Pluto In Capricorn – Lupus Update

I was diagnosed with Lupus in November last year. I started taking the anti-malaria drug, Plaquenil, soon after.  It takes six months to see it’s full effects. I am halfway through this period.

Plaquenil pill bottleI feel A LOT better.  I’ve had sores on my face for five years now. My skin is clear now, most days. When the sores do come up, they recede within 24-36 hours, if I stop all activity. And I mean, I have to stop and lie flat on my back.

Most people don’t know much about Lupus. The sores are caused by the anti-nuclear antibodies (ANA) in my blood. Basically, it’s my immune system, attacking healthy skin from the inside.  The Plaquenil quiets these antibodies.

Other symptoms have also abated to some extent. It’s clear the drug is helping me, tremendously. A month ago, I woke up every morning, three am. with my hands throbbing.  Now I have a dull ache, if that.

Stress is really bad for anyone with the condition.  It’s stressful to be pretty much 100% in charge of moving my family across the country, while I keep this site up and my business going.  I also need to fix this house to sell, secure the loan, pack and whatever else needs to be done. I am handling this okay though.

I’m not symptom free by any stretch. I did have a day when I was away, I got in bed at 2 PM and did not get up, except to use the bathroom, until 8 AM the next day. I was so out of it, the big screen tv across from my bed was too challenging to navigate.

I watched, Dance Moms on my phone…and that’s all.  That is absolutely all I did for eighteen hours I did not move. I was completely wiped. In fact, I told my husband if it did not clear, I would have no way to get to the airport. There is a real loss of control.

I don’t feel bad during these times. I don’t feel depressed. I surely don’t worry. It’s pretty weird. It might be the strong Saturn Neptune signature in my chart. I know the tide goes out, at times. I’m used to it.  It will either come back…or my husband can come get me in a bucket. For some reason, either scenario seems okay.  We’re committed in sickness and in health.

I think being busy has actually helped me not obsess about this or watch it too closely. I do the best I can. If I can’t do something, I quit doing it. It’s not the worst thing in the world.

bohemienPlaquenil may be the best thing in the world, though! I am  lucky to have been diagnosed. Left unchecked, this may very well have killed me, pretty rapidly. Instead, it likely my symptoms will continue to clear and I’ll be left with what? A problem no one can see?

How utterly familiar!

I should be moved by the end of March, right as Uranus and Pluto clash for the last time.  I’ve be living in a town that is not really a town, as far as I can tell. There is no post office, anyway.

That’s my grandfather, Henry, in the picture. These are my deep roots.

I said I was going to go into the woods, didn’t I? I meant it.

I am bringing the internet though. I may be a hermit. But it so, I’m a communicative version.


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  1. im so glad to hear you’re feeling better, Elsa! A woman like you deserves a break…I admire your strength & good attitude. *hugs* hope the move goes as smoothly as possible for you!

  2. You are most definitely the communicative version, cute little Elsa. I am surprised and impressed that you would take on this huge house shift with lupus, and I would love a look at that chart of yours someday. Is there an over-achieving kite formation in there somewhere, I wonder?

    One other thing I would like to say is that all the malaria drugs are absolute life-savers for those who use them for on or off label use. Even though many do have serious side effects. Larium and methloquine are the two most widely used as malaria prophylaxis. I am one of the few who can’t tolerate methloquine, but that doesn’t mean I would ever want to see that drug lose effectiveness.

    The drugs that treat malaria can also have some pretty bad side effects. But if you ever have full-blown malaria, you will never underestimate what a miracle those drugs are.

  3. I’m so happy to read that the Plaquenil is helping, Elsa! I wish you loads of happiness and ENERGY for this new, exciting chapter in your life.

  4. What’s cool is it’s only been three months. I was surprised to realize that.

    The book on this is that it takes six months. But my doc said it kicks in real good at about four months. So I am really, really optimistic…though I realize I am very sick.

    Uh…I can’t forget, because when it breaks loose, it’s gets bad – fast!

  5. Glad it is working well for you. I sincerely hope that that four month milemarker coming up will bring an almost unprecedented recovery from symptoms. I have a feeling that angels are working with you here and now. I see the evidence.

