Post Uranus Square Pluto – Are You Blocked Or Merely Stubborn?

This post is a continuation of my thoughts here – Have You Developed As A Person?  Though you may see yourself in this, I’m talking about myself here.  I’m thinking about life, post Uranus square Pluto.

Few would argue the worlds has not changed rapidly and dramatically in the last five-ten years. If you’ve been successful, it’s not really possible to go back to what worked before.  “Before” doesn’t exist.

If you’re younger and you’ve never had success, it may be even more daunting. It’s not like our world is chock full of successful people you can emulate or follow to find your way.  I’m talking about professionally or personally.   Strong marriages are rare as are families that stick together.  People  want it their way or the highway. They sure as hell don’t want to compromise, and they don’t want to develop themselves.

Now I’m a prime example. I have an internet business here, but I hate, Hate, HATE technical stuff. It’s not a good situation. I want to be a creative blah blah.   But I came to a point where I had to do things I did not want to do…or die! Or starve. Or quit. Or fail.

Recent generations have been taught to do what comes naturally to you and you’ll be successful. It’s sounds lovely, but clearly it’s a lie. I mean, it might have worked for a limited number of people for a limited amount of time, but what’s that in the scheme of things?

Take this blog. I have had success doing x,y,and z, That does not mean I can have success again, or still, doing x, y and z.  Because the world has changed, right?

Recently I spoke with a client who had enjoyed enormous success in marketing for various big name retail chains. The climate for these stores had changed dramatically.  The chances she can recreate that success are slim to none.  This is not her fault. It’s just life.

So here I am, needing to recreate myself. No one can help me, I have to help myself. And I have to innovate. And I have to learn new skills. And I have to try and fail and try again.

This reminds me of another client.  He’s tried to get a job, without success, for three years.  Same job. Same place.  “Has it occurred to you to fish another pond?” I asked.

I have to develop myself and this site at this time. Because I want a future, right?  Are you in a similar place?

One more thing. People hate change. But people who don’t change, stagnate. Skanky water. No flow. Ugh.

So what do you think? Are you blocked? Or are you just stubborn?


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  1. I’m not stuck or blocked at the moment. But I went through a similar process last year and early this year. I wanted to move to the Pacific Northwest and could not get a job up there and could not and could not, for months. I had to let go of that and be more flexible on location – it still took a little while, but that was the last piece that was holding me back.

  2. Not sure, if I am either or both. There are some things that I just will not do. My most current difficulty, is being around abuse in the workplace. In some situations it is allowed, even condoned. I am not sure about that. It seems lazy to me to let it slide. I am starting a new assignment. Will see.

  3. I was blocked or stagnated for like -ever. Since Pluto-Uranus squares started, I think. 2012. Plus allllll the fixed energy of Leo Venus and Jupiter frustrated by Saturn in Scorpio that seemed to be endless. ?

    But yes, I’ve turned a corner this past year and I’m making good strides forward. Things aren’t the same –at least, not within me. But I know all I’ve done at this point is uncorked the potential of what *could be* and it excites me but I have MUCH work and ongoing self-development to do to bring it to fruition!

  4. I just thought of this Anaïs Nin quote:

    “We do not grow absolutely, chronologically. We grow sometimes in one dimension, and not in another; unevenly. We grow partially. We are relative. We are mature in one realm, childish in another. The past, present, and future mingle and pull us backward, forward, or fix us in the present. We are made up of layers, cells, constellations.”

    That’s pretty much how I see it. Blocked in some areas, developing in others. As spaces open up, neglected things can be worked on. But it is up to me to continue to develop and open up those spaces. One thing that’s really helped me is realizing that comparing myself to others is poison and actually holds me back.

  5. With the world being what it is now, it is just an extremely hard learning curve for those who must start from scratch now using just their wiles and talents. I worked very hard to adapt, and now I am (very thankfully) doing well for myself. However, I do feel saddened and distressed by how things have changed in the US in recent years. Therefore I’d say that my block is an emotional one. I know that having sadness and anxiety about ‘the way things are’ is a big waste of energy, but there it is. (Not sure if it affects how I deal with these energies, but I happened to be born under a Grand T-Square of Uranus-Pluto, and under a Full Moon of Gemini Sun and Sag Moon.)

