Pluto Transit To Your Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven or IC

First, this disclaimer: I use EQUAL houses. When I say “angles of your chart”, that’s exactly what I mean. I am referring to Pluto transits over the angles of your chart, where the angles are the same degree as your ascendant.

Pluto transits over the angles of your chart are invariably drastic and life-changing. For example, when Pluto crossed my midheaven,  my life took such a turn! I had to live underground for close to ten years. Me! A social, outspoken person.

Prior to this transit, I’d always lived in the light. I was listed in the phonebook by the time I was 17 years old. All the sudden I ceased to exist in public (10th house) life. Not only that, I lie dormant for nearly a decade.

I know a man, he’s a Virgo with a Sagittarius Moon.  He’s a vibrant, kind, active person. When Pluto crossed his descendant, he had a motorcycle accident that wound up costing him his foot and leg below the knee.  He owned a business with an office in an open loft above the ground floor of the large open space that housed his operations.

I watched him hop up those stairs on his one leg, after that accident, wondering just exactly how he could manage.  He had a family who relied on him, foot or no foot. I guess that was that.

Not everyone has a Pluto transit an angle of their chart in their lifetime but some people have this transit twice.  I will fall in this group, provided I live a through 2021. That’s when Pluto will cross my ascendant.

Have you ever had Pluto transit an angle of your chart? What happened?


Pluto Transit To Your Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven or IC — 321 Comments

  1. I just took a minute to look back on what Pluto has done in my life.

    I was shocked at what I found. It was April 1972 and my mother accused me of having sex. I was 14 years old. I had not had sex nor was I even at a place where I would have thought to have sex yet. I was mortified at the suggestion.

    Now I realize she was just fishing for information. She used to act like she knew something we did. Like she was informed by someone. Then, the guilty person would give it up. But, I was not guilty. In fact, for the first time in my life I was sick of this game. And, I was pissed.

    Try to imagine an 85-90 pound tiny little thing that did what she was told and was pretty shy actually. Afraid almost all the time. Afraid of so many things.

    She accused me of this on a Saturday. I went to school on Monday morning and with a girlfriend took off….and actually ran away. I was the kid on the milk carton for three days. They had no idea where I was or even if I was dead or alive.

    My friend and I hitch hiked and from where I live got pretty far….all the way to Kansas City. We were stupid kids…we were going to California and never coming back. We each had a bag with one outfit. A tooth brush….and about $3 dollars each. When I think about it I get scared for the younger me. Anything could have happened to us.

    It was on that day I grew some balls. I had absolutely had it with raising her kids, belt whippings for something one of my sisters did, and accusations about things I would never do. I was a good kid. I was never in trouble. Never in trouble at school. Really shy unless I knew someone.

    We got into a semi and he took us pretty far. When we got into the city at Kansas city he wasn’t going to let us out. I was sitting by the door….and I pressed my back against it and started kicking him with all my heart. When he got to a red light and had to stop….I jumped and my best friend jumped behind me. We ran into a McDonalds. And, he drove away. But, he called the police. Probably to save his own ass ….thinking we would report him. That hadn’t crossed our minds.

    Later, we were walking along a sidewalk when the police came and picked us up. I flat refused to tell them who we were. But, my Pisces pal gave up quick and gave them our names. Back then they issued an APB (all points bulletin) for missing kids….(no computers) and we were listed in 5 states. Kansas being one of them. So, they called our parents. And, they drove out to get us.

    I thanked God my Step dad came to get me. I knew what was waiting at home. I was going to be beaten within an inch of my life.

    My Step-dad and I walked in. My mother was standing there with the belt in hand. My Step-dad told her….lay one finger on her and your next. She walked away. He saved me.

    That incident changed the relationship my mother and I had forever. She never hit me again. And, she actually acted like she was glad to have me there with her. I never acted out again. I never did anything wrong after. I was never in trouble ever. But, for the first time and the last I stood toe to toe with my mother and she didn’t win that time.

    Today when she speaks of it, it breaks my heart because she was devastated and scared to death thinking I was abducted and could be dead. My sisters said she screamed and cried and wailed and screamed and cried and walked the floors ….I love my mother. I cant believe I hurt her like that. And, I never did again.

