Pluto In Capricorn In Concert With Saturn In Libra: Real Potency + Reciprocity

Although I am deeply disturbed to see society collapsing, I am simultaneously fascinated with how Saturn in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn interact. In writing for a client today I stumbled on something new.

The person has Pluto involved in oppositions both natally and by transit so relationships will be prominent as far as how he is going to see the transit to manifest.

I explained that with Saturn in Libra, maintaining equilibrium was very important, more so than usual. I used my blog as an example.

I explained that I could given something potent (an idea or a phrase) and I could put it on my blog and many might benefit. Works like this:

Elsa takes energy in ->
Transforms it into something concrete (Pluto in Capricorn) ->
Energy goes out ->
Benefits are received ->

So that is the basic process but with Saturn in Libra involved, partnering / give and take / reciprocity is much more highlighted.

If you look at this blog over the last 1 or 2 or 5 years, you can see how it has moved in this direction. More and more of my energy is invested in people who invest in me and I can see this is very healthy. It is the path to survival when you get right down to it.

Extrapolate this concept if you can.

Can you?

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Pluto In Capricorn In Concert With Saturn In Libra: Real Potency + Reciprocity — 10 Comments

  1. I appreciate the visual give and take seen and experienced on your blog, Elsa. Been observing and learning through your example: your stories, your interactions, your transforming … see the sidebar and the forum evolving.

    From my vantage point where Pluto and Saturn also oppose in my Natal chart, relationships are major. When everything is swept away, rebuilding on solid ground: tried and true friendships that replace any quick-fix is what we find as vital.

    The masks of Pluto in Sag won’t cover anymore.
    I’m coming to know the balance as the Moon energy of the progressing moon gives me small increments to weigh up that balance.

    Real potency is nourishing my old bones. Artificial sweeteners just don’t do it for me; and it most likely goes both ways.

  2. Not sure I can expand, but I see these issues cropping up with a lot of people. I had one such conversation this morning with someone I don’t know very well. The gal was telling me about her relationships — one with an ex where she was putting in all the labor/provider energy, and a current one where she’s putting in a lot of the thrust/decision energy. She’s not happy with it, but she didn’t seem sure why exactly. I pointed out that both relationships shared imbalances in how much energy she was giving vs. receiving, just in different ways. There was a big aha moment, as she thought she had grown past her “enabler” instincts. It was a VERY of the times conversation :).

  3. I am seeing that things that never have happened before (Maybe i havent Noticed them ) are happening like people having to go with real things even if they have a structure to protect their lies jajaja So I am very Happy !!!

    I am Waiting for August while i keep structuring my relations based on real facts an Truth !!!

    Best Wishes Everybody !!!

  4. I keep imagining those links slipping apart, as if under pressure that’s heavy enough to bend the steel. :shudder:

  5. Interesting remark, furiana. I agree much of it is coming down, it is undeniable. But some have strong bonds and principles and we will come up. The people in trouble are those who expect others to do the work and send them a check.

    You just can’t take and take and take, and expect and expect and expect. You have to pitch in and feed what feeds you. This just can’t be any plainer regardless of how complicated some try to make it.

  6. Cute is me. Fierce Pluto and prominent Libra is me. I’m not sure I have ever thought of myself as worth investing in, but I keep repeating it to myself now, as I handle the demands at work and home and wade through the precarious nature of being single and seeking relationship. I just feel like if I don’t remember, I will either sink or snap in two. I’ve come pretty close a couple of times in the past few months.

  7. Yes I have been doing this and seeing this. As a libra when pluto first entered capricorn i felt the lack of balance from others out of fear.. so i took on a win-win approach.. didn’t have to be equal as long as the exchange was beneficial to both. Now it’s balancing out.. and I can see how some relationships are moving away and some are cementing.

  8. “More and more of my energy is invested in people who invest in me and I can see this is very healthy.”

    Nailed it on the head, Elsa.

    I started therapy when Saturn went into Libra and that has been the overarching theme.

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