Points Of View That Are Miles Apart

This is not a remark on the way people are polarized due to their political opinions. I am sick to death of that dialogue. My ideas today are more in line with Mercury in Pisces.

Pisces is a swirling, universal sign. Think of the size and the motion of the ocean. What strikes me today is that we come together at all, as far as our opinions go.

I got mail today from someone views things so differently than I do. We’re both thoughtful We both have the same facts, but I doubt we could ever come together and tell a common story, because we parse those facts in a completely different ways.

The reasons for this are many. We are from different generations for one thing. Our backgrounds are different. Our biases are different.

Again, I am not talking about two sides bickering. I’m talking about how people take the same evidence and make different things of it.

This happens with purpose sometimes, like when a defense attorney spins the facts. It happens with malice at times as well, when a person wants to denigrate another person or something like that. But it also just happens.

I might look at a painting on the wall and think it’s beautiful. You can look at the same painting and think it’s not. I don’t think it makes sense I take this personally, considering how many fish their are in the sea, and how many paintings.

Your thoughts on this?

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Points Of View That Are Miles Apart — 25 Comments

  1. Wholeheartedly agree. My Mercury is retrograde and square Neptune. Life become much easier for me when I started respecting other subjectivities.

  2. Very true, and a good thing. What strikes me is that at different periods of time, my soul can take wildly different views of the same art. Years ago, I thought the Rolling Stones “Wild horses” was nothing special. Now I think it is one of the great songs of all time–what happened?? Life, I guess.

  3. …as you’ve forewarned Elsa, Mars Fire ‘drowning?’ in Piscesean water (packed with illusionary energies that swirl backwards and it hurts the ego). Your writing/ output is great – no fear. Thank you. All best. PS tomorrow is another day (for advancement)

  4. Perspective is reality. True objectivity doesn’t exist. At least, not in the mind of any person.
    Even in the court of law, every judge still has to disseminate the information they’re given and having to make a fair and equitable decision through the thick mud of personal opinion, prior experience, unconscious prejudices, etc. and then fit that within the context of the law. Well, even the law is full of gray matter! So it goes…

  5. Sometimes I think people are just polite and tell a person what they want to hear. There is a built-in guard in relationships today keeping relationships at a certain level of involvement.

  6. “Not taking it personally…”

    Amen. It is difficult for me to keep this in mind when I am being emotional. I get upset when this happens because I am disappointed that the other doesn’t get a kick out of it…as though I have done something wrong. It does not compute, is silly, and wastes energy.

    Same when the table is turned. I love that other people love raw tomatoes. I don’t care how many people love them, I don’t. I don’t hate the tomato, or tomato lovers.

    But I am not gonna eat the tomato. No.

  7. Perspective is what gets everyone into issues. The Past no one can do anything about. If everyone starts with Positive Prospective (Of or concerned with or related to the future – potential, likely, future)then everyone is on the same wave link. [Libra rising – Mercury, Neptune and Pluto Sextile Ascendant]

  8. Yes, and I have come to the conclusion that I am not my thoughts. I have thoughts but don’t identify with them as me, anymore than the breakfast I just had is me. There is alot of benefit in this perspective. I definitely travel lighter and it sure does make it a whole easier to toss out the stupid ones 🙂

  9. “Beauty is truth, truth beauty,” John Keats
    Having Mars in Pisces I can relate to the slippery nature of planets in Pisces. A person’s aesthetic tastes can really show up in their horoscope. Hopefully, the more I get to know myself (to thine own self be true), the more I’ll be able to stand tall like a tree and weather the storms and sunshine.

  10. I think Pisces/Neptune is asking a lot more of us than we are appreciating, here.

    Pisces IS the common currents we are all flowing in of our diverse perspectives. Yes, we take different perspectives and ‘swim’ in different streams and seas, BUT we are all in the same cosmic ocean, here, of life itself, of the larger biosphere and ecosphere of this amazing aliveness, this thing called LIFE, that only happens here in this corner of this galaxy of the cosmos (ice on Mars is just a tease; LIFE is HERE).

