Pluto In Capricorn And The Expanding Black Market: Tale Of Two Husbands – UPDATE A Year Later

Remember, “Vivian”? I wrote her story (intertwined with my own) last January in a series of post, you can read them here – Tale Of Two Husbands, just click the links at the bottom of each piece to advance.

It’s a year later now and I saw, Vivian today. I still like her tremendously and her her husband still does not have a job. It’s not surprising because he quit looking a few weeks after he was laid off. Turns out after 20 years on the same job, working without fail, the family was better off with his collecting unemployment, food stamps, medicaid, etc. Plus he could work on the side so…

“Your husband found any work?” I asked.

“Oh, he’s not going back to work,” she said.

“No?” I was surprised. Her husband is 40.

“No, we’re going to get him on disability,” she explained.

“He’s not going crazy not working?”

“No,” she laughed. “He’s gotten used it it,” she added.

We went on to tell me that he just found out he can collect unemployment until October next year. “It was going to run out in May but he called them and now it is October,” she said. “I don’t know why they keep giving it to him but they do. That’s almost 2 years of unemployment.”

“Amazing,” I said.

“Yeah, well he’s driving me crazy but he likes it. So it will run out in October unless they extend it but we should have him on disability by then.”

“What’s wrong with him?”

She listed a combination of things, high blood pressure, diabetes and complications of diabetes like his eyes are bad. I have no idea if it all added up to “disabled” or not so I didn’t say anything. But boy you have to admit the change here is stunning and if this is going on across the country – look out because we can only be headed to total collapse.

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Pluto In Capricorn And The Expanding Black Market: Tale Of Two Husbands – UPDATE A Year Later — 15 Comments

  1. I work in a courtroom and everyday I see perfectly healthy-looking people…they are walking fine, talking just perfectly and appear to be conducting themselves in a fully functioning fashion….they drove themselves to the courthouse, they had the knowhow to get around the courthouse, understood instructions…..anyway…my point is that when they finally are up talking to the judge about their case and the point about the fine comes to play, these same people say they are on disability and have not worked in over a year, years in some cases. My jaw just drops sometimes when I hear this because I wonder to myself how this country gets by and it is becoming clearer and clearer that we have been doing just that for a long time and we are about to experience the repercussions of this.

    It is very upsetting to me…this topic. Recently, I was in a situation where I had to return a puppy back to its breeder and this puppy cost the owner (not me) a pretty penny ($2000.00.) The owner had dumped this puppy on me because she could not handle it any longer…..long story short….in one of many conversations with the breeder, she mentions that she is on disability and has been for several years. I could not see anything immediately discernible for her to be disabled, but she went on to tell me that she had been diagnosed with depression and that was the reason. I don’t know if there is something I am missing in all of this, but it just seems to me that you just get on with life and taking money from our govt. for something like this is mind=boggling to me and I am paying for it too??!! I too have been depressed in the course of my life, but I keep doing what I have to do….work! Her husband was on disability also because he chose to have a gastric by-pass surgery and was dealing with that…..I hate to sound so caustic, but I have some understanding of what “disabled” means and this does not jive with my knowledge of it……

  2. denamaria, thanks for your comments. I know this is an unpopular topic – we are just not supposed to look at things like this but fact is this guy’s actions are purely HUMAN. This is human nature in action. The government has given this man a deal he can’t refuse.

  3. When I worked for the doctor’s office, there were a lot of our patients that were trying to get disability. Some of it was warrented, of course, but the time a grandma asked for records so she could get her 7 year-old grandson disability for his ADHD really pissed me off. Still does, actually.

    That’s just stupid. *pissy face*

  4. I have a child with a disability and I have been trying to get services for her for the past year. All I get is forms, and than more forms, and then put on wait lists. What it comes down to is I am going to have to pay out of pocket to get assistance in the home – assistance she and I both need. With my luck NY will go bankrupt by the time her name comes up on these lists.

  5. For sure there are people at any time who manipulate any system. One of my dear friends lives with bipolar disorder- to look at her now, you’d think she was fine. You can’t see the side effects of huge doses of psychotropic drugs, or the slow climb back from another hospital stay. I’m glad that she’s able to get disability benefits- it’s just tragic the effect that this circumstance has had on her family and on her life. She’s a gifted teacher but can’t work. When she’s stable, you wouldn’t know there was ever a problem.

  6. Hah, getting on disability is not that easy. My ex tried that (had a bunch of illnesses that still didn’t quite make him 100% unable to work) and lemme tell you, the government isn’t sympathetic to that.

  7. The man has a very low chance of finding a job

    First of all he has diabetes.
    He is going to be eligible to go to the doctor anytime he is sick that equates to having a free pass to call off.

    Then having to accomodate the man with several breaks for insulin and snacks.


    Then he is going to increase insurance premiums for the whole company.

