Pluto Turning Retrograde Under The Full Moon In Scorpio: April 27, 2021

When a planet stations, especially Pluto, it’s just sitting there, spinning on that one degree. Astrologer, Steven Arroyo, who I greatly admire was the one who asserted that the effect of a stationary planet was perhaps ten times as concentrated or powerful.

It’s hard to quantify something like this but I took his point.  And if you’ve ever paid attention when Pluto stationed aspecting one of you natal planets, I’m pretty sure you’d take his point as well.

Considering this and understanding that Pluto changes directions on the same day we have a a full moon in Scorpio, you can see why I would expect considerable intensity as we head towards April 27th.

This intensity will be increased by pressure from Saturn in Aquarius which will square the sun, moon, Venus, Mercury and black moon lilith. Did I mention, this is my son’s birthday? You better believe I’m watching this. I really don’t expect it to pass unnoticed.



Pluto Turning Retrograde Under The Full Moon In Scorpio: April 27, 2021 — 35 Comments

  1. I’m quite nervous about this one! This is the day my abusive neighbour goes to court as part of his eviction process. If it goes in favour of my landlord, he’s gone, but if it goes in his favour, well, I can only imagine.

  2. I no sooner received the J & J vaccine, and arrived home to see on the news that it had some disturbing side effects! Yes, disturbing and shadowy, plutonium.

    • Me too. What timing! In addition, my only side affect from the vaccine was messed up sinuses. Yikes! 2 more weeks and we should be home free.

      It would really suck to survive by not getting the virus and then die from the vaccine. Or get hit by a bus or something. Ya just never know in life.

  3. The full moon will be 1 degree from my natal Pluto in 12th, 4 deg from my Scorp ASC and opposing my Taurus Sun. ? Gulp

  4. I just read FB was breeches and 533 million plus users effected. Glad I closed my account in 2009 never to return.

    @Elsa, at which degree will Pluto retrograde?

  5. Could Pluto retrograde in Capricorn for five months help usher in deep changes needed to rebirth our country? Asking for a friend.

  6. This is my son’s birthday too! He will be turning 7. The last few years Uranus had been aspecting his Sun and Mercury. His Moon is 24 Aries, so Pluto has been squaring his Moon too!

    • My son is 8, he also has Aries moon, 26 degrees, it’s been a year, I had to file for divorce from his father last week.
      Blessings to your little guy ?

  7. Yay, Pluto is retrograding over my Capricorn Moon and opposing my Chiron. This sucks. Just like when Pluto opposed my Sun from 2008 to whenever it finally moved to mid Capricorn. The last 12/13 years have been ridiculous! On top of that, I’m having my first Saturn return.

  8. This is also my dear friends birthday. She will be 72, I think. And my bday April 30 w/natal Stellium in Taurus sun 10 degrees being run over by Uranus. Do I really need MORE trouble six months after divorce? Pray for us………

  9. Oof that is a public holiday here, King’s day. It’s usually an all day street party and drinkfest and people going crazy as it is, this year we are being told to celebrate at home and the party will be televised… not good for a full moon and to throw in Pluto rx- folks are really over this lockdown and feel like they are being repressed/overly controlled by the government. Everyone I know is sick of being cooped inside for most of the past year, I hope there are no riots, but would not be surprised. The only saving grace is that it falls on a Tuesday, awkward day to get hammered. Definitely getting all my grocery shopping done the week before!

  10. Sextiling natal Saturn. Much upchucking of unfamiliar stuff. Not sure what it all means. Much of it unpleasant. Natal Saturn also being squared by Jupiter. 1st house natal saturn is a bit raw at the moment. Part of me wants to peak at the puke and work it and another part of me says skip it, don’t do this work, stick to the physical.

  11. My youngest (adult) son’s birthday is the 25th. When you say, “keep an eye on him”, does this translate to keeping it between the lines, staying close to home-as able, not courting trouble…

    • Well he’s an adult. And I can’t see the chart.
      But in the case of my son (who is also an adult), I will be checking in on him. It’s going to be a stressful year and I want him to come through it okay.

      I am pretty sensitive at the moment. There is a lot of death around me right now. We’ve also seen two families lose ten or young adult children this year. We are pushing many young people to the brink.

  12. This is quite literally potent. Pluto is atm. in an applying square to himself and natal Saturn in the 8th right now, touring his way through my 12th house.

    The 22th I applied for a gynecologal examination in order to have my woomb surgically removed, and the next day the hospital calls with an offer for an appointment because someone else declined it.

    4 days from application to examination! That is freaking Pluto right there. Pluto on the 12th/squaring itself seems all about “giving up”/shedding everything unnecessary in your life. Kill it or heal it.

    Well… On Monday I will start killing my uterus on my own initiative. I will not be able to have children, and nor do I want to. But the symbolic in the act on a Full Moon feels pretty potent!

    Surrender or suffer.
    Well, I surrender Pluto!

  13. Sounds like one to hedge bets on
    Big payout? Loss ??
    ( wait for it , drum roll)
    Maybe ??? whether noun or adverb
    All in the dice roll
    I say the Aliens come close enough
    To find Covid ?
    Once heard the balance sheet
    Works on both sides,hence becoming my a comfort mantra.

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