Pluto In Capricorn Direct: October 4, 2020 – It’s About Time!

Pluto planetPluto will turn direct at 22 degrees Capricorn in the early morning on October 4th.  Though it will head right into conflict with Mars in Aries, in the bigger picture this can only be good.

I say this because Pluto has been part of the 2020 stellium that has oppressed pretty everyone in the world many months. You can think of it like a storm cell that seemed to stand still. We’re all sick of it.

They say that time marches on. It’s kind of ominous.  We’re all on a slow march to the end of life. But they also say that time heals all wounds. It’s not a light-fare thing. It’s an insanely deep thing but that doesn’t mean it’s bad.  We’re rolling on!

Jupiter and Saturn move faster than Pluto. Both planets will ingress into Aquarius mid-December, 2020.  That’s it. No more stellium in Capricorn.  We’ll start to look at Pluto alone.  It will be different.

Pluto will not leave Capricorn for good until November of 2024. If  you have planets in the late degrees of Cardinal signs and you’re wondering how this looks for you, this post will help.

Pluto In Capricorn Stations – Retrograde Dates & Degrees 2017-2024

I’m one of the people who will not be clear for several (more) years. So if you’d buddied up to this blog because of our commonality; I will continue to cover it.

Who’s ready for this storm cell to move out? Is it everyone?



Pluto In Capricorn Direct: October 4, 2020 – It’s About Time! — 22 Comments

  1. Although Pluto is tightly trining my ascendant, which is a good thing, I think all Pluto transits have an edge, even “easy” ones. I have experienced some losses recently. But it’s very obvious to me that those losses were actually energetic entanglements that were weighing me down. What’s left is more bare and stark, but easier to work with. I saw one astrologer say that Pluto trine Ascendant often reveals who in the native’s life is really going to come through and be solid. Other people get a chance to prove themselves, basically, or fall away. That definitely fits my experience. When relationships fall away regardless of your attempts to repair them, that’s the universe speaking.

    Pluto will be opposing my Sun several years from now before it leaves Capricorn. Will be interesting to see how that unfolds.

    • Actually, I was taught that the Most intense moment is not the moment of exactitude, but as an aspect closes in, 4 degrees, 3 degrees, 2 degrees. We are pressured to change. By the time it fully arrives, we understand what is being asked of us and have adapted.

  2. But you know what, taking 4 more years to finish up in Cappy is still quick by Pluto’s standards. Homeboy has a pretty eccentric orbit, and hit perihelion relatively not too long ago in ‘89– so Pluto is still moving close to max speed! Lucky us?

    Depends maybe on how much you like accelerated timelines for this sort of thing (though maybe “like” is too strong a word ?) I’ve been thinking lately about what it means to have your Pluto square before you’ve hit 40: like the folks born in the early 80s with natal Pluto in late degrees Libra are getting now. With a period of 248 years, you’d expect to get that transit around age 62 (on average)!

    • Yes, fascinating. Pluto is fairly zipping along, giving this generation MANY more opportunities for personal growth (thank you?) than folks born while Pluto is crawling along

  3. I had my Pluto square start at age 35. I was born in 1974. My whole previous life/identity broke open and I’ve been rebuilding ever since on more truthful foundations. Capricorn is my 4th house. When it comes early you don’t know any alternative, your soul just starts to emmerge intensely and you either listen or not. It was an extreme crisis. Based on my friends of that age it doesn’t play out the same way for everyone, so it depends where your natal Pluto is (amongst other markers). Mine is 1st house on ascendant so it was critical. I would say my experience of consciousness or state of awareness rapidly advanced, but although I struggled, I chose to support the process, which has become my main occupation in this life.

  4. Even with the trine to my ascendant it’s a struggle! So much has been revealed and I’m back to feeling the way I did in late 2019. Confused, somewhat hopeless but ironically hopeful. The loss was brutal though. I’m a Plutonian and it doesn’t make things much easier. Pluto always gives that reality check lol

  5. I’m ready!

    I will have to wait though,as my Pluto-Saturn conjunction will be squared by Pluto before it gets its sorry butt out of my 12th house jail.

    Saturn has had a blast in 2020 with himself in my horoscope, so my anxiety skyrocketed. I am in therapy, getting better, starting anti depressants (for the anxiety), and have discovered how much my regular melatonine before bed intake has fucked up my brain, body and psyche for a whole year.
    Brain fog, depression, sleep issues, anxiety attacks galore, mood instability etc.

    It hit me that I had become attached/dependent on these sleep drugs, and I am now cutting them off for good. I want my body back!

    Instead, I am now healing myself with omega 3, multiple vitamins, magnesium (essential for the nerve system’s functions), vitamin D and calcium (due to diary allergy).

    I have started visiting a coach whom has been able to kick me out of the mental rut I’ve been in while Saturn has traveled my 12th house in Capricorn.

    I try to breathe and just flow, but dang, I would like this to be over. I ain’t complaining but I do NOT look forward to Pluto hitting himself hard in a square! Especially since it’s so close to my Ascendant! Brrrrrr…..

    • Actually, I was taught that the Most intense moment is not the moment of exactitude, but as an aspect closes in, 4 degrees, 3 degrees, 2 degrees. We are pressured to change. By the time it fully arrives, we understand what is being asked of us and have adapted.

      • True.
        So. The slooooow countdown has begun!

        My BF has his Moon at 26 degrees Libra, on my Pluto, and his own Pluto…. We haven’t moved in together, but he has been a bit holding back, stalling etc.

        I guess when Pluto hits him, there will be no going back if he wants to proceed with me….

    • “Saturn has had a blast in 2020 with himself in my horoscope”

      Ain’t this it, though.

      Saturn transiting the house of its joy is bloody awful. Karma we didn’t even know we had! Sounds though like you’re handling it admirably and may have a Marie Kondo’ed 12th once you’re done ?

      • Haha, Marie Kondo …. Actually she kinda DOES some sort of 12th house cleaning, don’t you think?
        I mean, messiness, old stuff, clean out your closets?
        Classic 12th house stuff if you ask me. Or, maybe 8th. But that’s ok too, as my Moon, Saturn and Pluto are all bunched up in that Halloween House. I remember when Pluto hit my Libra Moon some 5 years ago. Ouch. Don’t ever wanna go back to that. And Saturn hitting Miss Moon just mailed it all home… Karma,and stuff, yes?!

        I have often thought about buying a myself a horror coloring book (one of my hobbies are coloring books ?) and this year I might JUST DO IT as Nike says… ???

        I kinda feel there is nothing more to be afraid of, but I am more than aware that Pluto is not quite finished yet. He will be sure to find a spot or two I had forgotten all about…. Brrrrr….

  6. Pluto has been opposing my Venus (at 23° Cancer) off and on for like 20 months now! So happy it is finally moving along for the last time, maybe I can finally have a love life again.

    (Of course, my Mercury is at 27.6° Cancer, so I get to look forward to that now…)

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