Pluto Transit To Your Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven or IC

First, this disclaimer: I use EQUAL houses. When I say “angles of your chart”, that’s exactly what I mean. I am referring to Pluto transits over the angles of your chart, where the angles are the same degree as your ascendant.

Pluto transits over the angles of your chart are invariably drastic and life-changing. For example, when Pluto crossed my midheaven,  my life took such a turn! I had to live underground for close to ten years. Me! A social, outspoken person.

Prior to this transit, I’d always lived in the light. I was listed in the phonebook by the time I was 17 years old. All the sudden I ceased to exist in public (10th house) life. Not only that, I lie dormant for nearly a decade.

I know a man, he’s a Virgo with a Sagittarius Moon.  He’s a vibrant, kind, active person. When Pluto crossed his descendant, he had a motorcycle accident that wound up costing him his foot and leg below the knee.  He owned a business with an office in an open loft above the ground floor of the large open space that housed his operations.

I watched him hop up those stairs on his one leg, after that accident, wondering just exactly how he could manage.  He had a family who relied on him, foot or no foot. I guess that was that.

Not everyone has a Pluto transit an angle of their chart in their lifetime but some people have this transit twice.  I will fall in this group, provided I live a through 2021. That’s when Pluto will cross my ascendant.

Have you ever had Pluto transit an angle of your chart? What happened?



Pluto Transit To Your Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven or IC — 269 Comments

  1. Oh for f*** sake! Lol!

    Pluto is getting closer and closer to my 4th house angle, beginning to Square my Asc-Desc axis and oppose my 10th.

    I’m kinda scared!

    I have rough ideas of things now beginning to happen in my life that might be the seeds that Pluto is planting…

    A Scorpio entering my life! Who has issues! Who said himself that he’s dangerous…


    • When pluto crossed my IC I told my parents I was gay. I moved continent (literally) and still moving. In a while, pluto will conjunct my Mars in the same house, after this I am sure I will have my home. 🙂

    • I posted last year as transit Pluto approached my IC… things were falling apart rapidly and continued to do so for quite a while. It actually really started when Pluto entered Capricorn, subtle yet building… mainly 4th house issues. However, up until that point in my life(now 59)Pluto, being a neutral planet, was kind to me at every turn. I do have an exact natal sextile though Pluto to Sun , 29’59 Leo to 0’01 Scorpio, the planets being in mutual reception. Pluto also prominent on the fixed star Regulus…. guess that helps.
      Looking back, I have found the Solar Arc progression of Pluto to figure prominently in my life, more-so than transits as related to lasting effects… When conjunct Venus( Ascendant Ruler), my earlier quiet disposition took a 180 degree turn… I also have Jupiter exactly conjunct Venus so that personality change makes sense… and I never looked back. When Solar Arc Pluto reached my ascendant degree ( mid age)… I went through a total change in the appearance of my body – exercise etc… still going after 20 years. Now Solar Arc Pluto is approaching my Sun, still in the 1st house… ( and Neptune in exact conjunction to Sun)
      Returning to the context, yes, the transits are hard but they are not permanant unless you make the wrong choices. When Pluto hit my IC I was more depressed than ever but I just went with flow and took my beating. The Sun is rising now and Pluto is now granting the lasting effects. In the last month or so, I have felt a tremendous rebirthing process and now feel more confident and alive than I ever have. So to all, hang in there, have patience and it will pass.

        • October 2020 and while I still agree with this a rats nest is added to the mix.

          Pluto is now exact on my DSC… harsh as hell. My whole life has changed. Now, Uranus is part of the reason but I don’t recognize myself or my life right now.

          • may i ask how pluto conj dsc is manifested, it’s happening for my next sr soo…pluto conj mc this yr tho, why is pluto bugging me

      • Can anyone comment on this – I will have Pluto conjunct my MH at 1 degree Aquarius and my husband will have Pluto conjunct his DSC at the same time! Any idea what will transpire?
        I had Pluto conjunct my DSC and I finally divorced my alcoholic husband, it was final the day Pluto conjuncted the DSC. In addition, my brother died and I was told I was losing my job because they were going bankrupt, but another company bought them, so I was saved.

        • As you know, Pluto transforms people but it depends on what aspects you and your husband have as to the
          May the force be with you

          • My progressed natal Pluto has been retrograde all my life, but goes direct when I’m 95, in the unlikely event that I live that long…Any known astrology on that?

  2. When Pluto crossed my AC, it was back in 1988-89.

    I got married, sold my home and pretty much everything that I owned, and moved to Hawaii. It was huge, but it wasn’t horrible. I was happy to do it. Maybe if I had resisted it would have been traumatic?

    I may live long enough to experience it crossing my IC (24 deg Aquarius)… we’ll see.

        • I’ve been having
          tPluto tSaturn in 4th opp Mars Pluto 10th.
          Mars Pluto my Rulers
          In time of Covid-19, I have all the time in the world to paint but have no incentive
          As well, can’t see my family.
          But so far OK.
          tPluto conj Asc Scorpio was worst time in my life so ican cope with an opposition (fingers crossed ?)

          • Phoenix you are not alone, So many people I know who are very creative and hardworking have totally lost initiative, inspiration and motivation and somany are sleeping more than they have ever done. Formeperosnally I amaffected by a Neptune transit as well conjunct my sun so you may want to have a look at where neptune is in your chart. Remember too This too will passsp relax and enjoy and do what makes you feel good in your heart<3

            • Thnx. The only good transit at moment is Neptune trine my MC.
              With Pluto and Mars ruling the roost.
              In between I do have help from Pluto trine
              Midpoint Sun/Moon n I’m a Leo. All is not lost so I just go day by day.
              Thnx for reply ?

  3. Great, just great. Shortly after Pluto hits my moon at 11 degrees, he’s going to hit my DC at 15. I know change is coming, good & bad, as that train has already started rolling. Unfortunately, Uranus will also be exactly squaring Pluto just at those times, so whatever happens, I’m assuming it will happen quickly.

    I’m thinking positive here, as I don’t want to encourage my worrisome Moon.

  4. A Pluto opposition was an awakening to real life–have gone through life w/stars in my eyes to the world. Pluto, an outer planet has a very wide swing and know one experiences ‘aftershocks’ from an opposition, but I think the inconjunct is worse than the opposition — probably because then you are aware.

  5. Pluto crossed my DC a few weeks back and will continue to go through my 7th house. So what happened? I met a man who I am having an intense long distance relationship with…it’s obsessive, it’s not light or fun like my sag stellium would like, but hey he’s got tons of both libra and scorpio…

    also for some reason I’m attracted more men than usual. I have a feeling they are pluto types as well. Oh man. Usually I’d like this but I want nothing more than to partner with ONE at this time in my life.

  6. So, Elsa, if my Ascendant is 0 Virgo, my “angles” are different from my MC/IC axis? They are 0 Sag and 0 Gem rather than MC/IC which are 20 Taurus/Scorpio?

    I did not know this!

  7. That is how I read a chart, kr. If something crosses an angle, any angle, all the angles are affected – this is why it is a big deal.

    You only have to watch this for a short time and it will be shown to you and you’ll know it without a doubt.

  8. That’s fascinating. My NN/SN are exactly conjunct my north/south angles. So I’ve always felt transits to those points but had chalked it up to that alone. And now I have another way of looking at it.

    Cool, thank you!

  9. I don’t know, because I don’t know enough about astrology to know if I’ve had a transit or not. I do have Pluto conjunct my asc, Venus, Merc, and Uranus. I had a bad accident in 2004 that disfigured my face,blinded my right eye and turned my world upside down for quite sometime with some effects still lingering. I wouldn’t be surprised if I did have a transit 8 years ago.

  10. When Pluto was crossing my desc, (between 2008 and early 2009) My father was suffering cancer, he passed away on Feb 2009. And my relationship of almost 5 years (I was 26 years old then)sufered two brake ups, the first one when Pluto was over my desc and the final a couple of months after my father died.
    So, all in all, I lost my S.O. (7th house) and my autority figure (Capricorn).
    My mother and I share the same ASC, and she lost her partner, who was like an autority figure for her also, since my dad was 20 + years older than my mother.
    Pretty cook-book for the transit.

  11. Pluto stationed on my IC in 2004. I was violently raped and strangled nearly to death by my then boyfriend/live-in. I remember everything going black and then ‘seeing the light’ as they say. My last thought was of God and my 5 year old daughter.

    When I came to, every blood vessel in each eye was burst and my face was a swollen mess. Looking in the mirror validated that this was not a nightmare, it in fact really did happen. I felt deeply ashamed and humiliated for being in such a position that I didn’t tell anyone for about 2 weeks. When I finally opened up and told my family what had happened and that I needed to move somewhere, and quickly, it was as if they didn’t believe me. The bruises were gone, I had nothing to show for it. I was desperate, I was wounded, I was hopeless and I felt completely helpless.

    No where to go, I rented a U-haul truck anyway. It was the day before the move and I was desperate. I asked a friend if we could move in temporarily, fortunately she said yes. More determined than ever to stabilize my little family (daughter, dog and cat) within 3 months I purchased my first house.

    From that beautiful sunny day of settlement in August of 2004, never had I ever felt more stability and accomplishment, in my lifetime.

    Thank you Pluto!

  12. Pluto will be crossing my ascendant in 2018. I must say I have a great deal of trepidation about this. If I am still blogging here at that time, I will give a full report!
    I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has had this occur!

  13. Right now Pluto is at 9 degrees in my 11th house. My MC is 9 degrees into the 12th house also in Capricorn I am not so sure it will cross any of the major angles in my life time as slow moving as Pluto is. By the time it crosses that might be when I leave the Earth plane. I have always felt it was odd that really the major planets don’t seem to phase me much. However I do notice when they affect my family members.

  14. Thank you so much Elsa and Hades Moon I am a survivor!

    Elsa, I have been a lurker for quite some time. I have thought on commenting on previous posts here and there, but this one, was SCREAMING at me… 🙂

  15. Yup in 1997 (conj my dsc)my grandmother, she was my best friend, died. I started to see how much I couldn’t tryst my husband. By the time it left my 7th I told my husband I was done and we lost (8th house) the farm we had moved on to. I quit homeschooling and was all of a sudden out in the public eye again.

  16. I can see how Pluto asks us to let go, but it doesn’t always have to be life threatening. I had Pluto conjunct my IC in 1987-88, and not much happened. I moved in with my boyfriend, so in essence that was a letting go, but that’s about it. Years later when Pluto trined my Moon and conjuncted my Part of Fortune in my 4th house, my grandma passed away.

    • Good point, barb. As for how drastic this transit will be, you have to look at Pluto in the natal chart and also if there are other planets involved…planets conjunct the angles of your chart, basically.

  17. Pluto began it’s transit to my Sagittarius ASC in 2006. At the time I was also having my Saturn Return and t.Neptune was square my Sun–and creating a Grand Fixed Cross in my chart.

    2006 I gained a lot of confidence–much more than I’d had for many years. I learned I had healing hands and became more conscious of my psychic abilities.

    Not long after that the trine to my IC began. That has been very painful however part of the reason that is so is because I have Chiron conjunct my IC.

  18. pluto to MC – lost home, parents lost business, jobs, all our stuff was auctioned off etc

    pluto to asc – weird rare disability, lost parents, in-laws, friends, lost job, health etc. town was in a big flood. then a tornado.

    it’s super-concentrated.

    a lot of loss, destruction in just a few years.

    I have stuff on my angles in my chart – it’s pretty angular.

  19. Pluto AC coincided with Saturn AC, Uranus sq Uranus, my Nodal return, Chiron on Algol opposing my Moon and some other nice transits. Much of this time I was in the army, learning to kill. We have conscription, you know. In a proverbial Pluto AC and Chiron Algol manner, I went to the Army Hazmat School. I had some conflicts with authority, especially the abuse thereof. I had my first real fight against a criminal boxer/bodybuilder out on parole, who attacked me from behind. That ended in a draw, which I didn’t like, so I changed my strategy somewhat, acquired some skills and now I don’t have to give anybody a draw. I also had pneumonia. Twice. Socially, I was in a bubble, all by myself, observing all the happy people outside. Life sucked, as usual. For years, I was full of hatred and distrust for rigid hierarchical constructs. I still don’t trust them, but now my distrust is better informed and hatred has crystallized into scorn. I’m sure there must be some purpose to this. Evil does love to hide behind authority, doesn’t it?

    Currently, Pluto is in my 2nd, about to catch up with my progressed 2nd hs cusp. From the experience I’ve had with Pluto in the 2nd, I can already guess the effect of the Prog 2nd hs transit. What little I have left in this world, shall be taken away from me, to be replaced with something intangible, that won’t pay the rent or buy me food. If we had a monastic institution, this would be a good time to get me to a monastery.

  20. Well I have Pluto conjuncting my ASC, and it’s harsh. I have had lesson after lesson after lesson. But first I had to have my Saturn Return.

    I’ve had to deal with death and destruction, people trying to control me and I’ve pushed them away. I’ve also realised that that I’ve always had the power, they wanted to take if from me. This was the reason why they hurt me.

    I’ve learnt so much, and I’m still in the middle of it or starting it again. I’m finally becoming a woman with true confidence.

    • I came to realize how abusive my family is. No respect. Takers. Sabotage.

      Really do not care. I almost bled to death. Just one brother called.

      It was shocking. I felt ashamed to tell people.

      Not sure the rest. Been so much. In hospital. One sister drove 100 miles just to say your an awful person.
      Nothing like You need anything.
      Im almost dying. Like backwards. I never stole from her anything. Confused her attitude. Then she did a dramatic hand on chest. Left. It was obsurd. Almost. Out of a movie. My daughter thought she crazy.

  21. After a bit of research–when Pluto crossed my midheaven, the decision was made to leave my emotionally abusive husband. I had spent 8 years getting him into and through medical school, and walked away with nothing.

  22. Pluto is conj my ascendent now. The pressure is intense and yet the learning is like nothing else could have done it for me. Capricorn is on the asc in my natal chart, and while Pluto has been in my 12th house chronic issues of control, loss, illness and beliefs (legacy) are redefining me.

    What dreams I chase (my moon is in Capricorn conj my asc as well) are a current theme; old ones surface and in the light of a new morning, I ask, “Still the one?” More then not, the answer is probably no longer.

  23. Pluto transited my AC in December 2007 and throughout 2008. It wasn’t horrible. I put my house up for sale and moved to the opposite side of the country. It was big change and took some adjusting but all in all not a bad thing.

  24. I had Pluto opposite during my Saturn return.

    Had surgery on my hand that didn’t quite work, for problems I’m still dealing with more than 10 years later.

    Got divorced. Moved cross country twice. Lost my entire support network, including my family (who didn’t talk to me because they didn’t know what to say – that’s how foreign divorce was in my family until this generation), remade my life twice because the first remake was a practice run.

    Gained a lot of weight due to an autoimmune disorder that showed up right before my divorce. Found a doctor that was mostly off the grid, lost it all again. Went from not being able to walk down my driveway to walking 3-4 miles a day, and 10 on the weekend. Got my legs knocked out from under me again and again until I figured out where to put my feet, literally and figuratively.

