Pluto Turns Retrograde 2020 – The Plot Thickens

Pluto planetPluto will turn retrograde in Capricorn on April 25th, just shy of 25 degrees.  In general, shifts like this go unnoticed by most. I don’t think this will be the case this time.

Pluto is tightly square Mercury in Aries. On the surface, we’ll think about this, but I’m pretty there’s a lot more afoot.

I don’t mean to create paranoia and I keep my distance from “conspiracy theories”.  This is straight astrology, which I know works because I’ve worked all my life.  And there is something setting up here that cannot be denied.

I first mentioned it in one of my newsletters; the sun in Aries was squaring Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn at around 24 degrees. Here we have Mercury in Aries squaring Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn at around 24 degrees.

Pluto will hang at this degree for awhile. There’s a discussion here:  Pluto at 24 Degrees Capricorn from Feb 19 to July 4th, 2020.

Pluto will return to 24 degrees, the last week of December, 2020 through most of January, 2021.

If this isn’t enough to get your attention, consider Pluto will be back at 24 degrees Capricorn, August – November, 2021.

This hit my chart, hard.  So I’m going to be up on it. I’m going to be tracking. This clash with Aries is serious. I state this because Mars will spend six months in Aries, this year, beginning in July. Saturn will be back in Capricorn by then.  Jupiter will also be involved.

This means, Mars in Aries will challenge the stellium of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto throughout the summer. The most intense period will be August – October, 2020.  I’ll be clear – there is nothing “marshmallow” about this.

Generally, I avoid what I call “minutiae” in astrology. But when things get this hard and go this deep, I feel details matter.

If your chart is hit by this (any planet around 24 Cardinal), this might help:

Pluto In Capricorn Stations – Retrograde Dates & Degrees 2017-2024

Use it to see when things lay off your chart.

You might also find relief via lunar returns. This is what use to ease stress. They’ve worked for me for 25 years. I blather about them all the time – tag Lunar Returns. Such a small price to pay for sanity! Three dollars and something per month!

Also, be aware that I’ll be tracking this in my newsletter rather than on the blog. I have to do it this way to run around the blocks and clamps and controls placed on business by search algorithms. If you’re interested, you can sign up here – it’s free.

Do you have planets at or near 24 degrees Cardinal?

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Pluto Turns Retrograde 2020 – The Plot Thickens — 62 Comments

  1. Yes, I have Mercury at 26 degrees in the second house. It’s my 7th and 10th house ruler. I believe an economic downturn in my town will cause some layoffs at school where I teach.

  2. My sun and Mercury are 19 Cancer – I’m hoping this is far enough away from these planets at this point. Is this the case by any chance?

        • My sun sign is 24’ 35 Cancer, 8th hse, my moon is 27’ 06 Capricorn, 2nd hse, Mercury is 11’ 14 Cancer, 2nd hse, how will Pluto’s retrograde affect me ?

          • You’re going through your sun opposition Pluto transit in the 8th house and will continue to go through it. You’ll go through your moon conjunct Pluto transit sometime much later. You’re done with your mercury Pluto transit. On this site elsaelsa you’ll find posts with tips about how to go through a Pluto transit (go to topics and find posts tagged Pluto).

            Also Lynn koiner had a post about it that I enjoyed, plus obviously there are plenty of books. A lot of it is about surrender and psychological analysis, I would say.

  3. Natal Mercury @ 21 Libra 12th H
    Natal Venus @ 27 Libra 1st H
    Asc @ 22 Libra 12 H
    MC at 26 Cancer (9/10 H)

    Pluto has been hanging around my 3rd H and IC forever and a day it seems which square the first three and is opposite my MC. Transit Merc in Aries in the 6th H will be opposite the first three and square my MC.

    Two acquaintances committed suicide, one on 12/21/19 and the other 12/24/19. My cat died 1/9/20. A close neighbor died February 5th. My car died late February. The gym I have been at since it opened announced on March 1 that it was closing permanently April 30 but closed March 14 due to the COVID-19. It will not reopen. My phone died March 11. Now we are in self-isolation. I used to sit every day with my mom who is 91 but we all decided that no one but the brother she lives with and his wife can be around her. I talk to her but it is not the same.

