Pluto transit the 12th house – 17 posts

anchor deepIt’s nice to have the site indexed again. People show up on old posts, which brings them to my attention.

Someone just found the Pluto /12th house posts. I started writing them right as Pluto was at the cusp of my 12th in 2007. You can really see the progression of this transit in the 17 posts so far.

It’s interesting someone commented on one of the posts today. I am seriously considering taking off the rest of the year (outside of my workshop and private consultations).

Yesterday, I was driven to work on this document, in a way I haven’t been since my storytelling days on Xanga. (The end of 2013 is so drastic…)  I am beginning to think that the reason I felt this urgency is because I am not going to be here to write as we go. I have a sinking feeling, like I’m a submarine that needs to go deeper.

I don’t feel bad or depressed or anything like that. I do pulled away from public life. So when I went back and scanned these old posts, I can see I am on track with a trend, that could be (and was) predicted.

I am not going to quit my blog or anything like that.  I’m a communicator and I’m going to send things to the surface, regardless.   But I doubt I will be posting as frequently. Hopefully, I’ll make up for that somehow.

Saturn in Scorpio – Anchor Deep.

If you miss me, that is where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing.

The rest of you fishes have fun!


Pluto transit the 12th house – 17 posts — 16 Comments

  1. Shine your headlights into the deep, dear Elsa. Maybe one day you’ll share with us what you found.
    I’m grateful for every single one of your many posts! Wish you a meaningful trip and good speed!

  2. Elsa,

    Thanks for mentioning your pluto 12th posts and that something’s emerging from inside of you regarding, among other things, the transits later this year. A navigating map, what a gift, thanks!!

    Some of the posts (read a few today for the first time) have enlightened me in a big way as to what was going on for me as a pre-teen.

    The ‘repulsive’ post explains how come I got a horrible, horrible case of acne for two years – and a good few years before my peers even had breakouts!!! My mind is making links to that period and what was coming up to the surface for me, up till pluto passed my ascendant.

    Seriously, this realisation is important to me, and the timing…wow. Thank you!

    Safe journey in your submarine Elsa!! Hope it’s warm inside and you have your goodies there with you.

      • I hear ya on skin disaster……really. wtf?? My face is getting weird rashes that have gotten worse since weather turned cold. Being a food server and Libra rising, it’s important to make a nice appearance, so this really pisses me off. Ya know what I mean?
        That and missing 6 weeks of work from a @#$% herniated disc. And the fact that I know that it’s a hard road now and gonna stay that way for awhile. Having a Zen moment with a co-worker and friend tonight and he said, what a really hard year it has been. I know him and his family and can testify that they have been thru some hell. It’s everywhere I turn lately. People getting smacked around by Saturn in a Pluto ruled sign.
        But I take a deep breathe and think that if my Scorp stellium could survive the hell that was Pluto in Scorpio years, than can deal with this. It sure is one harsh sky.


    • I think I’ve read that rashes are Neptune things so I guess that would make sense with 12th house transits. Getting the poisons out of the system. At least it is not any serious infections.

  3. Holy Crap! I’ve read some of your past Pluto posts and I’ve been going through the same thing. Pluto is now at the end of my 12th house and will go into the 1st house in about three months. I’ve been dealing with death and decay (literally) and my skin problems got really bad when I started taking care of my dad until he died. I also cleaned up some of his skin infections. It’s very touchy. It’ll clear up for a awhile and then I get whacked again. I have to be very careful with what I eat and put on my skin. It got so bad a few times my face actually scared people. I’m not kidding. I also got insect bites on my feet (Pisces) that got infected. Not fun.
    Hopefully the good thing in my exile from society is my work has gotten richer and deeper. Well, I hope you continue to post on this fascinating subject.

  4. During my 12th house Pluto transit, I went into a bubble. Went to college (one bubble–campus is a way to hide from the world). Went to coffeehouses (bubble) to hide out and write poetry. Immersed myself in church (bubble). Went to work in assisted living, where I quickly ended up on night shift for 5 years (another bubble). My social life was destroyed by the transit eventually, but most of those friends keep in touch, sort of. Facebook, etc.
    Now I’m re-engaging with the world, but it feels uneasy sometimes–my Neptune is natally in the 12th so I will ALWAYS want to retreat on some level and hide. Now that Pluto’s in my 1st, the universe is forcing me out to connect face-to-face with people and to assert myself, whether I want to or not! I am forced to be more visible.

    P.S. When Pluto first went into my 12th house, I had some crazy skin breakouts and had open sores and scars for YEAAARS. I picked and picked and they wouldn’t heal. Now my skin is finally calming down. (Wish my ears would! Thank you natal Neptune!)

  5. Whoa!
    Well I am definitely glad for the indexing and the accessible wisdom of your posts. I am a complete beginner to the point that I am not even a beginner but just someone who thinks astrology is interesting and useful — going back through the posts by category will be helpful for me.

    I don’t know if I know how to anchor deep!!!

    Reading this was inspiring and unnerving, thanks for that.


  6. Like this situations, when man goes to thinking and find more about himself. Saturn and 9th house are active here too! With active Pluto and Uranus now, this remind Bruce Wayne’s departure from Gotham in “Batman begins”. And it was benefit for him.

  7. What about those with pluto in the 12th (in scorpio, no less!) natally? I never thought anything bad or scary of it; if anything it seems like a strong placement to me? It’s alone in the house, and I’m a scorpio rising, so it always struck me as perhaps the reason that the scorpio in me is so strong, sometimes overpowering the aries.

    (I’m a Mars girl through and through!) And actually, whenever I hear that people have difficulty with Mars, Saturn, Mercury retrograde (mine is retro in Pisces), Ijust smile. For me the so-called beneficial transits, like Venus or Jupiter, are far more challenging!

  8. I am a Taurus, but my Asc 12′ Cap, Jup 8′ Cap: Pluto traveling backwards and forwards over these points. The changes I have been through over this last year alone have been huge growing experiences for me. I can definitely feel all the stuff Ive hidden and suppressed being forced up for me to deal with. Fortunately Ive had Jupiter there giving me some protection. 7 years ago I suffered a breakdown, and while I am so much better now, I am still recovering. That made me completely change direction, so at least I am where I need to be now for the coming onslaught. The energies now I feel are helping to clear the residue, but also they are getting to the deep gunk stuck deep inside me that otherwise I don’t think I would be able to face, let alone deal with. Rollercoaster for sure! I’m just hanging on for dear life, not exactly enjoying the ride, but knowing I will come out the other side again a new person much stronger than I am now. So go deep, Elsa, and we will see you once the storms has calmed.

  9. Also have Pluto transiting through 12. It is a long way till it leaves for the 1st house. Nothing much working on the outside. Acquaintanceships have broken down. Heavy time. Need to be alone.
    Have no skin problems like mentioned in other mails. Health stabile.

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