    Went to therapy, dug up shit that was 25 years old (then), learned about PTSD, found out how fucked up my brain really is, but learned how to live with it. Got sorted. Got happy. Got smarter. Earned some stripes.

    Sun/Saturn in the 1st with Mercury conjunct from the 12th, Moon/Neptune in the 7th, all sitting on the Asc/Dsc axis. Pluto was in my 7th when all this happened.

  25. Pluto has also crossed my ascendant in Capricorn.

    It has been very tough (and I’ve gone through Pluto transits to my Sun, Moon, Neptune, and Mercury).

    I’ve also had to deal with death and destruction.

    @sunnysadge – really happy to hear this.

  26. In cred ible.

    Met my ex-wife when Pluto hit my descendant. Last time I saw her (a while after the divorce) was when it exited the House.


  27. Pluto is about to square my Asc/DC-axis which is already very sensitive as I`ve got Chiron, Moon and Uranus conjunct those angles as well..
    I`ve felt the tension rising in multiple areas of my life and I hope I`m alive when this transit in Q is over. But it won`t be over for years :/

  28. Pluto crossed my ascendant in January 2008.

    It’s all here, everything that happened. A fight for my life that lasted three years. Every connection I had had to anyone, even myself, was detonated, burnt down or transformed beyond recognition. I’d say probably nobody could do anything to me anymore but that’s *probably* not true. It just feels like that most of the time.

  29. I was born with Pluto on my MC conj. my Moon. I never had a very good job until now. I had gone from temp job to temp job for a long time. But most jobs I suffered abuse from my bosses. One almost tried to rape me. The others were power players or just plain seedy. Saw a book on one’s shelf, “Winning through Intimidation”. He fired me. But I figure I was the one who won because he was such a creep. I just did a twenty year spectrum on my chart for a Pluto transits to my angles and the most significant one is when it crossed my ASC I got married. But when Saturn transited my MC 12 years later, I got divorced after meeting someone on line who I thought naively was in love with me. Another was around 1977 but it wasn’t on an angle. It was transiting my 11th house and conj. my Jupiter in Libra. I was raped by a co-worker of my father, who worked in a ad agency. He took me out for the evening at request of my parents who were traveling at the time to an event that they had tickets for but could not attend. They knew of his rep and set me up, probably thinking I could handle whatever was gonna come up. No pun intended.

  30. Pluto crossed 4th in 2001-2 (square Asc and trine mars, uranus and venus in 11th). My father was dying. In short, a big power struggle happened between other family members and me. They wanted to get rid of my father (disconnect him) and I did’t want. I was almost alone to take care of him and finally they succeed to disconnect him in my back and he died. Since then, althought I was not in so good terms with them, it made estranged from them, and they still try to manipulate my mother to completely disinherited me. Pluto is in my 4th.
    2007-2009: In the same time, Pluto opposed my sun and uranus arrived in 7th house: my husband left and a divorce followed.
    1964: pluto conjunct ascendant, started school at 5, went well.

  31. When Pluto crossed 4th House/IC, I got fired from my job for the 1st time in my life and then suffered multiple other losses (relationship) in my life. Financial status began to spiral down…so I took a retreat at a retreat center to try to get a handle on my life and ended up moving there for a few years. I moved from the big city of Chicago to the woods of WI into a one room cabin and lived mostly as a hermit. This went on for about 5 years. Was the hardest and best years of my life. Literally let go of all the non-essentials of life and molted. Overall, that period was ultimately a very healing and soulful valley in my life.

    • It’s 2020 and I have Pluto crossing my 4th House/IC and I got fired from my job for the first time in my life! Jupiter and Saturn have been with Pluto so I also got pregnant and other stuff is going down that isn’t great, but I thought that was funny the same thing is happening to me. I certainly hope I don’t have to move away for 5 years…

  32. Pluto is on my ascendant right now. It makes me wonder what’s slowly changing about myself, my appearance, and my personality.

    Perhaps I’m becoming more open towards people than I’ve ever been before. Maybe it’s the thoughts of investing into some kind of weight loss surgery or laser hair removal that I’ve been having for a while now. Maybe, with the square to Uranus coming up, I’ll finally have the means to leave home and become independent of my family like I’ve always wanted to.

  33. I’ve had two Pluto transits to my angles.

    The first to my Asc when I was 14/15. I can’t remember anything specific except that’s when I fell in love with a much older married man – a friend of my parents. Everything in my life was hellish difficult at that time… that did change my mental landscape and gave me some support where I needed it. My relationship with my mother was probably at it’s worst in those years – we had one cataclysmic physical fight which sent my sister into hysterics. I hit my mother back to get her off me, and told her never to raise a hand to me again.. she didn’t either.

    The second Pluto transit was to my IC during 2000/2001; Pluto kept retrograding around that period. That too was a very tough time: I was struggling with lack of work, no money, and living somewhere I didn’t want to be. I was still trying to hang on to some of my London life, but it became all but impossible.

    I lost my car, and couldn’t afford another, which made me horribly stuck – and my health started to deteriorate quite seriously. I had my first sinus operation which was pretty horrible. I saw my mother for the first time in ten years – and for the final couple of times. I was very depressed and stressed out a lot of the time. But I did grit my teeth and get through it

    Then my mother died in Sept 2001 when Pluto was moving pretty well exact onto my IC. this was a life changing thing in many respects – materially as well as emotionally. I re-established relationships with two cousins and their families; I gained thereby a room and therefore a foothold in London again – but I lost my sister who freaked out partly over the way Ma left her will.

    It was all quite seismic, for me.

  34. I see what you mean about using equal houses. If I calculated correctly, Pluto would have crossed my IC when I was 12 and 13 years old (?). The exact degrees were the month I lost my beloved Maternal Grandmother, who was my primary resource for mothering in my early years. It also happened near the month that I had sex for the first time. I was raped by a 19 year old.

    My Grandmother’s death set me up for my career as a healer- the most successful part of my life so far. She is still with me.

    I was not mature enough to face the rape until the last couple years. I thought I could just brush it under the rug. But, now, I see that it haunted me through my attempts at partnering until 2010. At which time, I was forced to face the feelings from that experience when the a#@hole appeared at my daughter’s Christmas Pageant: the father to my daughter’s new best friend at her new school!

    I am relieved to have Uranus exit my 7th house. Lesson Learned. thankyouverymuch

  35. Pluto crossed my IC around 1991-2 and yes, a transformational time. I left my abusive ex for the first time in 1991, literally moved away from him and left him standing at the old apartment. He didn’t believe that I’d leave him even though originally he was supposed to move out.

    Then he showed up at my new apartment with a gun, which he put to my head and demanded that I take him back. So yea, I took him back. I bided my time, I worked hard on the relationship because apparently according to him I didn’t work hard enough at it. My brother got married in 92 and we went to the wedding. It was one of the lowest moments in my life as my ex got extremely drunk and made a complete and utterly embarrassing mess of himself.

    I finally left the ex again in 93, this time with a police escort. I went into hiding…just like Elsa did for many many years.

    Pluto transformation – absolutely….

  36. I’ve had Pluto transit two angles so far. Both times signalled major moves. Pluto crossed my ascendant when I was 10 and crossed my IC (last year). The transit to my ascendant took place when my family left Spain for Vancouver to join our relatives. At school I was given a nickname (my real name was deemed too foreign by the teachers) and I was bullied horribly by the other girls (because of my accent, my home-made clothes, my looks). It took me about two years to fit in and by junior high school I was popular and doing well in school.
    The transit to my IC has been more difficult. It hit me hard this past year. I can relate to Blessed Place. I left a great career in Vancouver to move with my husband to a small city outside of Seattle. My work suffered. I’m making a fraction of what I used to make which has affected my pride/ego and I’m no longer a “big whig” in my industry. My husband’s ex-wife suddenly dropped the kids off with us and disappeared and the judge awarded us sole custody so now I’m raising teenagers again (my own kids are in university/living on their own) which hasn’t been easy. And like BP, I’m living somewhere I don’t want to be. I was trying to hang on to my Vancouver work life and colleagues but I’ve been giving up on that too. It seems like Pluto is intent on destroying my old life in order to birth a new one. Pluto is big in my chart as it conjuncts my Mars and both planets square my Venus, Mercury and Moon stellium in Gemini.

  37. Wow, there’s a lot of intense stories here.
    Mine wasn’t that bad. I had Pluto go over my Sag ascendant in 05/06. I got a job at a lumber mill (long, gruelling hours doing the entry-level work). I worked harder, physically, than I ever had before in my life; and liked it! Some nights my hands and arms would be so worn out that I could barely shift my 5-speed to drive home. It was how my single mom supported me as a child (and what she still does to this day), and it gave me a whole new perspective on who she is.

    I rented my first house by myself, and about 6 months later it flooded. I admit, I was pretty naive about it’s location on a floodplain, but the river hit a new high water mark of 26 feet that year. The neighbors right across the street said they had 3 to 4 inches of water in their home, and for some reason I could never figure out, I got about 3 feet of water at my place. It wasn’t sitting significantly lower, in fact there were homes that sat lower than mine, and when I talked to those people, they all had 3 or 4 inches. Beats me!
    The water picked everything up, even the fridge, swirled it around, and rearranged my whole house! The only thing that survived was the bedding on my air mattress! I didn’t have time to move anything but myself out when it happened because I had been out of town. I came back home to see what was going on about an hour before water started creeping through the front door. It was a purifying experience.

    Then about 2 weeks later my now boyfriend asked me out on our first date. And it has definitely an “authority” style, power struggle relationship.

  38. While Pluto was crossing my MC we left a stifling situation in a country we’d been in 9 years, moved somewhere very challenging and foreign for three months and then settled into our country of origin. As it went through the 10th I started a career job, then Neptune squared natal Neptune followed by Pluto square natal Pluto (mid-life crisis)and I wrecked (Pluto) my reputation (10th) by “running off with the Gypsies” A Neptune man. It did not end well.

  39. Began in 2009 with Pluto on the DC conjunct my Saturn and Jupiter, with Mars and Uranus on the MC. My natal Pluto is on the IC at 29 degrees. Lost my job, lost my home and all my possessions, lost old friends, lost my reputation and went to jail, lost my teeth; but the upside is that I realized how much my husband and family love me. Nothing can shake them loose. Can’t fathom what comes next, it’s a long time yet until it is over.

    • I also lost everything you listed. My pluto is in my 4h conjuct my SN. My DC is conjuct my sun & venus at 23° capricorn, pluto and Jupiter transiting now. My 9h pisces moon is 20°, same degree Neptune is at now. Please feel free to contact me I’d like to chat.. nglass114@ gmail. com

  40. Pluto rules my 3rd house, and is nataly in my 2nd (Equal).

    Had it going through my IC… now its in my 5th.

    Anyway, started using drugs, and going underground when i was 19. By the time i was 24 i met this girl in which i felt like going to a long term relationship. Pluto was conj my Neptune, ruler of the 7th house… and i quit drugs in order to make she do the same.
    I started working, but kept a real private life, in which has been this way ever since… not an underground junkie anymore… but a fucking loner.

    The worst was my mom Alcoholism… and we all moved out of our neighborhood into one way farther and less accessible.

    I got hit by a car at that time… it was opposing my Jupiter (ruler of my 4th/IC), and conj my Neptune.

  41. I have natal Pluto in the 9th house, Uranus conjunct MC, Chiron conjunct IC, Venus/ mercury/ Saturn conjunct DC. Natally: Pluto sextile sun & Neptune, square Venus/ mercury/ Saturn & ascendant, and mars in the 8th house. My ascendant is at 2 Capricorn so I’ve got a long way to go but this has been a positive transit so far. There have been big changes but I feel like I have been working a long time towards them & now I have the strength and energy to make things happen. I had a difficult and traumatic childhood followed by a tumultuous adolescence and I feel as though I’m finally “coming into myself”. I’m not sure how much of that is Saturn rising and how much is just being a plutonic person but it feels like I’ve learned some difficult life lessons and now I have been given opportunities to apply those lessons. I think you give the best advice; the only advice that can really be given for these types of transits – you’re usually talking about Saturn but I’ve found that when I’m honest with myself and fair with others, it matters. Always. Again, it seems more saturn but it works for me every time. Saturn is prominent in my chart: ascendant in cap, Saturn in the 7th in cancer conjunct the descendant. My chart has obvious things to say and I do ok when I am mindful.

  42. Pluto crossing my IC in 2010-11, was the single worst time of my life. I also have natal Saturn directly on my IC. Within 3 months I went from being nominated as the manager of the year to being fired because my boss was afraid I would take her job. Was unemployed for a year and a half. Quit seeing my friends because I was too depressed. Moved to another town for a job, then found out my husband was having an affair. I got a triple whammy because Pluto retrograded back and forth over my IC. F-Pluto!

  43. Pluto was on my Asc in 2006. My father passed away after having survived Vietnam twice and having a heart transplant for 20 years and 6 months. Shortly after that my mother was diagnosed with colon cancer. Thankfully it was treatable. She is now in a nursing home though with Alzheimer’s, as is my mother-in-law.

    Wild ride Pluto! He’s still in my first house and I continually change my appearance .

  44. In 2000, I had Pluto Sagittarius conj Mc and Saturn Moon Taurus 3rd conj 4th House Cusp. My Grandmother died. She was more my mother than my actual mother. I lost the person who helped me feel grounded on Earth, and the only person who could make me feel safe (Taurus, 4th). At the same time, I felt a great sense of freedom (Sagittarius)in that I was no longer tied to the rest of my extended family, who are a bunch of lying backstabbers. Later in the year, I was able to completely cut that part of my family out of my life, which was a great relief.

  45. IC. lived on my own for the first time in my life. not by choice, my friends all decided to kick me out. turned out to be a good thing. i wasn’t good at picking friends at that age. and i had moved very far away from my parents by choice.

    and my grandfather died. first major death in my life. forced me to face mortality. was one of the greatest losses of my life to date.

  46. conch that’s how i understand pluto transits work: grinding back and forth over the angle until you really really get things burnt down :/ it’s not a day or a month but a year or so of being caught in the oscillations…

  47. When Pluto transitted my ASC (and it’s still not far off), I lost my physical health.

    And of course, when you lose your health, the rest of your life falls like dominoes: Money, career, home, significant other, indpendence, mental health.

    The phrase that seems to resonate through most of these Pluto posts is “I lost, I lost, I lost …”

  48. My parents divorced about the time Pluto had just gone over my DSC (5deg) and was about to hit n.Uranus (8deg), also opposing Venus/Mars/Chiron on the ASC. My mom and I moved out of the house and I had to change schools. Not as traumatic as some of the things in my life but interesting to correlate the transit to.

    • Brave to be so truthful. Astrology forums are full of people bragging about meeting the love of their lives or owning their home. When you lose everything under a Pluto IC transit these Pollyannas don’t seem worth wasting seconds reading their “experiences”.

  49. Pluto: takes some intuition but if you find you can NOT control the loss then let go! In my relocation chart transiting Pluto in Capricorn went within 3 degrees over my Mars on the IC.

