Cool People vs The Others, Like Me

Tam wrote, “satori you are so funny” in response to her comment on the Neptune statue: “I like that statue– dude looks like he’s havin’ a chesterfield while airing out his junk.”

satori is one of the cool people. You know – the cool people?  The people who if you get one of them for your friend, then you are sort of cool yourself?   satori is one of them and I am not one of them.

I am one of the people who you would like to be friends with, but there is great risk involved. God only knows what I am going to do next. I surely have no idea  so only the very nervy admit to knowing me, or link me from their blog or something. In fact I ought to say that distinctly:

If you are someone who links me, thank you very much.  I am a guilty pleasure for so many. I am heartened by anyone who will admit they like me but anyway, satori and I talked about this. She said she knew she was a cool person and she always had been.  She went on to say what a horror it was and I was completely fascinated because what she said made sense and it was all new to me.

Maybe she’ll come on here and tell you guys what she told me, because her thoughts really were insightful and interesting. I would tell you myself but unfortunately I’m not cool enough to talk like her so you know.  We’re hosed if we’re relying on me but aside from that, here is my question:

Are you one of those cool people who increase a persons status by association? What’s on your Midheaven?



Cool People vs The Others, Like Me — 72 Comments

  1. damn, satori. Whatever it was you said, it was unexpected and I was riveted. It was not some cheesy PC bullshit thing but shocking. I do recall you said I was lucky I was not cool and after hearing what you had to say on the subject, I was thanking my lucky stars!

  2. No, no. Exactly opposite that. Shockingly opposite that and if I can remember what the hell you said… well dammit I just can’t remember at all but it sure was crap. I remember thinking I was a million miles away from your experience and I best thank God.

  3. “But Elsa have you ever thought that lot’s of the things that are said on your blog can be kind of private, and maybe that’s why people aren’t spreading the word so much?”

    Nope, that never occurred to me and may account for something but the wide majority of people who read here never comment.

    Someone told me awhile back if people perceive you as “big” or doing well, they will pull their support and I have definitely experienced this. The number of people linking here is down 30% from where it was when I first started even though the traffic is way up..

  4. well I believe you’re one of the cool people. I also know I’m lucky to know you. also, if you didn’t remember my words I’m sure I never would. you’ll have to remind me what I said… urgh.

    my north node is on my midheaven, taurus. it forms a kite with my moon, neptune, pluto, which activates my kite in water. I think.

    I feel highly complimented (and vaguely narcissistic).

  5. whew! cos it totally could have come off like “don’t hate me cos I’m beautiful!” :p

    it looks like Neptune up there agrees– chuh!

  6. I have jupiter/uranus in libra on the midheaven. Maybe everyone thinks I’m on their side, until they discover I’m not taking sides.

    Honestly, I often don’t know how I appear.

  7. I am not one of the cool people. But my husband is. People just LIKE him. I don’t blame them 🙂

    My moon is on my midheaven. Which might make people feel warm and fuzzy except it is opposite Pluto and square Saturn. So, yeah, not so much 🙁

  8. Hmmm, I’m really not sure if I am or not….maybe I’m getting cooler?

    My Midheaven is in Sagittarius, but it friggin touches everything: Mars square:
    Saturn square:
    Uranus square:
    Pluto square: Midheaven

    But Elsa have you ever thought that lot’s of the things that are said on your blog can be kind of private, and maybe that’s why people aren’t spreading the word so much? (they don’t want to get found out) They don’t want the people they are talking about to know just exactly what they think? I mean, then a person might have to start editing themselves…..

  9. I’m sure you’re onto something there. That’s something my ex always said and he can be very clever in that way. If he has insights on people’s behaviour, I usually listen.

  10. I think I’m moderately cool and I bring the fun, although not to strangers and it seems like I have to initiate activities much more often than I am asked to come along.
    I have Sun conjunct my MC in Gemini which forms a T-Square with Moon/AC and Mars/DC.

  11. Hmmm I don’t know if I’m cool or not. Pisces MC square sun, mars, neptune.

    Maybe they don’t link you Elsa because they don’t want people to know that they are into astrology. Most people think astrology is fake and they may be afraid that people will think that they are stupid to believe in astrology. I don’t tell all of my friends that I’m into astrology, in fact most don’t know because I don’t want to try to explain it to them, it’s waaaay over my head at this point.

