Profound Lack Of Boundaries And The Glory Of Astrology

I finally got Claire-France Perez on the phone. “I’ve been trying to reach you,” I said. “Have you ever associated Scorpio with a fish tank?” I asked.

“I’ve associated Scorpio with pipes,” she said.

“Oh. Then it must be my idea after all. I had an idea and it was so good, I thought it couldn’t be mine.”

She roared and I laughed with her.

“Yeah, I said that must have come from cf, or something.”

“Oh, sweetheart!” she said because this is the way she talks.

“Yeah, I had this idea. It came via a memory of a conversation I had standing next to my father by a fish tank when I was 10 years old but I still thought it must be yours. Talk about a lack of boundaries…”

Saturn / Neptune = lack of boundaries. Father associated with a fish tank, same thing. Is astrology grand or what?


Profound Lack Of Boundaries And The Glory Of Astrology — 13 Comments

  1. I was just thinking how hard it is to catch a fish. Pisces, that is. Why do you associate Scorpio with a fish tank?

  2. Dina, I am sorry I misread your question. I will have to make a presentation of this or no one will know what I am talking about. They may not know what I am talking about anyway, but I’ll try.

    Also my sister has that same saturn Neptune and her father had a fish tank too! ::snickers::

    I also threw the soldier out of my apartment on our first date due a FISH TANK so it a watery boundary, huh?

    Ha ha, I really threw his ass out too, and I mean at the top of my lungs, standing at the door pointing the way fucking out!

    An hour later we were in bed and by the time we woke up we were married. We didn’t understand it at the time but we sure understand it now.

  3. SnowTiger, I wish people understood this and could take a lesson from us. Walking away from something you are supposed to face is terribly costly.

  4. hmmm, I can understand that alot, by the time my hubby and I finally tied the knot it was more of a formality. I felt married to him way before we actually got married

  5. I know exactly what you’re talking about. I should have known the first time I saw my husband that we belonged together. Not only was I floored by his appearance, but when I looked at him I really felt like I knew him already. Like I knew him through and through and we had never spoken or anything. That was when we were Juniors in highschool. We didn’t start dating until a couple of years into college and before that we weren’t even really friends. He would barely talk to me back then (shy), and then he moved away out of state after highschool. It just goes to show how things that are meant to be will fall into place if you let them.

  6. Mrslilypond, I’m not married yet but I know exactly how that feels, with my current guy. We’ve both made weird blunders where we actually are convinced at the time that we’re already married.

    And Amethyst, I totally feel that too.

  7. Scorpio. A watery sign, and an underground animal… so, plumbing! and a fish tank, that’s not too far off…

    I had an astrology teacher from the Old Days (OMG) Virginia Fabre (who later introduced me to Roxana Muise) who said that Scorpio ruled bathrooms because it was wet and secret.


  8. Ha ha ha
    Por todos los cielos ! Jajajaaaa

    Fucking Neptune
    Fucking dangerous

    I still wonder how neptune-saturno make money.
    Mirror, sponge, Shit, fish tank, hide things, evil black dress, saint-sinner , NO limits, …
    ….Maybe a hole in a bank 🙂

  9. Yes, astrology is grand!

    “so good, I thought it couldn’t be mine.” lol I relate, got Sat.-Nept. as well.

    BTW my Pluto transits specifically involved *toilet* plumbing. The thing actually FELL over. The upstairs neighbor drainage pipe leaked crap into my walls. Lately it’s been overflowing… The symbolism couldn’t be more accurate.

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