Pluto retrograde: April 14, 2014 @ 13 Capricorn

Pluto turns retrograde @ 13 degrees Capricorn on April 14th.

He turns direct @ 10 Capricorn on September 22nd, 2014.

Personally, I think this will be a relief. I go deeper down each day.

I feel this will give me a rest. It will allow me acclimate before disappear even further into the abyss of the 12th house.

What house is Pluto transiting in your chart? 
Can you see how the retrograde period will offer a respite? 
Or do you have concerns about covering ground you’d rather not revisit?


Pluto retrograde: April 14, 2014 @ 13 Capricorn — 50 Comments

  1. It’s transiting my 2nd House. It was conj. my Venus but has moved off now, but it looks like it will go conj. again in April. I am worried I will find out I owe more taxes instead of getting back what I though I might. The transit has done a real trip on my money situation. It’s been give and take, with more take then give and a tug of war. Also I spent more than I should have on stupid shit that I could have lived without…like jewelry. Capricorn LOVES her stone necklaces. I bought four or five…compulsively when I could have been saving. At any rate, I am much more cautious and hope that this retrograde is a break from all of this.

  2. he’s right on my 13 degree descendant , so I get another round of this…actually, it has not been so very bad, but next month will tell ..we shall see how april goes.

  3. Pluto is transiting my 5th House; my Mercury is at 13Cap. I also have Saturn at 13Virgo.

    I have Pluto sq. Mercury natally, so it’s an energy I’m familiar, even comfortable with. The only way I know for sure this transit has been affecting is my understanding of myself and the world around me has deepened. The Uranus square has given me flashes of insight (another familiar energy, N. Uranus is sextile both Mercury & Saturn).

    However, I am also relieved about the timing of this retrograde. I have a major transition coming up, and I can’t spend time continuing to contemplate my navel or waiting for downloads from the Universe. The timing is *perfect* for the reworking of things I already know and understand; Cap/Virgo things.

  4. Haven’t looked at this yet been watching Mars and Jupiter.

    Pluto has been in my 12th it might barely touch the 11th briefly but I think it will stay in the 12th for me.
    My Capricorn only has Pallas and Juno and I do not have anything in the mid degrees in the other cardinals. If it ends up lightening things up that sounds good. As long as it doesn’t effect what will be another rebuilding year as I have home renovations and also working on myself plans this year. My glasses just broke, not badly just the nose pieces so I’ll have to get some new ones soon, and that tooth issue I had with multiple sets of teeth, well I stopped growing new teeth last year at 44 years old. My natal Pluto is Virgo 26 deg 56 min 8th.

    If it only cleared the veil of fog obscuring my future that would be something { I have had to focus on the present in recent years and I am in a place now where I might be able to return my gaze to the future

  5. Pluto is transiting my 4th house. At 13 degrees it opposes natal Uranus at 13 degrees of Cancer in my 10th and squares natal Saturn at 12 degrees Libra in my 1st House. My 3 kids, 18, 21 and 23, are making their breaks and then returning home when they need to, all of which is as it should be and fine with me. My physical home is no longer my focus as it has been for 2 decades and my husband is struggling with the change. I am reconnecting, career wise, with the me I was before parenthood and marriage. And I feel the challenge of change and age. Yep, that’s what’s going on. Since none of this is settled I hope the retrograde will clear away more of the dust and let me fine what shines beneath.

  6. 1st house transit here and waxing trine to my Virgo planets. its just something else to consider with the 8 other planets doing that forever cosmic dance… no big deal, life goes on…

  7. Pluto is now in my 5th house after spending what felt like forever in the 4th ( in which I worked out my old childhood stuff, accompanied my mother through her death experience, and made a major move. Pluto certainly does his work.) Being in the 5th is great for me as an artist because I can sense wonderful new things happening creatively. It will retro back to the doorway of the 5th so hopefully will not have to revisit the old ground again. This is one pluto transit I’m planning to enjoy!

