury conjunct my Juno in Virgo, so I’m trying to clarify what it is that I really want/need in a relationship. I also have progressed Venus in Virgo squaring my natal Jupiter in Gemini. I feel like that is manifesting as a creative block and I’m trying to declutter both physically and spiritually, I guess you could say. Mercury and Venus are in Leo, natally. Late in the summer, progressed Venus will begin to sextile my Sun in Cancer, so I’m viewing that as a potential period of reward for the work I’m putting in now.

  8. Good story to illustrate the effect of a progression! I went searching my progressed chart, and found part of it. My progressed rising sign is now Gemini (from a natal Capricorn). From the reserved and conservative appearance comes the talker on fire. It’s happening now as I prepare the school where exciting and interesting conversation and deep exploration is key!

    Part of the description from my progressed chart from you in 2012 says about Gemini rising “you can be entertaining for hours because you cannot stand to be bored. You are a fascinating conversationalist, as words and ideas are your specialty. Drudgery or routine can squelch your spirit more than anything else during this progression. You need to be valued and appreciated, but you may shun obligation. Eventually however, this very behavior will lead you to your highest expression…”

    Great, and surprising progress in a life over time. Thanks for the reminder to go look this stuff up again!!

      • Really? Yeh. It’s something all right, I like it, and notice how it’s ‘different’ from my native conservative and careful (my Moon’s conjunct that Capricorn Rising, too). For the second-half of life seems a nice change:)

  9. Reading this about your husband, I checked a date in 1954. When I was 9 months old, my family fled from our impoverished country and we spent the next 22 months in a displaced persons camp in Italy – and, yes, this is crazy: my progressed Moon left Scorpio and entered Sagittarius, exactly!

    • There was hardly much freedom in a Displaced persons camp in the 1950’s, but to my poor, naive parents this was a dream of freedom come true.
      For me, this was 12th house Pluto in action. Some people remain displaced forever.

      • Marina, I send you lots of love! I studied Italian Culture and Language, and may have an idea what you talk about. I find it amazing that this was when large portions of Italy were severly impoverished, too. My Ex’s father was a carabiniere, from South, serving in Sardinia, in the early-50’s. He used to tell me these donkey soup stories, how in villages out there, the best people could serve, was the donkey tail broth. We had a connection, because I grew up with a granddad who had similar stories from here.

  10. I have Progressed Moon conjunct my MC right now. Needless to say, I’m contemplating career matters. Progressed Moon seems to really affect me, I only discovered this part of astrology some years ago, but I immediately noticed a pattern there, especially with working life. I’ve changed jobs and orientations according to Progressed Moon movements. My Natal Moon is in Capricorn, so it is almost given this will happen.

  11. Progressed moon now 3 Cancer, just past conj w. Venus, uranus conj prog Jupiter@ 18 Aries and prog Venus 14 Aries. But Saturn conj prog Pallas(3sag), Juno(3Sag) and Lilith(4Sag). eep! Nooooo, couldn’t be any relationship issues or anything….

  12. Natally, I’m a Libra rising, but my progressed chart has Scorpio rising with Mars almost exactly conjunct Asc. and square Pluto in Leo. I hate this energy. It isn’t my style.

    I know I’m stuck with the energy for several years, so I’m always trying to find good ways to keep that energy busy. One way I do it is to try to make my voice heard by Congress on the decisions they make. I email them all the time. Using the energy that way spares my personal life from that aggressive kind of energy.

    I’m praying for the day when my ascendant moves to Sadge. I need a change from this. I think its 2018.

  13. Yes! Progressed charts are really fascinating. Elsa has done mine, and it’s ripping! My Sun and moon are trine in fire signs and I’m in clover! My progressed moon has moved all the way back to my natal moon.

    Elsa’s charts are a must-have for clarification and insight on your life journey. I’ve also got a Solar return from Elsa, and I’m finding interesting correlations between the two.

  14. My progressed SUN is on 29:44 Scorpio now. 30 years ago its transition from Libra was quite dramatic. Looking forward to more Sagittarian energies now. Would love to travel again.

  15. Really cool! I ordered a progressed chart, but I don’t really understand how they work. I need to go back in the archives and read up on it.

  16. My progressed Moon has moved into Scorpio in the past few days. I expect to be appointed executrix of my mother’s estate next week. Scorpio = inheritances, matters of the dead. I don’t see pregnancy in my future like Nota.
    My progressed Moon was on my natal moon when I met my husband. It’s interesting that my Venus Mars conjunction is is his fifth house in both his natal chart and his current progressed chart. (When you got it!!)

    • My progressed Neptune is right now right on the tip of my natal Nineth house.
      My progressed Mars is only a minute of angle away from my natal Neptune.
      I wonder how much orb to give to a progression? Because there could be more conjunctions.
      My progressed Sun is only few more than a degree away from the conjunction with my natal North Node. A few days ago transiting Pluto passed over it.
      My progressed Venus has about two degrees more to go for a conjunction with my natal Midheaven. A few days ago transiting Saturn passed over it.
      Compared to other comments, this seem to be quite many progressions. So something big will happen to me this year?

  17. Two more years as a Gemini sun, then it’ll progress to cancer, not sure what to expect given my South Node in cancer. Also I’ll have mercury in leo for life. It goes rx at some point and it’ll never leave the sign! Entering leo 2029 and exiting 2097, a lifetime. 🦁

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