Pluto’s Transit Through The 12 House (Mine) – Acclimated & Non-Threatening

ApocalypseNowSheenI’ve become withdrawn during Pluto’s transit through my 12th house. I expected it but it’s still amazing to actually live it.

Pluto crosses my ascendant in 2020. I wondered if I might be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel by this time. I do not. To my surprise, I see I can’t even coast along to the end, knowing it’s coming, Instead, I feel it’s necessary to become even more obscure.

I’ve been using graphics from, “Apocalypse Now”, throughout this transit. It is my favorite money of all time.

The main character is out there alone, authentically. He’s coming back. But he’s gone out so far, he’ll never be able to ever interact in a way he might have before his experience.

I think it’s because this transit strips a person so thoroughly. I’m not sure it’s in anyone’s interest I show up naked. Holding up a facade creates a bevy of other problems (for myself and others).

When I consider these two things, four or five more years in the swamp doesn’t seem so bad. I’m acclimated and non-threatening to others…at least until they decide to threaten me.

Tell us what happened when Pluto transited your 12th house?


Pluto’s Transit Through The 12 House (Mine) – Acclimated & Non-Threatening — 24 Comments

  1. “Withdrawn” word is so stigmatized. Please, being out there, in the face of whatever and agitated is SO over-rated. Sometimes looking at something from a distance is the best thing that can happen to anyone.

  2. It was excrutiating. I had spent the previous 12 years of my life completely committed to an arduous and demanding spiritual practice, but when Pluto hit my 12th house cusp the leader did something to me that was so totally, completely out of bounds wrong, I left the group immediately. I was wrecked. It has taken forever to get over it. In fact, just a few months ago I had a realization that finally closed out that chapter. Almost 20 years!! But what an inner education. Pluto goes deeper than the mind or heart, demands reconstruction at the sub-atomic level.

  3. Either I’ll be dead or just turning 100 by the time Pluto hits my 12th house.

    But currently got Uranus going through it since 2010 and I’ve lost my desire to get out and try new things. I thought it was Neptune transits but it’s persisted on past those so I really don’t know what to make of it.

    Any thoughts Elsa?

  4. I’ve been following along all your tagged posts on this topic the past ~2 years… I am one year behind you (Pluto’s 12th house transit finally wrapping up in 2021), so it’s be hugely helpful and comforting to read your experiences. I am a fairly introverted person to start with, and a number of experiences, one after the other over the past handful of years, have really heightened it… I tend to be someone who enjoys my alone time, but the extreme-ness of this has been rough, as I never before had so much trouble *connecting* to people when I did make attempts to! I am really doing my best to “do the soul work” and take advantage of this transit… but my god is it grueling. I am really looking forward to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel at some point soon!!! <3

    • Hi @sarahspy,
      This connecting-thing is exactly like mine!
      Since I moved away to a new city, I’ve had HUGE troubles connecting with people, even if I try and try and -.. try some more. I think it’s Pluto’s way of holding back what you “don’t need” or “should have because you need to be strong alone” or something of the like. Pluto is an @-hole like that… Seems to me you’re also getting this vibe from him.

      The only thing I want these is hiding under a rock, coloring and reading astrology. When I meet new possible friends, I tend to shy away, going into hiding (again) even if would benefit me to be with other people. Sigh.

  5. It takes work and effort/ consciousness to get true benefit from pluto transit on whatever planet or angle…I am in the midst of it so i know what i talk about…I’ve seen women dealing with pluto passing the ascendant giving birth to a child…that’s a definite source of light in many lives. In one case it went easy and in another case it was a dram because she was very much in love with somebody else.I love the process of pluto and when your are able to GET what needs to happen it is a very profound time to get rid of a lot of shit.

  6. I’m there with Pluto in the 12th until 2018. The whole process is as monique writes “a very profound time to get rid of a lot of shit.” Elsa, I read your experience with the truckload of the stuff, only to be led by an angel in uniform. The Universe does conspire on our behalf but we STILL need to do the work.

    My experiences with being stripped of any old masks shows itself most clearly in dreams where I am ‘still trying’ to do the old stuff again. The fit is all wrong, the timing comedic, and as Pluto moves through and over my 12th House Capricorn Moon, I wake up and KNOW … that is not where I want to be when all is said and done!

    I get glimpses of what I am becoming, and messages that tell me, “It’s all in the footwork’ … Literally, I am learning to walk again.

  7. Phenomenal movie.

    I won’t see Pluto in my 12th. I have it natally in my first. It is profound and humbling reading everyone’s experiences.

  8. Felt like I was in a shallow hole with my family outside looking at me. Felt lonely and isolated for the first time and lacked emotional support. It’s still going. I want to learn from stuff bit who knows. I have nowhere to hide and I don’t want to feel old.

  9. Pluto has now passed my ASC, but it’s due to back up for one last swipe in a few months. Just took a leap in the direction of a “whole new life” but still having a hard time extricating myself from the emotional quicksand.

    Trying now to channel my inner “Auntie Mame” all day, every day…

    • Love that image! My inner “Auntie Mame”. A perfect one to pull up when I am covered in the muck, and going deeper. A very dear friend I know long see played “Mame” in Hilo when Pluto had just begun his transit through my 12th. She was and is still a very bright light. I like the connection now of Mame and Pluto approaching my ASC during these next two years.

  10. Deeply,deeply,deeply private. Not good,out of bounds sensitivity and feeling that people had no clue who I’am and became disillusioned about that feeling. Not willing to share thoughts for fear of being misunderstood. Underground anger!

    Very,very giving and wanting to remain anonymous without any thought of thanks or reward.