    Lost my home and 3/4 of my belongings. I KNOW that in September Pluto will be going back to the same point (IC & Mars)so let go! 🙂 Oh, I lost my job too (first time) ..effecting the MC also of course. Too soon to know what’s going on….am I being groomed for a relocation? Saturn return coming soon too! (My first return was a breeze…) Let go let go and read between the lines..keep open to the message. And let go. Hold on to what you can but Pluto can put some things out of your control. All the best

  50. Good afternoon Elsa. I’m still a bit confused. So you’re saying that, if my Asc is 29 degrees Gemini, the MC at 10 degrees Pisces is not the angle but 28 degrees Pisces is considered the angle because it’s 90 degrees?

  51. Well, at this point, I don’t know what to say about Pluto. It has just entered my 4th house (thereby squaring my DC and opposing my MC). Pluto transit is also squaring my ascendant and sun.

    This is just the beginning and already – I left my job to join my crazy husband in his effort to study abroad, but later changed his mind. He spent all of our savings and left us homeless, broke, and jobless. I can’t get a job for the life of me now – at least in the tech field anymore. He helped completely ruin my credit and got two evictions because of him. I’ve hated him for several years now but he always refused to leave until now. Also, just about everyone I was friends with has turned away from me. My relationship with my parents is very strained because my 2 year old daughter can’t stand them. My husband fled the country to join a foreign military unit. I don’t know what the hell to do. This is just the beginning. The only ones who seem to reach out to me are struggling mothers. I have alternating days of severe depression and apathy. This drama is unreal. I don’t drink or do any drugs either, but my compulsive tendencies are highly active right now and are hard to control. That’s how things are looking for me.

  52. Pluto crossed my Asc., in 76-77. I was a teenager. It was life changing for me. I was still living with my grandmother, my grandfather had died 6 yrs earlier. It was just the two of us. She and I had a difficult relationship. She clunge to me, she wouldn’t allow me to grow up. We fought constantly. My mom was living in another state so she was useless.
    When Pluto hit, my grandmother had a severe stroke which put her in the hospital. I was being shuffled back and forth between relatives for a couple of months.
    Finally my Pisces aunt decided to bring her mom, a Cancer to live with her family, with me in tow. She just couldn’t put her mother in a nursing home. (My aunt was a wonderful soul.)
    It wasn’t an easy transitional period for me. I fought these changes in my life. I had to take care of my invalid grandmother, I had no social life to speak of. Many of my friends just fell away. Complete upheavel in my life.
    But through this change, I became more mature I slowly became part of a normal family structure. My aunt and I had always been close, but eventually she became more of a mother to me than either my mom or grandmother ever were.
    Pluto completely cleared out the life I knew, but he gave me a better one. Once I finally started to accept the drastic changes, I quickly realized how my life was actually going to be better. When it was over, I had more freedomn than I had ever had in my life. I was also invited into a loving family unit, which was happier and healthier than anything I had lived in before.
    I remained like a daughter to my aunt and uncle until they both died in 2002. I loved them both, very, very much.

  53. hmmm…pluto crossed my ascendent when I was 9? Ok so during that time, my mom was living with a “friend” and her kids, so there were 5 of us. Her friend hated me. I think that is objectively true, actually, not just how I felt. Her eldest son tormented/bullied me (and everyone else too). But I think the time that it was actually ON my ascendent is about the time my mom and her friend broke up and this started years of living, basically, in poverty. We were living in this horrible basement studio apartment (it was so bad, it would flood in heavy rain and there was literally 2 or 3 inches of mucky water in part of the apartment for days afterwards) for a long while, then while pluto was still in my 1st, we became a bit homeless, and my brother and I were sent to live with my aunt/grandma as my mom had some kind of breakdown? That whole scenario still is not clear to me, and is a strictly verboten topic. There were also incidents of molestation around that time. Cripes. Thinking that over, I am NOT looking forward to the IC action I’ll be getting soon. For equal angles, that’s at 15 cap. I think I need a hug already.

  54. Pluto transited Scorpio from november 1983 to January 1995, more or less for you have to take into account the retrograde periods of Pluto in May that year..

  55. I am so nervous I have Pluto conjunct my IC starting Jan 2014 it’s already squaring Uranus on my DC and now Jupiter (and in my chart) Mars is teaming up on my MC (where my natal Mars is in conjunct). That Pluto/Uranus/Jupiter T-square that’s about to happen globally is happening on my axis! LOL HEEEEELP!

    Jupiter is bringing me amazing connections and gifts to my house of career lately, so hopefully I can get my sript sold!
    Uranus brought an Aquarius into my life as it came into conjunct with my DC.
    Now Pluto down there on my IC frightens me!

    • JRy, your post is older so I don’t know if you’ll see this but I have very similar transits coming up in 2014. Pluto in the IC at the same time as a Saturn return and Uranus on the Desc. I have serious doubts as to whether I will survive this. At any rate, you are not alone. Good luck!

      • In situations like that: (example) saturn crossing ascendant, pluto crossing IC, Uranus on descendant all at the same time; I learned that you should choose to follow the energy of one planet in simple terms. Either saturn (bend your head and hold it together), pluto (truthful power struggles), or Uranus (rebellion).

        I believe this is a way to not lose your mind lol. Btw I chose Uranus back then and I am proud of it! Haha

  56. Currently pluto is squaring my natal pluto, at the angle of my 5th house and opposing my natal moon. I have had rough 6 years!!! 2005 when in sag I had my son, lets add that my sun was conj transting saturn. Then after 2008, I separated, joined the military, went to war, almost got killed, I was raped by a brother in arms, conceived a child and now I have two sons. When pluto ooposed my moon this past August 9th, I broke up with my partner, for him pluto was opposing his venus. Haaaard times. Pluto at the angle of my fifth, squaring uranus in my 8th. I have a natal jupiter in cancer 11th…. I don’t know what to think of all this. But since its about to enter my fifth, I’m worried for my children. I hope it’s more about passion and a new love, because neptune ruler of my seventh, is squaring my natal neptune, currently at home in Pisces and is about to oppose my asc… Help?

  57. Pluto was on my MC late 2003/early 2004. I was pretty glum (and not very outgoing) at the time, but by mid-2004, I started learning about the world of geology. Right now, I know more and more what I want to do within the field of geology.

    Thank you for showing an example of a Virgo Sun with a Sagittarius Moon, I can relate to that kind of description, and he sounds like such an amazing person with the way he overcame obstacles during the Pluto crossing his DC transit. I’m a pretty vibrant and active person. As far as motorcycles are concerned, I’ve reserved that interest for the Jet Moto video game, but I still do active things like boating, stream wading, hiking and martial arts. I do try to reconcile having caution (Virgo Sun and Saturn in Sagittarius) and adventure (having a fire kite with Mars in Aries Rx, Moon in Sagittarius and Uranus in Sagittarius), and if I have any injuries, they’re pretty minor thankfully thus far.

    But ugh, Pluto in Pisces will be on my Ascendant when I’ll be middle-aged. I think that’ll be the last Pluto transit on my angles in this lifetime.

  58. When pluto crossed my asc. I left an abusive relationship with my sons father. It was absolute chaos. I left with nothing except some clothing and papers. It was a scary time. I thought I might end up murdered or my son taken. None of that happened. But the future was so uncertain. And the hits just kept coming. When pluto retrograde back over my asc, I took off with my son after being told a specific plan for my murder. Well I almost got charged with kidnapping. I had to Allow my son to have fifty fifty visitation with his dad. It was a nightmare.
    All of that had to happen for me to be aware of my strength. But there Are scars.

  59. Well, I’m glad/freightened to have found this forum 🙂 Pluto Will be crossing my CAP IC at 13 and thus squaring my libra Asc at 13 degrees as well, of course, let’s don’t forget uranus on my desc. I am kind of worried because that’s going to happen next year along with saturn activating my t-square conj mars square venus and moon and neptune opposite my sun in virgo (trying not to be paranoid about p. Moon opposite p. Sun too 🙂
    I kind of know where the hits are coming from, but from what I’ve just read above….it’s going to be intense!!!!

    • Thaveed – How have you fared with these transits? I have almost the same configurations exactly, and so far – nothing. A great deal of inner pressure to quit my job, and deep frustration over being without a partner and feeling no support, but other than that, nothing outward. Would be very interested to learn how this plays out for other people. But you especially, as we have the same signns/degrees on our angles. Thanks!

      • Paleblue,
        I have ACS 10 Libra and IC 12 Cap… I am having these same feelings, affecting both the 7th ( partner) and 10th (career). Uranus should set this off when it hits 12 Aries in late Nov to mid Jan. Being stationary direct, the Uranian energy could be intensified. Uranus may cause a sudden release of the inner Pluto energies, forcing them into the open. Interestingly, Mars will conjunct Pluto Nov 11/12. That may offer a signal connected to the Uranus transit that will follow…need to look closely at the house rulers for more clues.

        • Thanks, Bob – I’ll be interested to see how it all plays out for everyone going through it. It appears my party will start in mid-February. May the force be with you. ; ) Do report back, I’d like to know what happens.

      • Hi pale blue! Well, Pluto will be crossing our angles on the third week I January! Let’s see what happens then…for now I definitely feel both Uranus and Pluto strongly. For example I moved back to my mom’s house after braking up a crazy relationship, it’s been a year already and I know for sure I’m not going to stay in this house for too long, for sure my roots are being revisited and I “came” back to my family after a long absence (4th house) and I know it isn’t over. Uranus in 7th? Crazy too! Very different patterns of relating. I have also been working out more than ever, so transformation of self (Pluto is natally on 1h) and got some laser treatment to remove some old tattoos, style of clothing has also changed. I am a little concerned thoug, about January, because my mom will be having some heavy Pluto too, more specifically, her Jupiter Mars conj right on my libra ascendant, and her whole libra stellium 8house will be squared by Pluto thus opposed by Uranus, she is having also Saturn conjunction MC, Venus and square natal Pluto on 6h. Also my progressed moon will be opposing n Pluto….so, lots of Pluto and Saturn for January 🙁 let’s see what happens…..

        • Hi, Thaveed! Wow, well, yes, it sounds like alot going on for your Mom and for you. Hang tight. I kind of think some of this Pluto on the IC and in 4th for me will bring my mother’s death (she is 90) so it will not be a surprise, and oh my, yes, it will kick up all kinds of family CR**. I don’t think I will have to move, thank God, as I love the place I live in now. If I have to go back east for a funeral, I will have to steel myself in a big way. And I have been alone for so much of my life, I was hoping Uranus on DESC and in 7th would might maybe change that…?? (Sound of crickets..) Nothing. Yet. The only major thing that has happened is positive – a total breakthrough in my painting, which has me possessed and obsessed and unstoppable now in my art. Sounds Plutonian but I don’t really see how it connects to my creative life. I am a novice in astro so it would probably be obvious to someone. Anyway, I am riding that and loving it. Makes up for alot of other emptiness in my life. I feel like I’m channeling Frida Kahlo. haha Well, let’s all check in in late February if we are still alive and compare notes. Happy holidays to all – Paleblue

    • Can you explain anything else regarding this? Was there any other aspect?
      I have that now. SA Pluto on ASC, squaring MC. Pluto on Scorpio

  60. I had major pelvic surgery when Pluto was within a few minutes of my IC (14 Libra) — a bilateral pelvic osteotomy, which basically involved the surgeon taking a piece out of my right pelvis and implanting it (with a pin) on my left. It was very painful, I was in a body cast for six weeks, and then had to spend several months in a children’s rehab center 100 miles from home to retrain my muscles to walk again.

    It was a life-changing experience for me in the sense that every child there was disabled in some way, and living there taught me an important lesson about looking beyond the outer person. We had school right there in the center, and the recreation director made sure we all had lots of opportunities for fun. Some weekends I didn’t want to go home to visit because there were dances planned, or movie trips. It felt strange when groups of my friends would come to see me there, because some of them were clearly uncomfortable with seeing all the kids in wheelchairs and “banana carts” when I’d long since gotten past that.

    Pluto is coming up on the square now to my MC so I wonder if that earlier experience will be related in some way to what is in the near future. Uranus will be on the MC itself. It looks like a forced career change for me or maybe forced retirement.

    • Oh, and Pluto was squaring my ascendant from the 4th (exact) when I moved in with my then-boyfriend, and a month after that we moved together to another city. I loved the apartment we had, and the new city, but we didn’t get to spend a lot of time together after moving, and it was difficult financially. The relationship itself ended nine months later right after Pluto had once again exactly squared my ascendant.

  61. When Pluto crossed my Midheaven my mother died. A year after that my older sister, lost without my mother, took her own life. Although initially both of these incidents were devastating, I barely made it through… I look back now at that time and think, my relationship with both mother and sister was volatile at best. They were both alcoholics, cruel, selfish and were never really “there” for me.. it was always the other way around. Due to a sense of “duty”, I couldn’t bring myself end my dysfunctional relationship with my family. Once Pluto crossed my Midheaven, both relationships were ended for me. It didn’t hurt any less, but I’ve come to look at Pluto transits, if your lucky and/or unlucky enough to have the Major ones, as a rite of passage.
    Today, many years later, I wake up every day happy about one thing or another. I don’t have that “heaviness” in my head or heart. Pluto crossing my Midheaven THE turning point in my life, and now I know I can handle Anything that comes my way.

  62. Pluto is conjunct my descendant at 13 Capricorn and I messed up my shoulder. I may have torn my labrum and I’m probably going to need an MRI. This is a big deal for me, because lifting weights is my main passion.

  63. Thanks, Elsa. This is an interesting site. I’ve always wanted someone to look at my natal chart for me, because it’s very unique. I’m a triple Cancer (Asc 13 degrees, Moon 15 degrees, Sun 21 degrees) with a crazy T-Square (Mercury opposite Uranus/Saturn; with a Mars apex). The planets are at Aries-points, too – Mercury at 1 degree Cancer, Uranus at 29 degrees Sag, and Mars at 29 degrees Pisces. My MC is 22 Pisces.

    If I scheduled a 30min phone consultation, would you be able to answer some specific questions for me? I’m mostly concerned with work/career and what I am supposed to do for a living. My main interest is powerlifting, but that’s not a career; it’s just something that I will do on the side of my job. My T-square involves houses 12, 6, and 10, so it makes sense that I’m struggling to figure out what to do… (I’m sorry for typing so much. Ha).

    • Thanks, Rob. I’m not sure that I could address that. A chart will not show what a person is supposed to do for work. To me that’s a matter of discerning what you’d like to do, determining it it’s even remotely realistic and if it is, you then plot a path towards your goal.

      Same a power-lifting. 🙂

      • I understand. : )

        Also, I have one more question…
        I’ve been using the placidus system up to this point, but I just checked out my chart with equal houses, and both of the descriptions fit me. I’m really confused about which one to go with now. My Mars/MC move from House 10 to 9 and my Pluto moves from House 5 to 4. I’ve read all of the descriptions and I can’t figure out which one is more accurate. (I’m kind of disappointed about Mars not being in the 10th–because I kept reading that such a placement was ‘warrior-like’ in terms of public image–but I guess that Mars in the 9th would also make sense, since I am highly philosophical and enjoy weight lifting). I’m also highly creative, but I had a domineering father; as well as a handicapped sister in a wheelchair, which makes Pluto in the 4th seem reasonable, too. (My father left us when I was young; even though one of his kids was handicapped, and he even refused to pay child support. It would make sense if I had Pluto in 4). I also remember reading that Mars in the 10th happened a lot in the charts of people who had fathers who were police officers, and my father was a state trooper. That would be using placidus, though. I am too confused now… Both house systems seem to work for me.

