Pluto Transit To Your Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven or IC

First, this disclaimer: I use EQUAL houses. When I say “angles of your chart”, that’s exactly what I mean. I am referring to Pluto transits over the angles of your chart, where the angles are the same degree as your ascendant.

Pluto transits over the angles of your chart are invariably drastic and life-changing. For example, when Pluto crossed my midheaven,  my life took such a turn! I had to live underground for close to ten years. Me! A social, outspoken person.

Prior to this transit, I’d always lived in the light. I was listed in the phonebook by the time I was 17 years old. All the sudden I ceased to exist in public (10th house) life. Not only that, I lie dormant for nearly a decade.

I know a man, he’s a Virgo with a Sagittarius Moon.  He’s a vibrant, kind, active person. When Pluto crossed his descendant, he had a motorcycle accident that wound up costing him his foot and leg below the knee.  He owned a business with an office in an open loft above the ground floor of the large open space that housed his operations.

I watched him hop up those stairs on his one leg, after that accident, wondering just exactly how he could manage.  He had a family who relied on him, foot or no foot. I guess that was that.

Not everyone has a Pluto transit an angle of their chart in their lifetime but some people have this transit twice.  I will fall in this group, provided I live a through 2021. That’s when Pluto will cross my ascendant.

Have you ever had Pluto transit an angle of your chart? What happened?


Pluto Transit To Your Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven or IC — 292 Comments

  1. My ASC Scorpio and was married to a Scorpio who left before tPluto conj ASC. Emotionally shattered by divorce but when Pluto conj ASC my son killed in a car accident n the most painful time of my life. Natal Pluto Mars sq ASC.
    It took years to accept but time does soften and learning Astrology was life saving. When I was a child, my adopted father used to call me Pluto as a nick name!

  2. I am just reading this thread now 🙂 I am to experiencing pluto at the ascendant (23 degrees Capricorn). It will completely cross 2020. I am finding this hard however finding astrology in the past year has at least made me conscious:) 13 years ago my marriage ended, became a single mother, had a two short lived relationships, and have reached for prescription medication at times to deal with the deep despair. Now I’m more conscious of what is happening I am surrendering a lot more however it’s still difficult at times. Last 12 months life has changed so much and I have felt a massive sense of lose however I am rebuilding and life day by day is getting better as long as I don’t fight the changes. My girls are now successful young ladies and have left the nest. My family is also slowly growing in their own directions. I’ve had a career change (which I love) and also a suburb house change which I am also enjoying. Looking to expand my career in coming year. One thing that does and has surprised me is the feeling I get if I’m presented with a relationship/date. The feeling I get is like having my head under water. I realise now that this is just part of the process so I’m not fighting it 🙂

  3. When Pluto crossed my IC, I up and moved 1000 miles away from everyone and everything I knew and loved except for my daughter who went with me. I stayed there for 14 years until my Dad was diagnosed with cancer at which point, I quit my career of 8 years anx moved back home. I am an only child. Consequently that move coincided with Pluto entering my 5th house. I lost my Dad in 08, 2 years after moving home. Mom moved in with me in 2012 and I lost her this year in March. Being an only child and single, I feel like an orphan and am truly devastated. Coincidentally, her death coincides with Pluto entering my 4th house on my solar chart. Saturn was also opposed my moon at the same time. On another note, My home was severely damaged by Harvey. I am just now getting it finished and will be selling. I am petrified it won’t sell for what I need. My moon has been assaulted by Pluto and Saturn for a many years. Amd Uranus was oppose my sun and Neptune squaring my venus/mars co junction. I have HAD IT with the outer planets. Pluto and Saturn will be squaring my sun all next year. My rising sign is Leo. Am I going to die? UGH!

    • wow that is a truly relentless hit after hit after hit you start asking what else will the universe through my way
      I wish you the very best moving forward and grief is a relentlessness heavy cloak !!! yet the resilience you are building
      ve the courage to share your story and still rise each day
      I live in New Zealand and was going through over 10 000 earthquakes during my pluto transits and the loss of my father this stunning lady Maya Angelou wrote a poem that is universal …
      You may write me down in history
      With your bitter, twisted lies,
      You may trod me in the very dirt
      But still, like dust, I’ll rise.

      Does my sassiness upset you?
      Why are you beset with gloom?
      ’Cause I walk like I’ve got oil wells
      Pumping in my living room.