  8. I believe my 12th too (28 degree cap rising aqu sun in 1st). Mostly, it has just made me want to be alone. Almost like I would prefer to battle my own shit, and avoid other peoples. But natally I have Pluto in the eighth so who knows. Things have been rough since 2009 decemberish, with a brief let up in 2011. I can only imagine what’s to come when he hits my ascendant…

  9. Pluto just crossed my Midheaven a few days ago. I don’t see any respite in the near future, just him kicking my butt, perhaps by my dealing with my control freak of a supervisor differently. His (boss) Pluto is exactly conjunct my Sun.

  10. Pluto’s been transiting my 12th for a few years. It now opposes (or will oppose in April) my sun @ 14 degrees. Jupiter will be conjunct my sun then and therefore opposed by pluto. It’s the cardinal cross with retrograde mars and retrograde pluto (& retro saturn?)

    I think the retrograde energy will manifest in action in the outside world, both my world and, as we are seeing everyday, globally. In my natal chart, the grand cross will fall across the mutable houses. I have had a lot of nervous energy and it’s hard to stop my mind from going hither and yon (ha-ha!) In my progressed chart the cross is along the angles, in the cardinal houses. Must be action, right?

    I have noticed that action happens while certain planets retrograde, like mars. Maybe pluto too? We shall see.

    All in all, my normally calm, collected mind won’t be quiet and I frankly worry about this crazy upcoming transit that I’m nearly paralyzed.

  11. I don’t really know how I feel about this. Pluto is firmly in my 7th house now and will finish up the square to my stellium this year. Two more hits each of Venus and Jupiter. There is ground I need to revisit, even if I don’t want to, though I’d like to get that under me before the Rx.

  12. Transitting my 9th and I no longer have any heroes, politicians, philosophers or role models that I give a hoot about and I guess that could be expected. I do have a longing there but don’t expect to find anything. Will I become an anarchist…or just participate more in activism for the faceless masses? I like that more people are angrier and confronting the power players and underbelly in every level of government, global corporations and meddling/invading religious institutions. I’m really encouraged by the anger. Thanks, Elsa.

  13. Right there with you watergal and soup, and he’s sitting on my 12 degree Cap Mercury in my 7th house, so I’m not talking to my loved ones. Up until two weeks ago, I have talked to my best friend of 35 years nearly every day and now I can’t bring myself to answer the phone. I can text and write email still, but I have no energy for long distance voice communication and I hate it! I know people are getting worried, but I am tired of talking about divorce drama that just won’t let up, yet cannot bear to engage in idle chit chat so I just look at the phone and say not yet and wonder when (maybe April!) But at least now it makes a little more sense and I’m hopeful this icky lonely feeling isn’t forever, just part of the process.

    • I know it’s gotta hurt like crazy, sorry for what your going through. The lonely feeling is the worst with pluto in 7th house for me.

  14. Pluto in the 11th and opposite my Gemini sun ruler Mercury. Usually bad news with any planet transiting. I’ll have to change my group tactics or reformulate goals, not again! Too much thinking is wearing me out.

  15. Pluto is transiting my 12th house. When it retrogrades back to 10 degrees, will I go through another big existential crisis about the state of the world and my purpose in it? Yikes, the anxiety has settled since then, but it’s always there under the surface.

    Chris, I echo your sentiments about being encouraged by the anger in the world and so many people standing up to power, sacrificing their lives for a new paradigm. Pluto square Uranus, in Capricorn & Aries. It’s awe-inspiring to witness. Like you, Chris, I wonder too, will I become an anarchist, or continue with my (pointless?) activism, knocking on doors, talking to people about the need to oppose the expansion of the tar sands, more oil and gas pipelines, super tankers threatening the pristine waters of the west coast of Canada, transporting billions of barrels of oil to Asia to burn, climate change, social justice, etc.

    Uranus is 6 degrees away from my sun, so will this bring about a radical change in me? Perhaps I’ll learn to accept the idea that at this point in time, there needs to be a large-scale population eradication (through climate change, most likely), and that the speed at which we’re extracting and burning fossil fuels is actually the way things are supposed to be to achieve this massive change that humankind so needs.