    The day I left Pluto was at zero degrees in my 4th (where I have a stellium in Scorpio) and almost sq my natal Saturn. Tran. Uranus was conj my NN and the moon was almost exactly on top my Natal Neptune in Scorpio.

    I guess my point is, every large moment in my life included a Pluto transit. It may kill me someday but in the mean time while most of us fear a Pluto transit, each time I have had one it did steamroll me but I was stronger and a better version of myself ….with every single transit.

    That which does not kill us……….

  2. Indeed, when Pluto hit the bottom of my chart, my parents divorced. I was 5 1/2- 6 years old. That one scarred me for life. I know a lot of kids get over it easily, but it pretty much destroyed me and my entire childhood because I was left with an abusive mom and no dad…actually a suicidal dad when I did get to see him. I’ve got Pluto natally opposite my Venus.

  3. Mine was pretty mild in terms of stuff happening in real life. I had Pluto cross the ascendant in 2009 and that’s when I found this blog. I was struggling with past trauma for several years and very confused about it, but when Pluto crossed my ascendant, I was able to start getting some clarity on my experience. I did “surgery” on myself via astrology over the next few years and was able to rewire myself. My wires got crossed growing up.

  4. When Pluto transited into my 4th, I had a pretty serious depressive episode, one that eventually saw me divorce my family (or they me, you could say). I was misdiagnosed, told I had a variety of different diseases. Started to shut in, not leave my house. It ruined my career (but then, Mars is also on the cusp of my 7th. So the whole thing was pretty violent). I got pneumonia. I also moved to a new home. It was a brutal, nightmarish time, which I’m glad to be done with. Also glad that I probably won’t see Pluto conjunct my Desc. Don’t ever want to do that again. But it did, over time, make me review my relationship with my really dysfunctional family, which, in the end, was useful, and the reason all of the above manifested.

  5. In 1994, Tr Pluto crossed my MC. Active “Parent Volunteer” at my kids’ school was another label added to my public identity.

  6. Using equal houses, nothing happened when Pluto crossed my Descendant except that I met a Virgo woman who became very important to me later on. Using Placidus houses, Pluto crossed my Descendant 3 times, due to retrograde motion. The first time I became ill with polio, but recovered without problem. the second time, we moved to another State, the 3d time I am not sure about.

  7. I had PLuto cross my MC 3 years ago at the same time Uranus had passed my ASC and Mars was on my DESC. Oh, what unlovely times. It felt like in the space of 2 weeks my whole life fell apart. I didn’t lose my job but it was a really critical time and I ended up as the responsible and guilty person even though I wasn’t and my boyfriend finally passed over my tolerance level so I left. I picked up the pieces in the months that followed and felt both happy and free but at the time it was happening, all I could do was live one day at a time.
    Oh, and that is counting MC with equal houses. I would have to check what happened when it was over 5 degrees Capricorn to see if it influenced my life then.

  8. Pluto was on my MC 4 Sag in 1997 opposing my Sun. i was 21. That was the final call to become a psychotherapist and to take less visited ways of development. Before that Pluto was opposing my Chiron 29 Aries and my Taurus Stellium – SN, Moon, Jupiter, Venus Mercury Vesta Pallas.inner pain pushed me tostudy the occult and astrology as a child during this long passage transit, got my mother involved in spiritual change, changed my religion, started my own psychotherapy. Pluto on my MC defined my profession, it was like compltion of the cycle.
    Pluto on my AC – 5 Aquarius that may be quite a challenge.

  9. When Pluto & Saturn conjoined exactly on my IC back in the early 80’s, my father walked out on our family for another woman and my mom and I were left impoverished and homeless and moved around for a number of years. I was only a toddler at the time my parents’ marriage dissolved so it really set the precedent for the rest of my childhood foundation as all of home life was unstable. Especially after my mother descended into crippling mental illness right around the time Pluto in Scorp conjunct my natal Uranus in the 4th (and never recovered).