        (I was thinking of requesting a consultation, but I need to pick a house system, first).

        • I (wildly) prefer equal houses, however, I am in the minority, mostly because of They set the standard in this Internet age and their standard is Placidus.

          • That’s what I noticed, too. When I first started to research astrology, I thought that it was the only way to divide the houses. I’ll need to mull this over now. My world has just been shattered.

            In either case, I have Mars (29 Pisces) conjunct MC (22 Pisces), and that definitely feels right to me. I just can’t figure out which house works better. I am highly driven to succeed in this world, but I also like sports and competition. I want to publish a radical book on philosophy, in hopes of public recognition–because I feel that I have some genius ideas–yet, I want to compete in powerlifting at the same time.

            I’ll spend some time thinking about this for now.
            Thanks for responding to all of my questions!

            • Rob. So, like me you are Sun 21 Cancer trine Mars Pisces. Equals strong in body but probably used by other people. We have just finished 5 oppositions by Pluto and just before new year also Saturn opposition.That was my second Saturn opposition to my sun. You are probably much younger though. Do you do progressed planets.?? Look at your Mars. Neptune coming.!!!! Are progressed reversing or going forwards?? You can also learn much by just doing your Solar chart using 21 Cancer as Asc on equal houses. In other words our partnerships have been hard work, draining? I would live a reply.

      • Sure it does Elsa, Noel Tyl in his book gave some examples, a Leo MC good for acting, and actually the guy with Leo MC went acting. I have a Cancer MC and I work in the housing industry, how literal…and so on, astrology can be so literal sometimes. Look around for examples, you’ll find tons.

  64. When transiting Pluto hit on my midheaven, mid Sag, I quit my job of 17 years, divorced after 25 years, moved to a different city and basically started all over. It was good for me tho. Have to say I’d do it again!

  65. I have Pluto crossing over do again now as we speak, as well as squaring my sun, with the uranus conjunction as well..The last year has stripped me totally financially, through two major thefts at both my home and work… I have had to rent out my house and move back with my father, as well as having all my one on one partnerships of many years dissolve and crumble… I had a breakdown in December last year as the first crossing and square came in, also during venus retrograde… Right now the only partnership I have intimately has closed down as well… It’s been hard and I feel completely alone… But I also know that somehow this is purifying and burning away the unreal.

  66. I broke up with my then live in boyfriend when pluto crossed my ascendant. Had boundary issues with clients, lost a little bit of weight, grew my hair long, changed it to dark red with lighter highlights. I have to admit I look much different than I did three years ago as it made it’s way through my first house. I have had some health issues and accidents that caused me to change my diet and routine. Met a much better and compatible man this year and it’s still going great. I say not easy but many blessings.

  67. Please, anyone – Anyone who has already gone through the Pluto on IC/Uranus on Desc. (at the same time as a Saturn return, anyone?) – Please – tell me what happened in your life. I’m pretty much at the end of the rope. Please, if you’ve gone through this particular combo already, tell me what happened. Thank you.

    • I have been experiencing the combination you describe and for me it has been perhaps the most difficult time of my life. When pluto sat directly on top of my ic, a very dear friend killed himself. Someone I never thought I’d live without. He was the love of my life and perhaps the most influential person in my life. Our relationship was complicated and his death brought a lot of unresolved issues to the surface. The pain I have experienced during this time has been immense and isolating, separating me from my friends and family. These events have shaken the very foundation of my identity and I have had to be extremely honest with myself about what I value, what I live for, who I really am on my own, stripped of all the things I’ve learned to hide behind. I don’t know what you’ve been going through personally but all I can say is you must hang in there. Great transformation is available to us if we can find the courage to embrace these challenges, but it seems that fighting them only postpones the inevitable.

      • I’m so sorry, Annie – so sorry. I can imagine the pain this would bring. I know to my core the feeling of having everything stripped from you. I was there in 2006-7 when I left my entire life behind, sold everything I owned and moved from New England to California alone with no job. I feel that way now, only without the hope of a new place and life, and without the money to make that happen. I have never felt so lonely in my whole lonely life. My work exhausts me, I have no partner, no love, no affection, my friendships are changing – the ones who seem like “fair weather friends” are leaving in droves, or I am feeling disappointed, alienated and even bitter toward them. Even ones I thought were true blue are hard to find. I don’t know why I do this anymore, and have deeply considered leaving all this myself. I feel as though I have no reserves to handle any more pain, and here comes Saturn and Pluto.. and URANUS! I don’t know how I will get through this winter. Saturn is hitting now, almost exact return, and the rest is exact in February, I think. I am sleeping alot and making myself as numb to pain as I can just to get through. Such an empty feeling. Life is so hard. No savings or security at this age, no help. I just want it over with, but I get so angry that I shake my fist and say, “Bring it, you F888ing bastards!” and just fight through it. If I feel it too much without anger, it’s just overwhelming for me. So I must have some Mars thing that I should thank for giving me this fight to make it through. I feel so much for your friend. I know what it takes for someone to do this. My heart goes out to all who come to that point, and to you, too. Love to you.

      • I had Pluto on my IC this year. First, I lost my job of 20 years through betrayal and then I lost my dearest friend. He was crushed to death by a car. I can relate to what you’re going through Annie312. I’m an island because I’m trying to deal with the pain of it all. Its terrible.

        My friends and family don’t really understand my distance and are no help at all. I know somehow I’ll make it through, but there are no happy times here.

        I know I have to go on, but I’m having a hard time moving on.

    • hi pale, ive just been thru it in last 3 yrs. i have 6 libra rising and 6 cappy on IC. so pluto went over my IC and uranus was on DSC, PLUS it then squared my venus in cancer near my MC. lets just say, it was a doozie. was driven out of my home of 17 yrs, all my animals died. my longtime colleague died. the guy who screwed me over in my home died and i inherited his dog. then the dog died. i had 6 failed pregnancies with a guy who ended up cheating on me anyway…good thing i didnt have a baby with him! lost a record contract. quit my other jobs to do music full time and then that fell through. spent last 2 yrs building a new home, only to have problems with neighbor’s psycho (i mean psycho) gf who accused me of stealing her pets and tried to press criminal charges against me. pluto is now opp my venus in cancer 10th house, (near MC). NOW im embroiled in a lawsuit against my new neighbors..ive had to get surveillance cameras to bust the gf who has broken into my car and done various disgusting things to it. (ie peed, poured water, planted animals in it, etc). career wise, its all messed up. i started working with a big star in the electronic music genre and now hes trying to control me (pluto in 4th, opp venus in 10th). not to even mention that ive had a falling out with both my parents, who try to manipulate me for their own selfish ends. i havent spoken to my mother in 3 yrs. my father only contacts me if he needs something. being that i AM venus in cancer, all of this has been devastating, exhausting, and hurtful. i can only hope that these things are empowering me in some way..

    • Hi,
      Yes, I happened to have that, a while ago. That time it not feel it a disaster, it was just constant changing of everything I had stable in my life. My marriage fall apart. Got divorced. Met my new husband. Then by Uranus got on my DC I remarried, and moved from Europe to US. My daughter decided not to come with me which was a heartbreak. She was 18 that time. And the last one was that I lost my Mother. So not an easy chapter of my life. It is on for long, as both planets are very slow. But being scared doesn’t help, you have to swim with the flow, just keep you head above the water!

  68. Heart & Hugs, Everyone

    It seems that Pluto crossed my AC back in ’76. During that time, my mother moved us to our first home. I was separated from my friends and the only male figure I had at the time, my grandfather. He died in ’85-ish when both Saturn & Pluto were transiting Scorpio (aspecting any combo of the 5 planets I have there).

    Now, I have Pluto warming up to my 4th hse cusp. The angle to watch, according to Elsa, should be 13 degrees. Pluto arrives at this point just as Saturn leaves Scorpio. Coincidence, not likely.

  69. Elsa, in reading what you wrote about equal houses based on the ascendant, (11 degrees Libra), would that mean that you would consider my IC to be 11 degrees Cap rather than the 13.57 that astrodienst shows it as? Meaning that I have technically already had my Pluto conj. IC at 11 degrees? Because when I look back to 2013, Pluto was exactly square my ASC when I DID move out of a very noisy and suffocating place into the paradise where I now live. Probably clutching at straws here, but – was that the Pluto IC if we go by equal houses? Thank you for a response… Maybe it’s the Saturn return that has me feeling like eating glass these days. : P

    • Did you manage to move after or before the exact conjunction?I find it interesting, ´cause where I live now is quite a place like you describe before, noisy and suffocating. I´m willing to move but have a lot of obstacles in my way. And to make it worst, by 2020 I´ll be having Saturn conjunct Pluto over my IC…..quite scary isn´t it?? Guess my paradise must wait at least 2 years to come true if it´s to happen.

  70. But the whole house system bases the angles on the ASC, is that correct? This is interesting, as the leaving of that place was rather Plutonian for sure, and in that same month, I had a heartbreaking (Pluto square DESC) revelation with regard to a relationship. I will look into the timing of other events with regard to this, too, and if it lines up, I’m going with equal houses, too.

    • Using the whole house approach puts my IC at 10 Cap, otherwise at 12 Cap. Last year, when Pluto transited over the 10 degree mark, there were issues centered around major repairs needed on the house. I have spent most of my spare time during the last year restoring the house since Pluto at the 4th is good for house repair but the main point is that the whole house system was supported by events. I’m sure there will be more coming up as Pluto transits the 12th degree. Especially with the transiting Uranus square from Aries ( 7th). Family issues are already surfacing today as Mars is 12 Cap…Mars or Sun are generally triggers – hope this is not a precursor to the events to occur around the Pluto/ Uranus transits. For you, see what happens around the time that Mars transits 13 Cap
      Like you, I am also having a Saturn return – exact in early January. We seem to be having very similar aspects. Look to the house rulers for clues as to possible areas of crisis or transformation. For example, Pluto rules my second = spending money on or transforming 4th house matters. Uranus rules my 5th – son is bringing up repressed issues about 7th = my spouse. Saturn – ruler of 4th, square natal Pluto (2nd) at 29 Sco followed by 2nd return at 0 Sag. Natal North node is also ) Sag and Venus (1st) transiting 0 Sag by progression. It all seems to tie in…but we’ll see.

      • Thanks, Bob – It’s interesting to cross-reference the P;uto transits with natal Pluto planets… (This is probably a no-brainer for astrologers – I am a novice, obviously.) My natal Pluto is in the 11th house of friends, and there have been issues with friends lately.. Uranus rules my 5th house as well. Zero action there so far, although I am a painter and I have been painting up a storm lately, so maybe that. But Uranus, ruler of natal 5th transiting Desc & 7th house – I was hoping for maybe a rain to end a VERY long dry spell. Nothing, even when Uranus was exact to my Desc. I am really feeling the Saturn. When Mars goes over the IC with Pluto there, I will stay in bed. Jeeeez. Thanks for the insight into whole houses, though. If that is the case and it is based on ASC, then I would have gotten the brunt of it back when I moved in late March 2013, and what I’m really feeling now is the Saturn, mostly… maybe. heh

        • Shortly after my first Saturn return, I moved away from my family and friends and felt very lonely for a while but it did pass. This is one thing that my mother, as an Astrologer, taught me when I started learning Astrology when I was 19 (now 58). That is… all these transits pass and so do their effects. Somehow that makes it easier, at least for me. Hope you fare well.

          • Yep, I’m 58, too. July 8, 1956. Thanks for the reminder that this, too, shall pass. Have a Jupiter return coming in August that I am naive enough to be hopeful about… they never seem to have the impact that Saturn does, do they? ; ) Well, I hope all of us who are being hit by this angle business emerge the better for it.

  71. Hi all,
    I just had transiting Pluto (in 3rd house) square natal Pluto in 1st house Libra,simultaneously with transiting Saturn(2nd house,Scorpio) square natal Saturn (11thLeo).It was a real nightmare – I got gall and kidney attack,my daughter hurt her wrist badly,my husband had some serious legal problems,and I went to a funeral of a relative.I was quite depressed with obssesive thoughts about death and bad things happaning to my dear ones.Now I am waiting for Pluto crossing my IC(Capricorn)at the end of January, then opposing my natal Jupiter and Mercury. And on top of that my tr. Uranus(r)is on the DSc.I don’t know if I will be able to go through all that is awaiting me.My daughter is having Pluto crosing MC (sag) in March:)I will be travelling abroad twice in January and I am scared.

  72. This is quite an article. I’m having my first transit Pluto doing angular aspect in my life conjunct my ISC/DSC in Capricorn 15º degrees 7th house, this April. Funny my retrograde transiting Saturn will be conjuncting my natal retrograde Pluto in the 5th house Sag.
    My transit moon will also will be squaring Pluto in my birthday (LOL!). Sun sq Neptune and Mercury sq Uranus.
    I wonder what this all means… but it sure looks promising. I also have Chiron in 4th house, as well North Node. I’m taking a riding license for motorbikes atm, I’m single and with some rather tumultuous family background. I’m worried about how will this affect me, given all the experiences of the people with similar aspects here.

    Even though I can say I had a meaningful life as child, my life in the late years has become much meaningless and without sense of purpose… stagnant, nowhere to go.
    So I’m trying to find my refuge in spirituality and meditation, but I guess Pluto will turn my life to the really big change my life needs. I always had dreams of a meaningful life with a sense of some sort of achievement (given the strong 10th house I have), so hopefully this will put me on track.

    I’m quite new to astrology but this article helped me connecting and understanding a lot about aspects in astrology though, thanks 🙂

  73. Hi Elsa,
    Good morning all!
    Pluto Trined my Leo Moon and Ascendant in 2004/2005 and they were wonderful years. Happiness/Love/Money.
    Pluto will start Trining my Taurus MidHeaven in 10th House in 2016 and will repeat again in 2017 together with it Trining my Taurus Sun in 2017. Trust/hope good Transits!
    Best wishes and have a nice weekend,
    John Henry

  74. My Midheaven is 13 Capricorn. When Pluto firs crossed my MH, I was physically threatened at work. This caused me incredible anxiety and because I was a contractor and the people who threatened me were permanent employees, within 6 months I was fired, under the guise of “we’re not renewing your contract”. There was a certain ethnic group that was threatening me, and nothing I could do to appease them worked. They simply hated me. When I lost that job, I lost a lot of my self esteem. I felt betrayed, and like I could not be seen, not for the life of me. Anything I said was taken the wrong way, I wasn’t believed— and I do not lie, not with Saturn the ruler of the MC— you learn early on, lies at your employment bite you in the ass, and I can’t stand embarrassment at work. Finally I got another job, in a completely different career, being a floor worker at a crisis center. The same ethnic group made up most of my teammates. Within weeks, I could feel it. My boss called me in and told me the team was “having trouble” with me. They said I had “attitude”. Of course I had attitude, you have to stand up for yourself *somewhat* when people are undermining or outright attacking you, which they did plenty of…. but I wasn’t running to the boss every time they did it! The last straw came this week when a patient called me expletives and my team mate derided me in front of all the patients. The team mate was 21, I am 56. I was filled with embarrassment. I went to my boss and told him that I am now in danger when these patients, who are in our psychiatric facility against their will, and angry about it, are given permission by the staff to strike out at the workers. 2 days later, I was fired. My team mate outright lied in order to justify his actions, and said I had told the patient to “shut up and eat his dinner”. Because I was PRN and my team mate was full time, with a father who also works at the center, I was shit-canned.
    They say Pluto brings out the ruthlessness in you or others. This transit is turning ME in to a quivering bowl of jello. I’m afraid to express myself at ALL because every time I do, it gets blown wildly out of proportion and ends up ruining my reputation. I look at my behavior carefully, more than most people. I know that I do not allow myself outbursts or tantrums; somehow I am accused of it anyway, by the very people who themselves throw tantrums. This particular ethnic group is very prejudiced against white people, and the state I live in has a very low white population compared to others. I have come across this discrimination in almost every way in this state. But the women of this ethnic group are the worst. They want to subjugate white women, and they laugh and joke about white women.
    Anyway, I am reading all these posts from you guys and I see and understand how Pluto tears down… and how so many of you had to go underground just to survive… it’s like we have to make ourselves so tiny, so small, in order to get through the transit.. except for the Soldier who went out and blew stuff up when Pluto went direct on his MC… I have had 3 hits so far and will have 5 hits in total to Pluto on my MC. And I need not mention Uranus squaring my MC/DC axis at the same time. This last full moon was directly on my Uranus/Chiron/Moon in Scorp t-square and it never fails… emotional shock. I cried all the way home (to my mother’s house) because I feel so trapped by circumstances!

