Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: Court Tomorrow

mother-and-child-painting.jpgI have to go to court tomorrow and have been dreading it for more than month. More than 2 months actually. Matter of fact I have a friend, it’s her birthday tomorrow and I told her weeks ago I would be in court on her birthday and that it was going to be a problem. I went as far as to send her a greeting ahead of time on the chance I be too devastated to deliver on schedule.

I have been to court 6-8 times on this issue by now and should be steeled to it however this episode disturbs me beyond my ability to articulate. Looking at the chart it dawned on me that Venus is conjunct the Pluto in Sagittarius energizing Pluto’s transit to my Moon.

That should not bring an ill effect and as a matter of fact, people, the soldier primarily as he is the only one tracking at this point reassures me he does not think it will be extraordinary in anyway and intellectually I can see that he’s very probably right but I still have these feelings… they are maternal.

In whatever case I just know I am going to be sitting in there tomorrow with my feelings swirling off into places no one could fathom. It’s very simple. When you get down this deep, you don’t talk. I mean I can open my mouth but nothing comes out so there is really no sense to open my mouth.

I am hoping like hell I don’t start crying because if I do I won’t be able to stop and I can’t make it make sense to anybody but me.

pictured – An Interlude, is by William Sergeant Kendall, 1907.



Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: Court Tomorrow — 27 Comments

  1. Oh, nooooo. I thought you were done with all of this court business. I hope the end is in sight. You’ll be in our hearts and thoughts tomorrow.

  2. Remember Elsa, as you yourself often tell us, when it comes to judges and court, you always end up on the winning side. Hold onto that m’dear.

  3. I am super glad the soldier is tracking as who in the world else better to have your back, Elsa.

    I know what you mean about open your mouth and nothing comes out, it’s intense.

    The female core unit of my family would be way better off if nothing was coming out of their mouths, especially with all this mars in Gemini, a scorpo nice, a scorpio rising sister, and my mom who appears determined to dig her grave all the way out of this family.

    for once, I am almost a bystander (although my siter tried to make it about me, her attempt was desparate and lame and didn’t work).

    being a bystander on this family front is not my normal role but I am liking it. Maybe that Pluto is finally finishing that pass over my MC/IC axis after all. I mean, I did get out of there and boy oh boy did wheels start spinning out of control almost as soon as I left.

    today it is really really really geared up. thanks for that note about the Venus. it is probably allowing me that bystander status & a few other things that I won’t even mention right now.

    love surrounds you Elsa, I don’t know what it is, (I have no idea at all) but this is my thought for today in your honor.

    Let Freedom Ring.

  4. Good luck. I had legal troubles this year myself, and have no great love of the process. I am still having legal troubles – I received a letter today with troubles.

    I am sorry this is happening to you.

  5. “I am truly sorry you have to go through all this shit.”

    Thanks miss, but someone has got to do it. I really mean this and I’d be very happy if I could get this point across from time to time. Someone has to get the short end of the stick… it’s just necessary to keep the world spinning I guess.

    And just for the record, no one is doing anything to me. No one is grinding me, or oppressing me. This is just a situation. It’s an anomaly and I happen to be part of it.

    Thanks everyone for the good thoughts. I am going to try to suspend things and use techniques of which I have many. Hopefully they will work.

  6. I love your level of detachment from this situation! Might as well have some popcorn and watch yourself in the movie from the balcony. I am not being sarcastic. I can do this too. Are there certain planets in signs that support this?

  7. “Might as well have some popcorn and watch yourself in the movie from the balcony”

    Can’t do that, eye. I have way too much compassion. I could never watch someone go through what I have.

  8. I meant observing your own life from a distance. You have been through a lot, that is for sure. I am following the twists and turns, not only with compassion, but in awe. The tricky part is the hollogram. I am still getting used to that.

  9. eye – don’t worry, you didn’t say anything wrong. I understand what you meant. I am just saying this is where all my friends went. They can’t watch this – I won’t let them. I won’t put them through it.

    There is a point when there is just so much pain in a person’s life, it hurts your own to be around it. Seeing as I am the one with the pain, it hurts me even more to inflict this kind of thing on other people anymore than I have to. I am much better off to contain it and so are they.

    And I was built to contain it so I do my job. And I don’t really mind it. What I mind is people who fuck with me when I am carrying so much more than my share of the burden and come to think of it, I don’t even mind that so much either anymore.

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