  12. “Maybe they don’t link you Elsa because they don’t want people to know that they are into astrology.”

    Tam – Good point. I actually forget there are people like this… in the closet I guess you could say.

    But fact is, my links are down more than 30% from a couple years ago so I do think the phenomena of people pulling their support is in force. “She doesn’t need my link…”

    This thinking is precisely wrong because like I said the support I receive is way down not otherwise.

  13. My Midheaven is kind of like Satori’s, a kite focused on it in Libra, conjunct Neptune and Mercury. All opposed by the moon in Aries. And all this is a LOT of fire living around my earth core. Maybe volcano is the metaphor for me. And though I normally don’t think I’m too very cool, certain other people do. I periodically feel like EVERYONE wants a piece of me. Too bad, they don’t get it or me.

    And then, when it comes to my own particular special interests and abilities, I do tend to think that I am waaaayyy cool. So cool that hardly anybody anywhere gets it/gets me, whatever. In fact, that ends up being a sort of automatic “geek effect.” You know, something gets so extreme that it turns into its own opposite. In the Western world that’s called “enantiodromia,” according to Robert Couteau.

  14. Satori: a Chesterfield! Too funny, really. (I’m old enough to remember. In fact I used to smoke them, and Camels, and Lucky Strikes, etc.)

  15. I tell people about your blog and I don’t think what you write on here is particularly “private.” Private often doesn’t appeal to the public because it usually connotes a ship’s log or a journal that chronicles one’s day to day. I understand people get drawn to you because they see wisdom in your stories about general things. Plus you use stories for instructive purposes. It’s not an online journal. I think online you are one of the cool people, even if you’re not in your personal life. I got the impression people think you are unique/a big personality.

  16. Wow! I can’t believe we’re talking about cool people. This is a topic about which I am obsessed because I, unfortunately, am NOT cool person but I WANT to be one like whoa. I have Chiron conjunct, Saturn and Mars opp. and Venus, Jupiter, Sun square. Always on the outside of the cool realm. I would give a lot to cross the wall!

    Also, Elsa, you’re totally cool. You were a bartender and really, there are no cooler people than bartenders. I recently became one and, activating my super-Virgo rising/moon/Sun in the 6th house powers I dedicated myself to learning how to be cool. Cool is all about genuinely not giving a shit what other people think of you. I will never, ever be that person but as my Leo grandma always says, fake it ’til you make it.

  17. I don’t know. However, I have been accused of deliberately plotting against former friends–as in the ‘she is trying to turn everyone against me’ variety.

    There are 2 people in my life who I amputated and decided to never smear them. My philosophy was ‘who talks first becomes asshole–so I’ll never talk.’ I never, ever speak badly…in fact I am silent, which becomes a Cap Moon embroiled in crap like this.

    It has transpired in the last few days that these people who I never speak ill of think I’m turning the whole world against them.

    This, my friends, is Scorpio Midheaven. I’m obviously a witch with secret powers. Blech.

  18. Sorry, to clarify (because I’m sensitive) I’m not entirely silent. I actually speak highly of these people if I can. As in: X was a great roommate who always made me tea in the morning. Or, Y would never begrudge someone getting laid.

    I’m totally sensitive about it because I feel like I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t. As if I’m cool enough to have this kind of power.

  19. Definitely not. I have Venus in Libra so Im well liked but definitely not cool. My MC is in Sag conjunct Uranus. I think Im just weird or different to people. With a packed 8th house Im pretty much a loner which I like.

  20. You seem totally cool, Elsa. Neptune illusion or not. . .
    You are completely original. You live at your own speed and walk your own path. And what is cooler than sharing your coolness?

    I’m cool, or at least appear that way.
    Cap MC, Aqua Sun, Merc, Mars 10th house.

    Isn’t it odd how the definition of cool seems to be changing though?

    Cool used to be like James Dean.

    I hear that word used all the time now to describe someone who fits in to the group, someone who is “on the level”, or possesses some sort of understanding that makes them an acceptable associate.

    For instance, prior to meeting someone I hear: “You’ll like her, she’s cool.”

