Pluto Retrograde: April 17, 2015 – Reaming

drillPluto will turn retrograde on Friday, April 17th at fifteen degrees Capricorn.  The planet is squared off with the Moon and Uranus in Aries.

The word “reaming” comes to mind. Reaming + violence.

Awhile back, I wrote that there no longer seemed to be enough compassion to go around. This trend has continued. I don’t know a soul, anywhere, who is not challenged at this time.

I guess another astrologer might look at this aspect and say a person will enjoy unexpected (Uranus) healing (Pluto). Great gig, if you can get it. Most of us are just trying to get through this difficult period.

Have you ever bored a hole on wood, by hand?  You bear down with pressure, turning the crank to drill the hole…and then you back off.  You actually reverse the direction of the bit, so that it does not become stuck.

Today, we’re drilling down. When Pluto turns retrograde, we’ll be dialing back.  Keeping this small idea in mind should help you through this period.



Pluto Retrograde: April 17, 2015 – Reaming — 32 Comments

      • Thanks – whoa, that’s a long time. Would this be a time of re-visiting and re-working some deep transformative issues? Issues that involve will power? Facing up to challenges that transform?

  1. With transit Pluto conjuncting my natal 12th house Venus (and opposite Saturn in Cancer) I gave all my compassion away to someone that did not deserve it. I am having a bad time, so I am curious how this retrograding Pluto exactly on my Venus will work out. The squaring Moon/Uranus combo is in my 2nd house, but nothing significant happened with the last full moon there. So… considering your post, will I get a last nasty kick in the butt, or an unexpected (but very much wanted) healing surprise? This Pluto traveling my 12th house is a dark mission. It feels like I have to stay very close to my pain, to go to real healing and progression, but it is wearing me out.
    Positive: thank god, ehm Zeus, for my Jupiter in Pisces, so in spite of my own hurts I can still comfort people and express my compassion. To friends, family and strangers, and I always will for it can bring a ray or sunlight in a dark day and a dark life.

  2. Very thought provoking post Elsa.

    In times like these, from whom do you receive compassion?

    I think it’s a good change in energy (maybe). Maybe Pluto is saying, “have you transformed yet? Ok, I’m gonna ease up for a minute. We’ll go at this another way.”

    I’m gonna be thinking about this all day!

  3. I’m not saying being Pluto’ed is a fun time…

    I think I come across as super serious, or just the opposite.

  4. Well, which is worse; Pluto direct or retrograde?

    This is Pluto we are talking about here, so it’s not as easy to get as Mercury retro (at least for me)

  5. Maybe the change in direction gives me a chance to catch my breath and reconsider the circumstances — whatever they may be…

    • My 5th house cusp is at 14’30, so it’ll happen to me too. But that was a long passage, I had both the best and the worst things of my life happening to me.

      I also have Moon 15′ Capricorn, and this will delay the exact conjunction almost for a year, it will happen in January 2016. And since Pluto transits are “officially” over when they are about a degree from exact conjunction, I’ll be off hook in February 2016.

  6. I am looking forward to this. A lot has been going on for me since Pluto last went direct…I need time to process it and refocus.

  7. This is coming uncomfortably close to my Mercury Venus again and will be 2° away before it turns direct. Last time it transited was like being hit in the head. My solar chart and my progressed chart show important points around the same time Pluto goes direct again. My pr moon will conjunct my pr MC. Hm.

  8. Fifteen degrees Capricorn, huh? Greeeeeeat….with my shitload of planets in Aries & Libra, I am not exactly looking forward to this. I’ll check back in September if I survive

  9. omg noooo. I still haven’t completely healed from Pluto Rx in 2013 and 2014 on my IC! The losses I’ve endured in Pluto Rx almost killed me. Everything starts going inward…psychologically. I cannot take this kind of abuse! Although, I feel 99% transformed enough to handle what is coming compared to other years.