    And in typical Plutonic fashion, every single childhood home I lived in, including even the tiny town I was born in, no longer exist because they were all torn down or destroyed somehow. There’s no revisiting my roots or even my family because they’re entirely disbanded. My childhood was almost entirely shaped by Pluto’s destruction. I’m thankful to have survived that time because of the strength and resilience it endowed me with but never, ever want to redo it either. I’m super thankful for my current family unit and work as hard as I can to provide stability for my kids (Mars in Taurus, 10th)

  10. In a few years Pluto will cross my 2 degrees Aquarius MC (Equal). I checked the transits for a person I know, and he currently has Pluto in their 12th. His ascendant is in late Capricorn so soon Pluto will cross it. Saturn is also about to enter his 12th. The majority of his planets are in the 10, 11 and 12 houses. On the surface he’s doing all right, finishing his studies abroad… I don’t know if I should say something to him in case he is secretly going through a hard time to let him know it will pass.

  11. Well, I just got fired from my job of 6 years. Looked at my chart and sure enough Pluto is transiting my IC which is also conjunct my NN.

  12. Have had the Outers travelling alongside me my whole life – have never felt I belonged anywhere – this is the second time Pluto’s crossed an Angle ( been in 4th House for a few years now). Am used to feeling like an Outsider/ Exile now, I suppose.

  13. Pluto is nearly conjuncting my IC, next year will. I´m terrified. Solar Return, progressions and solar arc seem to join forces just to show me how hard life is. I don´t know what will happen, but it doesn´t seem good. SR Mars will be in 12th combust Ascendant Squaring Uranus in 3rd (car crash?). Saturn in 11th nearly entering 12th (mourning?)

  14. All you can do is keep putting one foot in front of the other and you’ll get through it in the end….whatever happens during it….and you Will feel you just can’t do it at times…but it does all pass – and you’ll wonder how you survived it…..but you will…one way or another….

  15. I have natal Pluto conjunct IC. When I had my mc/ic Pluto square I had been a stay at home mom for about 5 years, and at this time my mom’s cancer came back and my husband lost his job. I ended up going back to work out of necessity.

    In 2020 Pluto will conjunct my descendant at 23 degrees capricorn, in the 7th house. It will also sextile both my north node (at 23 degrees scorpio) and my moon (at 23 degrees Pisces) and square my sun (26 degrees Virgo). I’m looking forward to the upcoming shitshow!

  16. You made the distinction that in Equal house the angles (cusps 1,4,7 & 10) are all determined by the degree of the Ascendant- I get that. But then you referred to Pluto crossing your Midheaven. We all have a Midheaven that is irrespective of the degree of the Ascendant. And yes, I understand that in Equal house this is not the same thing as the 10th house cusp. And when you refer to the “angles”, you are simply referring to the cusps of the angular houses, not necessarily the IC/MC which are independent of the house cusps. So my question is, when you referred to Pluto crossing your Midheaven, did you mean Pluto crossing your 10th house cusp, or your actual Midheaven, which is an independent point?

    • I consider both, Christa. And I understand that most who read here do not use Equal houses. So in my world there is a “midheaven” and a “top of the chart”. There is a peak there like the top of a a Ferris wheel.

    • Upon further thought, I’m assuming you refer to the 10th house cusp as the Midheaven, and disregard the other point known as the Midheaven. Am I correct?

      • My apologies for the 2nd comment- I didn’t realize you had already responded! Thank you for clearing that up for me. The reason I’m so curious about making that distinction right now is that Pluto just crossed my Midheaven, which falls in my 9th house via Equal. It won’t cross my 10th house cusp for quite some time. So I’m very curious about the differences in those transits.

      • I try to communicate with whoever I’m talking to. But personally, I see the 10th house cusp (USING EQUAL HOUSES) to be highly important, sensitive and useful for timing things.

        Most importantly, it helps with interpretation because the fact of the matter is, anything that affects the 1st house affects the 7th (most astrologers accept this).

        But it also affects the 4th and 10th (via practice but also common sense). So if people want to ignore this, it’s fine with me. But I am SURE if you change your appearance (1st house) it impacts your public standing (10th house). So all the other stuff makes me weary. I think it dilutes things for no good purpose or gain.

  17. So if you wouldn’t mind explaining, what were the differences for you when Pluto crossed those 2 separate points? Was either one more powerful than the other?

  18. Pluto has made its first pass over my DSC. Good time to start a 12 step program? I have been trying to quit smoking pot for years – and with some good success! but every time I relapse, the addiction seems to be more aggressive. Now that I’m getting married, the stakes are even higher. My weakness for weed is the most obvious hindrance to the self transformation that I am aiming for. If this transit is about loss – then I am committing to losing my awful habit!