    In the mean time and until 2025, Pluto is in my 12th house, making me want to retreat (and sometimes permanently escape) from all this global madness and the deliberate destruction of our beautiful planet.

    • Never ever underestimate your contribution. It’s all part of the conversation. I started my rattling around when saturn was opposing uranus with no results, but it’s coming back around locally in good solid ways.

    • I really appreciate both these comments! My natal Uranus in third house is also heavily involved and aspected, yet I am normally quite reclusive. What I keep thinking of is how it is a wild card and I and many other seemingly “smaller players” become (sometimes unwittingly) a wild card that t the ptb suddenly must notice and contend with. They double down on their power trips but are losing PR wise – still they’re more dangerous than ever. Everything having to do with this transitting Pluto turns out to be deeper and more powerful than I’d imagined. Natally Pluto is in my 4th house so I’m used to a lot of this but I’m surprised every day lately – surprised at the power of voices once considered insignificant and marginalized. Yes, the anger is making me happy in strange ways but when focused on tangible goals and outcomes (Capricorn) it’s making me very happy. I’m seeing lately (simplistically, perhaps) that Uranus is the surprising power and voice of the “little guy” energized lately in powerful life and death kind of ways…get you wild on.

  16. Will be opposing natal moon again. Hopefully the pow of the trine to my sun jupiter will carry me through the creepy crawlers. I mean they are the same, it just hits me differently. Morosely so. Oh well, maybe it’ll be easier next time round. Focus focus focus.

  17. Pluto is conjunct my moon in the 1st house right now and will be retreating and going back over it for the next year or so. This is interesting as some of the things I’ve planned take months to finish or get feedback from. At times I take short sprints to get something finished in a jiffy but mostly I’ve been a lonely long distance runner.

  18. This is sitting in my 6th, I don’t have concerns for myself. However, Pluto has also been sitting on my sparkly taurus’ 11degree ASC, working to be there for her, but I’d be nice for it just to move on for her (even if moving on means it’ll be heading towards my 21’DSC),

  19. Pluto is transiting my 4th house. It had squared my Libra Asc. at 7 degrees and opposed my MC at 8 degrees. It doesn’t retrograde back to those degrees again, so I’m happy. Though it ended my 25 year career in computers in a most unpleasant way, it has started me on a new path with my home-based business. A little breather for the summer months will be a good thing.

    • JoFrance, I’m sorry to hear you had an unpleasant experience. Do you mind if I ask why you believe your entire 25 year career has come to an end? I hope things get better for you soon.

  20. I’m looking forward to Pluto retrograding. I’m feeling overwhelmed and I wonder if it might be easier to focus when Pluto goes retrograde. I have Sag ASC 15 degrees. Transiting Pluto is at 13 degrees, 2 degrees from the 2nd house cusp. I’m nervous about how Pluto will affect my life while transiting the 2nd house. I have Venus in my 2nd house at 29 degrees Capricorn in a grand trine with moon 2 degrees Gemini 6th house (Saturn shares the 6th house at 17 degrees taurus) and Pluto 28 degrees Virgo 10th house.

    Transiting Pluto at 13 degrees now is at the doorstep of my second house and I feel like it’s like having the undead knocking on my door, but it’s unclear to me why that feeling arises. The precipice of a paradigm shift in progress suggests itself. I wonder “Who is the suggester?”, “Who is the suggeste?”, and this I wonder regarding my employment in IT services at the hospital where our jobs are in the process of being offshored. I wonder from a functional perspective that affects me emotionally in terms of fiancial security: “What do collaborative developments yield, what do habitual tendencies between individuals in my life portend for myself as an individual, how can I be useful, and what can I do to feel more secure?”