  6. I am utterly in awe of you, Elsa — your energy and determination, your wisdom, your humor, and your dedication to helping all who need you. Yes, the Universe IS moving you — and those progressed planets changing signs as you mentioned surely indicate a phenomenal future. To move now to this heavenly sanctuary for your future is perfect timing, and once completed you’ll be able to rest and thrive. I wish you a smooth move and every happiness.

  7. Thank you!

    I feel so much better…and so less bewildered. Almost all numbness is gone.

    Oldtimers may remember there was a time when they thought I had MS. That was 2004, I think. They have me an MRI and I had no lesions. I wonder someone, how long I’ve had this. Something was going on back then, that’s for sure.

    It’s just been so mysterious for so long. There was a time I thought the sores were from the tomatoes in my garden. It’s strange…to see this stuff clear.

    I do feel I am going to have to be diligent. I forgot sunscreen one day. I am pretty sure it’s what laid me up all day. So it’s not a cure. But it’s a great help.

  8. I’m glad you feel better now!

    Also, I can’t stress out how important it is that you share your experience! I’m currently seeking help for my constant headaches, joint pain, dizziness and extreme fatique – yes, even considering I have a toddler, this is bad. Doctor suspects Vitamin B12 defiency based on the fact my arms and legs tingle. I couldn’t possibly have from inadequate intake. So, it should be an absorbation problem – the same I have been told I could have with iron. When I studied causes for absorbation problems, I read some autoimmunal diseases, including lupus, can do this. Thanks to this site, I know it’s not lupus. But my symptoms, which also include dry eyes and mouth, astmatic cough and nasal dryness seem awefully lot like Sjögren’s Syndrome.

    • And oh, I have Saturn transit that’s exact on my IC, Chiron on DC, and Pluto within a degree from my Moon. I am under a lot of stress, but now think that what I experience is beyond that. I’ve had certain joint symptoms and fatique since my early 30’s – I’ve always had some back issues, but while yoga helped with that in my late 20’s, it really hasn’t, in the past couple of years. I was diagnosed with endometriosis and operated in 2009. This could be part of this, too, since my abdominal cavity was badly effected.

  9. Just learned tonight that Younger Nieceling, who is 7, has been diagnosed with both Lupus and Ehler’s Danlos. Apparently, it’s all coming from this weird mitochondrial disorder they’re trying to narrow in on — but with the rarity of cases and the sheer number of possible disorders it could be, the best they can do is treat the symptoms as they show up until they finally have enough evidence to point one way or another.

    Wild ride, for sure. Uranus-Pluto has been messing with my family hardcore. *nods*

  10. Mine is a voice from years ago Elsa but you will remember its tone.
    When you fretted over Saturn going into Scorpio, I shared I expected you to greet whatever came with the same inner substance that you have tapped into all of your life.

    *winking* Sure enough, huh?

    Now you may understand what I meant when I said “a perfect human is an oxymoron. Being human is all about being imperfect. Perfection belongs to Divinity alone and is revealed through embracing our human imperfections.”

    Which is exactly as you have done.

    And the insight that it’s not what we “do” that counts but what we “be” is sinking in. It is the LOVE you radiate that counts the most. Your situation gives others an opportunity to learn how to “do”, too, as well as providing you with an opportunity to receive.


    Sue Ann

  11. I’m really glad that the meds are working and hope will continue improving.
    I STILL think you’re doing too much, but that is a case of not minding my own business, I guess, but also worrying about you.
    I wish you the best to accomplish all the things you want and need!
    (And thank you for sharing)

    • I thing I am doing too much as well. It’s not ideal! However, I have this Uranus Pluto transit, exact. I have progressed Jupiter and Uranus changing signs, which is a spectacularly rare phenomenon.

      It’s like being sick when a hurricane or tsunami hits. Stuff like this happens.

      The good news is, it seems I’ll get it done. This blog, my son and husband ask have birthdays in April. Well be living a new life by then.

      It’s been a challenge. But this is the tail end of a very long storm. Things are way better for me now, then they’re been in recent years.

