Pluto In Capricorn – Dates & Degrees 2017-2024

Do you have planets in the late degrees of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn)? I do! This prompted me to put together this list of the dates and degrees when Pluto changes direction.

I’m hoping this will help people track and plan.

Here you go:

April 20, 2017 @ 19 degrees Capricorn
September 28, 2017 @ 16 degrees Capricorn
April 22, 2018 @ 21 degrees Capricorn
October 1, 2018 @ 18 degrees Capricorn
April 24, 2019 @ 23 degrees Capricorn
October 3, 2019 @ 20 degrees Capricorn
April 25 2020 @  24 degrees Capricorn
October 4, 2020 @ 22 degrees Capricorn
April 27, 2021 @ 26 degrees Capricorn
October 6, 2021 @ 24 degrees Capricorn
April 29, 2022 @ 28 degrees Capricorn
October 8, 2022 @ 26 degrees Capricorn
May 1, 2023 @ 0 degrees Aquarius
October 11, 2023 @ 27 degrees Capricorn
May 2, 2024 @ 2 degrees Aquarius
October 12, 2024 @ 29 degrees Capricorn

Do you have planets in the late degrees of the Cardinal signs?


Pluto In Capricorn – Dates & Degrees 2017-2024 — 116 Comments

  1. Well, yes.Midheaven at 19 Capricorn( and all the other cardinal points on the same degree), and my Moon is at 16 Capricorn. At least it’s going to be last time time that Pluto conjunct my Moon.

    • Party during an opposition of Pluto? For me it’s a square to Venus (28°45′ Libra) and I don’t expect anything good from the transit.

        • As a kid I survived Pluto square my Mars and opposing my big stellum of planets (SN,the moon conjunct Jupiter, pallas, venus, Mercury, Vesta, IC and the Sun in the end. I had literally deconstructed my self, personality and attitude towards everything and started studying occult,astrology, Buddhism , psychotherapy and science in the end. 14 years. Now Pluto is in my 12th and it will be hard when it hits my ASC opposing DSC, Mars and Saturn. Some people Don t have a chance to have Pluto making numerous aspects to natal angles and planets. I am tossed and nd toured by all three oldies.Uranus,Pluto and Neptune..

          • In March of 2016 my life literally started falling apart. And I just found out why. I use sidreal so Pluto on my chart is Virgo 23 and March 2016 Capricorn 23
            It’s june 2018 and I have failed miserably

  2. Thank you for the list- I’ll save it.

    Pluto is going to square my Venus. I can feel it, very faintly, 5 degrees out from a square to my Venus right now. I have a slight sense of dread- of being uprooted/ soul stripped – flashes of things – I have an uneasy feeling about this transit. I guess all I can do is try to keep my eyes open and try not to hang on to anything too tightly. When I think of trying to lock things down, I remind myself that may not be the best idea.

    • Pluto squared my 8th house moon from 2012-2015/6.

      It ripped apart the projections I had, made me take responsibility for my 8th house issues, let go of the blinders I’ve kept about human nature (No, he can’t be that bad! Pluto: Oh yes he can, lemme show you your own sh*t, buried in the 12th…)

      It was also during the Uranus-Pluto squares. At least you won’t have to deal with those… but be prepared to let go of power and thereby finding power. Let go of your inhibitations, beliefs and selfish desires in live. Your Hades is coming to get you, and you are Persephonne. Maybe this could be helpful:

      • The link is illumining.
        When Pluto crossed my Descendant, I met and married the love of my life. We completely overturned many structures to be together; our lives were transformed by our meeting. To say the least.

      • Watch what happens to me- hahaha- your very own up close and personal Venus Pluto specimen to observe. It not exact until 2020.

        • After that two years more until I’m hit. So you’re indeed the perfect specimen. Does your Venus rule any houses?

          • My Venus rules H3 (libra) and H10 (taurus). My Venus rules my Pluto too.

            Around the time the aspect is exact, I’ll have just finished grad school and starting a new career (hopefully). Uranus will also be transiting my MC.

            Originally, I was going to grad school for a degree in one thing, but I’m now considering a dual degree, which will put me in school until 2020.

            But, after 2020, I have another almost two years of Pluto square Venus. Scary.

            • By 2020, I may not be around here much. Things are about to get crazy hectic. But even so, I’ll try to remember to pop in and tell my Venus Pluto tale. I don’t mind being a specimen.