  21. I find it very interesting that Pluto will turn direct in the sign of patriarchy in exact opposition to Jupiters station direct in the sign of matriarchy, will increase the power of sacred union, either the great divide in the battle of the sexes will increase being grossly displayed its actual state that has gone underground for so many years pretending it doesnt exist any more forcing each gender to take responsibility for its part in the disfunction yet the pride and subjectivity will get in the way , or the truth will out and healing the imbalance will be given a fortunate boost for the choice to do or not’ especially with that grand cross involving mars and libra (venus) along with the other big transpersonal forces, very interesting indeed…

  22. Pluto is going back and forwards over my ASC at 12 degrees. I have natal Jupiter retrograde at 8 deg Cap in 12th house. Also natal Uranus 15 deg Lib 10th house opp Chiron 15 deg Aries 4th house. I suppose on the plus side, forming a nice trine to natal sun 15 deg Tau in 5th house. All I know is that I’m going through major personal growth/change, doing lots of de-cluttering and clearing out of the old, which is hard as I’m a horder.

  23. Pluto is transiting my 7th house. Oh my G*d, ex’s are coming out in DROVES to get back together, claiming how much they miss me, blah…blah…blah…vomit. I keep telling myself and them, what do they think is going to be different this time around? Am so resistant to backtracking. Really scared of the emotional and physical abuse actually. Especially because Capricorn is my opposite sign. (Of my Sun). Not great.

    Am just looking at the clock of time and waiting for a knight in shining armor on a white horse to come up and sweep me off of my feet. Of course, he’s a billionaire. But believe it or not, been there done one. And, lots of money means nothing, in spite of what Americans and the rest of the planet think. I was just another object.

    So will keep posting and let you guys know if Pluto in the 7th house really does bring someone, other than a Scorpio, for me to settle down and to possibly wed (my dream).

    Much love to all of you and best astrological wishes.


    • Well my ex ( a scorpio )who said she would never cheat on me found someone else with more money who lives in a country she wanted to live in (Norway )

      Since then I have only been able to find unstable woman , one of which Was a a girl I felt deeply for about 7 years ago , we re-met and she turned out to be a selfish paranoid messiah complex after I told her she needs time to get over her last boyfriend / fiance . Her ego
      Coulddn’t handle it and she became agressive and unapproachable .. Not seeing reason . Of course she immedietly started seeing her boyfriend prior to the fiance again …
      Hm what else … Im not speaking to my Father who is never wrong , who forced me into studying a useless degree and not willing to pay for the course I wanted – this is the same guy who kicked me out of home 2 weeks before final exams … He is an emotionaly unavailable passive agressive manipulative personality … Same guy who cheated on my mom , she found domes in his suitcase , so he hid them away and told her there were non … My Mom told him she was going to kill herself by eating toadstools ( she actually cooked them up , I remember the aweful smell ) my ” father” told her to go ahead … Of course this was long ago when I was a kid , but Im just painting a picture … He told my Mom he had been with over 100 woman … Anyway I somehow feel this has cursed my relagionships in a way as I always find the worst woman.

      I think this transit of pluto in the 7th is revealing alot to me along these lines … Also with friendships , I always end up with Natcissist / sociopath friends who really just dont give a fuck about me and Im like their anchor or something … As hard as this transit is it’s showing me these people in all their glory .

      I need to figure out what it is in myself that allows me to enter into relationships with them .

      I think that eventually this will all be resolved by this hectic pluto 7th house business in the way that my awareness will become so tuned into bullshit and its peramifications that I will eventually be able to navigate around these iceburgs because I will revognise them coming .

  24. Got Pluto in the 12th, Libra, 1deg, natally so it transiting my 3rd is playdoh. However, i’ve got to keep my trap shut during anything transiting my 3rd. Though, I read somewhere that the 3rd/4th houses indicate “those close to you” and there are three close to me that have had transformations/endings/control changes (Pluto). More importantly, I hope all of us can work through the Mars retrograde on top of this U/P issue. Well wishes to all. Calmness saves the day. Yoga anyone?

