Pluto in Capricorn – Hundreds of Goats Die?

This is incredible… Pluto headed for Capricorn and all the dead goats in the news.

243 goats die after big-rig overturns in San Rafael

These are all being reported by Drudge. Anyone got his data?

Previously reported:

Could This Be Pluto In Capricorn Coming In? Dead Goats In Advertising? Gah.
Sony Sorry For Dead Goat
Another Dead Goat In The News?

And I actually saw another but decided to spare you guys because come on. This is disturbing. Like Barbaro with Pluto in Sagittarius…


Pluto in Capricorn – Hundreds of Goats Die? — 7 Comments

  1. The Druge report is a group of people. I’d email them and ask for their birth data or ask for who posts the goat thing and their birthdata or the birth data of the “site”


    Just for fun.

  2. Oh how weird! Less than an hour earlier I had to stop my car along the raod as I was sorrounded by goats (lots of them!) – I waited about 5 minutes and then the herder managed to get them all off the road. This was at about 17:10 Friday at 12°30’East (universal time around 15:00) whereas the goat’s terrible accident occurred (according to San Francisco Chronicle) at about 8:45 Friday at 122°30′ West (universal time 15:55)….!

  3. marswoman I though you’d like to know that the Goats R Us is providing a “service” that we “need” in our modern communities in the way mother nature designed. Instead of global warming, asthma triggering fumes from 2-stroke engines on the majority of lawn mowers the service provided goats to “mow” the lawn. Given, the pollution from the transport may not be the best, but in the long-term using goats as lawnmowers saves a lot of air pollution and some global warming.

    I thought it sad sad sad that a woman who loved the animals so, had found a way to spread their goodness (will eat your weeds too) would have such a sad and tragic loss. My heart goes out to her. She was trying to find a way to provide economic and environmental good in our modern society.


  4. Omg – just saw this link!!!

    Hilariously funny until you deeply realise how true it would be for any Capricorns, Capricorn Ascendants out there!

    Metaphorically they are ALL dead! Speaking as a Capricorn Ascendant, Pluto going through my 12th has destroyed my Capricorn nature literally. Lol ?

    Bess Pluto for that amazing transformation, where I had little choice but to embrace the fall off Mount Everest! Why? Because Saturn is now coming into Capricorn to test, check and make sure it’s dead, or I will have a very heavy restrictive price to pay.

    Cheers – Shane

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