              • My husband’s pluto conjunct my Venus and interestingly my Venus conjuncts his Pluto. It was love at first sight and lasted a glorious 37 years. He died this year and I miss him horribly. Venus Pluto conjunctions are a blessing.

  3. Yupper. Sun 17 degrees cap. Moon 17 degrees libra. Been so much fun. Glad to see it moving away, and yet thankful for what’s it’s shown me and how its change my life.

    • I have 17 cap sun 16 ura cancer..0 Aries asc..sat nep moon conjunct libra2223and! I bought an rv and am on the road..too much tension to sit still

      • Oh how I know what you’re going thru! Wish I could go on that kind of trip. Traveling really mitigates anxiety for me. I have sun cancer, Neptune Libra, then Pluto gets in a big hoopla now that it’s in Capricorn – Then lucky me Uranus finishes it all of as it’s in Aires. A cardinal grand cross. It’s been a majorly tough gig for me. Wish I could say it’s over….5 more years to go. My ascendant is ALSO cancer! I can’t say anything life changing has happened that makes me grateful. All I feel is massive amounts of anxiety and fear. I guess the good news is that Uranus leaves next year!

  4. Jupiter, ruler of 7th house cusp is 20 Cancer. It’s in the first house but on almost in the 2nd. And I have Moon in Virgo around that degree so that would be a trine to Pluto hopefully softening Pluto’s effect.

  5. So do I! : Jupiter 20.23, Moon 23.20, Uranus 25.40, all in Cancer and Nepune 23.57 in Libra. Pluto in Capricorn goes in my house 4 and later on: 5!
    Do I need to be scared? I really don’t know what to expect. I just can trust my inner
    strength and have faith. Faith in what life has in store for me and faith in when it is worse and nasty: there will be help and comfort. There always was: in nature, from my cat or from good friends.
    But that something is going on: that I am sure of!!

  6. Mercury 26°, Jupiter 28° Capricorn. Multiple hits. I’m really curious about Jupiter-Pluto conjunction.

  7. Saturn conjunct Pluto in 8th house, quincunx to Rx Chiron.

    Happy days!!

    Pluto squared my 8th house moon from 2012-2016… ripped me open, shook me up and spit me out. Wonder what he will activate from the 12th house, since he and Uranus has already blown things up in the square dance sessions from 2012-2016… and Uranus will oppose these two from… just about now.
    Is there ANY sh*t left I don’t know about?

  8. I use equal houses so my cusp and MC are different places. I’m trying to look at transits and figure out if my MC is what matters, or just the 10H cusp. My MC is 21 Cap so this should help me find the answer 🙂 Mercury is the only planet being aspected by this, and it’s a sextile. Either this will be super dramatic, or nothing! 🙂

  9. Yes! Neptune 20 degrees Cap and Uranus 22 degrees Cap (9th House). After that, it will cross my MC, also in Cap. Then I have Aries Moon 28 degrees 12th House. And Libra Venus 18 degrees 6th House.

    I’m worried of the conjunction on my 9th because around that time I expect to have finished my bachelors degree, and start applying for a masters abroad.

    I also have Cancer Mars but luckily at 6 degrees.

        • OK, I tell you also the downside. I know from the book of a German astrologer that he also graduated from university as Pluto crossed his MC. In his as well as in my case, after graduation we didn’t work in the field, which we studied. If you feel comfortable with that, then I don’t know any downside.

          • Interesting.
            I checked and Pluto will actually cross my MC in 2024, the same time of my first Saturn Return. I expect to have graduated many years before that.

            I don’t expect to work in the field of my Bachelor’s. But the Master’s I’m looking forward to can be adapted to it. I hope I’ll have graduated from both as late as 2020.

  10. I just have Pluto in my 7th at 19 degrees that’s currently in square with Pluto in Capricorn. I also think that I’m a bit lucky that my natal Pluno is in trine with my Mars, Sun and Mercury in Aquarius so it all might work out ok. I hope.

  11. This frankly horrifies me. I have Sun at 22 Libra, Neptune at 23 Libra, and Saturn at 29 Libra. Twelfth house. I don’t know what to expect but doubt that it will be good!

    • I understand that response. When Pluto entered Capricorn, I began to tense just thinking about the next period of my life.