  10. That was a very good way to describe the Pluto direct and retrograde, Elsa. I am now thinking about reversal and trying not to get stuck. Maybe eventuall y Neptune in Pisces will make compassion and empathy come to the fore. Seems to be slow about the change but we have Neptune there for a goog long while. Pluto in Capricorn has made the workplace impossiby difficult and lacking compassion like never before. Business is knowing no boundaries in divisive behavior and obsessive with a desire for more power more control more profit. The very same can be said for our government and world government. I think this is building to the point where people feel so depleted and used. We are no longer feeling that we are a part of something or contributing to anything worthwhile, simply feeding the machine.Pluto in Capricorn seems to me to be about excesses in business and government run amok and we are left to make some real hard decisions about just how much of our soul we are willing to loose to feed that machine. It is just what I have experienced , I really do not know for sure. I do know it is nothing like Pluto in Sagittarius where there seemed to be a lot less hopelessness generally. The atmosphere has shifted to disillusionment with organisations. It is time they get their teeth kicked out. I hope that Saturn in Saggitarius might bring some of these down from their high horses.

  11. Hi Elsa,

    I had Pluto in my 4th house from July 27th 1980 until September 21st 1994. In this order; my mother passed away when I was 14, I fell in love, had my first son 2 years later, a daughter 11 months and later.First apartment at 17. Fire in my building a year later. Got married in 1989. Widowed at 19 years old, he, 21. 3rd child; 2nd son born 1994 (before the pluto left 4th house; age 24.

  12. As much as I am wary of it passing so close to my Merc and Venus again, I should try to remember this is to heal AND it is trine my natal Pluto. Is that like a buffer?

  13. so what does it mean if you were born with half the outer planets including Pluto retrograde. Is this easier energy to deal with. I already work backwards in everything I do anyways. Deconstruction is my thing.

  14. I have noticed this lack of empathy for many years now, it makes me very sad. A friend of mine said people have nothing to give..Not all of these people had to fight very hard for their It´s not because they are exhausted..They want to stay in their own bubble of ignorance. But we are all connected.

  15. LOL! I’ve just made 2 months without drinking, and one of the things I’ve recently noticed is, I am much less compassionate (tolerant) than I normally am. It’s not my nature at all, so I’ve been pretty confident that it is only temporary, and now- after reading your post, see that the sky is influencing this as well… So, I am looking forward to being my loving tolerant self again soon! 😉

  16. I have noticed this lack of compassion, even in my work as a caregiver. It is a bit unnerving. People are just TIRED and probably (more and more, these days) unappreciated! Lately part of me just doesn’t want to give anymore. I’m also in the habit of quietly berating myself these days. “Stop being a baby. Quit feeling sorry for yourself, nobody cares. GEEZ!!” It’d be nice to get a break from that.

  17. To LN: That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking!! Pluto in Cap in the workplace sucks. Noticed the shift immediately when it happened and it hasn’t gotten any better.

  18. Although I’m not sure how it will help me, the description gives me a good feeling. I’m in the middle of extremely hostile Uranus transits and Pluto is also 2 degrees from squaring my natal Sun, so I can concentrate a little on this (can I call it a reprieve?).
    I had to look up the word ‘ream’.
    For me, it is perhaps significant that now it is making an exact conjunction with natal Chiron.
    Hmm… adding all this up, together with being lost in translation, maybe I shouldn’t be having a good feeling.

  19. Yes…the DRILLING. everyone I know feels challenged, exhausted, stressed. Pressured from every direction. A fabulous friend, in her 40s, vibrant, was suddenly diagnosed in Dec, died in Feb. We are reeling. Meanwhile so many people seem…deadened. Numbed. Even, like, so deadened it is their new license to be horrible, unethical, cruel. It’s truly zombie time.

    Personally, Pluto’s trolling my 4th and kicking the stuffing out of my life. Some good things happened, too….but…wow. Pluto is now a micro-breath from my 5th. One week I feel hopeful, then exhausted, done. Forward, back, hope, dashed, start again. We’ll see what happens.

    • Pluto has been trolling my 4th, too, since 2008. I divorced one husband and married another (who’s really wonderful) during this time, but in some ways, I’ve never been so alone in my life. It’s like some tiny farmer keeps going back and forth over my heart with a backhoe, plowing up my emotional foundations. So weary of 4th house issues.

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