Pluto Turning Direct

Pluto will turn direct on October 6th. This is what it’s like…

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Pluto Turning Direct — 31 Comments

  1. Yes! I just did that. I love throwing things away and I’m relieved Pluto is direct again. I need that energy going straight, not “backwards” lol

  2. mmm, love capers. one of my favorite dishes is chicken pounded flat and cooked in olive oil and lemon with garlic and capers. yum.

  3. I’m definitely having pasta for supper now. With capers and a big handful of fresh basil and some tomatoes I’m going to roast in the oven first, before unleashing the beast. YUM!

  4. It’s just as good the second time around! This must be pretty close to my 1st anniversary as a guest to your site when I started commenting as Randamandar. Elsa- you and your hologram are looking great today!

  5. Satori, that is a wonderful dish! I just discovered it about a year ago, when my local grocery started stocking capers, and it’s one of my favorites now. πŸ™‚

    And I’m still impressed that Elsa can eat one of those suckers straight out of the jar without making a weird face! *lol* Potent, indeed.

  6. You look high, when you eat that caper :-)! I love them. Esp with anchovies, garlic and tomato sauce (with pasta, but that goes without saying!!!)

  7. That’s Pluto for sure!
    The first time I made Chicken Picata, the recipe called for a teaspoon of capers. I was like “What?! That’s like 3 capers!” So I put alot more and realized why it was only supposed to a teaspoon. LMAO!

  8. I was JUST thinking about that video. My son loves capers and was standing in front of a huge display of various capers at Whole Foods two days ago exclaiming about all the different jars with different sized capers.

    I love synchronicity.

  9. I was told recently that I’m very Plutonian.

    Maybe this is why I put half a bottle of capers on my chicken picatta and think it’s heaven but my dinner guests quietly move the capers to the side of their plate.

  10. Being rural and rudimentary I’ve never had capers. But I reckon they must be good?! I’m seeing an honest eye smile in there. I crave some pasta now.

    • Finally got around and bought capers. Sadly I don’t like them. Good news is my venus in leo mom likes them so nothing was wasted. ?

  11. That’s the first time I’ve seen that video and I love it. The analogy is so descriptive. I can taste the caper too. I’m Pluto ruled and it goes direct on my son’s 21st birthday. It feels very apt for me to be drawing a line under my life as a single mum and moving forward to what new adventures are in store for me.

  12. It may be the pluto neptune sextile moving to yod with natal pluto. I think iehat is coming to light now will be helpful for when Neptune moves to Aries and opposes natal Mercury. Neptune will also trine my Uranus at that time so perhaps that will keep me sharp enough.

  13. Love capers!
    Growing up poorish, we didn’t often have the cash to buy a jar of them, so my aunt taught me to pickle nasturtium seeds. They taste sortof vaguely the same…

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