Private Astrology Lesson – Learn To Read Your Natal Chart!

planetsLearning astrology is not easy.  You can get stuck on some point of confusion and become overwhelmed in some way, lost in a sea of confusion.  People constantly ask questions on this blog that would be easy to explain if I could only point to their chart.

As of today, I can point to your chart!  I’m now offering private sessions; audio only, on zoom.

The lesson will be 30 minutes long.  I’ll put you chart on the shared screen and answer any question you have. One session will catapult you ahead in your studies. No more wondering.  Find out for real!

  • Where does this transit fall in my chart?
  • What are these numbers? How do they work?
  • Is this a stellium?
  • What does it mean if there’s nothing in my 7th house?

If you’re more advanced, that’s fine. We can look at your natal chart, your progressed chart, your lover’s chart or whatever.  I can help you synthesize and/or prioritize your transits, or just in general, improve your grip on astrology in whatever way you want.

If we drift into other counseling or consulting, that’s fine too. Point is, I now have the capability to show you what I’m seeing. This will open a lot of doors.

Ready to do this? The option is available in my drop down list under “length of consultation”.

Book your zoom chart consult here!


Private Astrology Lesson – Learn To Read Your Natal Chart! — 5 Comments

  1. I had a Zoom reading yesterday and it was great! I learned more about my chart and how I can direct my Spiritual life going forward. I knew I was on the right track but feel fortified. Pure gold! Thank you Elsa!

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