    I continue to rehab at home with amazing results. My mental state which was horridly depressing and anxious from October to January is now focused and determined. I have learned to detach with love from situations that are beyond my control. My son is flourishing. I head back to court ‘virtually’ on 4/28 for another hearing with workman’s comp. Today is the 11 month anniversary of reconstructing my spine. I can garden again after 4 years!

    Guess it’s time for a 6 month ‘check up’ with you, Elsa instead of a yearly.

  4. My Moon is 24 Cap 46, 1st House. My cat died. I drove him to the Vets on 4/1. They let me hold him, while they fed him the drug mix from six feet away. He knew, I think he was glad. You should have seen the last look he gave me. It was a look of love and relief. He’s in the backyard. I plan on planting a row of flowers by his grave. I’m depressed, but am doing better, working from home.

    • Sorry to hear about your cat. 🙁 Planting flowers is a very nice idea.
      I have Moon 27 Cancer 29 in my twelfth and seriously trying not to freak out anticipating a female relative dying on me soon.

      • I’m so sorry. May you find comfort. Sending you virtual hugs. I find planting, having my hands in the earth, gives me solace.

  5. Pluto still greasing my Venus. And will be for awhile yet.

    Very grim. Very grim indeed. Am biding my time getting caught up on all sorts of home projects (Venus in Cancer). I avoid wallowing whenever possible. Hopefully my home makes it through tornado season. Am getting it re-roofed. It would be a shame.

  6. My natal moon is 24 Cap 9th H. Many things in my life are changing, and I suspect many more will. My DIL has lost two pregnancies, one at 5 months with a severe brain abnormality. My husband is improving from prostate CA this past year. May be moving. My work is evolving & part of that means it’s burning down to embers in some areas.

    My youngest son was born on April 25. Wondering about Pluto reversing as part of his natal return will have much influence on his year?

  7. I have venus in Scorpio 24 degrees, and my husband has his moon 25 degrees Libra. I also have my natal moon at 1 degree Aquarius. I am thinking of leaving my husband…but I haven’t told him yet.

  8. Ascendant at 23′ Capricorn. Argh…but good things seem to be happening for me career-wise. Lots of opportunity and need for my skills and talents after 10 years of NOTHING. Nodda. Strange. And I”m soooo grateful after such a horrible last decade, losing just about everything I worked all my life for. I”ve gotten used to the ‘ol PLUTO guy with his all pervasive, but subtle scraping down my back, constant and relentless. The darks nights of sobbing and tear down. Not to mention Saturn’s fun being in the 12th house for 3 years. Seems I’ll not be saying goodbye for that feeling for another year or two. At some point, you can’t keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, and so I just keep going. Just.keep.going.

    • My old mother always said that ‘you gotta keep a goin.’ She was so riddled with arthritis in her later years. She would wake up so stiff that every morning, instead of just starting up the wash machine, she would fill up pails of water and empty them in the machine to get her body movin. But she kept a goin. 😀

  9. Jupiter at 26 Libra in the 1st, Scorpio Mars at 26 in the 2nd and Sun at 25 Sag in the 3rd. Any mayor transit hits those planets at the same time and I had Pluto conjunct them all. So I reckon I will survive this, actually I am ok. I think I should read up about Sedna which is at 24 Aries and understand what it means- opposing Jupiter, inconjunct Mars and trine my Sun. I like Aries, was married to one for 30+ years and would probably still if he hadn’t left this world for the next. That stellium is in my 4th, my mercury too, I am not scared. Actually I am no longer scared of anything or anyone. Rather grateful that I can still be here for the change and the dawn of something new. My grandchildren will see to that.

  10. Yup.

    Have the dratted Pluto/Saturn conjunction in Libra around these degrees (a bit later by 2 or 3 degrees) – so yes.

    In the 12th house no less.
    Lots of endings, self undoing and whatever else yucky stuff in every kind of relationship you can imagine. Getting by while singing Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep” the past 3 years….. Pluto turning will perhaps send a bit of power to my 9th house Scorpio Sun stellium.

    At least Saturn will start crossing my Ascendant at 2 degrees Aquarius from 2021.

    • Also – checked the lunar return chart for August.

      A grand cross with my Libra Moon front and center. I might be one of those people ordering that Lunar return report, Elsa….

  11. I have nn 24*, Jupiter 25* libra and Venus 26* cancer……not quite sure what all that means but I suppose I’m about to figure it out or find it out the hard way…?

