Pluto Transit 12th House – Mine – End Of Life

plutosymbolcharmPeople bother me when I write about things that are “morose”. It always surprises me because these deeper topics are my favorite things to write about. Sin eating. Death customs. And my personal favorite – firsthand accounts of truly horrible real life happenings.

Pluto is deep in my 12th house now. I’ve pretty much disappeared from public life.  For example, I haven’t made a video in several years. I’m just to deeply seated right now…to come to the surface and sit in the light.

I mentioned that my husband and I purchased a niche in a local Columbarium. Emphasis on “a” because we were going to purchase two of them, side by side.  My husband made a lot of jokes about wanting to be able to stretch out in there and how I talk too much and such. But in the end, he decided on one niche, which surprised me.

I didn’t ask him why he changed his mind. I just asked if he was sure about the decision. He was.

We paid for the niche several weeks ago, it was not until this weekend, it hit me…

My husband has always said, if anything happened to me, he would never remarry. There would be no chance of it. ZERO. He always said he figured that I would remarry. I never said one way or the other – this is not something I like to think about. I mean, I suspect I would not remarry, but that’s not the kind of thing I would say unless I was certain.

But this weekend, I realized that by opting to buy one niche, he must figure this is it for both of us. Because it one of us dies before the other and then remarries…well it would be awkward, don’t you think?

I know people face things like this, but he and I are in a small community, where we’re known as a couple.

I think this struck me because I’m such a run-around kind of gal.  I go from here to there. I move ahead. So this is end game and it’s something I’ve never faced and looked at before.  It’s a final contract.

Pluto will cross my ascendant in 2020. I hope we both survive that, I don’t know.


Pluto Transit 12th House – Mine – End Of Life — 24 Comments

  1. My husband and I made our final arrangements after both his Mom and step-dad died within 7 months of each other. He and I had to help his step-dad get through the shock and pain of arranging for his Mom’s funeral and burial. His step-dad asked us to help him with his arrangements so he wouldn’t leave us with all the decisions. We wanted to spare our kids the wondering and planning. Both of us will be cremated. My husband has already chosen an urn, his guest book etc. and the chapel where the service will be. He has let us all know what to do with his ashes. I on the other hand did not care for any of the options offered at the funeral home…urns etc. Both of us can be interred at the Military Cemetery not far from here….not for me. We have been married for almost 44 years. Neither of us plans on looking for anyone else when one of us passes. I for one appreciate the posts on the darker side of life. It is just as real as the light, and just as necessary. My ascendant is 5 degrees Pisces. I need to be looking that Pluto transit up….right now it is my 11th house transiting Venus.

  2. I love the way you share your Pluto 12th H transit insights Elsa, thank you, I’m not far behind you and I sure do find it very comforting. Re 2020, my eyes are opened there now too, will have a study on what that all means. I lived a very public life for nearly 20 years, but very withdrawn and “behind the curtain”, now for sure. I’m rather enjoying the sense of strength it has given me, but it didn’t feel like that some years back when I was “busy” making the adjustment to it all.

  3. I’ve honed in on the “pluto passing my ascendant” part. My son has his ascendant at 18 Capricorn), he’s been ‘hiding’ (hibernating? preparing?)and the time is close. My mercury is at 17 Capricorn, I hope Pluto supports us through his ‘debut’. I’m on edge – for him. I know he’s been hurting and a Capricorn ascendant isn’t easy on the young.

  4. I was born in England and it’s the one place in Europe I think, where no birth times are on the certificates. My rectified chart gives 2.54 Aquarius which means Pluto crosses over from the 12H in January 2025. I’ve certainly seen changes in life since Pluto went into the 12th and wonder how much this is Pluto and how much general aging! I’ve started to identify as an “older person” in a way I didn’t before. I spend more time alone but really relish the quiet and silence. I’ve really become aware that there may not be a lot of time left!

  5. I like the deep stuff. I’ve been saying for a few years now that I’m looking for my third and final husband, the man who will fling my ashes into the Pacific. Pluto is in my fifth now.