  21. Naw I dont think Im one of the cool people. I gave up trying to be one of the cool kids a long time ago & decided I liked me just fine anyway LOL. I happen to like you a lot too Elsa, cool kid or not. Ive got you linked over on my blogger (because blogger makes adding things like that easy, while Xanga – as much as I like it – makes it difficult unless youre a pay to play member & Im not) and will have you linked again if I ever get around to moving to my own domain.

  22. I haven’t been checking in as regularly as I once did (due to stuff on my end). But, I’ve been an Elsa Cult Member for quite a while now. And when I have a place of my own to link to Elsa, I always do. Much love for Elsa!

  23. Not cool, never have been, never will be. Aquarius on the MC. I am, as I’ve found out, the oddity people keep around for entertainment. I spice things up because I carry left field in my right pocket and pull it out to polish every so often. Inadvertently that is. People like to watch and listen but wouldn’t want to carry left field in THEIR pocket.

    Unfortunately, I meet a number of people that like to “collect” oddities in their life. That doesn’t feel good and I distance myself as fast as possible. I do attract Uranian types, boy do I, and then they find out that under that MC is a very down to earth, practical beyond belief, interested in the tangible, workable, solidness of mud, wood, plants, buildings instead of the way out ideas they think I have. They’re always disappointed when they get to know me up close.

  24. I have Mars on the midheaven, and people either love or hate me on sight. I got hated at first sight from the first day of kindergarten on at school, so I am uncool to the infinite power of uncool.

    (Things have improved since then.)

  25. Re: the linking. It could be a natural curve. As in there are only so many links that are going to happen, and you have hit a natural wall. I don’t know that links naturally keep increasing ad infinitum. Unless you’re saying you’re down in actual numbers, not the rate. Like you had 100 links but now there are 80, versus you used to be linked to at a rate of 50 per year and now it’s only 30 or something.

    Blech, I’m boring myself.

  26. I don’t know, I have Pluto transiting my 11th house and I have no idea what kind of friend I am.

    I have Saturn, Mars, and Uranus on my Midheaven. I am serious, angry, and weird all at the same time. I am probably viewed as much too unpredictable to get to know very well. But I look cool.

  27. When I think of the image of ‘cool’ I think of a general charisma that pulls in world fame such as exhibited by the fonz from happy days (snaps his fingers, the juke box comes on), that woman in the L-word, Shane, who magnetically attracts almost all women, or Joey in Friends “How’re YOU doin….”

  28. I have Mercury there and I notice that people get a lot of information from me. I’m a little bit like a walking newstand lol. But I also have Capricorn, so I guess that drains the cool out of it…

  29. oh that’s okay, kashmiri, we’re all allowed to have the occasional brain fart….

    just don’t be too loud about it!

  30. Lol, no I’m more like you, Elsa. There is a risk involved;) I have Uranus in Scorpio on the Midheaven, and an emphasis on Pluto and the 8th house. My finger tends to be on the pulse of what the group needs, not what it wants. Uh-oh;)

  31. Haven’t been cool according to our culture for most of my life; haven’t cared about it for almost as long. 😉 I was “cool” the first two years of school, then a social pariah from age seven on. At nine I decided that those fuckers didn’t matter anyway. *lol*

    Pisces MC conjunct South Node, opposite Mars-Venus-Pluto conjunction, and trine Jupiter.

  32. this discussion is very interesting to me. i’ve never felt like one of the cool kids, but i know that i actually got a lot cooler after a pluto transit a while back.

    to me, “cool” is about people authentically expressing their own energy without a lot of fear about how others will react. (i realize that fear could be part of your authentic expression, and haven’t really worked out that detail yet.)

    my 4th house pluto transit, i dropped lots of excess baggage and let go of self-images that were pretty significantly rooted. when my own opinion of myself changed, others began to respond differently, too, and i “got” a lot cooler. i don’t know if i’ll ever feel cool, though, or just keep on being an alien…

  33. Goddess, that would certainly explain why I have the same working definition of “cool” as you. Perhaps the others who commented that being authentically yourself is cool also have some Pluto-4th contacts?

  34. Yeah I’m a whole lot of fire – but I guess I must be pretty cool according to the people I attract . I’m a pisces MC and I have an aura of glamour that surrounds me…people admire me from afar is what I’ve come to know and actually really appreciate on some level. But boy does it get lonely being too cool….all that FIRE attracts but unknowingly burns. If only I had more earth or air to calm down the embers. Oh well..grass is always greener. huh?