      Natal Pluto is in 7th but transiting pluto has been in 12th since 6 degrees and Asc is at 29 Cap

      I have mars 20 libra, Neptune 25 Libra and Moon 27 Libra. Uranus 22 cancer and nodes 25 Cap (N) and 25 cancer (S)

      Some salvation with sextiles perhaps but totally changing my life signs up ahead.

      My natal Pluto 25 Leo is in aspect to almost everything in my chart. I’m trying to be ready for everything and anything.

      Have spent a lot of this year as caregiver to others including my mother who developed dementia this year.

  12. Nice. So this is going to rock and roll back and forth over my 22 degree Cancer asc. Until October? For Pete’s sake!!! Oh well…its almost killed me already….whatev!!!!

  13. When Pluto went over my sun a few years ago at 5 degrees Cap, I lost one of my best friends to breast cancer, I performed CPR on a stranger that collapsed in a busy street (something that rocked me more than I can say), and I almost lost my mother and sat by her bed for 11 days in the critical care unit of the local hospital. At the same time, my Dad was in coronary care of the same hospital. It seemed like I was surrounded with death for a year … yet all it made me do was think about living. I finally faced the fact that my 20 year marriage was hollow and I summoned the courage to leave it. Though the 6 or so years have been a little tumultuous, I put that down to the uranus pluto square, in addition to my Capricorn sun. Still, I am much happier. Currently, I am going through Pluto conjunct my 18 degree Capricorn moon, and have Mercury, at 23 degrees Capricorn to look forward to. I know how scary these transits can be, but with these outer planet transits, the day to day living is do-able … most of the change is big picture stuff.

  14. Pluto is exactly square my Moon as I type this. He’s going to Rx back to my MC (second hit). This isn’t easy at all, but it’s very liberating. It reminds me of when Pluto squared my Sun way back when I was in college. Painful but ultimately freeing.

  15. Ooh, I’m in for some painful fun for the next couple of years haha. Well, what can I do but get up from the swamp (probably covered in it), walk through the pain and try again? I see this manifesting in my family life, my dad and how he treats both my mom and me. Plus it’s affecting my ability to function, feel happiness, and accomplish goals without fears crawlng about in the looming shadows.

    I’ve been reading The Body Keeps Score by Bessel van der Kolk. The words have been been churning through my painful emotions and I’m realizing how I can heal. I’m realizing part of where I may have built these “shakes” in myself, while trying to build my career and my path.

    They may have come from what I’ve been told over and over by my dad: No one will ever like or love you, without some sort of potential malice attached. They shouldn’t be trusted, and you must always be achieving, protecting (hiding) or performing perfectly to receive love and belonging, or be rejected and cast away helpless, hungry and stupid.

    Wow Pluto in Capricorn, really nice messaging there! (Sarcasm ;)) In turn, this has come from my dad’s etched memory of being rejected and whispered about in his family. It isn’t great intel for happiness really. Legacy and inheritance shit is always the worst because its origins are more or less hidden.

    So, I am testing it, and wrangling with this theory and attempting to come to my own conclusions, ones that help me live, and be happy. Trying to build conclusions where I don’t have to take in every criticism I hear as I reflectin upon myself as a person. Then I dont have to perform for others, while attacking myself, snd hiding away in the swamp for so long. Thanks for listening…. hope this is helpful for someone else.

      • he is! his practice according to Wikipedia is in Boston, MA USA. but he was born in the Hague. I should read that book! it sounds very interesting!

      I was reading through all the comments today and your post resonated a great deal with me . I’m quite Plutonian, and I’ve always somehow deep down felt the way your dad feels. I’m sorry his own trauma is inflicted on you. Families! It must be synchronicity that you mentioned the book by Bessel van der Kolk, as I was just reading an online article by him the other day.I have Pluto going over Midheaven at 19 degrees Capricorn and squaring my Mercury at 23 degrees Libra so I think I’m going to read that book as the next four years look rocky (or should that be swampy?)

  16. Transit Pluto is currently in my 1st house, and as of today will trine my Venus at 22 Virgo for at least 5 years. I am noticing changes to my love life… Very slow changes, but they are there. My Sag moon says “Hurry up already!” but my Cappy stellium is like “…Understood.”