  75. Still a ways off, but 2020 will be a big year for me. pluto over my DC (5 times!)and making it’s conjunction with Saturn there – exact to 7 minutes of arc. The same year Jupiter and Saturn also cross my DC and Solar Arc Neptune exact on it too. All the major conjunctions happening that year fall on my DC and it is also my Saturn opposition that year. Trying to empower myself with foresight now! Thanks Elsa & every-one for your stories!

  76. When Pluto conjunted my Sun in 1974, within one year almost everything happened to me: there was a major political revolution in my country, I left school and started working, I met a foreign man, run away with him, married ( big deal at the time a young girl speaking to a foreign man let alone marry one), went traveling, moved to exactly the other side of the world and had a baby.
    My Sun is 8degrees Libra on the 9 th house, and ascendant 23 degrees Sagittarius. I was born in 1954.
    Now I’m at cross roads. I’m 60 years old, and Pluto is squaring my MC. I have been travelling SE Asia for the last 3 and 1/2 years, Saturn return? I’m planning selling everything and moving to another city. Or moving back to where I originally come from. I feel a bit insecure with these changes and decision making. I also could have been recently in Nepal and dead. I count my lucky stars which brought me instead to an encounter with an unpleasant man but which left me with no scars. I do hope that this square with MC it’s ok.

  77. Are pluto squares to MC/IC considered be as challenging as conjunctions to those angles? It’s a ways off still, but with my MC at 17 Libra that transit is coming up. What have people experienced with the Pluto square?

    • Equal house system really puts a different spin on my chart. According to that system my MC is 27 Virgo; does that mean pluto is not transiting my angles after all?

    • In my experience, any planet near an angle triggers changes that are related to the nature of the house and the planets involved…You have Pluto near ASC and transit Uranus near IC…Pluto rules 11th ( income from job) and Uranus rules 2nd(your income)… I would expect changes in these areas, not necessarily bad unless these planets are afflicted natally… with transit Uranus at 4th house cusp you may move or spend money (2nd) on your home (4th)or purchase a home… in the end all should turn out well as next year Jupiter will conjunct your MC and the changes will be complete.
      For me this Pluto/ Uranus Square at the angle of 4th to 7th has caused much difficulty in the home, both the physical structure and relationship between spouse (7th) and son ( ruler of 5th at 7th house cusp)…Pluto rules my second and I am spending lots of $$$ restoring damage to my home. Also has my second Saturn return ( conjunct NN square in 2nd Pluto to 11th natally ) this year…I am waiting for the cavalry to arrive as I will have my Jupiter return conjunct the transiting north node in the 12th this coming January… I need a break !!!

  78. I had Pluto transit my 12th, 1st (Moon,Uranus) to 2nd (Mars, Merc, Venus, Sun, Neptune). Ummm. Life has always had challenges, but being a Scorpio rising and freewheeling Sag they had been stuff I had been used to. Looking back at childhood, in my 12th – bad accident as a kid, lots of introspection, interest in the occult, loneliness, looking into the darkness (yes even in childhood). In my 1st – it was the formidable years, but I had to deal with my family and certain abuses and look at my parents as if they were people…I grew up quickly and saw suffering everywhere in people. 2nd house conjunct my stellium and square natal pluto in 11th…ouch. Got knocked down when I tried everything to fix my marriage, problems with my job, career change, issues with friends, moved several times, got sick due to stress, tried to hide and do nothing…everything backfired. I felt defeated and abandoned, but I tried to keep my spirits up and travel and exercise. When the transit was just about finished…my only confidante, support system and friend during that time died of cancer (also a sag). I feel like I survived the odds. I feel like I aged 40 years. I’m exhausted and finally can move on.

  79. Oh wow, reading all the comments there has been some intense stuff going on. I had transiting Pluto conjunct my moon a few years ago, so I’m well aware of pluto’s strength. Now I have transiting pluto almost conjunct my MC, which will square my natal sun (on my ascendent), meanwhile Saturn will be transiting into the 9th house. Hmmm. I actually don’t want to think too much about it!! With Pluto being linked to obsessions, any suggestions how this could play out? Obsessions and phobias impact on my life in an extremely debilitating way. Pluto is in my 6th house in Libra in my natal chart.

  80. I am bumping this post because I would really love to read stories from the people that posted as they were going through this in 2012. How are y’all doing?
    Pluto is now retrograding back within one degree of my Midheaven. 5 FREAKIN’ HITS. And now Uranus is at my Ascendant. I feel like I can accept whatever is coming; however, I have to tell you, with the Saturn/Neptune aspect hitting my Virgo planets, I just have no strength to fight; that’s why I’ve moved into acceptance.

    • 2012 was a year that changed my life! I didn’t know what was coming until it hit. I lost a lot — a business, financial suffering, etc. It took a lot to pick myself back up and it was not easy but here I am, still standing. I can say I am better for it. I have kept to myself for almost 4 years and I am just beginning to feel like I can put the past behind me.

  81. Yeah, I’d like to read more too. Dog8818, what experiences have you had/things noticed with your midheaven hits? I’ve had one hit so far and I think I’m due for another two over the next year. I have Uranus transiting my 1st house, interestingly as it crossed my ascendant nothing and I mean nothing of note happened, I didn’t even get a haircut – nothing changed in my identity/self or my outlook, and that’s o.k, however I was surprised because in the past Uranus has dealt me some pretty intense surprises, none were easy for me.

  82. Interesting, Pluto crossed my ascendant when I was pregnant with my first child and moved back to my childhood home right after his birth. The deal was I could live there pay the bills and when my father came to town he would stay with me. Well anyway, I always say I made a deal with the devil because he spends months at a time with me and my family and just feel like I have no freedom and just keep rehashing that if I only worker harder and wasn’t so stupid I wouldn’t have to live like this. I think what did I do to my life. Then add a divorce on top of it. I just don’t like my life, I’m not the person I was. This Pluto thru the 1st house is brutal. My second house cusp is 23 I still have several of years left. Sorry for complaining, I’m just so unhappy all the time.

  83. Maybe I’m using the wrong house system (Placidus)…..?
    Pluto has been exact on my MC for the last few months (moving away with the RX) and I haven’t had anything too negative or challenging happen. I did change careers about 1.5 yrs ago but it was a welcome change and it has made my life better so far.
    However in the equal house system, it won’t hit my MC for 18 more degrees, so maybe I still have it coming?
    I normally use Placidus bc it resonates more, so is it possible that for this transit Equal is more accurate? Is it “ok” to change house systems like that?
    I’d rather the transit be happening now bc so far at least, I can deal, and I actually LIKE what’s happening. I mean, I definitely have challenges and struggle but I can feel it all moving me in a positive direction.

      • Got it?? I’m going to take a look at my chart as a whole again with the Equal system and see if there’s any new revelations. Otherwise I guess I can maybe chalk it up to the fact that the transit is not over yet. I’ll check back in here near the end of it to add if necessary ?

  84. This is my second time – over my Ascendant when I was in my 20’s ( stumbling around in the dark…) – now that it’s in my 4th, I can understand what it’s about – feel like I’ve been stripped down, the scales have fallen, and I can see clearly again ( like being back in my 8-year-old self, before all the hormonal stuff blinded me…..) – it’s Great!

  85. I had to go back and look to see when Pluto cross those major points and found that it would have crossed my ascendant in 1974 and my IC in 2011. For ascendant, that would have been the year I was 12 and our family moved to a new school district where I had to more or less figure out who I was in a new environment. Pluto also crossed my IC in 2011, which was when my mother, who was my last surviving parent, passed away. It has definitely been a new world since then if only because there is something powerful about becoming the “senior generation” in the immediate family.

  86. Pluto conjoined my ASC and sextiled & squared my MC before but it was when I was very young so I don’t remember much about what the experience except for the square back when I was a junior/senior in HS.

    However I have a 5x Pluto trine MC coming up once in 2017, 3x times in 2018 and a final time in 2019. Perfect timing because I’m planning a big career move which is taking me out of my comfort zone but I know it’s absolutely the right move. I also wonder if it might be when I get married and have children since the MC is also about social status like marriage and parenthood. I have other transits and progressions indicating marriage and parenthood too that’s why I was thinking about it.

  87. When Pluto crossed my DSC it also squared my natal Pluto. My divorce became final. Prior to that my younger brother died and it triggered in me that life was too short to be living like this. I had been threatening divorce for a while. I also, left a secure job and changed jobs 3x before I settled into something that fit only to find that they were going bankrupt and when they merged w/ another firm everything came together for me. Then my father died too.

  88. Thanks for your stories…here’s mine. I have natal pluto opposite venus which is tough enough but transiting pluto is approaching my cappy descendant and in 8 months I have: ended a significant relationship. Married a family friend. Started going to the gym and seeing my body change. Started seeing a pluto opposite sun man – in secret (of course)..and I have never experienced the like (my only consolation is,neither has he). If you’d told me what my life would be like now I would have laughed like a loon. Now I feel like a loon…It all started when I just had ENOUGH of my nice,safe,predictable relationship…I almost felt something break inside. Took me months to break it off properly though. All while trying to assert some sort of independence and break away from my cancer ascendant security,moon in 2nd house conjunct saturn issues…not over yet. Not for a while.

    • An update on my pluto transit: since writing that I’ve lost my house,lived in a sports hall with a communal bathroom, had my car broken into, and there’s more but I’d get too depressed if I went into more detail. Did I eat babies alive in a past life?

  89. Pluto will be crossing my infant’s mc in the next few months. He was born with it one degree past his mc but has since retrograde. Any ideas what might be in store? I’m hoping for some major life changes this coming year (new job, relocation).

  90. Pluto over DSC!
    This year in January Pluto for the first time crossed my Capricorn DSC 16’41. A month before exact conjunction I went over all Europe to study in different country for exchange semester (4 months). Here I met a guy in my university group, who has heavy Pluto influence in his chart. He is very possessive, but also very loving. He has changed big time my approach to relationships and in general all the thoughts about that. I have learned so much with him about relationships and he makes and helps me grow every day. But this hasnt been and easy path, it is very plutonic. I feel like phoenix burning and rising from ashes. And it happens a lot – this burning. But it is all for the better, im burning my old paradigms and my old walls I have build between me and people. (I havent had boyfriend for 8 years, I was just one night stand girl, who didnt want anyone, but now all that is swiped out of me, and in a hard way, if im not letting go of it on my own).
    Turns out he had eyes on me since the first day he saw me in classes. He is nothing I have ever met before and I was so amazed by him, like he is everything I have ever wanted. The time we spent together was amazing. We naturally and quickly became close and within sort period of time and started to think about how we could be together after my studies ends here. After 4 months I went back to my home country. We had some arguments and thoughts about that this cant work out. (Pluto had started to move retrograde direction and was coming back to cross my DSC back to 6th house). Pluto crossed retrograde my DSC for the second time. We spent month apart and then decided spend summer together at country my dad lives (my parents are seperated). We spent together 1 and 1/2 months (the idea was to move in already together in his country after summer), but then again in summer our relationship got shaky and HE decided to take a break, so he can get back home and think everything through if he still wants to be with me despite our arguments all summer and incompatibilities, which was a really hard on my mind, but I agreed to give him time and space. We went back to our home countries. After few days apart he already realized that he wants me in his life.
    So after 2 months apart (which we spent communicating through internet) I packed my bags and moved to his country to live and see. He is still young and he lives with his parents, Im 5 years older. He doesnt work, so for now we are still staying with his parents till we find something to live in. That was one of his reasons for our breakup, that he is not ready for such a big responsibility of me moving. (He met me when transit Neptune was crossing his Saturn; and actually my Saturn is conjuncted my DSC, so all this time also Pluto was crossing my Saturn). So we both have this time I guess issues in our minds and chaning stability and structures of life. Neptune makes him confused.
    But now lets see.. Pluto will transit my DSC for the last time in 24th of December. So Christmas night sounds like will be something grand scale. Have no idea what to wait for, but time will show. But I guess it has to be something grand, because Pluto is leaving my 6th house forever then.

  91. It’s been interesting reading these – my angles are the tail end of 17 degrees (Libra Asc), so I’m very much in the eye of the storm. The other night, when Pluto entered 17 Cap, I was physically vomiting and had this stream of conscious thing about how nothing mattered, especially not marriage or kids status, job title or property ownership, because when I die I’ll just be thankful for living, for loving and for nature. I’ve recently found myself without a job or home or partner, and I’m due to be bereaved very soon (they are end stage COPD). But weirdly since ‘vomit night’ I feel like true power comes from within, and this weird time is allowing me to transform inside out. But I might not feel that way in a few weeks!! Anyway, thanks folks!!

  92. Pluto will be on my 22 deg dsc in Cap soon.

    What has happened? I cut the family relationship crap out of my life. And I mean CUT IT. I mean not speaking and totally ignoring a couple of folks that have taken me to the bank and back for years. It wasn’t hard either. I just got up one day and stopped answering the phone. Some dramatics went on after….they rushed to my Mothers house and screamed and yelled (they never visit my poor mother who would love to see them more often…this was the only way they could pass a message) (the message was…we are never talking to her again LOL…funny)

    I thought if I ever did such a thing I would be in torment and overwhelming pain. I was forced to do it. I had no choice. And, I don’t loose a minutes worth of sleep over it.

    Right out of left field when I thought I should take another approach yet another ignorant thing happened and I was done. We teach people how to treat us. I have been so sick…for months and months and during that time they pulled back their energy and left me to drop dead. This, after giving them almost every dime I had earned for years to keep them afloat.

    I don’t know if I did this, or Pluto did it, but it needed to be done years ago. I just absolutely couldn’t do it for years. Then one day….total amputation. Its going to take a miracle for me to ever get involved in that again. And they are going to have to have respect for the people that love them the most.