  19. Wow where do I start…
    For the past year and a half I can say things have definitely changed. Ouch! I have pluto transiting my ic just passing. 2017 was the worst year ever for me! Right now pluto is at 20 degrees and my ic is at 19. The end of 2016 I lost my dog who I dearly loved, followed by me getting severely sick in early 2017 from mold exposure at work, drastically effecting my eyes and my entire body so bad I had to quit work with out a back up plan. Had to move out of my house into my moms immediately after quitting and had to put my things in storage. Been living off credit cards and racked up quite a bit of debt. Right now the moneys run out, don’t know what’s going to happen like at all. Contemplating just up and moving to California somehow and starting fresh and hopefully things just work out. Security is not existent as my family is not willing to help me get through this and really don’t understand what is happening to me. Have applied to probably over 60 jobs and no luck. Found out my father had died on Facebook and I didn’t know for 8 months since no one said anything (we were not in contact). Forget about all the emotional turmoil on top of it. Well hopefully after all this the dust settles and I have a new found security and foundation to build on and most likely in a new location. I know it’s all for the best but yikes what a growth spurt.

    • Oh God!!
      All strength for you!! I´m terrified too, my Pluto transit on IC is just starting and I´ll be having it conjunct Saturn in nearly a year. Scared to death is the least. I´m afraid I´ll be homeless and something bad happen to my father. :'(

    • So it’s like 7 months later and I wanted to update. I’ve applied to over 120 jobs and have had interviews and for whatever reason I haven’t gotten a job. I had an interview today I’m actually hopeful for that’s right up my alley. It’s not like I haven’t tried getting a job, it just hasn’t come to fruition. Like there’s a lock on the job door and I haven’t been able to get in. I’ve also got my car repoed, had to sell my things to get some money, still live with Mom, and phone was just turned off. Oh and credit cards are close to being sent to collections. You may think I could just go get a job anywhere but when you have had the experience I had you would only want to do what feels good to you. Why would anyone come to earth and purposely do something that didn’t feel good to them? I’ve done that my whole life and I’m putting a stop to it. Plus being a sensitive, I just would not do well in a high traffic environment like a store or fast food place. For my sanity I need a behind the scenes job or a low key job. But anyway, my grandmother has also passed in March and found out a childhood friend died which was a huge shock. Most of my friendships have ended with the exception of 1. I’ve prettty much been ground into a pulp and leveled to ground zero. Meditation has been extremely helpful. And breath work. I’m just grateful to be alive. This will all sort itself out. There’s purpose in all of it and I know that. It’s just the going through it that can be challenging. But I’m definitely not the same person now compared to when all of this started to happen. Right now I still have a lot of major transits happening at once. Pluto opposite MC and square ascendant. Uranus opposing sun, mercury and Pluto. Saturn sextile sun and mercury. And Chiron sextile Chiron. Neptune was just opposing mars and Venus too. Plus I haven’t included my secondary progressions or solar arc. What was I thinking when I agreed to this before birth? That is a great question. Guess I’ll find out in the near future.

      • If you have Pluto at IC that means that Neptune is probably close to, or has just passed, your 6th house cusp. This can bring confusion, fog and disillusionment related to job searches and other 6th house matters. It should pass once the planets move some. Be glad that you have your health though with Neptune there. When Neptune hit my brother’s 6th house cusp, he had a lung transplant and ended up blind and disabled.I have Neptune there ( conjunct Mars ) – My cat just dies suddenly, I am retiring and have adopted a rigorous health regimen – hopefully to thwart Neptune – if I can. As you see, all 6th house matters.

        • Sorry to hear about your brother and your cat. I still have Neptune in my 5 heading towards my 6th but I have been feeling quite a bit of confusion about everything. I have applied to office jobs and design jobs and things of that sort. I’m open to something different just in certain environments. I definitely feel like what I went to school for (graphic design) is not in my long term plan. I have not been feeling very creative lately. I am so grateful to have my health though. I actually did a detox and really that has reset everything. I’m ready for another one just because I want to keep on top of it and I loved the mental clarity I got from it. Though it was a very difficult detox. Also I’ve completely changed my eating habits. I used to eat whatever without concern as far as sugar and whatnot. Now I am very health conscious.