  17. My MC is at 16 degrees Cancer (23 degrees Cancer Venus) and my IC is 16 degrees Capricorn. September 2017 is not that far away. It’s nerve wracking but exciting at the same time because Pluto both scares and fascinates me. I have been dying, crying and praying for a career, home and love life that will make me and the family happy. Tired of being dragged through hell. I hope September is a change for the better and not for the worst.

  18. My Neptune is 19 degrees Libra. Exact square.
    My Venus is 21 degrees Capricorn. What orb would we use with this transit?

  19. Moon at 19 Cap in the 11th so it has begun for me. Chiron at 17 Sag in the 10th and Neptune at 17 Libra in the 8th have stepped up the game. Sun and Mercury are Cazimi at 27 degrees Capricorn (placidius house system in the 12th house, but in porphyry system in the 11th house). I expect that by 2030 my life will in no way resemble what it does now and I will be a different person – better, stronger, wiser it is to be hoped and is my goal, since I will be 80 years old then 🙂 Blessings to all on their life journeys.

  20. My node a is 19 cancer/Capricorn (north/south, 8/2 house, respectively.)
    Spring cleaning at least, on every level.
    Thanks for the heads up!

    • My Venus is 21 Cap in the 4th.
      I’m seeing old love I thought was “dead” back, ghosts from the past. Ex husband hadn’t spoke to for 8 years & I reconnected & decided to try forgiveness & healing. Not necessarily reviving a commitment but we did spend a week together on a camping trip.
      I’d think a 5th house Venus Pluto hit would be similar?

  21. So, in Sept. this will station 1 degree from my natal descendant and close on Saturn conjunction (15 and 13 deg Cap respectively). Does applying orb of 3-4 degrees apply for retrograde approaches? Am studying up while I try to unpack all that’s going on, and see the differences with Saturn that’s right on natal Jupiter at the moment.

  22. Oh great, Pluto will be torturing me to the day I die! I have 4 planets and the nodes – from the 18th to 29th degree.
    Thanks, Elsa, but I don’t think the list will help me much.

  23. Yes, my Sun at 27 Capricorn, and Mars/Mercury at 24 Capricorn are going to take a pounding in this process, but I am psychologically prepared.

  24. Oh hell yes. Natal Mercury at 18 degrees cap, venus at 20 degrees. I thought I would be through with it now but looks like pluto will linger around for years to come! Have been with who I thought to be the love of my life for three years now in a crazy passionate ride-or-die relationship. But the past six months have been really difficult. The retrograde hit me hard but I really hope it’s going uphill for me now (for a while at least). Has anyone experienced the pluto-venus transit? What can I expect? What do I have to watch out for?

      • Yes, I’d like to hear more of your experiences through this also. I have Venus at 21° Capricorn. Sam and Mercury at 11° Capricorn. Libra rising at 11° And Neptune at 19° libra. So Pluto either conjuncture squares everything it feels like.

  25. My sun is 20 degrees Cancer so transit opposition to Pluto and strong aspects related to this off and on over the last 10 years. Yikes and double yikes! I feel I have learned a lot and travelled to inner depths I could not ever have imagined! I am just feeling wrung out old dish rag now and not sure how I can make through 2 more years at 0 degrees orb of opposite. I am also experiencing some hard Saturn aspects at the same time and feel saturated with life’s lessons!

  26. I have Sun 20dg, Moon 14dg, Jup 17dg, Sat 21dg all in Capricorn. Have resorted to reading astrology to understand life. I have a growing awareness of past life psychological habits that are being balanced in this incarnation. I spend many hours meditating to attempt to keep my ego from causing damage to others. Its a big humiliation in the spiritual sense. Relationships with close friends and some family that I thought were enduring, have ended suddenly. Everything it seems is a test in this life. From one test to another. Like a relentless initiation of some kind that I don’t have any clear guidebook for. I now accept I am a deeply spiritually oriented person (which I tried to ignore), and find astrologers more helpful than doctors in this uncharted territory, along with great spiritual teachers such as Thich Nhat Hanh.

  27. I’m immersed in a pluto soup, and will be for some time. Mars @ 19 Cap 10H, Venus @ 27 Cap 10H, and Sun @ 29 Cap 11H. My Moon @ 20 Cancer will also be affected by opposition. Pluto must have been right on my Mars in April this year, and I looked back at my diary and can’t recall anything to be worried about. I was busy, but I’m a Capricorn, so what’s new??