      Just like moons and like suns,
      With the certainty of tides,
      Just like hopes springing high,
      Still I’ll rise.

      Did you want to see me broken?
      Bowed head and lowered eyes?
      Shoulders falling down like teardrops,
      Weakened by my soulful cries?

      Does my haughtiness offend you?
      Don’t you take it awful hard
      ’Cause I laugh like I’ve got gold mines
      Diggin’ in my own backyard.

      You may shoot me with your words,
      You may cut me with your eyes,
      You may kill me with your hatefulness,
      But still, like air, I’ll rise.

      Does my sexiness upset you?
      Does it come as a surprise
      That I dance like I’ve got diamonds
      At the meeting of my thighs?

      Out of the huts of history’s shame
      I rise
      Up from a past that’s rooted in pain
      I rise
      I’m a black ocean, leaping and wide,
      Welling and swelling I bear in the tide.

      Leaving behind nights of terror and fear
      I rise
      Into a daybreak that’s wondrously clear
      I rise
      Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave,
      I am the dream and the hope of the slave.
      I rise
      I rise
      I rise.
      may it give you strength xx

  4. I’m a Leo with tPluto opp MC Cancer n Pluto has been in 4th and I’m still here! Uranus is about to opp my Scorpio
    ASC and I’ve been watching these transits for a while.
    I think now it might be emotional changes after so many harder transits in the past. I’m also an only child. Maybe it will be your Moon transforming in some way and
    Your emotions will be more tranquil. Wishing you many trines and more happiness

  5. Pluto is exactly conjunct my MC in the 9th house. I’m pretty frustrated because I’ve been wanting to work in my chosen profession in the healing arts but I’ve been raising my small children full time and dealing with the intense debilitating Lyme infection I’ve had since I was 8. It’s never been this bad, but it has forced me to finally kick it once and for all. I’ve been hard at regaining my health for over a year and my oldest is about to go to kindergarten, so I’m hoping for a chance to get out and work. More than ever I want to do my career – but have felt so powerless and physically prevented from doing so. I hope the Pluto conjunct my MC will prompt me to regain the personal power in my career. Pluto is also squaring Chiron in the First house, which is conjunct my Ascendent. My natal Pluto is with Mars and Saturn in the 6th house, all 5 degrees apart. They have been contributing factors to being so sick I can’t work – I believe. Funny though, I’m looking towards Saturn of all planets coming into Aquarius in my 10th house to give me support – it will trine the 6th and I need all the harmonious aspects I can to get me out of the slump.

  6. I have my natal sun 24° & venus 23°53 on my 23°55 DC in capricorn. Natal pluto 4h conjuct 2° SN both scorpio. 9h pisces moon, 20°53 & Neptune is stationed Retrograde 20°57.
    I had cancer, lost my hair, teeth. Was kidnapped & raped, court through that. Lost my home the same month, my landlord sold the house. My car was vandalized twice for 6k total, so I sold it. Became homeless for a year in 18-19. Got a home. Sold my car. My only child switched schools 5 times. Had issues acting out due to the above. I lost my matenal grandmother, grandfather, sister, step grandmother, two male friends. My daughters paternal grandmother and great grandmother. I now developed hip issues, had pelvic surgery. Had a heart attack 2 weeks ago. The messed up my stimulus & I cut off ten plus 15+ year friendships.

    • Oh my! that´s a lot to handle!! But you mean all that happened to you during the transit??? All in a year?? I think you are really resilient.

      • My cancer was 2013 (when the transit entered my 6h). The rest happened in 2018 – Now. Within the last 2 years. Thank you, fortitude is my strength.
        I have jupiter 8h. Mars 5h & all my cap sun, venus, merc & Neptune 6h help me deal with the shadow side easier.