          • Your new health habits should do you well when Neptune advances to the 6th. Regarding Neptune opposite Mars, 5th to 11th, the opposition creates a separation and Neptune dissolves what it touches so that may be what you have experienced regarding friendships. 11th house is also income generated from employment ( 2nd from 10th) and I will assume that Mars is your 2nd house ruler. This would explain the lack of income. Check your Solar return for 2017, it may have been a bad one but hopefully 2018 will be better for you.

            • Thank you for your insight! Yes my ascendant is libra so my second house is ruled by Scorpio. I guess that is Pluto and mars ruler. Capricorn on the 4th house cusp. I have a stellium in the first house with Pluto, Saturn, mercury, and sun so I’m not sure if this was affected too. I just am looking forward to all the things this is birthing for me. Basically an entire new life. Next year I hear is supposed to be better.

  20. My pluto is getting ready to enter my 4th house.. which is going to create an oposición to my MC .. entering my 4th means big changes are coming up … so glad I found this forum!

  21. What about Pluto conjunct descendent in solar return chart. I will have this in ten years. I’m worried of a death or divorce. I’m
    Not even married yet, but if I do get married is it bond to end?

  22. I am confused about which house method and chart method to use when evaluating Pluto/Saturn transits. On my natal chart, using Placidus house system, my IC is at 22 Capricorn, which means that Pluto and Saturn keep dancing around my IC right now but, more importantly, it means that on January 12, 2020 when Pluto and Saturn are conjunct in 22 Capricorn, it will be an exact conjunct with my IC. If I use a different house system or use my relocated chart, the results are different. Do we just look at the natal chart for major transits over the angles and do most people use Placidus?

    • Cynthia … My MC is 23 degree Placidus system. I wonder what will happen during Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter conjunct … I am about 8 years from the big final exam of Saturn return. I have been working hard and totally changed up my career focus by seeking higher degree. Ive completed three Associate degrees and still have 30 credit hours for Bachelors. Saturn just crossed over into my 9th house. It has clouded my philosophies and direction … its been a very rough patch in my life. I have to re evaluate and make changes fast or I fear I will sink.

  23. Pluto crossed my MC last year. immediately following, my SO of 13 yrs left me (pluto transit crossing his dc) in an apartment being evicted (which he hid notice of), so I lost my home also, & lost my job. Told my Dad & he cursed me out for needing him, changed his locks & left tge country. I rebuilt my life back again within 6 months, but I’m definitely a different person.

  24. Double whammy! I use Equal House system. Pluto will be coming up to conjunct my MC at 22 Capricorn in February 2019. At the same time, Pluto will be coming up to conjunct my progressed Desc at 23 Capricorn! My solar return chart for this year has all the cusps at 0 degrees with Scorpio on the Asc and my Sun conjunct the Asc at 1 degree (I am Scorpio sun with a stellium in Scorpio 6th house natally).
    I have recently stopped working (my choice) and changing career direction. I will provide some feedback after Pluto has passed this degree (although Pluto will transit this point two more times after retrograding). There is also a significant line up of planets which will conjunct this degree in January 2020, which was mentioned earlier in this thread.
    It has been really helpful and insightful reading the experience of others and thank everyone for sharing.

  25. I was anticipating big things when pluto conjunct my MC but it was a bit of a fizzle, I did change direction with career slightly but nothing dramatic. Transiting Pluto and saturn conjuct my natal moon though was another thing, HEAVY.

  26. My IC is in my fourth… and it is coming very fast!! I heard that changes will also affect parents… or other close family members…

  27. WOW!
    When my transiting Pluto conjunct natal Saturn in the 6th in Sag, opposition natal Moon in 12th in Gemini, suddenly life as i knew it was no more, it crumbled in front of my eyes & i was powerless, i fell extremely hard from a mystery illness, it involved my immune system but none of the specialists & professors i saw could work it out. It was an excruciatingly heart wrenching, very unwanted & despised life changer! i’m over it now & super-duper strong living my new life 15 years later & am currently watching transiting Pluto in Capricorn cross the Asc of an ex! YIKES!
    Brilliant thread, Thank You!

