Pluto In Capricorn And The Expanding Black Market: Meet Vivian

sagittarius-stone.jpgI met Vivian about six years ago. The first thing you notice about Vivian is she is not very attractive. If you think I am a jerk, think again.

I want you to know Vivian and the way I do and her appearance is a marked part of her presentation. There’s that but there is also Vivian herself who is well aware of how she looks. She is also a Sagittarius, known for candor and she has no qualms whatsoever about discussing this.

Vivian has four kids and I remember the first time I met one of her daughters. The girl was jaw-droppingly beautiful and I said so.

“She is beautiful,” I said.

“Don’t I know it!” the always cheery, Vivian said. “All my kids are good looking like that. They are,” she said emphatically. “Don’t ask me how they got that way because I’ve not go idea! The sure as hell didn’t get their looks from me,” she said looking down at herself with a grin. “Look at this. Look at me and look at her. Who knows?” she said, shrugging her shoulders. “I know she’s good looking and so are my other kids and I did give birth to them but neither me or my husband have any idea why they’re gorgeous. It’s not because of me, that’s for sure. And he may not be as bad looking as I am but he’s not that much better either.”

I laughed and shook my head.

“Yeah, everywhere we go… wherever we go and we go lots of places, my kids are always the best looking. They are. They are always the best looking kids, they are so good looking people always notice them and they stare. Yep, they stare right at them and then they look at me… then they look at them, they look at my husband, then they look at the kids… then they look at us… and then they look at the kids…” She had a quizzical look on her face. “I am sure people think we adopted them,” she she with a snort. “Hey, that’s what I’d think. I’d take one look at my family and say there is no way those ugly people had kids that good looking! Helll no! Those kids have got to be adopted! People who look like those people can’t possibly have good looking kids…”

I roared.

“Yeah, I bet they think people like me and my husband shouldn’t even be able to adopt kids as good looking as ours we’re so ugly but anyway like I was saying before she came out here and distracted us with her beauty…”

She went on to tell her story like the Sadge that she is. I went on to listen because I love a good story and because I learn from this gal. Er… lemme tell you two things about Vivian.

One, she’s got a great husband. The way this woman looks, by normal standards you would think she would have no husband at all. But in fact she met her husband when she (and he) were 18 and they have been together / married almost 20 years.

She loves him, and he loves her and there is no doubt about this because he calls her all the time and she talks to him sweetly. Not clingy… she just talks to him the way a woman does when she loves the guy on the other end of the phone and always will.

He’s an Aries by the way as are 3 of her 4 children so this a very FIERY family which brings me to my other point.

Vivian is the best mother I have ever met and I mean in my entire life. This includes me!

She is a mother par excellence. I am always astounded at how she handles her children. I am aware of these things via her stories but I have also seen her in action as by now while I have never met her son, I have met all of her daughters (beautiful) and Vivian is definitely the Mom of Moms and I learn things just being near her.

I am going to get to the black market part of this story but as an aside, Vivian is also my favorite Sagittarius on the planet. Yep. Nobody does BLUNT FUN GENEROUS ROMP better than this gal and that is all there is to it.

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Pluto In Capricorn And The Expanding Black Market: Meet Vivian — 4 Comments

  1. I bet her husband thinks she’s beautiful, and her children too. A person’s physical appearance can change right before your eyes as soon as you see the rest of who they actually are. What they do and say, the way they treat others and themselves, and particularly in the way they treat their children/family. She’s just a gorgeous human being πŸ™‚

  2. oh I am very much looking forward to this thread Elsa, thank you! I am extremely interested in improving my mothering always! and I love it when people surprise you.

  3. I want to meet this woman, stat! She sounds like an incredible person. I have *many* favorite Sagittarians and I love to hear about them.

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