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I seem to be the only one around here interested in this (yet) but hey. I used sell on ebay long before Meg Whitman came on board, long before there were fees to sellers. Matter of fact I was also a very early user of paypal who (get this) launched with this promise – “No fees forever!  Send money on the internet for free!”

If you wonder how they planned to do that – they said they were going to make money on the float. Whether that was a real intention or a ruse, I doubt we’ll ever know.  It’s all history now and I think we’re all poised to be living some serious history over these next years so don’t mind me while I mind it.

18 months ago, the soldier was driving a truck. We had some months of bliss before he had to go back out and he reports how things have changed. I reported on the cargo theft which is nothing more than modern day train robbing.  I reported that the Dell Laptops can be purchased new in the box at various truck stops if your timing is right (the soldier will not buy / participate).

Today I told you about the expansion of the whore business which has always thrived in trucking but is beginning to see some innovation. (Whore Report)

He told me that now people are selling everything you can think of on the cb. DVDs…

“Porn,” I asked as this would be somewhat usual. The whores advertise on the cb, see?

“No, just regular DVDs. They’re selling everything. Blankets, clothing… they’re just selling stuff left and right.”

“Was it like this a year ago?”

“Hell no. Never heard anything like this before in my life. Commerce is going underground, P.”

“Okay, well I’m not surprised.”

“Either am I…”

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  1. Good Point and definitely true. The more that entrepreneurs and achievers are taxed and regulated, the more of the economy will go underground or out of the country or figure out the next best mousetrap for that matter.

    Just the opposite: Big story here in CA is that our biggest cash crop will be legalized and regulated so it can be TAXED. It’s reported that it generates 17 billion a year in income.

  2. I wonder how Craigslist has managed to stay fee-free? I have never used it, but as far as I know, you can still post your items for sale their for free (unless something has happened that I don’t know about).

  3. Craigslist does charge for some ads but I think it’s smart biz over there. wait until all the newspapers go out of business, then they’ll charge and make a fortune for years to come.

    The revenue for ads is enormous. When you have a big pie like this, it is worth waiting for if you can manage – stay afloat and this is what I think the game plan is.

    The leave it looking like it’s a guy named, Craig, ha ha ha. BIG BUSINESS is what it is.

  4. Yes, it is only a matter of time before you pay, Ebay is part owner in Craigslist. However, Ebay started a similar site some years ago called: Kijiji, actually a better format, not near the traffic though as what Craigslist enjoys.

  5. Actually Craig is still involved in craigslist and they do charge, regularily for business postings and they provide an extra level of service for that. If I remember correctly Ebay has a part ownership in craigslist and tried to do a hostile take-over with ads and pay for listing type of deal and craig fought them off. He has a vision but that vision is putting newspapers out of business. Unfortunately newspapers used to provide “public goods” which are often costly to produce and now there is a bit of a void where those public goods are concerned.

    As for paypal the guy who started that sold it to ebay for a few more than a few boatloads of cash and turned around and started Tesla (the electric car guys) which I actually think is kind of cool use of money.

  6. MzScarlett – I’m keeping my fingers crossed for legalization of marijuana. Maybe if we do it here, the movement will get a little more attention.

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