Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: Pressure Cooker, I Think I Can Explain

like-water-for-chocolate.jpgmabelle writes on the Pressure Cooker bit:

“It *is* funny, elsa! I had the same thought as satori straight away… I’m not sure I would call it transparent, but it fits with the situation perfectly – I’m surprised you hadn’t realised the connection before Satori pointed it out. Anyway, better to channel the pressure into a pot on the stove than letting your head explode.”

mabelle – I think you’re pretty new around here, welcome!  I think this whole scene is a great example of how Pluto works. My little trip to buy a pressure cooker was so steeped in meaning… well if you had any idea how much I was actually processing as I pulled into the parking lot and parked (this is when satori made the comment) it would be easy to see how I’d miss the obvious.

See, I need the cooker to cook black beans which I will then fry because this is the soldier’s home food (Moon).  The beans are black, see and he thinks I don’t know how to cook beans in a pressure cooker but he is surely wrong about that.  Italians eat beans, at least my family did. And I was entirely responsible for cooking all 3 meals from the time I was 7 or 8 years old (family of 6) so I have cooked some beans in my time.

It’s a little disturbing cooking these black beans though because his first wife was trained to cook this food by his aunt… I know his brother’s girlfriend has also had to learn to cook this food and maybe you get the idea.  This would be fine for some, but I am a rebel at heart so all this conforming… well it’s a little unnerving.

chocolat.jpgProblem is it is not really conforming as much as it is excavating my real self. I do love to cook. I love to feed people and am seen this way I know.  Because when that movie,”Like Water For Chocolate” came out, I was stopped in the street by strangers who remarked across the board I was a ringer for that girl… her energy that is. There is love in the food.

People also draw lines between me and the gal in the movie, “Chocolat”. It seems I do this magic stuff with food although I have denied this side of me for a lonnnnnnng time.

So all of this is bubbling up as I park. I can remember the smells in the kitchen when I was a kid because I created them but that was not the only thing going on.

skirt.jpgI had left the house in a shortish skirt. It’s really not that short, it suits my age but it flatters with a fitted purple t-shirt and the soldier made a remark when I left.

“Where are you going?  Who are you looking good for?  You have on makeup.”

I climbed on top of him, and let my lips part slightly and supposedly accidentally.

“I am going to get your pressure cooker,” I said letting the wide necked t-shirt fall off my shoulder. I tilted my neck so he could better see it and hopefully smell it. I swung my hair until he asked me to stop and why?

I did it because he is a machismo bastard! You would not believe his sense of entitlement.  I am his woman and because of this, of course he is going to get whatever food he wants and it will be served. I am telling you, he has every expectation I will get exactly what he wants.  “I like whipped cream in my coffee,” he says knowing full well he will have whipped cream for his coffee within 24 hours – Are you disturbed yet?


black-beans.jpgSo anyway, I got dressed to go get the cooker to restore the balance of power here. This is our (Mediterranean) dance. Things pass between us and they are deep. In fact, I think they are in our DNA.

I will cook those beans and they will be perfect. After I cook them, I will kiss him hard just the way he wants. But I will never ever let him forget I am dangerous.

(er… so there you go. pressure cooker connection flew right by ;))



Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: Pressure Cooker, I Think I Can Explain — 10 Comments

  1. Congratulations on your new pressure cooker. My husband asked for/got one for his birthday last year and he just loves it. He made our Thanksgiving turkey breast in it last year and it was great. Plus it cuts down on all of the cooking times for my indian food dishes. He always has to help me though. I’m a little afraid of it. I’m one of those people who hates anything that might “pop.” Although he assures me that modern pressure cookers are very safe.

  2. Ha! Steamy! Yes Elsa I’m kinda new – been lurking on and off for a while as I love your blog (great writing, even better video posts, and lovely vibe within the commenting community), but I’m quite shy when it comes to commenting myself. Thanks for the warm welcome 🙂

  3. food made with love just tastes better. doesn’t really matter what it is.

    at least, that’s always been my experience.

  4. I think it was the purple t-shirt. I once commented you look awfully good in that thing.

    Man, I am hungry for some black beans and a man right now!

  5. I really, really appreciate that. Because last night I had to very, very painfully amputate one who didn’t think himself so lucky. He was playing the “how little will you take” game and I was playing right along.

    This is a Pluto transit to 7th…. just went down another level in the well. Trying to get my sight adjusted.

  6. A delightful, and inspiring story about the potential for positive (fruitful, effective) use of Pluto energy. Fitting for current transits
    ::I would have liked to copy-paste astro dot com’s chart of the moment – option on their front page – but I found that I don’t know how::
    Venus in Scorpio – closely conjunct Mercury, for thinking, and expression – squares Mars (in Aquarius). Venus & Mercury sextile Moon conjunct Saturn (and anyone who loves any Capricorn Moons finds that a home like time)… & Pluto, albeit a little widely. Moon & Saturn in turn sextile Neptune, for peace, harmony & love (I hope, for all of us, today).

    Here’s to creative, inspired ways of rebalancing power, for everyone’s overall benefit. 🙂

  7. PS Venus (& Mercury) in Scorpio are opposing Uranus (sudden insight) in Taurus (0 degree). And Sun (late Libra) is opposing Uranus. Kinda like, but not actually, a yod – maybe? It’s not a yod, at all, it’s an unconventional (Uranus) grouping, with Uranus as one of the focuses.

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