    Has this caused me pain. Some, as there are more people than the adults involved to consider. But, there will be no more hostage situations in my life. They are adults and if I am ever involved with them again its going to have to be on an adult level, no games, no drunken rants filled with alcohol stupidity, and there will be NO more giving of time and money only to be talked about like shit.

    Both of them should feel lucky I took this route. I actually wanted to sue them both …that is how bitter I had become. And, I know I would have won somewhere around 12-20 thousand dollars back. I didn’t go that far….go ahead, rob me blind, but you will never treat me like a piece of dirt again.

    I hear they are falling apart at the seams without the energy, time and money I was freely handing over. Oh well. They need to grow up.

    This may be a mistake on my part of monumental proportions. I may be sorry someday….but it doesn’t feel like it. I feel free, I feel good, I feel like my heath is coming back to me and I feel stronger than I have in years. I feel like I wish I’d had the courage to do it years ago.

    I don’t even miss them. I thought I would.

  93. I just took a minute to look back on what Pluto has done in my life.

    I was shocked at what I found. It was April 1972 and my mother accused me of having sex. I was 14 years old. I had not had sex nor was I even at a place where I would have thought to have sex yet. I was mortified at the suggestion.

    Now I realize she was just fishing for information. She used to act like she knew something we did. Like she was informed by someone. Then, the guilty person would give it up. But, I was not guilty. In fact, for the first time in my life I was sick of this game. And, I was pissed.

    Try to imagine an 85-90 pound tiny little thing that did what she was told and was pretty shy actually. Afraid almost all the time. Afraid of so many things.

    She accused me of this on a Saturday. I went to school on Monday morning and with a girlfriend took off….and actually ran away. I was the kid on the milk carton for three days. They had no idea where I was or even if I was dead or alive.

    My friend and I hitch hiked and from where I live got pretty far….all the way to Kansas City. We were stupid kids…we were going to California and never coming back. We each had a bag with one outfit. A tooth brush….and about $3 dollars each. When I think about it I get scared for the younger me. Anything could have happened to us.

    It was on that day I grew some balls. I had absolutely had it with raising her kids, belt whippings for something one of my sisters did, and accusations about things I would never do. I was a good kid. I was never in trouble. Never in trouble at school. Really shy unless I knew someone.

    We got into a semi and he took us pretty far. When we got into the city at Kansas city he wasn’t going to let us out. I was sitting by the door….and I pressed my back against it and started kicking him with all my heart. When he got to a red light and had to stop….I jumped and my best friend jumped behind me. We ran into a McDonalds. And, he drove away. But, he called the police. Probably to save his own ass ….thinking we would report him. That hadn’t crossed our minds.

    Later, we were walking along a sidewalk when the police came and picked us up. I flat refused to tell them who we were. But, my Pisces pal gave up quick and gave them our names. Back then they issued an APB (all points bulletin) for missing kids….(no computers) and we were listed in 5 states. Kansas being one of them. So, they called our parents. And, they drove out to get us.

    I thanked God my Step dad came to get me. I knew what was waiting at home. I was going to be beaten within an inch of my life.

    My Step-dad and I walked in. My mother was standing there with the belt in hand. My Step-dad told her….lay one finger on her and your next. She walked away. He saved me.

    That incident changed the relationship my mother and I had forever. She never hit me again. And, she actually acted like she was glad to have me there with her. I never acted out again. I never did anything wrong after. I was never in trouble ever. But, for the first time and the last I stood toe to toe with my mother and she didn’t win that time.

    Today when she speaks of it, it breaks my heart because she was devastated and scared to death thinking I was abducted and could be dead. My sisters said she screamed and cried and wailed and screamed and cried and walked the floors ….I love my mother. I cant believe I hurt her like that. And, I never did again.

    The day I left Pluto was at zero degrees in my 4th (where I have a stellium in Scorpio) and almost sq my natal Saturn. Tran. Uranus was conj my NN and the moon was almost exactly on top my Natal Neptune in Scorpio.

    I guess my point is, every large moment in my life included a Pluto transit. It may kill me someday but in the mean time while most of us fear a Pluto transit, each time I have had one it did steamroll me but I was stronger and a better version of myself ….with every single transit.

    That which does not kill us……….

  94. Indeed, when Pluto hit the bottom of my chart, my parents divorced. I was 5 1/2- 6 years old. That one scarred me for life. I know a lot of kids get over it easily, but it pretty much destroyed me and my entire childhood because I was left with an abusive mom and no dad…actually a suicidal dad when I did get to see him. I’ve got Pluto natally opposite my Venus.

  95. Mine was pretty mild in terms of stuff happening in real life. I had Pluto cross the ascendant in 2009 and that’s when I found this blog. I was struggling with past trauma for several years and very confused about it, but when Pluto crossed my ascendant, I was able to start getting some clarity on my experience. I did “surgery” on myself via astrology over the next few years and was able to rewire myself. My wires got crossed growing up.

  96. When Pluto transited into my 4th, I had a pretty serious depressive episode, one that eventually saw me divorce my family (or they me, you could say). I was misdiagnosed, told I had a variety of different diseases. Started to shut in, not leave my house. It ruined my career (but then, Mars is also on the cusp of my 7th. So the whole thing was pretty violent). I got pneumonia. I also moved to a new home. It was a brutal, nightmarish time, which I’m glad to be done with. Also glad that I probably won’t see Pluto conjunct my Desc. Don’t ever want to do that again. But it did, over time, make me review my relationship with my really dysfunctional family, which, in the end, was useful, and the reason all of the above manifested.

  97. In 1994, Tr Pluto crossed my MC. Active “Parent Volunteer” at my kids’ school was another label added to my public identity.

  98. Using equal houses, nothing happened when Pluto crossed my Descendant except that I met a Virgo woman who became very important to me later on. Using Placidus houses, Pluto crossed my Descendant 3 times, due to retrograde motion. The first time I became ill with polio, but recovered without problem. the second time, we moved to another State, the 3d time I am not sure about.

  99. I had PLuto cross my MC 3 years ago at the same time Uranus had passed my ASC and Mars was on my DESC. Oh, what unlovely times. It felt like in the space of 2 weeks my whole life fell apart. I didn’t lose my job but it was a really critical time and I ended up as the responsible and guilty person even though I wasn’t and my boyfriend finally passed over my tolerance level so I left. I picked up the pieces in the months that followed and felt both happy and free but at the time it was happening, all I could do was live one day at a time.
    Oh, and that is counting MC with equal houses. I would have to check what happened when it was over 5 degrees Capricorn to see if it influenced my life then.

  100. Pluto was on my MC 4 Sag in 1997 opposing my Sun. i was 21. That was the final call to become a psychotherapist and to take less visited ways of development. Before that Pluto was opposing my Chiron 29 Aries and my Taurus Stellium – SN, Moon, Jupiter, Venus Mercury Vesta Pallas.inner pain pushed me tostudy the occult and astrology as a child during this long passage transit, got my mother involved in spiritual change, changed my religion, started my own psychotherapy. Pluto on my MC defined my profession, it was like compltion of the cycle.
    Pluto on my AC – 5 Aquarius that may be quite a challenge.

  101. When Pluto & Saturn conjoined exactly on my IC back in the early 80’s, my father walked out on our family for another woman and my mom and I were left impoverished and homeless and moved around for a number of years. I was only a toddler at the time my parents’ marriage dissolved so it really set the precedent for the rest of my childhood foundation as all of home life was unstable. Especially after my mother descended into crippling mental illness right around the time Pluto in Scorp conjunct my natal Uranus in the 4th (and never recovered).

    And in typical Plutonic fashion, every single childhood home I lived in, including even the tiny town I was born in, no longer exist because they were all torn down or destroyed somehow. There’s no revisiting my roots or even my family because they’re entirely disbanded. My childhood was almost entirely shaped by Pluto’s destruction. I’m thankful to have survived that time because of the strength and resilience it endowed me with but never, ever want to redo it either. I’m super thankful for my current family unit and work as hard as I can to provide stability for my kids (Mars in Taurus, 10th)

  102. In a few years Pluto will cross my 2 degrees Aquarius MC (Equal). I checked the transits for a person I know, and he currently has Pluto in their 12th. His ascendant is in late Capricorn so soon Pluto will cross it. Saturn is also about to enter his 12th. The majority of his planets are in the 10, 11 and 12 houses. On the surface he’s doing all right, finishing his studies abroad… I don’t know if I should say something to him in case he is secretly going through a hard time to let him know it will pass.

  103. Well, I just got fired from my job of 6 years. Looked at my chart and sure enough Pluto is transiting my IC which is also conjunct my NN.

  104. Have had the Outers travelling alongside me my whole life – have never felt I belonged anywhere – this is the second time Pluto’s crossed an Angle ( been in 4th House for a few years now). Am used to feeling like an Outsider/ Exile now, I suppose.

  105. Pluto is nearly conjuncting my IC, next year will. I´m terrified. Solar Return, progressions and solar arc seem to join forces just to show me how hard life is. I don´t know what will happen, but it doesn´t seem good. SR Mars will be in 12th combust Ascendant Squaring Uranus in 3rd (car crash?). Saturn in 11th nearly entering 12th (mourning?)

  106. All you can do is keep putting one foot in front of the other and you’ll get through it in the end….whatever happens during it….and you Will feel you just can’t do it at times…but it does all pass – and you’ll wonder how you survived it…..but you will…one way or another….

  107. I have natal Pluto conjunct IC. When I had my mc/ic Pluto square I had been a stay at home mom for about 5 years, and at this time my mom’s cancer came back and my husband lost his job. I ended up going back to work out of necessity.

    In 2020 Pluto will conjunct my descendant at 23 degrees capricorn, in the 7th house. It will also sextile both my north node (at 23 degrees scorpio) and my moon (at 23 degrees Pisces) and square my sun (26 degrees Virgo). I’m looking forward to the upcoming shitshow!

  108. You made the distinction that in Equal house the angles (cusps 1,4,7 & 10) are all determined by the degree of the Ascendant- I get that. But then you referred to Pluto crossing your Midheaven. We all have a Midheaven that is irrespective of the degree of the Ascendant. And yes, I understand that in Equal house this is not the same thing as the 10th house cusp. And when you refer to the “angles”, you are simply referring to the cusps of the angular houses, not necessarily the IC/MC which are independent of the house cusps. So my question is, when you referred to Pluto crossing your Midheaven, did you mean Pluto crossing your 10th house cusp, or your actual Midheaven, which is an independent point?

    • I consider both, Christa. And I understand that most who read here do not use Equal houses. So in my world there is a “midheaven” and a “top of the chart”. There is a peak there like the top of a a Ferris wheel.

    • Upon further thought, I’m assuming you refer to the 10th house cusp as the Midheaven, and disregard the other point known as the Midheaven. Am I correct?

      • My apologies for the 2nd comment- I didn’t realize you had already responded! Thank you for clearing that up for me. The reason I’m so curious about making that distinction right now is that Pluto just crossed my Midheaven, which falls in my 9th house via Equal. It won’t cross my 10th house cusp for quite some time. So I’m very curious about the differences in those transits.

      • I try to communicate with whoever I’m talking to. But personally, I see the 10th house cusp (USING EQUAL HOUSES) to be highly important, sensitive and useful for timing things.

        Most importantly, it helps with interpretation because the fact of the matter is, anything that affects the 1st house affects the 7th (most astrologers accept this).

        But it also affects the 4th and 10th (via practice but also common sense). So if people want to ignore this, it’s fine with me. But I am SURE if you change your appearance (1st house) it impacts your public standing (10th house). So all the other stuff makes me weary. I think it dilutes things for no good purpose or gain.

  109. So if you wouldn’t mind explaining, what were the differences for you when Pluto crossed those 2 separate points? Was either one more powerful than the other?

  110. Pluto has made its first pass over my DSC. Good time to start a 12 step program? I have been trying to quit smoking pot for years – and with some good success! but every time I relapse, the addiction seems to be more aggressive. Now that I’m getting married, the stakes are even higher. My weakness for weed is the most obvious hindrance to the self transformation that I am aiming for. If this transit is about loss – then I am committing to losing my awful habit!

  111. Wow where do I start…
    For the past year and a half I can say things have definitely changed. Ouch! I have pluto transiting my ic just passing. 2017 was the worst year ever for me! Right now pluto is at 20 degrees and my ic is at 19. The end of 2016 I lost my dog who I dearly loved, followed by me getting severely sick in early 2017 from mold exposure at work, drastically effecting my eyes and my entire body so bad I had to quit work with out a back up plan. Had to move out of my house into my moms immediately after quitting and had to put my things in storage. Been living off credit cards and racked up quite a bit of debt. Right now the moneys run out, don’t know what’s going to happen like at all. Contemplating just up and moving to California somehow and starting fresh and hopefully things just work out. Security is not existent as my family is not willing to help me get through this and really don’t understand what is happening to me. Have applied to probably over 60 jobs and no luck. Found out my father had died on Facebook and I didn’t know for 8 months since no one said anything (we were not in contact). Forget about all the emotional turmoil on top of it. Well hopefully after all this the dust settles and I have a new found security and foundation to build on and most likely in a new location. I know it’s all for the best but yikes what a growth spurt.

    • Oh God!!
      All strength for you!! I´m terrified too, my Pluto transit on IC is just starting and I´ll be having it conjunct Saturn in nearly a year. Scared to death is the least. I´m afraid I´ll be homeless and something bad happen to my father. :'(

    • So it’s like 7 months later and I wanted to update. I’ve applied to over 120 jobs and have had interviews and for whatever reason I haven’t gotten a job. I had an interview today I’m actually hopeful for that’s right up my alley. It’s not like I haven’t tried getting a job, it just hasn’t come to fruition. Like there’s a lock on the job door and I haven’t been able to get in. I’ve also got my car repoed, had to sell my things to get some money, still live with Mom, and phone was just turned off. Oh and credit cards are close to being sent to collections. You may think I could just go get a job anywhere but when you have had the experience I had you would only want to do what feels good to you. Why would anyone come to earth and purposely do something that didn’t feel good to them? I’ve done that my whole life and I’m putting a stop to it. Plus being a sensitive, I just would not do well in a high traffic environment like a store or fast food place. For my sanity I need a behind the scenes job or a low key job. But anyway, my grandmother has also passed in March and found out a childhood friend died which was a huge shock. Most of my friendships have ended with the exception of 1. I’ve prettty much been ground into a pulp and leveled to ground zero. Meditation has been extremely helpful. And breath work. I’m just grateful to be alive. This will all sort itself out. There’s purpose in all of it and I know that. It’s just the going through it that can be challenging. But I’m definitely not the same person now compared to when all of this started to happen. Right now I still have a lot of major transits happening at once. Pluto opposite MC and square ascendant. Uranus opposing sun, mercury and Pluto. Saturn sextile sun and mercury. And Chiron sextile Chiron. Neptune was just opposing mars and Venus too. Plus I haven’t included my secondary progressions or solar arc. What was I thinking when I agreed to this before birth? That is a great question. Guess I’ll find out in the near future.