  6. It was the early 1990’s when I noticed after being active duty military and then returning part time ( reserves) that it seemed to me that the attitude of government seemed to influence people, right or wrong. In other words, I was dismayed to see President Clinton deny the Monica Lewinsky affair. If he had just acknowledged it, then perhaps his attitude of overt lying would not have influenced the newer crop of young military enlisteds to be so disrespectful and undisciplined. I liked President Clinton, but I was horrified to see the attitude play out in such a way that I would never have dreamed of behaving toward my superiors as a young enlisted.

    Now I see the horrible infighting and refusal to cooperate, the bashing and the hatred of anyone who does not agree attitude of congress and leadership in general. I believe this hateful attitude permeates society and turns us all against each other, hence the “war on women” and church leaders treating others in such a way that Jesus would never have taught or done. Life has become much more precarious and government has turned a blind and deaf ear to suffering of the masses.

    If only those in authority would try to set a better example, to stop the hateful vilifying of others and if only corporations were forced to care for their employees and customers instead of using and abusing people simply because they can. If only the rich and powerful were not rewarded so well for eliminating the little guy. If only the powers that be did not have such ability to entrench and ruin a life simply based on a whim. Society in the long run would embrace a kinder and gentler example and we would all be better for it. Action speaks louder than words any day. We all need an example to emulate and follow.

  7. I have become slightly more emotionally resilient in a pluto way, but im not sure. I have 4 months to clean up my act in a Saturn way and have no idea what job to do. The pain of staying the same hasn’t yet become more unbearable than the fear of changing

  8. “So here I am, needing to recreate myself. No one can help me, I have to help myself. And I have to innovate. And I have to learn new skills. And I have to try and fail and try again.
    Because I want a future, right? Are you in a similar place?”

    Yes, I am. Fresh new start for me. Casting my net wide. Open and receptive, and disciplined. I have no idea what it will look like, but I am very clear that my future, especially in terms of earning a living, will be totally unlike my past.

  9. “Recent generations have been taught to do what comes naturally to you and you’ll be successful. It’s sounds lovely, but clearly it’s a lie. ”

    One of the biggest lies I’ve ever been told! And here I am as a young adult after pouring my childhood and teen years into developing a skill that can’t help me make a living. So I had to learn a new skill that does. And it did not come naturally to me at all, for the most part. But it helped me change and I have way more confidence as a result. Still, I’m bitter about the lie.

  10. I worked for Hilton Worldwide Reservations center from 1985 to 1988 my husband at the time was transferred out of state and where we were going there was no travel industry so I was out of a job. I instantly became a housewife which was no big thing to me other than the lack of income. However I really didn’t lay down my travel industry skills I have used them ever since planing vacations, and travel for my family and friends. I’m looking to get back into the travel industry again through Hilton Worldwide reservation possibly working from my home, or another travel related job. My husband is a telecommunications engineer he got into this career via the his military service. Over the past 38 or so years things have vastly changed. He has worked for MCI when it was bought by Worldcom then when the CEO was caught in Fraud it was MCI again and then Verizon bought the company now Verizon has pared down its employee base on the wired line side to the point my husband is working like 60 to 70 hours a week and he is salaried so no overtime and he is on call all the time now. The rumor mill says that Verizon is going to sell off the wired part of the business and keep the wireless part. Change is the only constant in the universe.

  11. Dang it! I am going to file your blog posts about changing the self under my synchronicity post. Went to my cardio doc today and even though I am doing much better than a few months ago, it is not good enough. I have to CHANGE. I am stubborn and blocked! He griped at me for quitting too easily on things.

    So….I must get control of my eating habits. ARRGGHHH! Eat healthier, after swearing that I would not stop eating the things that I love. WAHHHH!!! I am a big baby and hate the thought of having to change. But I KNOW that I must.

    Sighs….I know what I must do, but actually doing it is the kicker.

  12. Health wise I have no choice. I have to change. I have ignored myself for the last 8 years and problems are knocking at my door. I will either change or be changed. I’ve decided I’d rather do this myself if I still can.

