Pluto Retrograde: April 12th, 2013 – Don’t Bother Hiding Under The Bed

Pluto will turn retrograde in Capricorn on April 12th.  If you are willing to drill down and get to the root a problem, there is tremendous potential here.

Uranus is direct. When Pluto turns retrograde it will move to close the square between these two outer planets.  The exact aspect takes place on May 21, 2013. This is such a big deal, it will pay to keep this planetary clash in mind over the next weeks.

We are sure to see intense upheaval around the world, but on a personal level, I would recommend you set a goal (Capricorn) to liberate yourself (Uranus in Aries).

I don’t think you can do this with without upset, hard work, focus and determination. But I also don’t think a person is going to be able to coast through this or hide under the bed that successfully, so you may as well go for that ring.

Can you see the work, cut out for you?

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Pluto Retrograde: April 12th, 2013 – Don’t Bother Hiding Under The Bed — 37 Comments

  1. I’ve definitely got work cut out for me right now. I’ll take this as good news and do my best to use the energy constructively.

  2. Works been cut out for me since 2009. I’m hoping to get some good results soon. My moon makes a tsquare at 11 degrees.

  3. Ha, yes! And I am glad. Crazy, I know. :::Headshake:::

    I ought to be terrified, but…that image pretty much sums up what I am learning about Pluto. He can be pretty damn sexy and real, and pomegranates are delicious.

    I am barely joking.

  4. I should totally work on getting a PT job so I can save to move out… sounds easier said than done. But in my town Im getting older and my shade is browner. So I need to find a good boss. amen. lol.
    Second, I want to work on my music. Day in and day out Im plugging away with stone. Alright Pluto let’s get to work!

  5. I’m already starting this early. I’ve been saying for a while now that I need to work on my résumé but haven’t done anything about it. Today, I’m going to a friend’s house to get help with it since I’m kind of rusty and not really confident in my ability of writing something top notch (Virgo moon wants everything to be perfect). Also, I’m going to try to start exercising once the weather gets nicer. I also want to start eating better as well but that requires money. I don’t eat much because I don’t have money to buy much. Oh, 6th house woes!

  6. ive already been feeling this and im excited about this happening too, because i feel like its going to bring the opportunities for transformation that i need.

  7. Elsa, I’ve been wondering about this transit. Pluto is moving through my 3rd house. I’ve definitely changed my communication style and how I respond to things, but I see it more as a result of inner changes I’ve made on what is/is not important to me. I haven’t experienced the square as intensely as others. What am I missing or not thinking about in how to leverage this transit to my benefit?

  8. I can see my work cut out for me and am working hard to meet the goals to make it happen. We’ll be moving very far, during this time frame. I can see how liberating that will be for me and my little ones 🙂 🙂 🙂

    We are dealing with the upset, focusing hard to fit in what we need to get done and being determined to follow our chosen path. The real hard work starts when we actually have to do the packing, imo! But we have made a well thought out plan and are going for our ring :)!

  9. I can see some stuff in my life that needs updating, work, etc. Ducks that need to be put in order, stuff I put off that needs to be dealt with ASAP, things are slowly coming to a head.
    Not sure where to start first. O_o

  10. If things DONT change dramatically this spring/summer I will be very upset. I’m looking forward to this transit. Pluto is in my 9th, Uranus in my 12th trine my Sag stellium. I’m ready to work hard. I’m really hoping to land an awesome travel job by the end of summer and to move back east. And to GRADUATE. Thats pretty important haha.

  11. A fall put shelter may be needed here! Also newbie question, i get Elsa’s newsletter. Is there a way to get blog updates sent?
    And..I tend to go through phases with my internet addiction; if I were to join the messageboard, but then *poof* for some time, would that be considered bad form by other members ?

  12. Bring it on i say!!!!
    I feel things are really going to change for me, not just for me, but for the whole world. Things need to be bought to light, to rise up, to transform..

    For better or worse!