  6. Elsa, I am with you on liking to discuss the deeper issues. I hate when people call me morbid. Haha! I enjoy reading your blogs about your life and experiences.

    My husband tells me that he won’t marry again if something happens to me and I don’t know what I’d do if something happens to him. I think about these things a lot and it is never pleasant to deal with, but life is like that and it is better to think about it and discuss it rather than wait until the event happens and be taken by surprise.

    Two things are certain in life and that is taxes and death.

  7. Pluto was on my 12th house the time of my birth . I was born dead ( accordingly to the doctor ) and he said to the nurse : this one won’t survive . The nurse was my dad s mate and she herself did the reviving thing docs should do when someone stands a chance …. Well , I sort of ” cale back ” . When I my dad told me this story I thought that was bullsshhh I wouldn’t even pay attention . I was never sick , I never had major issues in life , but hey , I have Pluto 12th house and that nagging feeling that something is wrong follows me and there was a time I was a little paranoid also … I am learning to relax and let it go . Pluto 12 th house lesson is LET IT GO. NO Mather what happens just let it go completely . Don’t let it control your subconscious whatever it is ! Let it go .

  8. My 17 year old daughter has Pluto transiting her 12th house. I think it’s very interesting that she has this at a young age. She is very self aware and she keeps herself out of the social fray. She has a fantastic gift for spot on imitations of teachers and friends. She has Uranus and Neptune on her ascendant and she is quite funny. She is definitely an observer more than a participator. I think this will make her a very strong self aware adult. It’s not great for being a normal high school kid but I think when Pluto crosses her ascendant she will claim her power in the world.
    Elsa, hearing your journey is such a gift that you give. As a student of astrology , I encounter teachers who aren’t forthcoming with their own journey. Your sharing makes you a fantastic teacher . Please continue.

  9. I am high on spinach and kale right now so when you see this on the other thread please ignore it….

    Something funny I read….. I have been worried about my health. Seems it is my full time job now… Saturn in the 6th transiting my 6th whoohoo….

    Anyway without boring you with the details I was reading about health and worry…and the article goes through the list of things to do so you wont and then at the end says …. hey, do you remember what it was like before you were born? No you don’t! So with death comes peace….so think about it like…hey, if I am dead what do I have to worry about.

    Seems stupid typing it right now but I have to tell you I think I spit my tea across the room laughing. Basically it said….why worry. You will die eventually of something. And you wont have to worry anymore….

    I got a giggle ….

    But yes, we never want to think about it but if we are smart and have the time to plan its good to take care of our own business. Many people don’t get the chance because of sudden death due to accidents or murders but if you have the time you should think about it.

    I know I have something going on. I don’t know what yet but I do. I have probably thought about death more over the last two months than I ever have…. It’s scary to think you’ll leave your kids….that is the only part that really bothers me.

    My husband will fall apart. He swears it will kill him. I am not so sure about that. In fact, I doubt it. And he swears he will never marry again. I doubt that too. If he doesn’t marry eventually he will meet someone to share his life with. I don’t want him to sit alone and rot. I love him. I hope he goes on to live and enjoy his time if he can.

    I am not sure I would have said this 20 years ago but if you really love someone you want all good things for them which would include another relationship for him should he need company eventually. He isn’t that old…I would hate to see him live another 20-30 years all alone. That would be so sad.

  10. Pluto has been in my 8th house with no interruption since I was 16. I’m 26 now and I could no longer tell you what it’s like not to feel intensity and depth all the time. But I think natal Pluto in Scorpio enjoys being there, even when the going gets tough.

    • I was born with Pluto in the eighth house and I can tell you that it is true that those with this placement can be rather intense. That said, Pluto is at home in this house and has the capacity to handle things that most people shy away from. It also gives one incredible focus when needed.

