Pluto In Capricorn And The Expanding Black Market: A Real Life Tale…

black-market-petrol-7716621.jpgWhen Pluto transits a sign we see the shadow side of the things the sign rules. For example with Pluto in Sagittarius we saw the shadow side of religion (Suicide bombers and the sex scandal with the Catholic priests), the shadow side of sports (OJ Simpson, steroid use), the shadow side of courts (OJ Simpson again) the press (too many scandals to list).

With Pluto in Capricorn we will see the shadow side of the government and big business but also business in general. Since Pluto went into Capricorn I am noticing the black (hidden / Pluto) market (Capricorn) is growing in leaps and bounds.

The black market (like incest – pre Pluto’s transit through Scorpio) was and is and has always been there but now we see it. Er… well if you’re looking you’ll see it but eventually everyone everywhere is going to know all about this the same way the whole world knew about “incest” by the time Pluto wound up it’s transit through Scorpio.

I have inordinate interest in this and have been touching on it (click the tag below) but now I want to tell you guys a true story so you can get hip to this ahead of the curve which is what Elsa blog readers deserve, of course. šŸ˜‰

Have you seen evidence of a growing black market? Have you ever bought or sold anything off the screen? Tell us…

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Pluto In Capricorn And The Expanding Black Market: A Real Life Tale… — 19 Comments

  1. I used to work at a blockbuster located near a mall and folks would come in fairly often with items shoplifted or otherwise stolen from the mall. Packaging stickers everything still on ’em. It always blew my mind how ballsy those folks were.

    Also growing up my dad would go to the bar a lot and there was always stuff being sold under the table that had ‘fallen off the truck’. There was one guy who worked for a big chain restaurant who regularly had high quality steaks. Not to mention special cash discounts availible to those in the ‘community’.

  2. LOL people used to come in my family’s restaurant with stuff that fell of a truck. One time someone had some TVs at a ridiculous price but everyone was smart enough to see through it but 1 guy.

    Sure enough, when the transaction came down, the guy bought a box of rox.

    There are a lot of bartering networks being set up among libertarian types and grey/black markets as a political philosophy. (Google agorism).

  3. Hmm, I’m not necessarily seeing a growing black market, but I am seeing a growing alternative market. For example, there is a trend in my neighborhood to buy whole foods and unpasteurized milk directly from a farmer who lives about 20 miles outside of the town, and my neighbor keeps about fifteen coolers on her front porch, where the farmer drops off vegetables, milk, and fresh meat, and then the people in the neighborhood drop by and buy the stuff.

    I’m seeing a lot of musicians who are not making it anymore because of black market downloading of songs looking into alternative ways to make money. I’m seeing several musicians talk about doing “house party tours” where they travel from city to city, and instead of trying to get booked at coffee houses or clubs, they are asking fans and friends in various cities to host a house party featuring them singing and playing, with a small door charge that would help to cover the cost of traveling.

    I’m seeing a lot of people trying desperately to think outside of the box to continue to make money as the big industries go down.

  4. craigslist has been around awhile, but it’s picked up really good steam lately.

    i don’t know if i’d call it black market or imply alternate… off the books. direct…

  5. i’ve bought medications from canada, cigarettes online and paid for home and car repairs in cash before.

    that’s all i’ll fess up to here. šŸ˜†

  6. Does this count? Some people in my neighborhood have starting selling tamales, coffee, and soup to people as they exit the subway and walk home. The food is sold from a shopping cart with rigged up shelves…Prices are advertised on a cardboard sign. The stuff smells good, but I haven’t tried it yet.

  7. Oh My God. That is how they do it in India. Only Americans are ill advised to eat the food off the carts, expecially the ice cream. A German friend told me he ate ice cream off one of those carts one time and ended up with diarrhea in the streets. I don’t think India was a great place for him to hang out as he was also bitten by a rat and almost died during another visit.

  8. I feel sorry for your friend, Loonsounds. I had a something similar happen to me in Uganda which I refer to as the “dirty samosa” incident.

  9. Seems like now adays the only market we can trust is the market we make. Call it what you will, black or white. The emergence of the “black market” is likely a healthy way of bleeding the already dead, zombified-through-stimulus economy dry. It needs to die already, and the new must take its place. Maybe we aren’t ready to create the new yet, so this lag period is welcomed. But this emergence of a black market is a predecessor to the new entrepreneurship. When people have nothing, we’ll inevitably return to a simpler, barter-based economy. How the hell are we, the tax payer, supposed to come up with $800B – with which to pay ourselves? Pay up, dead beat…
    But really, we are paying banks and have no idea where it is going. When all our money is gone, the ‘market’ as we know it is gone. We will be left to work with what we’ve got, and whether it’s white, purple, orange, brown or black, people will still need to exchange things. The black marketeers of today are the entrepreneurs of tomorrow…

  10. What about all the news and shows about modern pirates? I just noticed all that popping up right around the time Pluto hit Cap.

  11. This is what happened in Oregon….Thought it might fit here
    counterfeit CDs and DVDs
    Officers need U-Haul to cart away largest seizure in Oregon history

    In the largest seizure of pirated compact discs and DVDs in Oregon history, Gresham police raided two local flea markets, two local grocers catering to Latino customers and three homes, seizing $2.2 million worth of merchandise Wednesday, Jan. 28.

  12. I used to squat. For years in the UK. I left in late 2000. I swear to you I wouldn’t have survived without the black market. If you’re pushed to the edge you will surprise yourself. I saw more of the black market there, but we were, I don’t know, what you’d call something annoying like “on the fringe” or whatever?
    Weird when it’s your day to day reality and others suddenly stop thinking you’re some friggin bum (even though you are working, but you can’t afford to pay housing, or afford transport) and want to join in on the fun. I have a serious anarchist streak (Uranus conjunct MC).

    My first 23L of beer is going to be bottled on Tuesday. I’m not selling yet but after I try the batch and decide according to my Taurus Standards that the beer is good enough you are ALL invited to my party xo

  13. I’m finally starting to notice this stuff, mainly because I need to earn money, myself. :/

    It occurred to me how important reputation would be for this kind of stuff.

    If I take a job on Craigslist, I have no guarantee that the person who hired me will pay me. Their reputation becomes a big factor – it tells me if their job is worth the risk.

    Likewise, *my* reputation tells *them* if it’s worth the risk to hire me.

    Assuming that either of us know each others’ reputations at all.

    There’s a lot of uncertainty in this underground job market. I don’t like it at all. šŸ™

  14. i worked in a pr company before where business comes from having good relations with the client. what i saw was the opposite at least to those who are inside the company who know what is really happening. pr executives deal with their clients in full smile but on bitch them at their backs. in short, pr is pure hypocrisy!

  15. oh yes we have thriving black market in england, we need it to survive, esp on this Island where I live, we’ve always been this way , we have a rich history of smuggling.
    26miles by 13miles not very big.
    We need ways to survive.

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