      Yesterday’s problems aside,look at this blog. It’s fast, attractive and interesting. The things I am doing now should set me and my family up for a long time.

      My son is very likely going to be able to get his Masters in engineering, and graduate with little or no debt. That alone is worth the effort on my end.

  12. Oh! I hope you were not taking my comment as a criticism!
    I was just expressing concern for your health!

    Great perspectives for you and your family, in spite of (or thanks to) all the transits.

    Your are dauntless!!!!!

    • No, I didn’t take it as criticism. I was just elaborating. I’ve been posting about this every few weeks, or once a month. I’m trying to be clear is all.:)

  13. Thank you so much for being the light you are via this blog, and the arms that spread from it (the services, the forums, the charts, and classes) over time. I found you when Neptune was taking a long tide-going-out cycle and then it came rushing in. I have Neptune and Saturn aspects but to understand them … it’s taken decades to appreciate the tides:) You told me then “why not float?” That was eight years ago. I’m better at floating and the illness that was washing me out is just as you say, “A problem no one can see.”
    Pluto in Capricorn is in my 12th House, what I feel deeply and experience in the very deep waters of being is invisible to many, but, I know it’s happening and dance with it differently. You’ve taught me through your example.

  14. I’m so happy to hear that Plaquenil is working for you. As long as you feel good taking it and can live with any side effects, that is life changing in a good way.

    It must feel really good to know you’re getting everything under control. Maybe its chaos now and endings are hard, but after that its kind of like the moment “Dorothy enters Technicolor” from the Wizard of Oz. I’m very excited for you in your new life and hope you’ll continue to share it with us.

  15. I admire people who work despite what health conditions plague them. My generation is full of people who use illness (no matter how benign) to get out of responsibilities. I used to have a friend who escapes financial responsibilities because he thinks he is entitled to not have to pay. They will catch up with him one day. Anyway, thank you for giving, even when your physical energy is so low. I hope you will enjoy your neck of the woods when you get here. Not sure which state you’ll be moving to, but I’m a native North Carolinian and am glad you have chosen to come to the South:).

  16. Hi Elsa:

    Wow. I am so sorry you contracted Lupus (does one “contract” it or does it just arrive one day all on its own?). I felt compelled to share that my close friend has Lupus and through her I have learned a lot about it. In her case, she grew up a star athlete and then taught – TAUGHT – survival training in the military. She would jump out of airplanes into the stormy sea to be picked up by rescue personnel. She told me once that the illness is particularly betraying to her because she is used being able to handle any physical or athletic challenge. I asked her if she felt that maybe the illness asks her to balance this warrior sense of herself with a nurturing and accomodating sense of self. That resonated with her and she agreed that at some level it is causing her to grow and balance out. I know from reading your blog for years that you have probably already thought along these lines; I hope you continue to heal and feel better each day and that you grow in some way too!!!!

    • Welcome and thank you, Lisa. I have been sick a long time. It’s been a relief to find out what is wrong…and fantastic to have effective treatment. 🙂

  17. What happy, heartening news, Elsa! I’m really pleased, and have no doubt you’ll sail through, and ride out the storm with courage, faith, optimism, and pluck.

    It is always a pleasure to read your blog, and know what’s going on in your world. Hell! That’s unusual for me, which is sayin’ something!

  18. The wolf remarks made me go read some more…I don’t read that much about lupus, lately. I’ve been busy. But it’s so jacked. It really is a horrible problem, so what I am going to do is get a hot tub.

    I would have always liked to have one, but….

    But now, it would be downright therapeutic. And I do think my lifespan will be greatly reduced. I may as well sit in a hot tub, because I will never be able to lie on a board in the sun again.

    We have to increase the electrical capacity at this house. As soon as we do…and as soon as we get a truck, I am going to buy someone’s hot tub, plop it down, fill it up, heat it up….and get it in daily for the rest of my life.

    • Yay! In the scheme of things, losing hair might not seem like much but I have to admit it was one of the things that made me cry when I learned I had to have chemo. I got over it after I shaved it off but at first….Is it the medications that are helping your symptoms? Is that it? Anyway, I’m happy for you.

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