  28. Asc Capricorn 27
    Sun Libra 10
    Venus Libra 21
    Jupiter Aries 26

    Pluto and Uranus have both kicked my butt but I am a lot stronger and wiser for it. Pluto squaring my sun brought debilitating health issues. Uranus opposing Venus has brought a lot of weirdness into my love life. I guess the party’s gonna continue for another 5 years !!!

  29. Yeppers.
    AC 22 Lib 23’36”
    Merc 21 Lib 8’20”
    Venus 27 Lib 56’1″
    MC 26 Canc 55’45”

    Pluto in Cap in my 3rd house has never made my life more difficult or miserable.

    I will have both my Jupiter (11/15/19) and Saturn (1/5/19) returns while Pluto remains in Cap.

    Oh joy.

  30. Oh, and my moon will be transiting at 2 Cap 35′
    my Sun transiting at 14 Cap 20′
    Merc transiting at 29 Sag 46′ almost to the 3rd house

    There’s a party in my 3rd House but I think everyone is drunk and destructive.

    Oh, and my Mars is transiting 2 Aries 38′ in the 6th house squaring my moon and Mercury.

    Can anyone offer any insight on all this?

  31. Yes– I see that I have Venus Libra 19°34’36 in house 5 / how do I begin to interpret this and should I be looking at anything in addition?

  32. I will have Pluto opposite natal Uranus 28 degrees in my first house. No ideas what that will mean except strange things happening to me?

  33. Pluto will leap frog between my 4th and 5th house, alternately squaring Neptune (21 degrees Libra) and Venus (28 degrees Libra). But it is sextiling my 7th house Pisces moon a good bit of the time. Take the blessings where they come.

  34. With my DSC at 21′ I’d expect to feel this April ’18, but given my overabundance of cardinal, I’m already there. Yeah!!! Go team Cardinal!!!! (over the top sarcastic voice here).

    On a more serious note: whatever, when Pluto finally moves out of Cappy, it will have hit (by conjunction or opposition) every planet in my chart, in my lifetime. I’m not sure if I’ll know what to do with myself??

  35. I have Pluto conjucting my sun in Cap 17 degrees and moon in Libra 17 degees and 12th house.

    I find the exact stations have been really oddly protective. Like a week of feeling immune to things, and then as soon as it starts to move all hell breaks loose and it’s like a weird narrative that keeps replaying in different ways and I get to audition all over again. Or I hang on to things that need to go and cause myself suffering.

    Anyway, glad to see the movement in the dates above – gives me hope.

  36. Pluto is rolling through me and my husband’s composite chart. Oy! Sun at 14, Mars at 17, Mercury at 26, Venus at 28. Oy! Has anyone else experienced this?

  37. My Mother will experience a Pluto opposition at 27 Degrees Cancer around 2022 – what would this bring (Cancer her 7th House and she is a Capricorn)?

    • That would be really interesting…for her to tell us what she experiences. I would think she would be able to see her deep roots…family, country, the whole of it. It would be incredible.

      • Yes, she’s got Sun Moon Jupiter and Mercury in Capricorn and Mercury is 27 Capricorn too! 🙂 12 Jan 1937, but I don’t know her time of birth (she was a twin). Definitely up-date you nearer the time, as she’s very young for her age, so don’t expect her to pop off any time soon lol!

  38. HI to All! I am currently undergoing a transit Pluto squaring my natal Venus at 20 deg of Libra (ruler of 3rd, and 8th house, IN my natal 8th house!). So you know… I have … been thinking, struggling, faced a love dilemma and I was suffering, thus thought to look into it. Thanks for the useful info here!So in my case it all relates to a foreigner I met abroad where I was working, divorced with 2 kids, who is also working away from his country. Meanwhile, I lost my job there, which was very very bad.. so he invited me to go there again to look for another job. This quest has resulted to nothing for 2 months now. I have a huge dilemma if this opportunity I gave myself and our relationship is beneficial for me. This country is very different than mine,initially I struggled to adjust,then when I met him I started to breathe again… but things will be hard if I follow that path I feel. Away from relatives, with multiple factors to determine our lives (where we will be living, so to be close to his kids now and in the distant future). Its the most important relationship I ever had. Yes, in my 33 years! The most devoted partner I had, the one who loved me most. All the others were one sided usually.. (Venus in 8th) I feel I have to be extremely brave to either stay with him or even separate from him as the truth is that his Saturn is 10 degrees apart from my moon so the initial ”carefree” feeling we had, turned to a heavy, responsible union, full of love , but not ”in love” feeling or joy… He is also a bit jealous (has Venus in Taurus),and I am a Sagittarius after all! We solve things by discussing and he is not irrational, but our 4th house New Moon in Virgo in our composite is very perfectionist and that is … just hard for me. If anyone has any advice to offer I would be grateful. (or comment). Regards and courage to all who have that transit! (I dint mention my finances that now depend on him on a significant percentage, and the compensation I received from my job,…which is…growing… less and less very fast with the trips back and forth! These issues would be expected from all!)