    Pisces asks us to bring a cosmic perspective to our personal perspective and ask ourselves if our idea of reality is one that keeps life in the biosphere going, or is ‘swimming’ against it. I see the two fishes of Pisces as symbolizing the two opposite directions that human perspectives on life can take. We can delude (Neptune) ourselves that we can get away with swimming against the cosmic flow of life and destroy the living world (our oceans, my friends, are on track for DYING by 2015).

    Or, we can develop a wise cosmic perspective that we swim in the direction of preserving life, or we die.

    Which is all to say that there is a POSITIVE and NECESSARY “self undoing” in Pisces, undoing the almighty personal perspective and getting a cosmic one.

    Get beyond the personal, people, and make sure that your personal perspective is one that keeps life itself flowing.

  11. Fear of annihilation. When one does not receive outside recognition it’s a life threat. Deep mommy connection issues and damn those siblings who took some attention. But don’t listen to me. Just a thought about the bowels of human nature. Pluto is opposing my natal moon and will be for some time.

    About the semantic differences, there is a myth or tale about a tower called babble, I mean Babel.

  12. I agree with Notch that some feel threatened when they don’t receive recognition (sorry…I’m going to listen to you, hee hee). I have seen it–a lot. In fact it seems to me (as an outsider observer) to be one of the chief reasons people leave this blog in a huff.

    I experienced it when I was young, too (being hurt if someone vehemently opposed my view). I was deeply insecure although few but the people close to me would guess it. Chiron conjunct IC. And yes–I had deep mommy connection issues. As deep as they get.

    Anyway–t.Pluto conjunct my Moon in Capricorn now. I’ve worked to name my faults and it is particularly freeing to do so at this point in time.

  13. From the Chinese Medicine perspective, the heart is the part of us that rules perspective. What I see happening with Saturn in Scorpio mutually receptive with Pluto in Capricorn, is that the integrity of our perception is being challenged. My parents, with Pluto in Leo, invested much of their lives into focusing on money and accumulating stuff. Now that they both just passed their second Saturn return, they are suffering the consequences of having no investment in spiritual or emotional development. Their perspective is grounded in our modern culture- what the media tells them or what their peers say. It is a fickle and disorienting, even fearful source to root in. I have spent the last 16 years maintaining a grounding spiritual practice, making my choices based on the guidance of my heart- not on the financial repercussions. I, too, now suffer the consequences of investing more time in my emotional and spiritual development than on making money. The opposite of my parent’s plight. But, in my core, I know that I can live through not having money. The integrity of the construct with which I approach reality is stronger than the fickle opinions of my peers or the almighty dollar. Now is the time that it is all put to the test.

    We are at a stand off- she refuses to financially support my moving away- despite the fact that I spent the last 2 years nursing her through cancer therapy. I have to dip into debt, again, at 36 years old, and live the single mother poor college student lifestyle just to get back to my life. She, in turn, now has to live without the daughter that kept the fear at bay, counseled her, mediated her marriage, cooked her meals from scratch, kept the house spotless, gave her healing acupuncture treatments, etc. Which life path actually has the integrity? Making choices based on money? Or love? We are living the experiment.

    My mother- Taurus sun/ Libra moon/ unknown ascendant
    Me- Scorpio sun/ Capricorn moon/ Virgo ascendant
    My daughter- Sagittarius sun/ Taurus moon/ Virgo ascendant

  14. I grew up to believe in having principles, and being careful with principle. When it comes to things like art or film, I can be accepting of other people’s different views because having different views in that kind of situation does not have negative consequences that are too profound.

    When it comes to matters that stir my core/my fundamental sense of self, it’s more difficult, because I’m just not a relativist. I see how well-thought ideas and philosophies (and well-thought implementation processes) can be of a great benefit, but I also see how poorly-thought ideas and philosophies and poorly-thought implementation processes can be so destructive, and so disastrous (and the worst part is that some of those ideas can be dominant for centuries!). And that kind of situation can make communication incredibly difficult in my case.

