Pluto @ 9 Degrees Capricorn From February – May 2012 – Turns Retrograde on April 12, 2012

Pluto will reach 9 degrees Capricorn on February 24, 2012.  It turns retrograde @ 9 Capricorn on April  10, 2012 and remains at 9 degrees Capricorn until May 31, 2012.  If you happen to have planets at or near 9 degrees of any of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), you are bound to be intensely affected. I will be paying close attention to this transit because I am part of this group.

Pluto in Capricorn is concerned with the shadow side of all things ruled by Capricorn. Things like business, structure, government, buildings, discipline, rules, limits, hardship, achievement, and perseverance.

To judge how this will effect you personally, consider the planet that will be aspected. In my case, that’s Mercury,  so I can expect to be in communication with power-brokers of people who have the goods or the dirt on people in power. I can expect powerful (Pluto) information (Mercury) to come to me, and some of the news may be devastating.  I will be expected to handle the knowledge (Mercury) responsibly (Capricorn) or else (Pluto).

Many conversations will be potent and healing or empowering.  I can expect secrets to revealed – your secrets as well as mine. Pluto is concerned with exchange of energy and in this case. the energy will be mental or verbal.  Mercury also rules siblings and neighbors so these sectors will be affected as well.

My Mercury is in the 9th house (publishing), I hope to publish my book in this time frame and can see how that might kick things off. In whatever case, I feel quite prepared as I am very attuned to the energy of Mercury and Pluto in combination.

Do you have planets @ or around 9 degrees Cardinal? Tell us!
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Pluto @ 9 Degrees Capricorn From February – May 2012 – Turns Retrograde on April 12, 2012 — 47 Comments

  1. My Moon is 9 degrees Capricorn. My emotional foundation is definitely being burned to the ground. This is a very difficult time for me but I have a lot of support, so no complaints.

    I also have Venus/Mars in Aries and Pluto in Libra near this degree. The pressure is definitely on.

  2. My moon (like Kashmiri) is 9 degreees Capricorn, too. Similarly, my emotional health is being regrooved and I am thankful for the love and luck that comes.

  3. This hits both me and my husband. It most closely hits our closest synergy: his 10 deg moon and my 11 degree sun in Capricorn.

  4. My equal houses starts at 7º

    So… i have natal Pluto Libra 2nd, transiting Pluto 5th, 8th, Sun Cancer 11th in this game.

  5. I know how you feel Stacey I have a stellium in Cap, sun is at 5, Uranus at 9. So possibly flashes of transformation? Best thing is making best friends with pluto 🙂 (its transiting my 11th house)

  6. Yeh, i have 11degrees Capricorn Sun. Pluto is also conjunct my Mercury.
    So the pleasures of Pluto have already started to me, but i’m still curious to see what happens on the 24th.

  7. Yea, I have Venus at 9 degrees Aries. Eek! I have the Pluto opposition natally, so I’m used to the obsessive, intense energy (both from within and without). Having the square transit should be.. informative? *takes deep breath* :/

  8. I have Cancer 10 degrees in my 5th house and Capricorn 10 degrees in my 11th house. Can anyone give me ideas of what to expect?

  9. I think this is going to make more of a difference to my husband’s angles than my sun/Pluto square because it’s applying for him and on its way out for me.

    Going to majorly impact us, though, with Pluto almost conjunct his IC.

  10. MItraya I’ve been fascinated in getting a sense of the themes or trends that young people in their early 20’s will experience with Pluto conjunct Uranus in Capricorn; and meanwhile people born with Uranus in Cancer are going through the opposition. Please keep us posted if you can. We’re all going to see major changes so this is very interesting.

  11. I got Saturn at 9 degrees in cap and Neptune 10 degrees cap.. Uranus at 2 degree in cap.. Moon 15 degrees in Aries… Any ideas of what I can expect? :/

  12. Square to my Neptune in Libra. I don’t feel I have any remaining delusions about any of my relationships to be stripped away! But Pluto may have other ideas…

  13. oh my sun is close to 4 degrees aries … so I was already part of the group that’s gone through this .. I think we also had a bad case of saturn opposition at the same time too…

    Pluto will be trining my mars and hopefully that’s helpful

  14. I have Venus at 8 deg. Cancer. On the day it became exact, my husband and I took our honeymoon to Mexico. I was very nervous about travelling under this, but it turned out beautifully–we could not have asked for a better experience. And here I had been worried about gloom and doom. I hope the rest of the transit goes as smoothly. I am thinking mine is going to be focused primarily on money issues. I had planned on going back to grad school this year, but will likely need to work and save up some money first. I even have an interview this week with a Mortgage Company (Pluto, right?!). Not something I wanted to do, but a temporary fix that I think is funny symbolism. I hope to avoid most of the negative that is generally associated with Venus Pluto. I think I’ve lived a lot of that already. :/

  15. Moving closer to opposition with my natal moon. I am counting on the trine to my sun and jupiter to power me through it. Need to blow off some luniness and get more grounded. Yo Saturn! Oh yeah, transiting saturn’s tied up in a conjunction with natal neptune.

  16. My generation is having the natal Pluto square with this. I’m really interested/excited to see how we all transform!!!

    Mine takes place in the 6th and 9th houses. I’m actually set to take some classes regarding health in pregnancy, birthing, etc.

  17. Read the post substituting Venus for Mercury – so my take is it plays out in relationships and money, and my is in Aries, so I’m guessing that’s men, myself as Venus, just going for it? Am I going hunting, or I will attract (Venus) transforming (Pluto) experiences?

  18. Venus at 8 deg Cap ninth house. It doesn’t feel over at 9 though. Doing Phd thesis fits well with 9th house. Historical study of a small group of women (Venus and the Cancer opposition). Some consider taboo subject (Pluto). Paid Work and scholarship have dried up. dang! (pluto conjunct venus?)Continue writing under limited resources. Plans to publish this year. says pluto conjunct venus is lust, loves power, no sign of this.
    South node 12 Cap…inherent skills
    Part of fortune at 16 Cap….ummmm?
    Amazing how many of us here Pluto will be touching

  19. Like MItraya, I’ve got a stellium in Cap starting at 11 degrees–Mars, Venus, Sun–all of which are close enough to one another to be considered conjunct. Everything regarding my values, desires, money, relationships and my self-image is up for powerful transformation. I just moved, shedding about half of my possessions as I did, and am trying a radically different (and much simpler) lifestyle.

    Hiya, Pluto. Make yourself comfy. Tea?

  20. I’ve got my Ascendent at 7Cap55…. Not sure what to expect… Hopefully it’s not too rough. 😐

    It’s been a few years since Pluto did anything to me… conjunctions with my Neptune/Mercury/Jupiter stellium and sextile with both Mars and Pluto….. All in the course of one year. That was intense, so I’m sure i can handle anything now! 😀

  21. well hi ho it aspects my 8th house Jupiter and 3rd house Saturn plus the Pluto roll back and forth over my ascendant. I may go up in a puff of smoke or create a big bang ;0)

  22. Hmm, sextiles my Moon, Mars, and Venus.

    But… isn’t Rx energy reversed or suppressed from the planet’s normal energy? This is what we see when Mercury and Mars are in Rx.

  23. moon and neptune are natally at 8’11 and 8’14, respectively. dad’s in the hospital with double pneumonia. very intense time spiritually, emotionally. trying to pull out all the stops magically to help him. your prayers and visions of purging lungs of phlegm, filling them with light, and renewing life most welcome. thanks for the info. about this retrograde motion… much love.

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