Popularity, Football, Lipstick And The Venus Uranus Quirk Around Here

crooked_large.jpgPeople have been remarking and in some cases complaining about my crooked lipstick for about 20 years which is about how long I have been wearing lipstick. I thought I had this resolved for the most part a few years back. The AMF said I was cured for example and I should no longer be mentioning it on my (other) blog so I thought that was that. But apparently not. Apparently I am still askew because last night the soldier mentioned this.

The soldier this is, who has not got a fashion conscious bone in his body. The soldier who states he has been wearing the same clothes since he was 12 years old and says that he sees no problem with this.

“Yeah, I see you like that sometimes and I laugh about it on my way to work. That’s my, P!” he said brightly.

“Oh for Godsakes. You mean like I am going to the gym with crooked lipstick? Well too bad. I guess I know it but I think to hell with it. Close enough!”

“Yeah, it doesn’t matter. No one is looking at your lips anyway. They’re all looking at your ass.”

“My ass is old. I’m glad I can’t see it.”

“Your ass is great though you’d probably not think so if you could see it. You’d probably find some kind of problem with it,” he said.

lne_of_scrimmage.jpg“I doubt that. Men have been after my ass all my life. Whatever is back there… whatever it looks like it, it has been pretty damned popular.”

“I have never had anything popular,” he said. “I was the captain of the football team and I still wasn’t popular. Nobody liked me,” he said.


“No. I knew all the jocks but none of them liked me. There was some respect going on though. They respected me,” he said. “Because they were all quarterbacks and stuff… I was on the line and if they came at me, I’d hit them and it would be dreadful.”


“Dreadful, P. You’re not coming through my hole,” he said. “I loved to knock the hell out of people… loved it!” he said, beaming.

“I can’t believe you listen to Disney radio on your way to work.”

“What? I like Disney radio.”

“Yeah, I know. I just think it’s strange.”

Were you ever popular? What about one of your body parts?

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Popularity, Football, Lipstick And The Venus Uranus Quirk Around Here — 23 Comments

  1. well, my husband likes my ass, too. although i have no idea what he’s talking about, but if he’s happy with it, i’m happy with it…LMAO.

  2. this also reminds me of the notion that if you have the right man, you can do no wrong. i spill food on my clothes constantly, stumble over my own feet, and touch him approximately once every three minutes. i’m sure i would drive many men insane…no matter what i do, he thinks it’s “cute.” that’s love for ya, baby.

  3. Personally, I’ve never been popular and I like it that way. I’m liked and loved by the people I’m interested in and that’s plenty.

    I do have a couple popular parts though… The cleavage and the hair. I don’t pay a lot of attention to either one, so I guess it’s good that they get attention from somewhere. *shrug*

  4. I’ve always been semi-popular I guess. A few crowds liked me, some didn’t. I have leo sun which I think attributes to the popularity-o-meter 🙂
    My boobs were legendary though..lol.
    Not so much anymore 🙁
    Too bad I missed the Mardi Gras train before I ever had kids…boohoo.

  5. I didn’t really feel like I fit in anywhere but was accepted everywhere. I got along with everyone. on one hand it was easy and pleasant, on the other hand there was always that knowledge that no one (except my odd close friends) really knew me.

    neptune conjunct the IC.

  6. *lol* satori!

    As for being popular – yes, I was, for quite a while in my old school. Artistic, rebellious, with the air of a potential genius… kind of. It was different in Germany than it was in the States, looks and sports did not count popularitywise over here.

    I was the first to be invited to parties, for instance, because when they could announce I´d be there, everybody else would show up too. People I hadn´t even met bragged about being friends with me. Everybody knew who I was. Yes, I was a STAR ;-). Unfortunately, stardom carries a huge shadow – it´s always the wrong people flocking around you. (One of my longtime friends still reminds me occasionally that it took her two years to get recognized by me, because i was always surrounded by crowds. The crowds have long passed, we´re still friends…) Plus: i was too insecure and depressed to enjoy the show.

    Body parts – personally, I like my feet, but what really always left a huge impression on others are my eyes. I wish I´d collected all commments on them over the years… pure poetry ;-). Second on the list would be my ass, I guess, though the comments on that part usually were less poetic.

  7. My hair is popular than I’ve ever been in my life.

    I’m good with that. That’s why I have the Hair. I can let it down when I want attention, and put it up when I don’t.

  8. People have always commented on my eyes. One’s blue, the other’s brown. Also, I am physically of the cute variety, you know, freckled, red headed and petite etc., but am a hellcat in the sack! The best lovers I’ve had are the ones who take joy in this seeming disconnect… you know? Also, my first true love, loved my curves, which is great, because it’s only now years later, that I see my curves as the thing that brings it all together for me.

  9. That’s a funny question. I’m never popular in the moment…I always find out about it in hindsight. It’s kinda strange.

    My hair and my eyes get comments, I have dark eyes and long dark curly hair. The guys like my ass.

  10. you know–and this is going to sound pathetic–but I’ve NEVER had a man compliment me on ANY part of my body. Never. Ever.

    I’m still trying to think of an instance.


    Did this ever happen and I not know it?

  11. only ever truly popular online…in person, I am too weird for most people…The internet is the great equalizer 😉 physically, it’s always been the T&A that men like (and sometimes women, too!) 😀

  12. I’ve been popular since I learned that the best method of self-defense is a sense of humor and a dimwitted charm. Well, I wouldn’t say I was popular, I never get invited anywhere but everyone loves me and tells me I’m their favorite.

    Body parts…well, I have big titties and wearing a work uniform that is too small doesn’t help the matter. My manager always sends me to tables full of guys so and I get tipped accordingly. My cups runneth over.

  13. Jeremy–No, I don’t think so 🙂
    Guys are popular too, and we can get obsessed about body parts as well. Like my husband’s bubble butt….ohhh….I love it.

  14. My ass has got me a lot of attention. A lot. It runs in the family-my sisters and mum have the same ass and even though my mum’s almost 70 she still gets whistled at, so I guess I have that to look forward to!
    Ha ha…this is funny: my mum walks the same route, 2 miles, every morning. One morning she walked by this apartment building and someone said very loudly ‘Hello, fat ass!’
    She looked all around but there was no one to be seen.
    She thought it was hilarious and so did I. Our asses have caused more than their share of controversy!

  15. I can’t say I’ve ever been popular, I was more on the notorious side. I was also rather severely ostracized as a child and that continued all the way up through high school.
    But it did help cultivate my “fuck ’em” attitude, and for some reason that makes people like me more now? Weird.

    People love my hair and talk about it frequently (although I haven’t got as many compliments since I chopped it off), but I think my eyes are my best feature. *shrug*

  16. Nope, never been popular…well liked in some circles, well known in others, but never really popular and I’m not all that crazy about any of my parts right now…but I’m working (Saturn) on my health (Virgo) right?! My dad was a lineman and he still gets a grin talking about it…he said everywhere else he got in trouble for wanting to smack people, but on the line he was the hero.(He’s 70 now, a Cap that’s still working and riding a Harley)

  17. famous smile
    famous butt
    nice slender figure
    libra rising

    personality too eccentric to be popular. 10th house uranus. Mercury square uranus says what she means and means what she says.

  18. I have been a misfit all my life. The Anti Homecoming Queen. A few men have loved my ass. I look at my ass in the mirror sometimes and think…damn. My ass is just so…out there. 🙂

  19. Just wanted to add: looked at my ass in various mirrors tonight. I really do dig my ass. A few men have dug my ass. None of them have known what to do with it for any length of time. Venus trine Uranus. And Saturn.

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