    Its all going to be piled like a heap of sh%$, by September, ready to be finally sorted once & for all!

    I’m somewhat frightened…but also excited…

    Gotta love that Pluto feeling 😉 !!!!

  13. I think I’m on the right track. Not only do I see some unfinished business to deal with as Pluto is about to turn retrograde, but indeed I do have a constructive personal goal to attain with the Uranus-Pluto square.

  14. Yes, I am highly in favor of liberation! The questions are just “from what?” and “how?” I look forward to figuring that out.

  15. Personally speaking, I’m good with this. But globally speaking, this is terrifying! Pluto retrograde could mean North Korea reviewing its rhetoric. But with Uranus going direct, it could also mean that it goes ahead, drops a nuclear bomb, and it badly backfires on them (Pluto Rx), causing more damage to North Korea than anywhere else.

    And when it comes to the synchronicity of archeologists finding The “Gate to Hell,” called “The Plutonium,” synchronistically with North Korea’s nuclear threats, I gotta say, the planetary lines up is “hell” right now.

    As I say, personally fine. Globally — OMG.

  16. @Mimi K Yesterday I listened to the news. Sounds like North Korea is virtually declaring war on the U.S. Wow.

  17. one of my favourite astrologers (mystic medusa) calls this uranus square pluto the ZAP ZONE. everything non functional or unnecessary will have to die. sounds pretty cool to me, although a bit traumatic!

  18. I wish I could “hide under the bed” and ignore how relevant all of this is to my current Life phase, but alas, it seems I’ll have to face it. At least this explains the urge I’ve been feeling these days, to make the effort of finding independance in my Life to get rid of toxic people for good. (Ugh, my English is worse than usual today it seems!)

  19. and this is as well exactly as well what is happening in Spain. so much dodgy stuff is coming to light that used to be hidden!

  20. ah well, i am not excited at all. i feel exhausted already and pretty much under the bed.
    uranus is currently conjunct my natal jupiter in 10th house and i dont feel any surprise attacks or expansions. i would very much like a balst at this moment but nah! zilch for me :/

    pluto on the other hand will retrograde to the point where it will oopose my ascendant 9 for the last time, i guess ill get married…yaaay :/

    not a surpirse…

  21. Pluto is station direct at 24 degrees libra in my 10th house, in my natal chart… is this considered retrograde? might it have an effect on me during the pluto retrograde this year? im a cancer sun, so its retrograding in my solar 7th house

  22. Belle, there is an easy way to be notified of all the new posts from Elsa’s blog. Go to and sign for an account (it’s free). After you open an account you are able to add Elsa’s blog URL to your feeds and all her posts will be showing daily in the BlogLovin’ account. You probably need to confirm your e-mail to activate the account. Then you need to enter Elsa’s URL in the search box at the top and just click Follow. I just did that in my account and Elsa’s posts showed there right away, but I already have other blogs there. Then all you do is come to your BlogLovin’ account and read her posts. You can add as many blogs as you want to follow and you can read all of them from one place. I hope this helps.

  23. My goal is to maintain stability without my regular partner/pattern in the world at large. To focus on building toward my career in healthcare and managing to write and perform some songs at open mic on wednesday night (while the night is young;)

  24. North Korea. Yeh that nut in charge is a capricorn soo.. look out he’s on a clueless power bender. I got told the retro for caps means stop what your doing right now! Your really pushing it, and if you don’t stop by september your gonna get pushed back so hard your head will snap off. So relax about the nuke warfare with korea. But i have to agree, globally it’s heating up to a line up of the gates of hell. Weve got isreal and afganistan and syria carrying on too. My daughters a mega cap, and from what i’ve seen most of the caps are sensing theyve pushed it and that bitch slaps waiting..go on just one more, just one more!! hahaha. Theyre backing off. But theyll be back. I think were going to see the US and Britain step in soon, and when they do i doubt they’ll give a damn about being politically correct. The word ‘Enough!’ is coming.

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