      • If you have Pluto at IC that means that Neptune is probably close to, or has just passed, your 6th house cusp. This can bring confusion, fog and disillusionment related to job searches and other 6th house matters. It should pass once the planets move some. Be glad that you have your health though with Neptune there. When Neptune hit my brother’s 6th house cusp, he had a lung transplant and ended up blind and disabled.I have Neptune there ( conjunct Mars ) – My cat just dies suddenly, I am retiring and have adopted a rigorous health regimen – hopefully to thwart Neptune – if I can. As you see, all 6th house matters.

        • Sorry to hear about your brother and your cat. I still have Neptune in my 5 heading towards my 6th but I have been feeling quite a bit of confusion about everything. I have applied to office jobs and design jobs and things of that sort. I’m open to something different just in certain environments. I definitely feel like what I went to school for (graphic design) is not in my long term plan. I have not been feeling very creative lately. I am so grateful to have my health though. I actually did a detox and really that has reset everything. I’m ready for another one just because I want to keep on top of it and I loved the mental clarity I got from it. Though it was a very difficult detox. Also I’ve completely changed my eating habits. I used to eat whatever without concern as far as sugar and whatnot. Now I am very health conscious.

          • Your new health habits should do you well when Neptune advances to the 6th. Regarding Neptune opposite Mars, 5th to 11th, the opposition creates a separation and Neptune dissolves what it touches so that may be what you have experienced regarding friendships. 11th house is also income generated from employment ( 2nd from 10th) and I will assume that Mars is your 2nd house ruler. This would explain the lack of income. Check your Solar return for 2017, it may have been a bad one but hopefully 2018 will be better for you.

            • Thank you for your insight! Yes my ascendant is libra so my second house is ruled by Scorpio. I guess that is Pluto and mars ruler. Capricorn on the 4th house cusp. I have a stellium in the first house with Pluto, Saturn, mercury, and sun so I’m not sure if this was affected too. I just am looking forward to all the things this is birthing for me. Basically an entire new life. Next year I hear is supposed to be better.

  112. My pluto is getting ready to enter my 4th house.. which is going to create an oposición to my MC .. entering my 4th means big changes are coming up … so glad I found this forum!

  113. What about Pluto conjunct descendent in solar return chart. I will have this in ten years. I’m worried of a death or divorce. I’m
    Not even married yet, but if I do get married is it bond to end?

  114. I am confused about which house method and chart method to use when evaluating Pluto/Saturn transits. On my natal chart, using Placidus house system, my IC is at 22 Capricorn, which means that Pluto and Saturn keep dancing around my IC right now but, more importantly, it means that on January 12, 2020 when Pluto and Saturn are conjunct in 22 Capricorn, it will be an exact conjunct with my IC. If I use a different house system or use my relocated chart, the results are different. Do we just look at the natal chart for major transits over the angles and do most people use Placidus?

    • Cynthia … My MC is 23 degree Placidus system. I wonder what will happen during Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter conjunct … I am about 8 years from the big final exam of Saturn return. I have been working hard and totally changed up my career focus by seeking higher degree. Ive completed three Associate degrees and still have 30 credit hours for Bachelors. Saturn just crossed over into my 9th house. It has clouded my philosophies and direction … its been a very rough patch in my life. I have to re evaluate and make changes fast or I fear I will sink.

  115. Pluto crossed my MC last year. immediately following, my SO of 13 yrs left me (pluto transit crossing his dc) in an apartment being evicted (which he hid notice of), so I lost my home also, & lost my job. Told my Dad & he cursed me out for needing him, changed his locks & left tge country. I rebuilt my life back again within 6 months, but I’m definitely a different person.

  116. Double whammy! I use Equal House system. Pluto will be coming up to conjunct my MC at 22 Capricorn in February 2019. At the same time, Pluto will be coming up to conjunct my progressed Desc at 23 Capricorn! My solar return chart for this year has all the cusps at 0 degrees with Scorpio on the Asc and my Sun conjunct the Asc at 1 degree (I am Scorpio sun with a stellium in Scorpio 6th house natally).
    I have recently stopped working (my choice) and changing career direction. I will provide some feedback after Pluto has passed this degree (although Pluto will transit this point two more times after retrograding). There is also a significant line up of planets which will conjunct this degree in January 2020, which was mentioned earlier in this thread.
    It has been really helpful and insightful reading the experience of others and thank everyone for sharing.

  117. I was anticipating big things when pluto conjunct my MC but it was a bit of a fizzle, I did change direction with career slightly but nothing dramatic. Transiting Pluto and saturn conjuct my natal moon though was another thing, HEAVY.

  118. My IC is in my fourth… and it is coming very fast!! I heard that changes will also affect parents… or other close family members…

  119. WOW!
    When my transiting Pluto conjunct natal Saturn in the 6th in Sag, opposition natal Moon in 12th in Gemini, suddenly life as i knew it was no more, it crumbled in front of my eyes & i was powerless, i fell extremely hard from a mystery illness, it involved my immune system but none of the specialists & professors i saw could work it out. It was an excruciatingly heart wrenching, very unwanted & despised life changer! i’m over it now & super-duper strong living my new life 15 years later & am currently watching transiting Pluto in Capricorn cross the Asc of an ex! YIKES!
    Brilliant thread, Thank You!

  120. I have the transiting Pluto / Saturn conjunction coming in January 2020 going to square my M/C and I/C of course. Also, it will square my Jupiter in the 4th.
    Everything suggests change in career and being careful not to push people around or dominate others. Any suggestions how to navigate this difficult transit successfully even though we don’t know exactly how it will play out yet? Many thanks, Michael

    • I’m experiencing the same exact ordeal.
      We have the drive, dedication and focus to really grab the reigns, motivate, but it cannot be forced etc. Definitely having a change of career occuring.

      I’m not sure how to direct onself thru this transit exactly since I’m in the middle of it

  121. Hi Jake!
    Interesting what you´re saying. I´m having in a few months Pluto conjunct IC, that means opposing my MC. I´m simply terrified as I´m happy with my job and don´t want to lose it. You found an interesting job maybe because it was conjunct instead opposing it? Also my Saturn is getting near IC too, so the infamous Saturn-Pluto conjunction in 2020 will be on my Nadir. Squaring ASC. Just waiting for the final blow from the universe haha

    • Hi There! Any updates as of today? Were you able to keep your job? I am going through the exact same situation right now..Pluto Conjunct 4th housecusp ..

  122. I’ve already had tPluto conj ACS over 30 years ago and that was more than ghastly. Then tPluto sq Venus. Now for the last tPluto opp
    MC with Saturn in 2020. But as it has hanging around for a few years, I’ve already survived a number of life changing events when tPluto sq pSun and have sold house in one state and moved to another, I’m hoping there’s not much more.
    Except tUranus is opp pSun conj ASC Scorpio so I guess I should be do some deep breathing or just continue painting.

    • Hey, I have Pluto currently conjunct my north node, Pluto conjunct asc from October and Pluto conjunct my moon twice from 2021/2022…. a triple whammy in the matter of 2/3 years.
      Already experienced a complete destruction of old self due to a relationship breakdown with young baby, soul destroying and challenging but now I’m out the other end I feel stronger and blessed.
      Does anyone have any experience with any of these conjunctions?? Honestly… I’m a little worried about the Pluto Moon conjunction as this is transit I have the least knowledge of!
      Thanks, Sarah x

  123. hi guys i have been experiencing huge Pluto energy with Pluto conjunct my mid heaven in Capricorn in the 10th house and then conjunct my sun conjunct my mid heaven in the 10 house.
    this has left me totally transformed, my rock my father passed away during this time with a terminal illness. I took a trip down some pretty intense places psychologically it was an extremely heavy cloak. I found out that my dad deep secrets that were only revealed to me after his passing so I did not even get the opportunity to process these with him . In fact it was totally denied to me and made me question who was my dad? it was a intense time . But now I am coming out the other side my sense of depth has grown and it is still a bumpy ride as I now have Saturn conjunct my son so still have burdens to bear …But i know after the Pluto experience that I will weather the storm and be stronger for the experience life can be really dark but in those moments the most amazing collateral beauty is their if you look for it .

  124. Hmm.Since I was born pluto transits to my MC, asc, and all of my planets as they are all in virgo,libra,scorpio and sag. So my whole life has been tested by pluto. Now I have no planets in Capricorn . Its been a tough transit anyway.

  125. When transit Pluto was on my IC my two brothers was born. We don’t get along at all since they were teenagers. A lot of pluto themes in our sibling dynamics. (I have natal pluto in my 3rd).

    And while Pluto was transit my 4th house I was a “teenager”, a lot of transformations physically and mentally.

    We moved to a new house. Some months later I went to a boarding school in an other country for 5 years and got back after 5 years, Tr pluto still in my 4th house (where my natal saturn and uranus are).

    I use placidus, makes most sense for people born in my hemisphere.

  126. Wow! All of your stories are amazing.

    I checked and when T.Pluto in Scorpio (procreation and reproduction in medical astrology) entered my 1st H, my menstrual cycle started. It was a surprise to everyone, including me, because I was so young – not even pre-teen. Needless to say, it forever changed my life.

  127. HI Shannon wow your resilience is amazing!!I too have been through the intensity of Pluto transits. It will start to lift but its one heck of a journey, and the transformation that Pluto calls to bear through your tough life experiences. Leaves its scars but also rebirth, power and healing warmly Julie

  128. I moved in with my now husband when Pluto moved into conjunction with my ASC in Capricorn. When he rolled over my exact degree, I got married, finished my MBA, and bought my first house. My husband is a Scorpio. I met him in 2007 about a year after I divorced my first husband who was also a Scorpio. I’ve spent a lot of years in therapy working through my relationship patterns.

  129. I’ve lived a life full of Pluto transits (in my short time here so far).
    I was born with it squaring my Sun & Moon & Venus;
    by 6 it crossed my Uranus;
    by 9 it crossed my IC with Saturn in tow;
    by 11 it was squaring my Mercury & Mars;
    between age 13-24 was ‘the trining’, first my Sun, then ASC, Merc & Mars;
    by 25 Pluto crossed my Neptune
    by 29 Pluto opposed my Saturn
    by 32 Pluto opposed my Venus
    by 36 Pluto crossed my Moon
    by 38 Pluto opposed my Sun
    this was followed by what I called ‘my reprieve’ till
    this year (at 46) it has started crossing my DSC
    then it will oppose my Merc & Mars as it makes its way thru my 7th house.

    Once this is done and Pluto leaves Capricorn, I won’t have a Pluto transit till 2065 (when I’ll be 93) my Pluto Opposition, followed by Pluto squaring my Moon, then squaring my Sun and if I live to be 114, it will cross my MC. That would be three angles Pluto would cross, if I can make it that far 🙂 My Mom says I’m tenacious enough I just might make it that far, LOL!

    As far as what happened, I’m not sure I can differentiate it crossing my IC to other crossings (even the more generational crosses, like Uranus). I’d say it crossing my Moon was far more insightful, but I was older and more ‘self-aware’. I’ll be interested to compare once it’s past my DSC and see what I can get from that. What I do know is that in the ‘trining’ period, I felt freer, I was able to learn to stand on my own and be my own person. I felt a lot ‘lighter’.

  130. I think I’m past my Pluto conj. Descendant transit – but not totally sure? It’s kinda crazy how a 10 minute window of uncertainty around birth time translates into a year or two (at least?) in terms of an exact Pluto transit to the angles! I do feel like the weight has lifted at this point. Ultimately, I dropped out of grad school (for the second time..) and moved halfway across the USA to be with a man. I made my decision having only known him for 7 months, and it was a pivotal change for me.

    I quickly adjusted to living a drastically different life. The move was from an extremely affluent and densely populated area around NYC, to a pretty remote place that is rich with natural resources, far north in the Great Lakes region – in the dead of winter… I cut a lot of social ties and abandoned a lot of economic possibilities to settle into my new life in the woods and I am glad to be here! People always ask me how I handled the transition, but honestly it was a no-brainer for me and I have no reason to look back. I’m still carving out my own niche here, but I have a vision and it’s going well.

    We met exactly 3 years ago, today. We are now married and living very happily together with a house, 5 acres of land, and the ride-or-die type of relationship that I’ve always wanted. That all happened in concert with my first Saturn return. Now as Pluto separates from my Descendant, Saturn takes his place. Pluto is also moving into a trine with my sun, so I guess that’s nice. We will begin trying to start a family in the next few months or so.

  131. Pluto has been transiting my IC for years… lots of inner processes of clarifying the past and all emotional dramas, went through therapy and I’m still not done… I was born with Pluto in the first. In terms of job, I was not jobless, but every job I had so far was a challenge in terms of authority and boss relationship. I got my first job under this transit and was a Devils wears Prada scenario…

    • Did you find difficult to find a home, renting o selling o whatever related to houses??? Have you also gone through Saturn in 4th?? I´m terrified with the conjunction Saturn-Pluto that will be hitting my IC soon. My job is nice, got great bosses and I wouldn´t like to have problems, but everybody is saying the same about this transit and jobs….sigh….I´m lost….

      • That´s easy to say. I experienced 20 years ago Uranus and Neptune over my IC and then conjunct Moon in 4th. That was the most difficult period of my life. My mum died to cancer, serious family problems with siblings, lost boyfriend, lost home, was living for a period of time with friends with nowhere to go, jobless….No, there was nothing positive that time. Not even now can see anything worth from so much suffering. And now, again, Pluto and Saturn.

        • I am sorry to hear that Lou.
          What’s your date, time, place of birth?
          Uranus & Neptune are very different energies though..Pluto will give you inner strength..Saturn will bring the planting of new seeds.

      • What I found difficult was not to find a home, but to find a place where I can feel home, a feeling of home. I got Saturn in the mix in the 4 house in transit now… Jupiter will join it soon. This heavy conjunction will be inside the 4 house. I have no planets there, but a stellium in the 12 which will be hit by all of these transits. I’m not sure yet how to prepare for this and what will it bring. I must confess I’m scared, I try my best to do what needs to be done and not postponing issues that require solutions. I don’t know if this is the best approach, I’m just trying this way…

        • I´m finding difficult to find a home and feeling at home, both. So I can relate with you. Jupiter will hit my 4th too with the fantastic others: SAturn and Pluto. I´ve got Pluto in 12th natally, buth this time won´t be making a bad aspect from there. I wish you luck with a stellium in 12th. They´re usually difficult to handle.

  132. Pluto transiting 12th house was intense. Currently it is transiting 1st house. Saturn is also in the 1st house and I can tell I am in a huge transition, personally & professionally. Just taking it one step at a time.

    • Rekha, you will be coming out of what is known as an approximate five year dark period, everybody goes through at some stage, whilst Saturn transits the 12th and 1st houses! When Saturn leaves the 1st house.

      You are in the midst of a major restructuring of the whole personality structure, which takes approximately 10 years.

      Once Saturn starts its transit of the 4th will be beginning the upward climb in life again, after a relatively dormant period in your life.

      Even if there was success in the eyes of others, it will not be to the degree you would have liked for yourself..not until it starts to transit the 4th and you begin the upward climb in life again.

      Yes, Pluto always brings transformation and regeneration. Wherever Pluto transits, will ultimately become stronger. ?

  133. Thanks Amy for reassuring me. I think that things are getting better. Next year with Jupiter joining the party, I expect to see major changes… But meanwhile I can and will live mindfully right now.

