Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: Home Invasion

Pluto GlyphCD writes one the Pluto Moon Transit Home Invasion Blog:

“What I wouldn’t like about it (besides having to do housework) is that they are coming in with an *agenda* – that they are coming into my home but they are not necessarily on the side of the truth, but on the side of ratings…”

CD – It’s a good point and one I have considered. However Frontline is a pretty even-handed program. They seem to do a good job presenting a story in as real a life way as possible.

Where the ratings come in for them, (I think) is in choosing people to profile who are naturally provocative. So while I would expect to be contrasted against someone with a different approach I would not expect to be edited in a way that would be egregious to me though I am aware this could happen.

Another interesting wrinkle… if you read my story “Little Mike” it involves another “home invasion” and ironically I was watching a Frontline type show at the time. I just find this kind of thing striking.

“Little Mike” was midget… the camera followed him around allowing the viewers a glimpse into his life and it’s various challenges and I was mesmerized by that show. And there was no agenda. Little Mike himself carried the whole program and the audience was left to draw their own conclusions which I strongly feel will be the case with this program.

Oddly enough this is another reason I am compelled to allow this. If Little Mike can do it (my God but he was a dour character) surely we can. We are much happier people and sort of bulletproof anyway, if you know what I mean.

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Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: Home Invasion — 3 Comments

  1. Yeah, I was thinking that too – that at least it is Frontline and not some ultra-sensationalist rag. It’s a great opportunity.

  2. if ever there was a show to do it right, it would be frontline. every frontline i’ve ever seen has been even-handed and well done.

  3. I wouldn’t let a group of strangers in my home. They would have to meet me in a park or a coffee shop or someplace similar. My home is my sanctuary from the world, I don’t like people in my home for some reason. Maybe there is a astrological reason for me feeling this way. Maybe I just need to let my freak flag fly! LOL

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