  25. Boy, I knew there was something going on with me.

    Pluto is retrograde in my tenth house, and it’s turning direct ON my birthday, conjunct my North Node to the DEGREE.

    All year I’ve felt a very strong surge of success. I wonder what this will all amount to.

  26. Pluto is in my 6th near my descendant (15 cap) and opposite 10 cancer Venus in 12th, having recently passed over my 8 cap Mars in 6th. Lost my brother to cancer last June and shortly after gave in and left an 8-year relationship. Still working on letting go. Not fun. Moments of sanity give me hope.

  27. I have mercury at 3 degrees and venus at 10 degrees CAncer all in my 12th house. With pluto being at cancer 13 degrees…would that adversely affect me? I’ve been reliving some past family (growing up) traumas and it seems unbearable right about now. I thought that I cleared those experiences up a long time ago, and it feels like they are back, in full force and almost more painful. 🙁

  28. Today with the moon in cap, I’m emotionally understanding what is about to burn deep again for the next few months. Listening to Lorde as an artist has certainly helped.
    this retrograde will trek all the way back into my 12th house of unconscious. I want to be alone, left in my room toward deep motivation once it hits.
    Since its decided to go backwards, I will reface my natural and beautiful Capricorn life. It will hit my ascendant once again pushing me to transform. (weight loss, new haircuts, new wardrobes) In doing so, it will hit my descendant in opposition in 7th.
    uranus in Capricorn in 9 degrees was already hit.

    This is powerful news but the other outer planets Neptune, my north node, Juno and vesta still haven’t been touched yet. Not to mention my south node in cancer 14 degrees in opposition! Its so close! I am getting closer to uncovering and healing from my past life.

    My intuition tells me that I will continue to age…HARD!!

    With a dead sun in Virgo in my 8th house and a natal Pluto in Scorpio in midhaven I am BUILT for this.

  29. Most definitely ground I’d rather not revisit…But I also know it’s much needed right now, and that my cycle of death/rebirt is yet to be completed. t. Pluto is crossing my 6th right now and it hits the whole of my Chart, this Rx time will again allow him to form a precise square with my Libra Sun and Mercury. I can see more painful growth and transformation on the horizon.

  30. Pluto is transiting my 6th house. Going thru a hellacious menopause and recently had an emergency appendectomy. (Not common at my age). It is however going to retrograde 3 degrees from my part of fortune at 16 degrees Capricorn. Hoping this is close enough to bring some waves of success and good fortune, if not I will wait patiently until 2015 for it to get closer! Over the last few years I have completely changed my diet hoping to stay ahead of “aging” but this menopause thing has really gotten the best of me!


    • GTO – It’s in my 11th too. I’m not sure about what that could involve. I would be interested to hear your take on what it might mean for you.

  31. Pluto is in my 2nd house now conj. my natal Venus in Retro grade. My natal Pluto in my 10th is getting a wide sextile, if you can call it that. I am in a COMPLETELY new job. It’s like I landed on Mars. Also slowly catching up financially but still fighting Plutonian forces and compulsions to over spend. I have to get out of this hole I am in. I am just beginning to see the light at the end so hope not too much more will destruct before I can let go and feel secure.

  32. it’s in my first house now, in Capricorn – actually, I like it… it makes me change myself in more ways but I like the new me better than the old me 🙂

  33. So, my Mercury is in 11th H – Sagitarius (28) – been through than.
    My Sun is in 12 H – Capricorn (10’54) – this Pluto transit seems like would never end
    And when Pluto has had enough of my Sun, will move to my Uranus, which is in 12 H – Capricorn (17) closely conjuncting my 12 H – Capricorn (18) Neptune.
    Any advice for me?

  34. Aye, it was smack dab onto my rising. Danger seemed to surround me at the time. The day they told me about my messed up bone, I almost got run by a cab whilst sitting on the sideways at the bus station and then the guy got out and threatened to hit me. My scorpio rising cousin cussed out to the winds months after I told her this whilst laughing because dark comedy is also comedy. Your luck can not be this bad. It got worse, haha.

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