  28. I have the transiting Pluto / Saturn conjunction coming in January 2020 going to square my M/C and I/C of course. Also, it will square my Jupiter in the 4th.
    Everything suggests change in career and being careful not to push people around or dominate others. Any suggestions how to navigate this difficult transit successfully even though we don’t know exactly how it will play out yet? Many thanks, Michael

    • I’m experiencing the same exact ordeal.
      We have the drive, dedication and focus to really grab the reigns, motivate, but it cannot be forced etc. Definitely having a change of career occuring.

      I’m not sure how to direct onself thru this transit exactly since I’m in the middle of it

  29. Hi Jake!
    Interesting what you´re saying. I´m having in a few months Pluto conjunct IC, that means opposing my MC. I´m simply terrified as I´m happy with my job and don´t want to lose it. You found an interesting job maybe because it was conjunct instead opposing it? Also my Saturn is getting near IC too, so the infamous Saturn-Pluto conjunction in 2020 will be on my Nadir. Squaring ASC. Just waiting for the final blow from the universe haha

    • Hi There! Any updates as of today? Were you able to keep your job? I am going through the exact same situation right now..Pluto Conjunct 4th housecusp ..

  30. I’ve already had tPluto conj ACS over 30 years ago and that was more than ghastly. Then tPluto sq Venus. Now for the last tPluto opp
    MC with Saturn in 2020. But as it has hanging around for a few years, I’ve already survived a number of life changing events when tPluto sq pSun and have sold house in one state and moved to another, I’m hoping there’s not much more.
    Except tUranus is opp pSun conj ASC Scorpio so I guess I should be do some deep breathing or just continue painting.

    • Hey, I have Pluto currently conjunct my north node, Pluto conjunct asc from October and Pluto conjunct my moon twice from 2021/2022…. a triple whammy in the matter of 2/3 years.
      Already experienced a complete destruction of old self due to a relationship breakdown with young baby, soul destroying and challenging but now I’m out the other end I feel stronger and blessed.
      Does anyone have any experience with any of these conjunctions?? Honestly… I’m a little worried about the Pluto Moon conjunction as this is transit I have the least knowledge of!
      Thanks, Sarah x

  31. hi guys i have been experiencing huge Pluto energy with Pluto conjunct my mid heaven in Capricorn in the 10th house and then conjunct my sun conjunct my mid heaven in the 10 house.
    this has left me totally transformed, my rock my father passed away during this time with a terminal illness. I took a trip down some pretty intense places psychologically it was an extremely heavy cloak. I found out that my dad deep secrets that were only revealed to me after his passing so I did not even get the opportunity to process these with him . In fact it was totally denied to me and made me question who was my dad? it was a intense time . But now I am coming out the other side my sense of depth has grown and it is still a bumpy ride as I now have Saturn conjunct my son so still have burdens to bear …But i know after the Pluto experience that I will weather the storm and be stronger for the experience life can be really dark but in those moments the most amazing collateral beauty is their if you look for it .

  32. Hmm.Since I was born pluto transits to my MC, asc, and all of my planets as they are all in virgo,libra,scorpio and sag. So my whole life has been tested by pluto. Now I have no planets in Capricorn . Its been a tough transit anyway.

  33. When transit Pluto was on my IC my two brothers was born. We don’t get along at all since they were teenagers. A lot of pluto themes in our sibling dynamics. (I have natal pluto in my 3rd).

    And while Pluto was transit my 4th house I was a “teenager”, a lot of transformations physically and mentally.

    We moved to a new house. Some months later I went to a boarding school in an other country for 5 years and got back after 5 years, Tr pluto still in my 4th house (where my natal saturn and uranus are).

    I use placidus, makes most sense for people born in my hemisphere.

  34. Wow! All of your stories are amazing.

    I checked and when T.Pluto in Scorpio (procreation and reproduction in medical astrology) entered my 1st H, my menstrual cycle started. It was a surprise to everyone, including me, because I was so young – not even pre-teen. Needless to say, it forever changed my life.

  35. HI Shannon wow your resilience is amazing!!I too have been through the intensity of Pluto transits. It will start to lift but its one heck of a journey, and the transformation that Pluto calls to bear through your tough life experiences. Leaves its scars but also rebirth, power and healing warmly Julie

  36. I moved in with my now husband when Pluto moved into conjunction with my ASC in Capricorn. When he rolled over my exact degree, I got married, finished my MBA, and bought my first house. My husband is a Scorpio. I met him in 2007 about a year after I divorced my first husband who was also a Scorpio. I’ve spent a lot of years in therapy working through my relationship patterns.