  134. Iv’e had T pluto sextiling my 12th house pisces sun over the past year until its final pass at the end of this year. Im not sure what has changed other than my creativity seems to have come to a standstill, I have pulled away from many people I find negative and unable to find something positive in their lives. I watch almost nil tv and prefer to spend time online researching and collecting data I think I need to complete many of my UFO’s which have also come to a standstill. I want to discard things that I no longer need or feel I will use. I sleep a lot but put this down to age as I’ve always been a bit full on. Am looking forward to spending a week in a friends’ forest cabin at the end of this month with no phone or inet access just myself, walking boots and a few sewing projects of my own. I seem very calm inside but still wondering what’s next.

  135. My natal Pluto is conjunct my ASC, so I was only about 2 years old during that transit over my ASC. I don’t remember that time. However, the transit over my IC has changed my life – I had a baby just prior to the transit (the first time I’d been in a hospital since my own birth). Then just after the IC transit, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I lost my hair, I lost my breasts, probably my fertility… transformed my body. I have had two other unrelated life threatening illnesses since Pluto has been transiting my 4th house. I’m almost glad I will likely be dead before the DSC transit! (I’d be like 96, lol).

  136. Mishka lovely to see you so accepting and positive about your circumstances. Humour and gratitude seem to have been the major traits that help people through difficult times that seem tragic at the time but on reflection are the turning points in our lives for change.

  137. Pluto is going back and forward over my ascendant at 23 cap, squaring my natal uranus. I’ve had the first pass, next due Jan 12th 2020. I almost feel I can’t write about this transit yet but I will say about two years ago a positive inner transformation began and has taken hold but I’ve also experienced great loss during this time. On the whole as soon as pluto entered capricorn I started to experience major turbulence, pluto crossed my north node (opposing my natal saturn) almost immediately. Change and transformation seems a constant in my life, in natal chart I have uranus and pluto conjunct my sun. But I do feel the authentic me is emerging. Finally!
    This post inspired me look back and I realized Pluto crossed my midheaven in the late 1990s. In the run up I left home to go to college, by the end of the transit I’d graduated, worked my final summer at a local factory and experienced the most intense relationship with work guy (pluto crossed my natal venus at 29 scorpio ;-)), then moved hundreds of miles to the opposite end of the country and started a new phase, job, city. Relationship ended but I’d been transformed 🙂

  138. My ASC Scorpio and was married to a Scorpio who left before tPluto conj ASC. Emotionally shattered by divorce but when Pluto conj ASC my son killed in a car accident n the most painful time of my life. Natal Pluto Mars sq ASC.
    It took years to accept but time does soften and learning Astrology was life saving. When I was a child, my adopted father used to call me Pluto as a nick name!

  139. I am just reading this thread now 🙂 I am to experiencing pluto at the ascendant (23 degrees Capricorn). It will completely cross 2020. I am finding this hard however finding astrology in the past year has at least made me conscious:) 13 years ago my marriage ended, became a single mother, had a two short lived relationships, and have reached for prescription medication at times to deal with the deep despair. Now I’m more conscious of what is happening I am surrendering a lot more however it’s still difficult at times. Last 12 months life has changed so much and I have felt a massive sense of lose however I am rebuilding and life day by day is getting better as long as I don’t fight the changes. My girls are now successful young ladies and have left the nest. My family is also slowly growing in their own directions. I’ve had a career change (which I love) and also a suburb house change which I am also enjoying. Looking to expand my career in coming year. One thing that does and has surprised me is the feeling I get if I’m presented with a relationship/date. The feeling I get is like having my head under water. I realise now that this is just part of the process so I’m not fighting it 🙂

  140. When Pluto crossed my IC, I up and moved 1000 miles away from everyone and everything I knew and loved except for my daughter who went with me. I stayed there for 14 years until my Dad was diagnosed with cancer at which point, I quit my career of 8 years anx moved back home. I am an only child. Consequently that move coincided with Pluto entering my 5th house. I lost my Dad in 08, 2 years after moving home. Mom moved in with me in 2012 and I lost her this year in March. Being an only child and single, I feel like an orphan and am truly devastated. Coincidentally, her death coincides with Pluto entering my 4th house on my solar chart. Saturn was also opposed my moon at the same time. On another note, My home was severely damaged by Harvey. I am just now getting it finished and will be selling. I am petrified it won’t sell for what I need. My moon has been assaulted by Pluto and Saturn for a many years. Amd Uranus was oppose my sun and Neptune squaring my venus/mars co junction. I have HAD IT with the outer planets. Pluto and Saturn will be squaring my sun all next year. My rising sign is Leo. Am I going to die? UGH!

    • wow that is a truly relentless hit after hit after hit you start asking what else will the universe through my way
      I wish you the very best moving forward and grief is a relentlessness heavy cloak !!! yet the resilience you are building
      ve the courage to share your story and still rise each day
      I live in New Zealand and was going through over 10 000 earthquakes during my pluto transits and the loss of my father this stunning lady Maya Angelou wrote a poem that is universal …
      You may write me down in history
      With your bitter, twisted lies,
      You may trod me in the very dirt
      But still, like dust, I’ll rise.

      Does my sassiness upset you?
      Why are you beset with gloom?
      ’Cause I walk like I’ve got oil wells
      Pumping in my living room.

      Just like moons and like suns,
      With the certainty of tides,
      Just like hopes springing high,
      Still I’ll rise.

      Did you want to see me broken?
      Bowed head and lowered eyes?
      Shoulders falling down like teardrops,
      Weakened by my soulful cries?

      Does my haughtiness offend you?
      Don’t you take it awful hard
      ’Cause I laugh like I’ve got gold mines
      Diggin’ in my own backyard.

      You may shoot me with your words,
      You may cut me with your eyes,
      You may kill me with your hatefulness,
      But still, like air, I’ll rise.

      Does my sexiness upset you?
      Does it come as a surprise
      That I dance like I’ve got diamonds
      At the meeting of my thighs?

      Out of the huts of history’s shame
      I rise
      Up from a past that’s rooted in pain
      I rise
      I’m a black ocean, leaping and wide,
      Welling and swelling I bear in the tide.

      Leaving behind nights of terror and fear
      I rise
      Into a daybreak that’s wondrously clear
      I rise
      Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave,
      I am the dream and the hope of the slave.
      I rise
      I rise
      I rise.
      may it give you strength xx

  141. I’m a Leo with tPluto opp MC Cancer n Pluto has been in 4th and I’m still here! Uranus is about to opp my Scorpio
    ASC and I’ve been watching these transits for a while.
    I think now it might be emotional changes after so many harder transits in the past. I’m also an only child. Maybe it will be your Moon transforming in some way and
    Your emotions will be more tranquil. Wishing you many trines and more happiness

  142. Pluto is exactly conjunct my MC in the 9th house. I’m pretty frustrated because I’ve been wanting to work in my chosen profession in the healing arts but I’ve been raising my small children full time and dealing with the intense debilitating Lyme infection I’ve had since I was 8. It’s never been this bad, but it has forced me to finally kick it once and for all. I’ve been hard at regaining my health for over a year and my oldest is about to go to kindergarten, so I’m hoping for a chance to get out and work. More than ever I want to do my career – but have felt so powerless and physically prevented from doing so. I hope the Pluto conjunct my MC will prompt me to regain the personal power in my career. Pluto is also squaring Chiron in the First house, which is conjunct my Ascendent. My natal Pluto is with Mars and Saturn in the 6th house, all 5 degrees apart. They have been contributing factors to being so sick I can’t work – I believe. Funny though, I’m looking towards Saturn of all planets coming into Aquarius in my 10th house to give me support – it will trine the 6th and I need all the harmonious aspects I can to get me out of the slump.

  143. I have my natal sun 24° & venus 23°53 on my 23°55 DC in capricorn. Natal pluto 4h conjuct 2° SN both scorpio. 9h pisces moon, 20°53 & Neptune is stationed Retrograde 20°57.
    I had cancer, lost my hair, teeth. Was kidnapped & raped, court through that. Lost my home the same month, my landlord sold the house. My car was vandalized twice for 6k total, so I sold it. Became homeless for a year in 18-19. Got a home. Sold my car. My only child switched schools 5 times. Had issues acting out due to the above. I lost my matenal grandmother, grandfather, sister, step grandmother, two male friends. My daughters paternal grandmother and great grandmother. I now developed hip issues, had pelvic surgery. Had a heart attack 2 weeks ago. The messed up my stimulus & I cut off ten plus 15+ year friendships.

    • Oh my! that´s a lot to handle!! But you mean all that happened to you during the transit??? All in a year?? I think you are really resilient.

      • My cancer was 2013 (when the transit entered my 6h). The rest happened in 2018 – Now. Within the last 2 years. Thank you, fortitude is my strength.
        I have jupiter 8h. Mars 5h & all my cap sun, venus, merc & Neptune 6h help me deal with the shadow side easier.

  144. I have had too much for one lifetime.
    Just hope u have some trines from the fourth house. Pluto retro now returning to opp MC then again later. Still in grief for my late partner n in a Piscean underworld…but this too will pass…like Pluto conj Scorpio ASC
    One day at a time or even one hour

  145. Hi everyone!
    I have the solar arc PLUTO on my ASC now and squaring my MC. By Jan 2021, in addition to what I mentioned, I will have my solar arc Jupiter squaring my Pluto natal and by September 2021, in addition to both aspect mentioned, solar arc sun squaring my natal Neptune. I am super worried.
    Solar arcs are in:
    1) Pluto in Scorpio ruler of 1st house natal
    2) Jupiter in Cancer ruler of 8th house natal
    3) Sun in Virgo ruler of 9th house natal
    4) Pluto natal is ruler of 1st house and 5th house. Pluto natal is in 11th house in Libra with sextile aspects to Neptune natal in 1st house and Saturn natal and Venus natal (in conjunction) in 9th house.
    5) Jupiter natal is ruler of 2nd house. Jupiter natal is in 7th house, in sextile aspect to the Sun natal and Mercury natal (both in conjunction for some degrees) sun natal in cancer in 9th house and mercury natal in leo in 9th house
    6) as I mentioned previously, Sun natal is in 9th house, in cancer but rules 9th house.
    7) just in case… Saturn natal in 9th house, ruler of 3rd house.
    8) just in case… Uranus natal is in 12th house, ruler of my 4th house. Transiting my moon (this transit finished just a month ago). Uranus transit in 6th house was opposing Uranus natal in 12th house. Uranus transit was squaring sun and mercury in 9th house and in conjunction with moon natal in 6th house in Taurus. Moon is ruler of 8th house.

    To mention my first aspect… Pluto on my ASC, I have not been able to find a job in more than a year. (Uranus was crossing (transiting) my moon in 6th house since 2016). I was working in a good environment and suddenly, out of the blue, everything changed in my work environment making it so heavy that I decided to quit. I worked again but I lost the confidence in everything surrounding me. Since 2018, I have been feeling hopeless, desperate. Since 2018 (November) No incomes but instead, I am relying on my husband (which it is difficult to me. I have been working since I was a teen, starting by 14-16 and completely working with no stop since 16-17), feeling independent.
    I have felt stalked despite there are no words and no “physical” evidence since 2018, because I discovered in 2017, that some people are listening my conversations and reading everything I do through my phone and they react to my conversations. Obviously, I already have tried to reset and format my phone, changed it, and I did everything on my power to try to change it, but unfortunately, this still happens. So I cannot even have a regular discussion with my husband. I feel no freedom despite I am at my own home. We are also waiting for the answer of immigration to become a permanent resident. Not sure what it is going to happen. I feel like if SpaceX would be traveling to other planets, I would definitely pick one of those to go that other place and start a new life with my husband and my child.
    I starting to look for ways to have incomes through the internet due to the limitations manifested in my life.
    I must add pandemic times and schooling from home. Working since 3 weeks ago as a food delivery but not making even the minimum salary per day despite of working more than 8 hours daily.

  146. Pluto crossed my descendant in 1995 on the day I was attacked and molested by a stranger on my school campus. It changed my life forever.

  147. Pluto has crossed my Nadir opposing my MC twice and I have had no incentive to continue what I usually love to do.
    Instead, I’ve been researching Countries’ horoscope and thief’s Presidents or Prime Ministers which so often proves how astrology can work.

  148. Pluto opposed my ascendant by solar arc at the age of 5. It also opposes my ascendant mundanely. With the bizarre events taking place now that Uranus is in on my ascendant, there isn’t a doubt in my mind that society has been trying to destroy me from nearly day one…and it involves my sexual orientation and gender – a gay male that a devious society is trying to turn into a straight woman to appease their sick notion of “balance”. I even met a person whose life somewhat mirrors mine – someone society has labelled as mentally ill because he was able to see through their gaslighting bullsh!t..a Libra bf of mine who I suspect is a primary culprit of the illusions. So their solution or attempt at penance for having been discovered as demons due to use of “illicit” drugs, which they ironically pushed you towards itfp, is pharma drugs with zombie side effects that kinda force you underground because you have been relegated to a position of feebleness, or to hook you up with a job to recruit another victim. And if you don’t do the latter, you conveniently become the “virus” that society “defeated”. But that’s quite alright. Defeat me now. I win later. I’ve already had a premonition and the streets will be filled with apocalyptic violence, mostly composed of young-ish white females ripping each other to shreds, but not those of today. The white women of yesteryear who never paid the price for being the serpent in the garden, who knowingly spawn Hitler, who lied on Emmitt Til, who created Trump by being just as bad as daddy Trump. What a mother, eh? In this future, everyone will have paid the price and suffered from Pluto’s savage desire for payback. But he won’t be satisfied until the roaring stars of the 20’s and prior are dimmed and taken to task for the hell they created on earth. Queen of the damned was a black Capricorn female for a reason. Men inherit evil from their mothers so before you go blaming the white man, look closer and see why Pluto hovers over Scorpio. He will have her for lunch one day.

  149. Pluto is crossing my partner of 6 years’ ascendant right now. He also has Cancer conjunct his ASC, so Pluto is opposing both his ASC and Moon. He also has Venus in his 7th, at 4 degrees. So everything I read about these transits and aspects raises alarms. Can anyone offer some positive feedback involving all off these transits and aspects? It would be much appreciated!

    • Hi Karen,

      This will bring a marked transformation with regards to his personality, immediate environment and potentially physique.

      Over the last 10-15+ years..he would have had a lot of vicious hidden enemies..where groups of people at times..could have worked against him..usually due to jealousy..

      He now will have a very strong personality..if he wants to be a part of a group he will, if not he won’t.

      When any outer planet crosses an angle..there’s usually some quite definite change..between this period of life..and the next..

      This is not to say that your relationship cannot endure the transit..

      Pluto opposing Venus will be a period of learning to love well as potentially falling madly inlove with you..all over again..a balance is required..

      How old you both are..and general events that happen for people at certain ages..will also be to potential manifestations of the transit.

      All in all, humans can only do so much..and the universe decides the rest. So let go and let god, so to speak. Trust the things are usually a lot worse in our minds when conjuring up potential future scenarios..when it just might not be that bad..??

  150. Thank you Amy for your reply and pep talk. I realize I mistakenly wrote his Pluto was crossing his Ascendent, when really it is crossing his Descendant. Wait, is Mercury retrograde? Lol. So I think much of what you wrote would still apply to some extent. Especially the part about letting go. Good advice.

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