  35. Hi Elsa,

    i am not a cool person, but 8 years ago – while saturn was transiting my midheaven, opposing neptun – i discovered my very private state of cool. I lost my bf, my flat, my job, my weight and my dog – which was the hardest part somehow – but I bought a ship and sailed lake constance. It’s just a little lake but it felt like the ocean itself.

    Main reason I post this message, is to thank you for the great work you do here. There were times, I used to be an addicted reader and the only reason for waiting almost 6, 7 or 8 (?) years to leave a message by myself is my bad english. I don’t like to stutter among natives. So i keep my distance. But i deeply respect your work.

    All the best from Lake constance (Austria),

  36. I’ve shared this site with only a very select few. I feel selfish not sharing it but I don’t want my real life folks to have the access to what I’m going through. I share differently here and don’t want to loose that freedom. My scorp moon gets really messed up at the idea if IRL people finding what I write here.

    Those I have given this site to really “NEEDED” this place they were going through more than I was equipped to help them with.

  37. Loved reading this. I learned something too! Kash, and others with Scorp midheavens, I have a Scorp midheaven too. My Pluto’s in the 7th. Now I know why my first mother in law told a gal I later became close friends with that she hated me, even before she met me. She wanted her son, my husband, to be a priest instead. Or that’s what my mother in law from hell later told me. Anyway, any female connected with either of my husbands, sisters, daughters, mothers were like civil but unable to accept me warmly or be comfortable with me. And yes, I think there was a bit of jealousy there somehow. Even my two grown sons fall into this category, Yikes! But I suck at defending myself, so they always won the war so to speak. It’s also like they all give me way more credit than I’m due, for the way things turn out. Anyway, I have friends that think very highly of me, especially the Pisces ones. I have Pisces moon though. BTW….LOL at the exchange above between Kash and Snapdragon… 🙂

  38. Have never been one of the cool kids although have always run with them. Was never interested in being cool. Libra mid heaven, conjunct Venus in Libra, loosely conjunct Pluto in Scorpio. Alwya have the right friends but tend not to be so interesting myself. I’m kinda like Angela from My So-called Life.

  39. It’s funny – reading through the comments it struck me how many different interpretations of “cool” there are. I’ve always been told that I am cool. I think my brand of it, though, is intimidating, detached, the “not giving an F” variety, glamorous I suppose. I have Venus (my chart ruler) conjunct the MC by 1 degree in Aquarius. So there is that kind of cool, which I think has a lot to do with one’s public image and thus the MC. Doesn’t have a whole lot to do really with what people who know you think about your character.

  40. People find me interesting – Gemini MC. I have to be careful on how I come across (MC sq Pluto opp Mercury?). I’m too humble to consider myself cool. Well liked is better word for me. Cool brings images of superficiality to fit in; other peoples’ context may however be different. I am loved due to my generous, warming nature. I “see” people that I like.

  41. @Elsa; I think you are cool, for me … I have Sag MC and I am seeing a therapist who has a Sag sun. I told her to start reading your blog so that she can understand some of my fears and anxieties with Saturn in Scorpio and she started reading you. So you have made at least 1 therapist cooler….

  42. Elsa … this just makes me smile. You are far and away one of the coolest people on the internet and this is because you are who you are. You tell it straight, you have a good sense of humor and the absurd, you have a good sense of compassion but you also temper it with common sense. You don’t have to “feel” cool, Elsa, because you “ARE” cool. It’s natural for you!

    Maybe you just need to add a little dash of leopard print to your wardrobe so you can “feel” as cool as you really are. 🙂

  43. I’ve always been one of the cool kids, right up into my late 30s! Libra on the MC, conjunct with Mercury/Jupiter/Uranus.

    And with Venus in Leo, people know I make the party happen, so I’ll always get an invite.

    Something odd I realized recently – I’ve never tried to make a friend, they have always come to me. I think this is a deficit because shouldn’t every human being know how to befriend people?

  44. “what I’ve realized is I look slightly crazy…”

    Oh dear! Elsa, you have no idea of your own fabulousness. Every time I watch one of your videos I am always struck by the sparkle in your eyes and your natural beauty. And as for keeping your mouth shut, why would you ever want to do that? You’re so full of life and wisdom … share it with the rest of us!