  39. Hello Everyone, natal Scorpio with 5 planets in libra. Im really wanting to leave my husband. Im literally grinding it out minute by minute to not leave. Im home sick from work and he starts screaming and yelling at me how i dont clean enough around the house. I know this cant be normal.

      • Mine (Venus) is at 22 degrees Capricorn in my 2nd,conjunct my husband’s Ascendant and opposite his Pluto/Moon, opposite an old crush’s sun that pops up every now and then, whose sun sits on my vertex. Trying to channel this mess through artistic endeavors, for my health’s sake!

  40. For the next few years, Pluto and Saturn will be “dancing” over my natal Capricorn Jupiter, Saturn, Sun and Mercury all located between 16 and 26 degrees. Plus my Progressed Moon is now in the early degrees of Capricorn, but no doubt will catch up to join the party at some point. And my 2nd Saturn return is happening next year, on top of it. I can’t even imagine what all that will bring, but I’m guessing hard work and complete transformation will have something to do with it.

  41. Thank you so much this recap and timetable Elsa I truly appreciate it! I have been awaiting pluto in Capricorn since it first moved into this sign especially as it has edged its way to the end degrees because I have quite a few planets in cardinals in late degrees. It has been conjuncting my moon since 2017 – life has been tricky but I actually have been soaring in my career. It will be conjuncting my natal venus-pluto-saturn conjunct soon (another 2 years). I have to say I have been expecting doom but I think because I have a natal conjunct of venus-saturn-pluto which also squares my moon Im used to this energy and well it hasn’t affected as badly as I though it would. It is earlier days but Im optimistic – I speak pluto-saturn language and Im ready BABY! BRING IT ON!

  42. Hi Elsa! Long time reader of your blog, and a big fan, first time commenter though. I’m still trying to figure this stuff out. My asc. is 29° Cancer which makes my desc. 29° Capricorn respectly, correct? Does this mean I won’t really feel it until 2024 when it hits that degree? Because man, I could have sworn I’ve felt the lord of the underworld lurking for a long least since 2011/12 when a lot of major life changes began happening out of the blue. I have an empty 7th house so not sure it contacts or aspects anything natally. But 7th house being ruled by Saturn I’m guessing I can look to him for contact as well? Maybe it was Saturn I’ve been feeling all along, I did have my first Saturn return right around 2011/2012. Hmmm makes ya think.

  43. Hello, I am doing a long term project that lines up with different astronomical/logical events. Part of my project is going to span from when pluto first enters aquarius on May 1 2023, and will end when it has completely left Capricorn. I was wondering if you had an idea of what specific date pluto will completely exit Capricorn? I have November 19th written down from back in March when I first researched this, but can’t seem to find it now. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  44. I have a chiron/mercury conjunction in the 2nd house. the 22 degree Capricorn steliumm on my south node will form a trine. Money perhaps?

  45. I have already survived Pluto conjunct Neptune ( 6 degrees Capricorn), Pluto opposite Mercury and Venus (7 degrees Cancer), Pluto conjunct IC (14 degrees Capricorn), and Pluto Opposite my Sun (18 degrees Cancer). Saturn has also been around doing the same thing. I have Saturn conjunct my Moon ( 27 degrees Capricorn) coming up and then Pluto will follow. I cannot wait to move through all of this – Not going to be completely done until 2024. But I can say for sure I am definitely stronger. I will only have Saturn and Pluto opposite my Mars ( 3 degrees Leo) and then I will be done with Pluto for many many years.

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