    I’ve completely changed my diet. I eat clean. Period. Now this seems it would be simple enough. It is not. All the grocery buying and reading…… Actual study I’ve had to do to make the right choices. Blood work to see where I’ve failed in the past. 2 months ago I felt like walking death. I still don’t feel great…. but I I’m better today than I was yesterday.

    I’ve worked so hard on this I can’t see going back to mindlessly eating whatever is easy. I’ve also had to reboot my taste buds and work through some serious food cravings. It’s been a battle.

    I’m forcing myself to exercise until it becomes a natural thing for me again. I hate the whole process. It was easier the other way…..except that was killing me.

    You’d think that I am a sloppy giant morbidly obese person the way I’m talking right now. Opposite. I’m a little thing…. Which means a hearty dose of disease would take me out fast!

    I walked 4 miles yesterday. I didn’t want to. I’m on vacation. I don’t want to do diddly……but I have to. I don’t care what it is you want. It takes dedication and hard work. I want to be at the wheel so I have to change.

    I have to recreate myself right now. I’m out of chances and time. It’s go time and I’m all in. Unless I want to throw in the towel.

    Same with work. I’ve done things in a way that have made my business successful for 7 years but that’s changing too. I actually care less about this than the previous but still I’ve worked until my hands have bled and it’s not time to give it away. I’m rolling up my sleeves again. Oh….the thought of it makes me tired. :(.

  13. Looking back at my past now brings me nothing but pain. Lost opportunities, people who left my life either through death or by choice, the reality that I can never physically be 20 again.

    I worry now that my life, as it is today, is as good as it gets. Should I even bother to pursue my dreams anymore? Or try to look for a better job? Or hone my existing talents? Or return to school? IS IT EVEN WORTH IT, I keep wondering. An old friend of mine once tried to get me to work for a newspaper to further my writing skills. Back when he worked in newspapers, journalism was still a respectable profession. These days, the news is fake and people will happily write for free. Why the hell would I write for the paper now? Something tells me that all professions are in the same boat nowadays. Why bother changing careers then?

    I don’t know if Uranus/Pluto has made me blocked or stubborn. In some ways, I think it’s made me stupid.

  14. “Do any of us bargain for our lives? It seems to me that we just kind of fall into them…and then we have to do the best we can.” –Liz Murray, Homeless to Harvard

    Seems like a fitting quote for the times we luve in.

  15. I lived through Uranus conjunct Pluto in my 20s. It was a thrilling, exciting time as though we young people owned the world and everything was opening out and waking up!

    I’m an Aries and now after a long life thinking earth is a boring planet, Uranus has got me vibrating with anticipation and all shook up. Feels like standing at the crossroads waiting for a new life to begin. Unsettling yet exciting. Another layer peeling off the onion. XX

  16. Hope you are feeling better Elsa, wish you good vibes from here!! l think this 3 posts are spot on! l follow the blog in silence… not so long ago l kind of woke up after a 3 or 4 year long slumber and feeling really stuck in my l woke up to a new world, l missed the old but only now l start to see possibilities, l have felt really stuck and l didn’t see any options but only now l pick on on this new vibe big time, the business world has changed big time and everyone is starting a new ‘innovative’ bold business (Uranus in Aries)the banks play a different role, people and companies, the crowd funding the start-ups. It’s amazing how good this fits with the Pluto/Uranus square! There are investors everywhere as long as you have a bold idea. It wasn’t like this in 2006 when l started out..This is a product of our time! It’s a ‘new’ thing and l start to see sparks of hope and new possibilities! l am positive how can i not be??!!

  17. A bit of both… I like a guy. Can I speak to him? No. Do I want to speak to him? Yes. So where does that leave me? Looking like an idiot, looking at him whilst he looks at me from across the room. It’s annoying. I have to speak to him anyway, I’m leaving a certain place in a couple of weeks and to be honest I don’t want him to get away even if it isn’t the love of all ages. I can say I tried and that’s satisfying to me.

  18. Pluto. Health habits had to change. No scents, or food in a package. Clean whole food. Thank God for the internet and online communities. Got a health scare and a wake up call. My personal wake up call was/is Rosacea. Lots of helpful resources for me, but I had to get my rear kicked before I got moving. Thank God for a cube mate who pointed me in the right direction. Steady progress. One day at a time.

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