    As for the leopard print, a little goes a long way. Think about it. 😉

  45. You know what I think is COOL? Something Satori brought up in a reading, that with Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn, mutual reception..depth, authenticity, being REAL, value, intensity will emerge as cool.

    (or something of that ilk, can’t say it as cool as her!)

    My time has come…..also first time I posted in ages…

    Elsa you are the anti-cool, which is the coolest of cool! I am positive I would have gravitated to you at school, remember “The Outsiders” are the REAL cool ones.

    (MC Virgo conjunct Uranus/Pluto, sextile Neptune and exact trine POF)

    • Thank you, Firecrab. I had a boyfriend and a sister who were popular in high school, so no one bothered me. But for a friend, I ran with a snarky gay boy, lol. We were both misfits, but had mouths on us which prevented us from being easy targets. 🙂

  46. “Maybe you just need to add a little dash of leopard print to your wardrobe so you can “feel” as cool as you really are.”

    Thanks, Fritz, but what I’ve realized is I look slightly crazy, whatever I wear, unless I wear a plain black dress, a black purse, and keep my mouth shut, which of course I never do. 🙂

    Why not?

    Too much trouble! 🙂

  47. I never thought I was cool, but someone once told me I was a cool kid (in the work place) and I was so taken aback! Huh? So strange how others perceive us…

  48. People thought I was pretty cool when I ran with the cool crowd, in the city and before that on the island

    Now I live surrounded by very conventional people, and I’m moving into old age, so I’m not longer seen as cool, in fact I’ve become kind of invisible

    Uranus on the MC in Gemini. I think it takes cool people to see my cool, if that makes any sense: people who can respond to my Gemini and Merc

  49. Elsa, I think you are delightfully weird and that’s what I like best about you, among many things. I find the unusual nurturing and though you’re just a little older than me, you often remind me of my mother, or how I wish my mother could have been.

    I hope you take it as the compliment it’s intended to be. After all, I’m a Cancer, I love my mother. 🙂

  50. I am “cool” sometimes “too cool” def. not something I’m doing, just made that way. Howev I like who I like, never part of a clique. What I like is people being genuine. Great comments, the new and the old.

  51. pluto on mh. It is rarely acknowleged. I love seeing others take credit for my stuff. It’s the only acknowlegement I get for the most part. It’s the scorpio empowerment thing, if you are successful, I have been successful.

  52. Im not cool, I know that being friends with me doesn’t increase your status popularity wise however those who know me after a period of time know that having me as a friend means that the mention of my name as your friend immediately means your worth in status goes up. I bring up peoples stock so to speak. I believe this is due to my saturn-pluto-sun conjunction in the 8th. Im also a scorp.

    In the same regard people know if you are no longer my friend, I have cut you or have distanced myself from you then you have properly taken my friendship or energy for granted and your worth plummets. I have an 8th house stellium with heavy planets there. Im a quality energy giver and it has taken me years to realise this!!

  53. Zombies??? Yikes. I was just thinking the Nem is alot like the long dead Stinky Aunt Leona. Nasty and scary. And oh dear oh dear however shall we get that smell out of the stuffed chair. My mom would get phone calls from strangers requesting information about how to remove the stench. Heloise’s nightmare.

  54. …but Angela was totally cool, Eli, so that’s your core, and I can’t help feeling that everyone’s true self is cool (if only we could be our true selves, all of us, always). I remember in junior high, standing in a circle, the same circle each break, and witnessing the cool of each other person, with desire to join, never truly realizing that I was part of it. Deja vu occurred in that circle one day. I still haven’t gotten over it.

  55. Ehh, I know one cool person and she’s a capricorn sun (with some fire like aries moon, leo jupiter). Direct and doesn’t give a hoot but not in a mean ridiculous way. Keeps it real and we have lots to talk about. I don’t see myself belonging with her group of friends and not even trying but very nice to chat one on one. Also, lots of people can be direct and so on but you know when a person has that jazz, that confidence and naturalness. As for me, no. But I was very touched with what an aquarius told me once, she said she trusted my opinion and my compliments of her. She said people always tell lots of things (that they don’t mean) but she truly believed in my words. Which means that at least some people take me seriously and it was also on point that the exchange was very raw, I wasn’t bullshitting her. I have a scorp mc.

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