  37. I’ve lived a life full of Pluto transits (in my short time here so far).
    I was born with it squaring my Sun & Moon & Venus;
    by 6 it crossed my Uranus;
    by 9 it crossed my IC with Saturn in tow;
    by 11 it was squaring my Mercury & Mars;
    between age 13-24 was ‘the trining’, first my Sun, then ASC, Merc & Mars;
    by 25 Pluto crossed my Neptune
    by 29 Pluto opposed my Saturn
    by 32 Pluto opposed my Venus
    by 36 Pluto crossed my Moon
    by 38 Pluto opposed my Sun
    this was followed by what I called ‘my reprieve’ till
    this year (at 46) it has started crossing my DSC
    then it will oppose my Merc & Mars as it makes its way thru my 7th house.

    Once this is done and Pluto leaves Capricorn, I won’t have a Pluto transit till 2065 (when I’ll be 93) my Pluto Opposition, followed by Pluto squaring my Moon, then squaring my Sun and if I live to be 114, it will cross my MC. That would be three angles Pluto would cross, if I can make it that far 🙂 My Mom says I’m tenacious enough I just might make it that far, LOL!

    As far as what happened, I’m not sure I can differentiate it crossing my IC to other crossings (even the more generational crosses, like Uranus). I’d say it crossing my Moon was far more insightful, but I was older and more ‘self-aware’. I’ll be interested to compare once it’s past my DSC and see what I can get from that. What I do know is that in the ‘trining’ period, I felt freer, I was able to learn to stand on my own and be my own person. I felt a lot ‘lighter’.

  38. I think I’m past my Pluto conj. Descendant transit – but not totally sure? It’s kinda crazy how a 10 minute window of uncertainty around birth time translates into a year or two (at least?) in terms of an exact Pluto transit to the angles! I do feel like the weight has lifted at this point. Ultimately, I dropped out of grad school (for the second time..) and moved halfway across the USA to be with a man. I made my decision having only known him for 7 months, and it was a pivotal change for me.

    I quickly adjusted to living a drastically different life. The move was from an extremely affluent and densely populated area around NYC, to a pretty remote place that is rich with natural resources, far north in the Great Lakes region – in the dead of winter… I cut a lot of social ties and abandoned a lot of economic possibilities to settle into my new life in the woods and I am glad to be here! People always ask me how I handled the transition, but honestly it was a no-brainer for me and I have no reason to look back. I’m still carving out my own niche here, but I have a vision and it’s going well.

    We met exactly 3 years ago, today. We are now married and living very happily together with a house, 5 acres of land, and the ride-or-die type of relationship that I’ve always wanted. That all happened in concert with my first Saturn return. Now as Pluto separates from my Descendant, Saturn takes his place. Pluto is also moving into a trine with my sun, so I guess that’s nice. We will begin trying to start a family in the next few months or so.

  39. Pluto has been transiting my IC for years… lots of inner processes of clarifying the past and all emotional dramas, went through therapy and I’m still not done… I was born with Pluto in the first. In terms of job, I was not jobless, but every job I had so far was a challenge in terms of authority and boss relationship. I got my first job under this transit and was a Devils wears Prada scenario…

    • Did you find difficult to find a home, renting o selling o whatever related to houses??? Have you also gone through Saturn in 4th?? I´m terrified with the conjunction Saturn-Pluto that will be hitting my IC soon. My job is nice, got great bosses and I wouldn´t like to have problems, but everybody is saying the same about this transit and jobs….sigh….I´m lost….

      • That´s easy to say. I experienced 20 years ago Uranus and Neptune over my IC and then conjunct Moon in 4th. That was the most difficult period of my life. My mum died to cancer, serious family problems with siblings, lost boyfriend, lost home, was living for a period of time with friends with nowhere to go, jobless….No, there was nothing positive that time. Not even now can see anything worth from so much suffering. And now, again, Pluto and Saturn.

        • I am sorry to hear that Lou.
          What’s your date, time, place of birth?
          Uranus & Neptune are very different energies though..Pluto will give you inner strength..Saturn will bring the planting of new seeds.

