Weighing Knowledge, Mercury In The 9th House, Pluto Transit, Disgusting Truth, Etc.

Having Mercury in Libra, I weigh knowledge. I can’t help this, it’s my natural process. Mercury is in the expansive 9th house and I have numerous ways to consider information that comes my way.

For example, the 9th house wants to know (Mercury) if something is true. Should I believe what I’ve been told?

Also related to the 9th house, I consider what the information means. What is the meaning of knowledge in the big picture? If I have been told a lie, I will  weigh the meaning of that.

On the Libra side, I consider the social aspect. Is the information that has been shared (Libra) with meto  be shared with someone else (Libra)?  Should it be broadcast or published /spread to many (9th house)? I have to think (Mercury) about this and try to decide (Libra).

With Mercury in the 9th, information (Mercury) concerning the future (9th) comes to me, one way or the other.  Sometimes the news (Mercury) is very upbeat (9th) but not always.  Truth (9th) does not promise to be pleasant (Libra).  I may still have to share (Libra) it but it sickens me because Libra is a sign that likes peace and beauty.

Right now, transiting Pluto is squaring my natal Mercury. The information I am privy to at this time is stark and the weighing process that I have no choice but to go through is very painful. The 9th house expands everything which in includes pain.

Whatever I decide  or whatever I say or don’t say, mental comfort eludes me. Pluto will station in aspect to my natal Mercury until April.

Have you ever had to manage potent information which could heal or devastate others?  Tell us.


Weighing Knowledge, Mercury In The 9th House, Pluto Transit, Disgusting Truth, Etc. — 6 Comments

  1. Yes. When my mother had an affair she confided to one sibling. She used her, completely(my sister is a 12th House Sun trine 8th House Moon/Chiron). After my mother ruined her baby shower my sister snapped and told the rest of the kids. So, we all knew and my Dad did not. It was the most disgusting hurtful situation, I can’t even describe it.

    I opted to stay out of it, refusing to talk to my siblings about it. Another sibling blackmailed my mother. That was when Saturn was in Cancer/my 7th. Two of my sisters didn’t talk to me for a couple of years, viewing me as amoral and weak for not taking a stand (aka not getting involved).

    I have Mercury in Taurus conjunct my IC/Chiron and trine my Moon. My mother’s Saturn is conjunct my Chiron, exactly.

  2. I’ve been enjoying reading your blog entries immensely these past weeks and felt compelled to responded to this one….because I have Mercury in Aries 9 degrees, 7th house. So the square from Pluto is coming oh so very close and then backing off (a bit!) until next year. I’ve always struggled with the urge to just say it like it is – bottom line it, be point blank and direct — and be diplomatic (7th house Libra thing) and be sensitive and understanding (Moon in Cancer/Mars Pisces). I often just end up biting my tongue and smiling. And my tongue’s been hurting for way too long. With Pluto growling outside the door, I’m definitely feeling that this ability to be more tight lipped and to soften the blow is cracking at the seams…so please continue to share your experience and insights in this area. I don’t want to hurt people with my words, but sometimes, some things just need to be said…but how?

  3. Quite a bit. Discovery and management of potent information is a recurring theme throughout my (esp adult) life. In fact, a couple of my key career/jobs have this as a core skill requirement. Interesting.

    In the general day to day, a tough but necessary exercise has been to challenge my natal pluto/asc square and STFU where/when I have not been explicitly invited or asked to give my insight or perspective. I commit to adhere and stay out of things that are *not* my business…(even though I sometimes privately literally jump and leap around the room going, “arrghh!”<-that's when I know it is time to deploy the *utterly ignore* shields)

  4. Thank you CP Griffin. I think you just described my issue and challenge. I have Pluto On my Asc and in the 12th house! So the private, be ever present AND detached approach I think is crucial. Great reminder…to swim AWAY from the potential verbal and mental traps…the potential mind f**ks that can get one mired in the swamp!!

  5. Nearly two decades ago, I came out to my family as a sexual abuse survivor. Pluto was crossing my neptune at the time, opposite my moon while Neptune was just slipping into my 4th house. It was a very complex, confusing and painful time for everyone. Too painful infact, so I quit the therapy for a while, and went back to pretending everything was OK. A year later after my Dad had passed, I dove back into the therapy. At that point my mom and I mutally said “Good-bye; Can’t deal with you” for about 7 years.

    About 3 years ago, the memories as pictures started to unravel and I saw it was the babysitter, my Mom’s best friend’s brother.

    I have moon opposite Neptune. 8th to 2nd houses. There are so many secrets and lies in my family. I’ve become a pro at detecting Lie energy, how sticky and slimey it is.

    Pulto is currently putting pressure on my Asc. 10 Libra. I see the lies and I feel the pressure to say something, like boils to be lanced. At this point in my my life, I want to create more peace than pain. My dilemma how to say something useful that can actually be heard.

  6. mistyoga “There are so many secrets and lies in my family.”

    I have also kept secrets, and shouldered the burden of the “truth” myself, instead of sharing it with the family. I think that I’m the strongest person of the family, and it’s somehow my lot in life to carry these burdens. Sun conjunct Pluto.

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