    Did I say…too sensitive 😉

  11. Just had pluto go over mercury and sun and now last bit of opposing moon. Just found birth parents i didn’t know much online buried quite close in the same cemetary, very pluto. lots of alone time as energy withdraws but now fall back on inner resources immediately when energy down and lots more discipline. i love the saying, ‘with all that sh** there’s gotta be a pony somewhere!’ keep a sense of humour handy.good for health.

  12. Pluto passed through my 12th house during most of my childhood (starting at age 3. Did anyone else experience this? Did you feel your childhood was especially difficult or intense? Mine was. I experienced a lot of loss and rage.

  13. Pluto began its transit of my 12th House when I was 1 1/2 years of age. It was there for my entire childhood. I was my father’s 9th and youngest child – and my mother, his second wife, 5th and youngest child. My father became a grandfather three times before I was born and I felt confused as to my place. For a long time I thought my older siblings were my uncles and aunt. We were exceptionally poor and my mother worked tirelessly – there just was very little attention to me as a little girl, so I learned to live a richly in my imagination. Pluto entered my first house with puberty and at the time all of my siblings left home. My parents attention suddenly shifted to me exclusively and it wasn’t pretty. By that time I was focused on me and it was a battle of wills until Pluto crossed into my second house at age 25.

    • Thank you, Wila, for sharing. I hope that you survived your battles and found your way to great joy.
      I’ve often felt alone in this Pluto experience, even though I had two other siblings very close in age to me. As the oldest, I was expected to be the “good girl” and take care of everyone. My parents fought all the time. They finally divorced when I was 10 but kept on fighting. (I received plenty of overflow anger too.) My mother was diagnosed with cancer when I was 13. She fought hard to survive, to provide financially, for everything it seemed. My defense was also to retreat into my imagination. I read voraciously and spent hours in my own head.
      Pluto moved into my first house when I was in high school. Three years in my mother died of the cancer she’d been fighting for six years. I adored her, despite everything.
      Only a few years ago my father apologized to me for essentially abandoning/ ignoring me. (He was there, physically, and made sure that we always had what we needed.) He told me that I was always “so smart” that he and my mother took it for granted that I could take care of myself. How does a Leo underestimate his own importance in his daughter’s life?

  14. Pluto has been hitting it off with my natal 8th house moon in Libra from 2013 and is just now leaving this tense square these days.
    Yes, he is transitting the 12th house.
    With Uranus in the game to, as has been the case (Uranus transitting 1st house), I’ve been digging sh*t up like a madman. All the hidden traumas coming up, all the soulstuff. I’ve had more “Dark nights of the Soul” days than I can count!

    I feel like I’ve gone into an exile period of my life. I can’t seem to pull myself together. When he hit 11th house, I lost almost all friends. My whole life was turned upside down the exact data Saturn was having his 1st return, and no – I can NEVER go back to the person I was before that. It’s a cross to bear – at the same time a liberation. I lost my home, my life, my relationship which – as it turned out, wasn’t that much a loss since he had been cheating with my best friend.

    On his way to 12th house he passed my natal mars, my south node and has just honed in on Black Lilith. When the Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter comes up, they will be sextiling my Sun-Venus-Jupiter stellium in Scorpio. Bring that paaartay! Or… maybe not.

    • Oups, I mean that with the Uranus-Pluto squares in the mix, I’ve had my fair share of soulstuff to do in an even more intense way than they might be to start with 🙂

  15. In 2003 Pluto key scratched the door to my 12th house and just like clockwork he entered in the form of my abusive future husband. My 12th house contains my Capricorn Moon and holds one leg of a Grand Cross and the Moon is the Apex planet of a Yod! So by now it has been 13 years of major transformation! I am not the mouse I used to be! Pluto is presently 9-10 degrees past my Moon and Ascendant, but is conjunct my South Node. During this time, I craved solitude, found comfort in dark, quiet rooms, did not desire to engage in small talk or shallow subjects, did not enjoy being with most people. Some circumstances and some people bombarded me with the blatant message that I had no power, no money, no respect no value etc. I lost total contact with my children when I stood up for myself in a family situation. Pluto gave me x-ray vision concerning the character and motives of others and the ability to know when they were lying. Pluto showed me how to empower myself and that everything starts from inside ourselves. How we feel about ourselves is in the end, how others will feel about us as well. Pluto taught me how to love, value and respect myself. I became a Vegan, started making fermented foods to strengthen my immunity, gave the desire to teach and empower others. I also had dreams of a strange nature. I dreamed about an artificial looking spider with a huge gorgeous sapphire gem stone on it’s back. And dreamed about excrement from animals. Had elimination problems myself. Pluto deepened my Spirituality and my love of Angels! I enjoyed purging stuff; tons of stuff! The more I purged, the more other people gave me great new stuff! During this time, I self-imprisoned myself, when Pluto got closer to my Capricorn Moon by moving to a duplex and town that brought mostly dreariness, hopelessness and depression. When Pluto moved off my Moon and Ascendant, suddenly and surprisingly I moved to a great condo and lovely town! I have one more transformation that I desire and that is to experience becoming totally financially self sustaining. I’ve learned how to handle bullies and if anyone shows abuse toward me or disrespect, I will have nothing further to do with them! So, make peace with whatever Pluto rips away from you and after you have composed yourself, rebuild your life in a healthy way! Best of luck to all! Best advice: Do not fight against or resist because what you fight against grows bigger. Go around the problem or situation by finding an alternate, fresh way or detour that will reap you success and real progress! This is a great thread and I hope it will continue in order to teach and help others. I will keep checking back….Love To All….

    • Kri,
      I understand. Stay strong and I say this to everyone as well. Concentrate on the good and healthy transformations taking place and empower yourselves in fresh new ways. Hugs….

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