  12. 23’23” Capricorn is where my natal Saturn is, so way back in January, as we were learning about this bug, the builder sends a woman to clean up after some work in my bedroom. The first day I offered her a glass of something cool along with about 10 other workers that had congregated in the shade of my patio. That night I had a quick fever and felt like I would die if I did not lie down immediately after dinner. Woke up at 2pm and it had passed and I went and did the dishes.
    The next day she is in my bedroom and sneezes. I hand her tissues, dumbstruck after all the news. When she leaves she says she had a fever the night before and I wipe down the floors and walls with Clorox. All I could think of was that she had probably been in some house where the occupants had summered in Italy. So I was instilled with the Saturn/Pluto vibe from day 1, and gradually grew away from it.

    • My Libra-Scorp stellium has transit Jupiter-Pluto and Saturn square to most of it. Mercury at 25 Libra on the Cap Jupiter-Pluto transit from 3rd H demo list. No more social butterfly Libra- instead- disinclined to interactions. Frenzied cleaning. Purging closets, mad laundry, and mild respiratory issues. Home routine redone. Gladly working from home! Wild deep dreams.

  13. My Venus is at 24 degrees Cancer, in the 6th house. I have the Pluto Jupiter Saturn intensity transiting my 12th house. Life has been intense, and I don’t see it softening any time soon. Transformation… My Ascendant is in Aquarius 12 degrees.

  14. Plu @24 Capricorn is conjunct Chiron in my chart. All the buildup of the planets going through Cap has been in my 12th house, ugh! Bad enuf Chiron is there, I’ve had to go deep to reach emotional wounds from the past, especially at the Chiron return several yrs ago. Now it seems all the transit activity has brought it up for evaluation, to see how far I’ve come & what yet needs to be worked on. My natal Venus is 24Scorpio, sextile to everything – that is helpful to the healing/understanding and putting things behind me to continue to go forward.

  15. I’m dreading this because I can’t yet see if it will play out positively. I have Mercury (my most aspects planet) at 26° Cancer in the 8th House. I’m ready for the changes but at what cost!??

  16. Namasthe Elsa ji,

    I am excited to let you know that Pluto is bang opposite my natal Sun @ 22 – 54 in Cancer (11th house). Also, my Natal Saturn is @ 2-20 in Capricorn (5th house). For good measure I have a stellum in Virgo/Leo my 12th house. Asceticism has always appealed to me since my childhood, but now I am compelled to be detached i.e. as we say in Hinduism “Vairaghya”. There is a thin dividing line between detachment and indifference and I am sure you know what I mean!! Do your duty and be responsible without attachment! You are one of my favorite astro-psychologists along with Liz Greene and Rose Marcus. Warm Regards. BC
    regards and continue the fascinating work!!

  17. Jupiter at 24 degrees Capricorn, in the 4th house. I retired end of March. 20 years ago, I anticipated I would retire when the stellium hit my 4th house Jupiter and that it would be a successful conclusion to a long career I had no idea we would all be staying home in isolation! From an IC point of view, it looks like the only way to go is up.

  18. So I have Mercury at 22 Cancer. Dealing with a bit of depression these days, a deeper blueness though not an end-it-all one but rather knowing I just must keep exercise up, eat really well, etc., and it’s about all I can do to do this. I am not prone to depression generally otherwise so this is a noteworthy time for me.

    I have a lot of Leo, plus Jupiter in Sag, so I’m probably escaping what would otherwise be the worst. A lot of Cap too though earlier degrees so have gotten through all that.

    Thank you for the guide, it helps me see that I’ll be out of this sooner than later.

  19. My sun squares Pluto and four planets are either in conjunction or trine or sextile with him. No planets at this degree Cardinal but my Midheaven and Fortune sit at 23 and 25 degrees Capricorn, respectively, while Lilith is at 28 Libra and the Node is at 21 Cancer retrograde. I haven’t commented lately because I don’t know enough about astrology or my own chart to comment with confidence. At the moment things seem to be evolving rapidly, with at least one genuinely earth shattering personal revelation. This isolation is actually creating some relief, a forced retreat, a learning time. Your articles and Midara’s series on Lilith and Pluto have helped.