  7. I have had too much for one lifetime.
    Just hope u have some trines from the fourth house. Pluto retro now returning to opp MC then again later. Still in grief for my late partner n in a Piscean underworld…but this too will pass…like Pluto conj Scorpio ASC
    One day at a time or even one hour

  8. Hi everyone!
    I have the solar arc PLUTO on my ASC now and squaring my MC. By Jan 2021, in addition to what I mentioned, I will have my solar arc Jupiter squaring my Pluto natal and by September 2021, in addition to both aspect mentioned, solar arc sun squaring my natal Neptune. I am super worried.
    Solar arcs are in:
    1) Pluto in Scorpio ruler of 1st house natal
    2) Jupiter in Cancer ruler of 8th house natal
    3) Sun in Virgo ruler of 9th house natal
    4) Pluto natal is ruler of 1st house and 5th house. Pluto natal is in 11th house in Libra with sextile aspects to Neptune natal in 1st house and Saturn natal and Venus natal (in conjunction) in 9th house.
    5) Jupiter natal is ruler of 2nd house. Jupiter natal is in 7th house, in sextile aspect to the Sun natal and Mercury natal (both in conjunction for some degrees) sun natal in cancer in 9th house and mercury natal in leo in 9th house
    6) as I mentioned previously, Sun natal is in 9th house, in cancer but rules 9th house.
    7) just in case… Saturn natal in 9th house, ruler of 3rd house.
    8) just in case… Uranus natal is in 12th house, ruler of my 4th house. Transiting my moon (this transit finished just a month ago). Uranus transit in 6th house was opposing Uranus natal in 12th house. Uranus transit was squaring sun and mercury in 9th house and in conjunction with moon natal in 6th house in Taurus. Moon is ruler of 8th house.

    To mention my first aspect… Pluto on my ASC, I have not been able to find a job in more than a year. (Uranus was crossing (transiting) my moon in 6th house since 2016). I was working in a good environment and suddenly, out of the blue, everything changed in my work environment making it so heavy that I decided to quit. I worked again but I lost the confidence in everything surrounding me. Since 2018, I have been feeling hopeless, desperate. Since 2018 (November) No incomes but instead, I am relying on my husband (which it is difficult to me. I have been working since I was a teen, starting by 14-16 and completely working with no stop since 16-17), feeling independent.
    I have felt stalked despite there are no words and no “physical” evidence since 2018, because I discovered in 2017, that some people are listening my conversations and reading everything I do through my phone and they react to my conversations. Obviously, I already have tried to reset and format my phone, changed it, and I did everything on my power to try to change it, but unfortunately, this still happens. So I cannot even have a regular discussion with my husband. I feel no freedom despite I am at my own home. We are also waiting for the answer of immigration to become a permanent resident. Not sure what it is going to happen. I feel like if SpaceX would be traveling to other planets, I would definitely pick one of those to go that other place and start a new life with my husband and my child.
    I starting to look for ways to have incomes through the internet due to the limitations manifested in my life.
    I must add pandemic times and schooling from home. Working since 3 weeks ago as a food delivery but not making even the minimum salary per day despite of working more than 8 hours daily.

  9. Pluto crossed my descendant in 1995 on the day I was attacked and molested by a stranger on my school campus. It changed my life forever.

  10. Pluto has crossed my Nadir opposing my MC twice and I have had no incentive to continue what I usually love to do.
    Instead, I’ve been researching Countries’ horoscope and thief’s Presidents or Prime Ministers which so often proves how astrology can work.

  11. Pluto opposed my ascendant by solar arc at the age of 5. It also opposes my ascendant mundanely. With the bizarre events taking place now that Uranus is in on my ascendant, there isn’t a doubt in my mind that society has been trying to destroy me from nearly day one…and it involves my sexual orientation and gender – a gay male that a devious society is trying to turn into a straight woman to appease their sick notion of “balance”. I even met a person whose life somewhat mirrors mine – someone society has labelled as mentally ill because he was able to see through their gaslighting bullsh!t..a Libra bf of mine who I suspect is a primary culprit of the illusions. So their solution or attempt at penance for having been discovered as demons due to use of “illicit” drugs, which they ironically pushed you towards itfp, is pharma drugs with zombie side effects that kinda force you underground because you have been relegated to a position of feebleness, or to hook you up with a job to recruit another victim. And if you don’t do the latter, you conveniently become the “virus” that society “defeated”. But that’s quite alright. Defeat me now. I win later. I’ve already had a premonition and the streets will be filled with apocalyptic violence, mostly composed of young-ish white females ripping each other to shreds, but not those of today. The white women of yesteryear who never paid the price for being the serpent in the garden, who knowingly spawn Hitler, who lied on Emmitt Til, who created Trump by being just as bad as daddy Trump. What a mother, eh? In this future, everyone will have paid the price and suffered from Pluto’s savage desire for payback. But he won’t be satisfied until the roaring stars of the 20’s and prior are dimmed and taken to task for the hell they created on earth. Queen of the damned was a black Capricorn female for a reason. Men inherit evil from their mothers so before you go blaming the white man, look closer and see why Pluto hovers over Scorpio. He will have her for lunch one day.

