Pluto In Libra: “Till Death Do We Part…”

When I think of Pluto mashed with Libra, I think, “Till death do we part.”

But another manifestation might be that a person blacks out relationships of all kind.  It’s extreme!

There are a lot of people who read here who have Pluto in Libra.

How do you interpret this combination?

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Pluto In Libra: “Till Death Do We Part…” — 35 Comments

  1. Anne, I don’t know. That doesn’t compute to me in light of this. I am thinking along the lines of people who have Pluto in Libra sitting in their chart (extremes) and Saturn comes along and makes it “real” / commitment, etc.

  2. Saturn hits my Mercury-Pluto a few days before my birthday this year. (Wow – the Sun conjoins Saturn just two degrees earlier on October 1 – going to be a hell of a month).

    Because I am in a serious relationship right now that is not, to my purest understanding, legally or verbally committed to the death, I certainly expect some action on this front one way or the other. I will be sure to report.

  3. Ha! Saturn’s coming up to aspect not only my Pluto, but my Venus. Either commit or don’t- that sounds like Saturn transit Pluto’s message.

    Crispeto, couldn’t it be noose AND leash? Worst case scenario.

  4. i have natal saturn scorpio conjunct pluto in libra at the top of my 12th house. makes me nervous for my saturn return.

    im in a relationship, very plutonian, both of us have pluto in libra. sometimes it’s wonderful, sometimes it’s brutal. both feel like a life sentence.

  5. I’ve had the transit twice. First time was in my first year of marriage, and as Pluto is natally in Leo on my Desc, it seems rather relevant as a forever commitment, as I truly took those vows with all of my heart. At the actual transit, this will sound wierd, but I was five months pregnant with my daughter, and heard that Elvis had died, and it really did make me feel ( pardon the black humour) all shook up. As though I shouldn’t be hearing of this icon’s death while I was so immersed in the wonder of birth, it made me suddenly place my hands on my bump, needing to protect.

    The second transit ( Elsa P I have been delving into my ephemeris and diaries..not writing my column, cos enjoying your stimulating thoughts!)

    The second transit happened when my daughter was ( Uranus conjunct her Moon) unexpectedly pregnant with her third child, a daughter to add to her two little boys, then ages 3 and 1..and she and her husband moved out to a remote cottage with plans to take it apart and rebuild it a lot bigger. Thing is they took it apart without checking planning regulations and ended up in the most awful nightmare imaginable. She had pelvic problems, they had one disaster after another around the project, including one of the children being found sinking into a deep water filled rut up to his shoulders as he was found, lots of terrible experiences, their water supply being cut off
    ( she had asked me about her chart previously and I’d said, danger of impulse house move that you then want to move away from, plus possible unplanned pregnancy, yep, and two years later she casually said..”oh I wish someone had told me…!” thing is Saturn return was arriving for her husband then her and nobody can really tell us what we have to go and learn..they may speak, but we often don’t hear).

    Thing is she had a beautiful baby girl, they both grew up so much, and they learned big time from it all, and where some might have split up over the stress, they shone together, stuck together and got through it and yep till death do us part is what I think about how I viewed that second transit too.

    Good call Elsa

  6. that which doesn’t kill you..makes you stronger..?

    Also, another thought to throw into the pot. In mythology, Pluto was devoured by Saturn, then rescued by Jupiter..

  7. very much so. and it’s probably going to be rocky (pluto/breaking down and rebirth) but we have no expectation of anything else.

    i might be pregnant by the time saturn actually conjuncts my pluto. it’ll be 0’20” from the conjunction at my wedding and applying… uhm. i get preggers EASY. it’s a family trait. (or that eighth house venus… same thing)

  8. Just realised I was not sticking to the exact thread Saturn over Pluto in Libra, but instead to my experience of the planets with PLuto on my’s like it’s in Libra innit..? : )
    Also meant to say that although I am referring to my daughter’s experience in the second transit, what was happening to her, utterly consumed my ( and also my husband’s..we were having the same transit) every waking thought, terror of anything bad happening to her and her family, and we were always having to leap in the car and go tend troubles, gladly but with great trepidation. It’s how I look back on that transit. Now with gratitude for their safety.

  9. beth–for you, certainly it can be both. you are free to riff on this. tinaroma, same…definitely I would substitute wings if that’s what you choose.

    In my case, in this stage of my life, it’s leash or noose. It’s okay. I need to be tethered to planet Earth for a while. My Saturn demands it of me.:)

  10. Another Libra Sun conjunct Pluto in Libra here, with Saturn currently conjunct my Virgo Mercury, and set to go into wide conjunction with my Sun-Pluto this summer. I’ve committed to transforming my life in service to a relationship, with the big geographical relocation due to occur right at that Saturn-Pluto conjunction.

  11. Lindiloo, your posts are relevant, at least to me. They made me think about my first Saturn conjuct Sun/Pluto transit. Saturn was basicly sitting on my Sun when my mother lost the short battle to cancer. She was a Libra Saturn, and didn’t even reach her Saturn Return. My father and grandmother had just had their 1st and 2nd SRs (yes, my granny is a classic, she got her first child during her 1st SR, basicly just a week before the exact passage), and there really is amazing syncrocity in the family charts overall.

    But I think that how everything that has been happening in our family for the past two or even three Saturn in Libra cycles may call for a thread of it’s own over on the board section.

  12. Pluto in Libra here. For ages I’ve thought I never wanted to get married… now, during my Saturn Return in the 5th house, I’m considering “till death do we part” marriage. My thoughts changed in just over six months. Extreme!