      • What I found difficult was not to find a home, but to find a place where I can feel home, a feeling of home. I got Saturn in the mix in the 4 house in transit now… Jupiter will join it soon. This heavy conjunction will be inside the 4 house. I have no planets there, but a stellium in the 12 which will be hit by all of these transits. I’m not sure yet how to prepare for this and what will it bring. I must confess I’m scared, I try my best to do what needs to be done and not postponing issues that require solutions. I don’t know if this is the best approach, I’m just trying this way…

        • I´m finding difficult to find a home and feeling at home, both. So I can relate with you. Jupiter will hit my 4th too with the fantastic others: SAturn and Pluto. I´ve got Pluto in 12th natally, buth this time won´t be making a bad aspect from there. I wish you luck with a stellium in 12th. They´re usually difficult to handle.

  40. Pluto transiting 12th house was intense. Currently it is transiting 1st house. Saturn is also in the 1st house and I can tell I am in a huge transition, personally & professionally. Just taking it one step at a time.

    • Rekha, you will be coming out of what is known as an approximate five year dark period, everybody goes through at some stage, whilst Saturn transits the 12th and 1st houses! When Saturn leaves the 1st house.

      You are in the midst of a major restructuring of the whole personality structure, which takes approximately 10 years.

      Once Saturn starts its transit of the 4th will be beginning the upward climb in life again, after a relatively dormant period in your life.

      Even if there was success in the eyes of others, it will not be to the degree you would have liked for yourself..not until it starts to transit the 4th and you begin the upward climb in life again.

      Yes, Pluto always brings transformation and regeneration. Wherever Pluto transits, will ultimately become stronger. ?

  41. Thanks Amy for reassuring me. I think that things are getting better. Next year with Jupiter joining the party, I expect to see major changes… But meanwhile I can and will live mindfully right now.

  42. Iv’e had T pluto sextiling my 12th house pisces sun over the past year until its final pass at the end of this year. Im not sure what has changed other than my creativity seems to have come to a standstill, I have pulled away from many people I find negative and unable to find something positive in their lives. I watch almost nil tv and prefer to spend time online researching and collecting data I think I need to complete many of my UFO’s which have also come to a standstill. I want to discard things that I no longer need or feel I will use. I sleep a lot but put this down to age as I’ve always been a bit full on. Am looking forward to spending a week in a friends’ forest cabin at the end of this month with no phone or inet access just myself, walking boots and a few sewing projects of my own. I seem very calm inside but still wondering what’s next.

  43. My natal Pluto is conjunct my ASC, so I was only about 2 years old during that transit over my ASC. I don’t remember that time. However, the transit over my IC has changed my life – I had a baby just prior to the transit (the first time I’d been in a hospital since my own birth). Then just after the IC transit, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I lost my hair, I lost my breasts, probably my fertility… transformed my body. I have had two other unrelated life threatening illnesses since Pluto has been transiting my 4th house. I’m almost glad I will likely be dead before the DSC transit! (I’d be like 96, lol).

  44. Mishka lovely to see you so accepting and positive about your circumstances. Humour and gratitude seem to have been the major traits that help people through difficult times that seem tragic at the time but on reflection are the turning points in our lives for change.

  45. Pluto is going back and forward over my ascendant at 23 cap, squaring my natal uranus. I’ve had the first pass, next due Jan 12th 2020. I almost feel I can’t write about this transit yet but I will say about two years ago a positive inner transformation began and has taken hold but I’ve also experienced great loss during this time. On the whole as soon as pluto entered capricorn I started to experience major turbulence, pluto crossed my north node (opposing my natal saturn) almost immediately. Change and transformation seems a constant in my life, in natal chart I have uranus and pluto conjunct my sun. But I do feel the authentic me is emerging. Finally!
    This post inspired me look back and I realized Pluto crossed my midheaven in the late 1990s. In the run up I left home to go to college, by the end of the transit I’d graduated, worked my final summer at a local factory and experienced the most intense relationship with work guy (pluto crossed my natal venus at 29 scorpio ;-)), then moved hundreds of miles to the opposite end of the country and started a new phase, job, city. Relationship ended but I’d been transformed 🙂

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