    Then he has the other really negative thing..
    Your poor friend the man has a daughter with asthma. What do you think it means to an employer ? GIANT INSURANCE PREMIUMS and more calling off

    Plus this man will be eligible for a workplace accomodation and flex schedule because of his daughter with asthma or his diabetes.

    And he is more likely to use his LOA time intermittantly when he goes to the hospital for his diabetes or his daughters asthma

    From an HR perspective this man has major unemployable written all over him..

    I wish I could type happy bunnies and soft warm fuzzy stuff but in truth employers don’t want people like him he will cost too much money.

    poor guy…

  8. I have a friend who can’t work because of depression. It’s not something to mess around with. I had her over for dinner before Christmas because it had been awhile. In our conversations it comes out that she almost died by attempting suicide and I wouldn’t have known if she hadn’t told me. I’m sure some people just say they’re depressed but with others they truly are and need help. Since a lot of it is medicines your body can build up an immunity or it reacts differently with another medication.

    Also my mom could be one of those people who goes into the court room looking good. But they’d miss that she gets random dizzy spells or that she’ll run out breath or become very tired. She can’t work in a regular job. She does make blankets and I’ve suggested she could try and sell them but she just makes them as gifts.

    As for the story, I say good for the guy. People work hard their whole lives and get near nothing for it. My dad’s worked for Kodak his whole adult life. He gets laid off. Is out of work for not quite a year. Guess what! He now works at Kodak again but through a contract company. This way they don’t have to give him insurance or vacations. Yet, he’s doing the same thing he did before!

  9. I’m in a similar situation. My office closed in July 2008 and I have been unemployed since. Right now I’m making the equivalent of $12 an hour for 40 hours on unemployment. What incentive is there to find a job that pays less than that when I’m being paid not to work? I am 61 years old – who wants to hire someone who will just retire in a few years? I’m very fortunate to be healthy, but that’s another risk an employer would take hiring me.

    I hate this because it is a big step towards a socialized goverment, but I also understand – now – how easy it is to get caught in this cycle. I read in a column by Mark Steyn that three out of five households in the United Kingdom have nobody working. So basically the other two are working to support the ones who don’t. I see red flags everywhere.

  10. Yeah you can look “OK” and be disabled. I’ve heard that the system is really backed up because as Elsa has noted, a lot of people without jobs are applying for disability.

  11. Falconbridge…You hit the nail on the head.

    Once everyone’s employment runs out thats where the jobs will be in temp agencies.

    Unemployment is the only thing making companies competitive with paying wages. Once the job markets move there is a prediction from HR execs.
    Wages will drop even lower than they already are.

    So if you have extra money from your unemployment check bank it. 12 an hour I am sorry to say
    will be hard to find..
    Miniumum wage. There are company projections for what wage costs will be in the future.

    We have plenty of labor supply so it is simple economics…law of supply and demand..

    My HR tech mags have been predicting this for the last year. IT IS MUCH MORE PROFITABLE to offer parttime employment.

    When employers had to compete to hire you they offered benefits to get you.

    The new job interview. What can you the employee do for me ?

    If people are hired for part time permanent jobs it works out like this.

    No benefits, no LOA, no unemplopyment.

    And the best part. If you call off and your part time the employer can fire you ASAP.

    You have no recourse to get unemployment insurance. You are not protected by anything.

    I attended an HR function last week and I actually had managers referring to prospective employees (we used to call them prospects)

    They now call them Pan Handlers..

    Thats right you go on a job interview the operations amager refers to you as a begging pan handler.

    imagine you wanting to go to work and getting paid. So yah Elsa has some insight. The employers have turned into vampires sucking every last bit of blood out of anyone wiling to say
    here is my artery please suck me dry..LOL

  12. Argh! As much as I want to quit my job I know it’s going to be impossible. This sort of thing makes me thank my lucky stars I have Capricorn–I can stick it out for a while…the most important thing to me is that my bills are paid and they’re paid on time. So if my “dream career” never in fact comes along, I still feel good about myself.

  13. Here we are, now, on the other side of the great Unemployment Years. Those who were on the long unemployment handout ride have either found jobs or given up and are simply living on welfare; the news tells us that we have fewer unemployed than ever, but the “other news” tells us that it doesn’t count the ones that have just simply given up after not being able to find jobs once unemployment ran out; or they’re in the part-time pickle, living with sub-meager wages.
    Even being gainfully employed, with what Obamacare has done to the factions of us who are older and thus our premiums are sky-high— I pay $700 per month for semi-decent health care, which does not include dental for the first 12 months… I can barely live on my paycheck (my employers do not pay my health insurance) and I make $68k per year.
    And here we are, about to enter into the most epic 4 years ever known to the United States, about to elect one of 2 horrid candidates, it almost doesn’t matter which one wins, they both guarantee the demise of anything resembling decency. Everyone knows it… it’s like we are like those humans in the old, old movie the “Time Machine”… being called like lemmings to certain death but when the siren rings, we go forth.
    Tell me… do any of you see anything better?

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