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full moon in scorpio 2021Yeah, I know the full moon is tomorrow morning but people are running hot. There is a lot of pain out there so I wanted to offer this…

First, if you’ve got planets in late degrees of Cardinal signs (like me), I know you’re under a lot pressure. You may feel triggered, depending. But this is like an acute flare up rather than something that will be sustained. If you’re in a deep hole tonight… you will probably be out of there by tomorrow night to some extent. After that is gets better each day, so hang in there!

This is because the moon will move out… then the sun… then Mars. This energy is peaking now.

Further, as this mess breaks up, it’s the Saturn Uranus square that’s heating up. The focus will flip to the Fixed signs between about 7-15 degrees.  It’s a different animal. Squeeeeze – release! This pattern will keep up and gain in intensity all the way up to Christmas.

I’ll go into that later. That one will hit me too. But this is for the late degree Cardinal signs people who have been beaten so badly…. and of course most of us are still here!  So hang in there. Please do.  We need strong leaders, parents/other authority figures and peacemakers so just hang on a few more days. THANK YOU.


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  1. Hanging on by my fingernails…I’m getting no cooperation from anyone about anything. I feel alone in this fight. No one cares or understands, and the arrogance is off the hook.

      • Thanks. I’m strong, I’ll get through it, but wow, I haven’t felt so defeated in a long, long time. You hang in there too!

        • Yeah Barbie!
          While not necessarily hangin by my fingernails I certainly relate to the rest of your message.
          Im more alone than anytime previous in my life…and I’ve been around for a few minutes.
          While my Neptune sits squarely in the late cardinal mix the source of much of ny consternation lies in the fixed signs.
          I live the square between Uranus n Saturn but just different planets.

          The thing is to build on this no matter how painful or concerning.
          I hate this cliche but it’s true: that which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
          In this aloneness we have no choice but to go inwards and have introspection.
          There’s ALWAYS something we can do to help us fulfill our destiny of self mastery.
          In fact the busier I am on me the less likely I’ll miss those who were destined to be separated from me anyhow.
          And – bonus!bonus!bonus! – inevitably we’ll be thusly gifted w/new and so much better associates and situations which support same.
          Our consciousness has done for us what likely we might not do for ourselves. It seeks the eternal love of Source which NEVER leaves us.
          Follow this love.
          It works whrn we work it.

  2. Very intense Full Moon. On all fronts. I’m 28 degree Cancer Sun (12th), 26 degree Cancer Moon, 24/25 degree Aries/Libra MC/IC. Natal Mars at 0-1 Scorpio. Nodes in there.

    As for the next business, Leo Rising at 11/12 with Jupiter conjunct.

    I think I have cred in the bank. But I’m trying not to depend on that. Like draw draw on cred savings too much since it feels I have to keep performing and performing.

    I’m tired. But doing it. That’s about the sum of it. And I am loved, which is actually taking some getting used to.

    I know I am blessed, even though I strangely feel like I’m falling apart.

  3. This Moon is opposite my Mercury and I am angry! I’ve decided this week to keep my head right down and avoid fiery personalities – and I’m the one being triggered! Will try my best to put a zip on it and just observe!

  4. Thanks Elsa , trying to stay upbeat and positive.
    Its been really hard these few months.
    Breathing deeply and release.
    Just lying low , waiting for this to pass.
    This is such a positive letter and update.
    Thank you,????

  5. ? I’ve got one planet and all my angles are late cardinal planets. (This explains why I’ve been so triggered lately)

    But I’ve also got Pluto @ 7 degrees which sets off a lot of other aspects in my chart, so I’m going to be hit with the Saturn-Uranus square later too.

    • Just got an email about two more coworkers leaving my workplace. There’s a hiring freeze at my job and they won’t replace any regular staff that leaves. The Full Moon affected my 2/4/8 houses. I was really surprised by this. Yesterday I was really affected by family matters, but I didn’t expect the above.

      We are a daycare center that serves essential workers and we’re already struggling with funding and short staff.

  6. I said yesterday that today I will keep my mouth shut, but I snapped at my brother and said to him things I was not supposed to because I knew it would hurt him. Why did I do it then? At that moment, I was so sick of listening same all, always the victim, always the one who was under the pressure, and whenever I say that I was under the pressure too, that it was hard for me, I always get undermined. So, I snapped. And I was mean and I didn’t even say the whole truth, just a glimpse of it, but still, I shouldn’t have done it. This one is on me, he was just being usual him.

      • Every family has complicated relationships and communication, I truly and firmly believe it. My brother and uncle are two very strong Caps, and I’m in the middle of two of them. My mother left us all with some unfinished business from her side that now I have inherited. But I made my choice, I want peace in my life, but as I’m being provoked all the time, after months and months of being silent, knowing if I say something, it will hurt him, today it was just a wrong timing for him to say anything to me. And this is a good example of having natal Mars in Scorpio in the 12th House.

    • Oh man. The victim game. All I could say to my sibs all sitting together talking victim talk is ‘let’s take a vote on who is the biggest victim and that person gets a trophy.’ I did not realize this situation is not unique to my bio unit.

  7. Stuff comes and goes. I wonder what will stand the test of time. I sense endurance but not sure about what. What endures through the chaos of the moment. I think whatever that is, carries me through.

  8. Happy Happy Joy Joy!! It’s been hel and hell keeps coming. I hope it does dissipate after the Full Moon. The Saturn square with Uranus is like a vice but on and off. So tired of the uncertainty, and discord.

  9. Full moon always hit me no matter where it lands… this time I feel just plain tired. Pre-full-moon-down.
    I’m Cancer ascendant in 3rd decan.

  10. Its been nothing but my natal moon 24 deg Cap and natal Mars at 26 deg Aries. for years now.
    Oh sure, I’m building fucking wisdom as I deal with EMDR trauma therapy and integrating shadow side.
    But i’m fuckin tired. So much crap to work thru due to the people I was born to. Fuck it. TOTAL UPHEAVAL on ALL fronts, which I can be thrilled with…divorce, new job, new knowledge of what I’m sick with, eradicating the histories of my sociopathic mother and father and stepmother….the list goes on.
    Next year, the new life is fucking starting.
    For now, as you say Elsa, working through the tarry muck of my hell.

  11. Until this post was written I was aware of all the chart dynamics of this Full Moon, but I didn’t recognize that the release point of the T Square hits my 25 degree Cancer Venus; my only late Cardinal placement. No wonder my love life is ball of confusion and uncertainty !

    Thanks for pointing this out and indicating that it will soon pass ! Whew ! At least Saturn trines my Sun Mars conjunction for the next go round.

  12. I felt this. It was almost like a repeat of a year ago with two big differences: Jupiter and Saturn are long out of Capricorn. (My Rising opposite Jupiter was crushed in the Aries Mars square Capricorn Kraken insanity.)

    People weren’t willing to help me then (Aries). It’s a completely different story now (Libra).

  13. You wrote no truer words, Elsa, when you said this Martian-influenced Aries FM forming a T-square with Pluto could manifest as a sudden, cruel, irreconcilable ending of a relationship. It did.

  14. Has been a crazy last couple of days.. Mostly involving my grandchildren.. Both have fixed suns between the 7 and 15 degrees coming up.. I am the peacemaker between them and their Mom. Mars in libra . I am not looking forward seeing what comes up for them the next few months.

  15. Here we go again for the second hit on my Sun 13 Taurus; Uranus already conjunct and Saturn nearing second square, will be next year.
    Right now Saturn squares my Scorpio Neptune in 8th and I feel it.

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