  13. Pluto in Libra as well, and like Petra, my thoughts have done a 180…I have said for years (since I was a kid, actually) that I’d never get married. And after my last relationship ended, I didn’t even want to think about it. And I thought I wasn’t thinking about it – until I looked over all the tarot readings I had done recently & they were all about finding love. It’s so strange to want to be married, after a lifetime of the opposite. Now I just have to find my future husband 😉

  14. Wow this interesting. I have this aspect natally as my venus is conjunct saturn and pluto in late degrees of Libra, in fact the venus pluto conjunction is exact. And I have both manifestations in my life.

    I would prefer not to get married but I would if the man I loved wanted too however I dont need the legal contract because once I love you and trust you, you have got me til death do us part. Im in like this with my friendships too. It takes alot for me to trust but once you have me you have me on your side til the end.

    With me You dont need to have a contract with me to know Im with you til death do you part but if you need one I’ll give to you.

  15. @ c.2, elsa:

    1) i’d like to learn more about generation plu-in-lib & abuse, power, inhibition/empowerment, independence/partner.

    2) sat-in-lib will manifest strong bonds of mutual benefit for some. but for others it’ll be restraint… & hopefully, gentle endings.

    3) imho, with current mind-climate, gen plu-in-lib is _extremely_ compulsive.

    wish you well

  16. Well, this song was made by a punch of Libra Plutos ten years ago:

    The singer is a Sun (cusp, really) / Moon Saggie, with a Scorpio Rising (one wouldn’t guess ;-D) Midheaven AND Libra MC. He went through a rehab during the Virgo Saturn, and swore to celibacy after quite a Plutonian relationship. But he was spotted with a new lady friend a couple of months ago and has actually stated he is indeed in a relationship.

  17. I have pluto in Libra (second house) trine Saturn in Gemini natally. This current Starun Uranus opposition has been playing havoc with that pluto. But this seems to have nothing to do with my close relationships as far as I can work out. Instead, I seem to have a compultion to follow my career dreams, which woud require me leaving the career I have worked 13 years building. I am also having my pluto square pluto at the moment.

  18. @ c.32, muhajir

    many thanks for sharing. well, with pluto in 2nd house, one might expect there’s strong driving forces related to “values”, wouldn’t we? that what we attach mind to, right? for most people that’s “money”, i guess.

    i would assume that your current pluto-square-pluto will transform that. do you know whether it’s first, second, third transit?

    one of my friends has pluto transiting her 2nd house – & her attitude to “money” or “possessions” has changed quite dramatically, for the better.

    she’s much more relaxed. nonetheless, there’s still this compulsive element: it’s like she feels deeply & physically threatened in her very existence – when she encounters somebody whom she perceives as, “he _wants_ _MY MONEY_”. even in business transactions 😉

  19. @ maverick263 – I am not sure if this is the second or third transit. My pluto is 1’54” Libra so I am inclined to think the third transit is passing or has passed.

    Although I have never avoided it, the only importance money has in my life is that it provides me and my nearest and dearest with some life comforts. I have had periods in life with a lot of money as well as ones with none. I have no real attachment to it.

    The only compulsion, other than the career related one in my previous post, is to do with trying to become less involved with money matters and more with creativity. One way in which it manifests itself is in trying to think of ways of earning (saving up) a lot of money in a short period to give me freedom and time to pursue my creativity. Oh, and my current career is in finance (so I guess is money related).

    I also have Uranus and Moon in Libra (17′ and 24′ respectively) so I am expecting this pluto induced mental turmoil to continue.

  20. @ muhajir:

    Thanks for your time to reply.

    I’m sorry if I created some misunderstanding. 2nd house is considered to be “house of values” – &, imho, for most people that spells as “money”. I’m not talking about some obsession or fetishism; actually I’d say it’s more like “making a living”. Nonetheless, _that_ _is_ a “value”: there are people who renounce “material possessions” completely & there are people who have tremendous difficulties _realizing_ to “make a living” 😉

    Personally, I see 1st house as arena for those energies that in aries/1st-house/springtime _drive_ & enable seeds to breakthrough restrictive structures like the very earth. Coming into being. It’s pure force, drive. In 2nd house, mind “latches onto values” & gives these forces some “taste” & significant direction. As we’re bound by physical reality _one_ necessary “value” _is_ to ensure our existence. But there can be others…

    With your natal Pluto in 2nd-house, one _might_ expect on-going transformation of values, as you say, “I have had periods in life with a lot of money as well as ones with none.” _But_ without knowing more about your natal chart – that is mere speculation. On the other hand, when you mention your last 13 years of career in finances – I cannot help but to think of the term “plutocrats”, I guess you’ve heard it? No insult intended.

    Anyhow, imho, you describe effects of Pluto-square-Pluto perfectly well, “The only compulsion, other than the career related one in my previous post, is to do with trying to become less involved with money matters and more with creativity.”

    I would describe that as “a transformation of values”. Actually it’s similar to experience of my friend (plu transiting 2nd): breakdown & transformation of “valueing” money (& our relation to it) to the point of letting-go of a lot of dedication to it – & shifting energy, awareness to “creative expression”; which, imho, is another “value” 🙂 , another “taste” & “direction” of our unfolding energies.

    I’m just curious about this pluto-square-pluto transit. I really would like to know whether it’s first, second, or third hit – & how “bad” it was. I’m aware that some pluto-in-libra generation people experiencing plu-squ-plu already & more will it experience it in years to come. So I’d like to learn more…

    Thanks for your sharing 🙂 wish you well 🙂


    I’m sorry; i hope it’s not too bad i’m so off-topic.

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