  12. Pluto is crossing my partner of 6 years’ ascendant right now. He also has Cancer conjunct his ASC, so Pluto is opposing both his ASC and Moon. He also has Venus in his 7th, at 4 degrees. So everything I read about these transits and aspects raises alarms. Can anyone offer some positive feedback involving all off these transits and aspects? It would be much appreciated!

    • Hi Karen,

      This will bring a marked transformation with regards to his personality, immediate environment and potentially physique.

      Over the last 10-15+ years..he would have had a lot of vicious hidden enemies..where groups of people at times..could have worked against him..usually due to jealousy..

      He now will have a very strong personality..if he wants to be a part of a group he will, if not he won’t.

      When any outer planet crosses an angle..there’s usually some quite definite change..between this period of life..and the next..

      This is not to say that your relationship cannot endure the transit..

      Pluto opposing Venus will be a period of learning to love well as potentially falling madly inlove with you..all over again..a balance is required..

      How old you both are..and general events that happen for people at certain ages..will also be to potential manifestations of the transit.

      All in all, humans can only do so much..and the universe decides the rest. So let go and let god, so to speak. Trust the things are usually a lot worse in our minds when conjuring up potential future scenarios..when it just might not be that bad..??

  13. Thank you Amy for your reply and pep talk. I realize I mistakenly wrote his Pluto was crossing his Ascendent, when really it is crossing his Descendant. Wait, is Mercury retrograde? Lol. So I think much of what you wrote would still apply to some extent. Especially the part about letting go. Good advice.

  14. Anybody transiting Pluto un 4th still Alive??? Just survived on the Nadir-MC axis…changed job, still haven’t moved but I wish I could, muy father health deteriorating so fast plague of insects at home…can anyone tell me if this transit means 20 years moving and moving???? Read you find the right place to live after It is over, I think won’t be able to stand that for so long…

    • Anyone with asc on Capricorn 28, pluto crossing 3 rd times? I am afraid of the 3 rd one in end of September-beginning of October…

      • So what happened, how did it go for you??
        My son had exactly the same, as his asc is also 28 Capricorn. I was a bit anxious about it. But no big drama, no death, no huge things happened. I think a lot happened inside, he got a more mature and responsible person.

    • I stopped painting when Pluto opposed my MC n began more astrology.
      Had no creative ability.
      Enjoyed politics n USA n AUSTRALIA elections.

    • Hi,

      I am still alive and happen to have Pluto in the 4th (one degree off exact) opposition MC..Mercury is also conjunct my MC and Moon, Pluto and Uranus all conjunct in the 4th house.

      All I can what does not kill you..only makes you stronger!!.. haha

      Pluto in this position gives tremendous internal strength..when all others fall – you will still be standing!..

      The effects in my life have given a tremendous drive to achieve something in my career. After the last five years of adjusting to Pluto entering my seventh house by transit..finally the phoenix has arisen from the always happens with any Pluto transit.

      Pluto being akin to transformation, resurrection, ruled by Hedes in Greek mythology. There is always a breakdown in whichever house Pluto transits, before the house is transformed and strengthened.

      In a nutshell, everything happens for a reason, even if we do not understand why at the time. “Trust the process”.

      I have been trying to get work in my profession of law..knockback after knockback for four years..then finally a foot in the door, as well as a forced move back in with my parents which I dreaded..but if it had not have happened, I would not have completed my Masters of Family Law..and ended up moving to my favourite area, after landing a job in law, and then moving back out of my parents place.

      Even better, I have now amazingly landed another role that pays twice as much as the over 40 interview knockbacks I had over the last few years.

      I now see that it happened, because I was meant to move to my dream area and land a job that pays twice as much and trumps them all in status in society..being a Government Solicitor now!!!..who would have thought!!.. haha

      Hang in there! There is always a light at the end of the tunnel….🙏💫

  15. Hi Elsa. Your article caught my attention, “For example, when Pluto crossed my midheaven, my life took such a turn! I had to live underground for close to ten years. Me! A social, outspoken person.