  11. Elsa, I love how you can flip the coin from somber final resting place stuff to sublime current living place joys! I can see you and the soldier growing old together, squabbling in your rockers on your wisteria-draped Southern front porch!
    When Pluto first entered my 12th, people close to me died, and I bounced all over, lots of upheaval. Later I became obsessed with building financial security to avoid outliving my savings instead of enjoying life in the present, which was really absurd.
    These years of disasters, indecision, self-blame, and not taking good care of myself have worn me down. Pluto hit my ASC once last Spring and I flubbed a great chance. Now it’s coming back again. I don’t need to claim power in the world, all I want is to recover and thrive and live to be really old so that I DO outlive my savings!

  12. Pluto crossed my ascendant in 2008 @ 0 Cap. It’s been a series of power plays- where I had none- I can say looking back on it. But finally you just throw up your hands, lay back and let the river take you. But, here’s the good news. I’m not dead. And I don’t think you will be either. I just read somewhere about a natural discovery to jump start the auto-immune system. I HAVE to find it. I’ve edited this, but my first blast said you’ve got a good 30 years until the pancake burial. Think creatively on what to wear. (G)

  13. Elsa, I love you. You bring levity to the deep dark depths -and that is when we need it most! I’ve had Pluto in my 12 house since Dec 2008 and it will be crossing my ASC Jan 2017, retro Aug and then direct Nov 2017. I’ve read this Pluto crossing is most challenging immediately before it crosses the ASC and then after that -and the retrograde crossing is over too I assume- it is smooth sailing… BUT maybe that is just my sunny Gemini talking. I do feel like my professional persona is melting away. And I am the most reclusive I’ve ever been in my life. I’ve been accused by good, dear, long-time friends of hiding. And with some reflection I know it is true. BUT my spiritual life and internal development is really strengthening, somehow shaped by this transit and is a source of courage. Which is good since my self confidence is at an all time low… Letting go is the mantra. I’m finding with new friends and acquaintances that I was not actively cultivating are somehow more clear -or I am more clear. But people in “authority” for me bosses and teachers are like fingernails on the chalk board! I’m starting my own business out of necessity and the timing may not be right but I am finally going after my dream.
    Any wise words fellow Cap Asc?

    • My asc is at 9 degrees cap. The scraping back and forth dredged up powerful anti-authoritarian feelings, in such a way that I actually acted on them, becoming politically and socially active. I gained a new perspective on myself and what I could accomplish. I came out of my bubble in a big way. The Uranus Pluto square has me confounded, though, lots of moving around and instability as well as profound changes with my family of origin. I’ve been utterly shaken since fall of 2012 and have gone back into my bubble. Pluto is still excavating in my first house and I’m not sure Uranus isn’t finished wreaking havoc in my 4th.

  14. I’ve had Pluto in the 12th for a few months. Suddenly, I’ve felt overwhelmed by the number of contacts I had on the internet, and all the futile exchanges I was wasting my time with. I’ve started delisting my email from all sorts of subscriptions. And my relationships are changing. I need more quality time on my own. I really appreciate it in a way I never did before. And I have a cancerian sort of need to protect myself from the outside world. I think I’ve gone into hiding, but that some of it is going to be great.

  15. Dear Elsa
    Your posts on Pluto transit are so good and they are deepening my understanding ofpluto transiting in my own 12th house. Let’s say that My profession, my work and workplace is very neptunic-plutonic and 12th house related. And now since plutO entered my 12th and Saturn is on my MC opposing natal Sun, my workplace is literally falling apart, it is being destroyed because of hidden secrets and bad actions of greedy people that came out.
    I believe that when Saturn will reach my Neptune in 10th house everything will finally fall apart and dissolve.

  16. I don’t see why you wouldn’t survive that. Some people are just stuck with each other like glue, no matter what, through thick and thin.

    I don’t see me and my boyfriend ever separating. I could be wrong of course, but I just feel it in my bones that I’m stuck with him lol. If we were to ever separate or if anything were to ever happene to him, I wouldn’t actively go out and date and try to find anyone. I can’t see myself being interested in that mess. Ugh…dating?! I’m too much in my head for that. I wouldn’t want to do all of that all over again.

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