  20. Merc 26 degrees in Cap, 1st house. Things have been such a nightmare the last two years I’m punchdrunk, now this crap. Seems like the more I learn, the further back it pushes me.
    I just subscribed, and it’s nice you respond to posts. Astro advice I’ve received has all been wrong, but I see a lot of truth in the decades I’ve studied this. I think most are misusing it. The squares you mention make me think massive social upheaval- (5g & bogus viruses?) Anyway, I have no desire to debate politics, just concerned with the heart of astrology! Thanks Elsa!

  21. This is from, “Angie”
    Dates for CST (-6)
    rx 2020
    april 26, pluto 25.0cap
    may 11, saturn 1.57aqua
    may 14, jupiter 27.14cap
    june 23, neptune 10.58pis
    august 15, uranus 10.42tau

    dx 2020
    sept 13, jupiter 17.24cap
    sept 29, saturn 25.20cap
    octo 4, pluto 22.29capri
    nov 29, neptune, 18.10pis
    jan 14, 2021, uranus, 6.43tau

    Her twitter account is locked.

  22. As a Scorpio with Jupiter at 24 Capricorn and husband’s Venus at 25 Cancer, I wasn’t too worried for personal safety although it’s such a difficult time for us all. I’ve been hoping that we will emerge from this with some health care for all, livable wages and appreciation for the crucial workers who are keeping us going.

    The lengthy Mars square does scare me. My husband is on the front lines in this pandemic. And I felt a lump…

  23. I have Mars at 25 Cancer and Pluto at 22 Libra, so I’m not taking this lightly, but I’ve been already trough much of Pluto hell so I know how this works and I have some tools to work with…still not too excited about this.

  24. Thanks as always.
    I’ve been, and am still being, transformed.
    Pluto is conjunct my Descendant, opposite my ASC (25deg Cancer).
    Also squaring my Taurus Moon and Scorpio Pluto.

    Discovered that my father isn’t my biological father.
    My rage erupted in regards to my mother, who abandoned me and my sister as toddlers. (Moon opp Pluto, deep/unconscious emotions)
    It’s been very healing, cathartic. Apparently I’m a “seeker”, unbeknownst to me. I’ve been going around poking at shit.
    The Scorpio in me likes digging around, intrinsically and extrinsically (Pluto, Mars, Saturn in 4th house).

    I wonder if anyone else has similar chart signatures.

  25. I have Mars at 24 Cancer, 2nd house. I was working from home from March 18-April 17, but now I’m on furlough for at least 4 weeks. I’m feeling agitated about my personal income disappearing. My husband is in an “essential” IT job and I will be getting some unemployment, but… I’ve always been really motivated to work hard and earn my own money, which is impossible right now. With moon conjunct Venus in the 6th, I know I’m “just” a worker bee. My natal Saturn is in Aquarius and the 8th, tightly conjunct my South node, so I’m coming up on my 2nd Saturn return also. Crap. Not sure what to do about any of this.

  26. Tr Pluto exactly trines my natal 8H Virgo Mercury. As a result of the stay-at-home orders, I’ve hunkered down on my astrology studies and found new insights into my chart. In addition, I am fleshing out my family tree and making new discoveries – some not too pleasant. True Scorpionic, detective use of Pluto.

  27. I am Capricorn with Jupiter @ 24 .33 in Scorpio ,5 th house,and Saturn @0.30 in Capricorn in 6th house
    Any guesses, I am trying to ease my worries when they play loud in me
    To relax release and relate;to this morning from whenever I began my solo journey(15?) I am ok and can
    Make it thru the mud even if I loose the shoes?mostly I worry how it will
    Feel if I am confront with people but
    Alone I fly like a bird no shoes needed, maybe I just need to start

  28. I’ve been away from this blog and astrology for a while. Pluto brought me back, trying to make sense of this… My Venus/Saturn is at 25deg in Aries. I’m 51, never married, and have loved one of my best friends secretly for 18 years. Last year we became a couple and were deeply in love. There were issues, too, that we were dealing with. He passed away suddenly on Feb 18th. Saturn and Pluto were in my 11th house and square my Venus. I’m beyond devastated. This is only the 1st pass, too. I feel like I was set up, and then what about his family and all the people who loved him? I just can’t put this together…

  29. i see that you deleted my post. i guess i violated some rules. sorry for that elsa. it was not intended.

  30. I’m sick and tired of FACTS that run counter to the perpetual barrage of lies fed to us by the tyrant-owned “news” being labeled as “conspiracy theories”. Don’t you realize the Constitution and every religion and movement have been labeled the same at one time? Can’t you see past it?

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