    Prior to this transit, I’d always lived in the light.” because I looked at a dozen websites on Pluto transiting the midheaven and none of them resonated like yours. The first time Pluto conjuncted my midheaven in my relocation chart was on 12th February, 2019, 12 days after moving to the suburbs for the first time in my life. I lived in the city for 31 years. I feel like my life is so dead out here, really feels like I am living in a cave, sort of feels like it’s forced by unforeseen energies. I have been feeling so stuck here and for a few months now, I have been planning on moving next year and now after reading your blog…I feel even more compelled to move because I really feel like my life will continue to die where I am living as long as I don’t get out of here! Any tips on surviving this incredibly isolating time?

    • I’d love to move to the suburbs, forest, wherever quieto place where any human can be found. And i’m in the city surrounded by criminals un a horrible área, I feel soooo trapped.

  16. I will have a transit Pluto conjunct MH when Pluto reaches 1 degree Aquarius. I’m not sure what this is going to do. Pluto in high degrees in 9th conjuncted Chiron and squared Moon and Neptune. I lost my son and my mother. Just terrible. I’m retired, so no career…not sure how to interpret what Pluto in 10th will bring. It will eventually square my 4 Scorpio planets in 6th (Mercury 10, Saturn 14, Venus 18, and if I live long enough…Sun 29 – all in 6th house except Sun in 7th). Neptune 26 and moon20 in Libra will get Pluto trines, also located in 6th. Natal Pluto Leo in 4th for the opposition and Asc at 24 Taurus. Hey that makes a grand square…won’t that be fun! I guess saved the best for last .

  17. Desire to move, to find a corner, to avoid contact, to get rid of their eyes

    Changing schedules from day to night or vice-versa

    Excluding social media profile, thoroughly deciding what and who to watch, talk to or pay attention to.

    Sometimes early childhood comes back with a vengeance, family disputes; for attention, affection, money, ownership, control and power.

    Seeking power, desire to destroy obssessive structure, wanting get free of neurosis.

    Fears about insecurity, infidelity, competition, libido, lust. Wake up with a reflective mood.

    Feeling of being a victim of a black magik

    Nightmares, dreams of people or repetitive scenes.

    Finding out that people close to you have been deceiving you most of the time

    Feeling that you can no longer accept things that you have allowed for so long

    Vengeance, justice, wanting to be free to get back independence, power

    Unable to trust anyone, or only an unique person, at that period

    Desire to change the appearance, destroy the external look, redefine personal style, want to be around discreet people, who preserve their polite self image, repudiate the cheesy, the tacky, the fake, the debauchery and the lack of morals.

  18. It’s important to keep in mind that Pluto is not a malefic but rather is neutral in nature.Its how we react to these transits,or more importantly the arcs, that determines our perception of events. Being now 66 I have experienced numerous so called hard aspects to both the 1st and 4th cusps as well as hard aspects to the rulers of all of the angles. Although there may have been a few annoying events I would say that most of these transits were positive, whether during duration or outcome. Remember, Pluto creates challenges but also gives power.Using that power wisely tends to promote a better outcome
    In the big picture though it probably depends on the nature of the natal chart and the overall condition of the ruler of each angle as to what happens. That being said, letting go and using the power of pluto to focus on positive change will likely yield a better outcome. Even so, it is quite understandable how one can feel overwhelmed in the midst….just have a plan and keep focused on the horizon and this time will pass.

  19. Agree…good placement and aspects to Pluto help in dealing with these energies. As for me, Sun at 0.02 Sc conjunct Neptune in the first house in an almost partile sextile, and in mutual reception, to Pluto in 11th at 29.58 leo. Saturn squares that pluto from the 2nd but is conjunct the north node which would tend to promote the the more positive expressions of Saturn.
    So, taking the above as an example, the natal chart will be suggestive of the overall vibe and reaction to each planet or point that is being aspected. I have had my share of challenges during this lifetime but overall Pluto has been good to me ( and even Saturn – mostly, lol).
    I hope that others may persevere during these seemingly difficult transits and be able to say the same once the challenge has passed. Claim your power and master that challenge.

  20. I just went thru transiting Pluto square my Ascendant and oppose my Mars. It was awful experience. I felt that some people were avoiding me some were agressive towards me especially males. Anything i was doing it was always everyone against me. It very hard but I believe I didn’t break because at the same time Pluto was sextile my Sun. Maybe it helped to me to handle everything.
    Also in my natal chart I have Pluto quintile Midheaven but I have no clue what that’s mean.

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