Police Escort For The Fake Drunk

cancerangelI pulled onto the interstate today, and immediately fishtailed, the rear my truck swinging out into the fast lane. I was STUNNED. I’d never felt the sensation before. To be driving a full size truck, loaded to the gills and be swishing all over the road.  Big truck passed me on the left, I almost swerved off into the ditch at on the shoulder. That’s when the highway patrol’s lights went on behind me. I was RELIEVED.

I pulled the side of the road. She came to the passenger side, so I reached over and opened the door.

“Oh, honey,” she said. “I didn’t know yous haulin’ mulch (manure). I’d not have pulled you over. How far you goin?”

“Next exit. What’s goin’ on?” I asked. “I’ve never been so terrified in my life.”

“Well yous goin’ all over the road.”

“You’re tellin’ me. I’m scared to death in here. I don’t understand. It’s counterintuitive. I’d think a load this heavy would hold me down.”

“I’ve hauled a load like this before. I know what happens. Next exit? I’m going to turn on my lights, and follow you so you can make it safely. These trucks are gonna fly by you, you’ll be tossed off the road for sure.”

“Should I dump some of this?” I asked.

“No, you can make it,” she said. “I’ll get you off the highway and then just drive slowly. Whatever speed you feel safe. Go thirty-five if you have to. If they want to go around you, they can.”

“Thank you, ma’am…”

Saturn Neptune. It was going to be a drug bust but turned to total compassion and gratitude. Further, I have an angel on my shoulder for sure. Because I should have been dead (or caused someone to die), the second I pulled on to the freeway.

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Police Escort For The Fake Drunk — 12 Comments

  1. Good to have been afraid as now you’ll never cause an accident. Fear makes strong memories. Nice to find an angel as now you’ll want to pay it forward. Honesty ,and faith equals power to carry on. Welcome to the new age, women supporting other women. Hallelujah Sister

  2. I see this related to the Pisces solar eclipse also. The heavy load, the law, compassion shown. Great story, thanks for sharing…:)

  3. This kind of freaks me out! I was watching an old horror movie the other night. Creepshow 2 and there is a woman in one of the pieces that reminds me of you, Elsa. She accidentally hit and killed a hitchhiker and he kept haunting her. She swerved all over the road and messed her car up badly. Yeah, I am still the weird Plutonian.

  4. You (our 8 House mentor) had a truckload of manure (mulch)? And then, a Saturnian policewoman helped you out – yes, children, Pluto is traveling through Capricorn, and giving a boost to our Capricornian, Libran, Virgoan Elsa. ?
    Oh, happy.. Happy ?

  5. Absolutely spot on connected to the Pisces eclipse. A ‘holy smoke!’ situation that ends well. Go you with your load of poo.

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