    I have started beginning to understand generational differences, and people’s different personal aspirations thanks to astrology. For example, with all the fire, Sagittarius and Mars in Aries Rx energy in my chart, I’m a very yang woman who wants to have adventures in the outside world, and use my home mainly to rest and recuperate. However, thanks to astrology, I can understand if people with a lot of Cancer or Capricorn can wish to live a more yin life. I can definitely be tolerant of people with different lifestyles, so long as I have the right to mine. As a result, I want a social framework where both men and women can have the freedom to express their yin and yang aspirations. But I think with Regulus in Virgo, that day may hopefully come soon enough…

    And then, I understand better how the different Pluto generations can see things differently. What can be difficult to communicate is how to explain to a generation that what they believed to be accurate in their 20s can turn out to be inaccurate in their 40s or even later. If a generation grew up with Neptunian ideals about the traits of a particular astrological sign, and Pluto shatters those rose-colored illusions, logical explanations are a very weak remedy in the face of emotional pain and bewilderment.

    I realize that certain conversations can be pointless with some people because not only are points of view miles apart, but emotional triggers closely linked to their sense of self may be involved (and I have those emotionally sensitive spots too, so it’s not like I’m immune to that). The good news is that by having challenged myself at EE, in my everyday life, I’m having an easier time communicating my thoughts and feelings in my everyday life without feeling the need to invalidate others. I’m making an effort to be principled, but less rigid.

  15. I think someone on planet neptune tried to help me with this! I have this black and white view of life and he the water luscent being asked me to make a wish, any wish. I said no I believe in Christ etc etc.. So there goes my wish down the toilet, for my stupidity ! lol!!!

    Fuck man thinking back I feel it was a real wish I tried to get in touch with this water luscent guy I think I did. And I think I got my wish but nowadays the veil isn’t think anymore I’m back to being a Martian.

    Speaking of martian I dreamed I was on Mars too!!! Mars is horrific. Its a survival planet. Eat to survive, follow the leader or die, kind of thing. I remember following some leader that was going to eat a poor fish 🙁 and the fish was frightened to death! Sorry I went off the deep end here.

    Ok back to discussion.I would rather have a Mercury in Pisces thought like process but my thoughts (merc in gemini) are dominated (Mars in Scorpio) by feelings (Moon in Pisces) that I care about (Venus in Gemini) which has to do about things really!! Its all fluff. I just want to air out what I’ll say and really take over the convo I even annoy myself. My poor friends and family sometimes. But I love them for what I lack very much so.

  16. i think it’s a beautiful side effect of the world being full of an infinite variety of different people. we can stretch our perceptions and share windows to totally different worlds…

  17. Thank you for retrieving my comment, Elsa. 🙂

    Kashmiri- I am curious to hear more about your t.Pluto to Capricorn moon experience. Mine will be exact in 9 years.

  18. He escuchado que cuando Mercurio retrograda beneficia especialmente a aquellos que lo tienen retro en la natal, he visto una caso muy cercano y así ha sido, tu me podrías dar tu opinion?

  19. AMarie, honestly I wouldn’t even know where to begin. I do know, if you asked me 9 years ago if I thought I’d be where I’m at, I wouldn’t have believed you.

  20. Hola, Sol. Le tradusco. 🙂

    Hi Elsa,, Sol says: that she has heard, when Mercury Retrogrades it especially benefits those with Mercury Retro natal, she has seen something like this before, and wants to know your opinion on this.

  21. I’ve got Mercury in Pisces in the seventh but it tightly squares Saturn in Gemini in the tenth. I can be a judgmental snob. And with moon and ascendant in Virgo and sun and Venus in the sixth I can be critical as hell. I mouthed off once at the Met in NYC. I was just a hick from the North Texas sticks, didn’t know shit about shit…just knew that I dug Dali (he ain’t in the Met) and John Williams Waterhouse. This guy was staring intently at some contemporary painting. Nothing but green on the canvas. Not varying shades. Just one boring ass shade of green. I said,”You gotta be fuckin’ kiddin’ me. That ain’t art.” My native New Yorker Libra boyfriend was embarrassed as hell. I know that was wrong of me. Tonight my Taurus sun Libra moon father treated me and my son to a nice dinner. My dad has dead African animals and Christian Riese Lassen paintings all over his home. I would never criticize him although my taste couldn’t be more different. Tonight my son criticized my latest scented marker masterpiece. “Mommy, you always draw the same thing. Naked girls with television heads.” 🙂

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