Pluto In Capricorn = A Collective Pluto Moon Transit

siren.jpgFrom the comments on Dumped By Scorpio – Snake In The Grass, I was writing about how law could be manipulated. This dovetailed with the question I mentioned earlier… “Are there circumstances when one person breaking another person’s arm might be warranted?”

I wrote (in part):

“…Law is pretty freaky… it can absolutely be manipulated. Unfortunately this is something else I know a lot about. It ties in with the question about breaking someone’s arm. If the law won’t (or can’t stop) a person – how about their arm getting broken? Would that motivate?

I realize this stuff is yeccch, however it exists.

What about the woman who’s ex threatens to kill her? He just happens to have a violent history? The police can and will do nothing (until she’s been killed).

But what if her brother goes over and breaks his arm? What if he explains he will be back to do more damage if anything happens to his sister..?

I’ve had to think about things like this a lot over the last year or so. I have seen so many rocks overturned to reveal the disgusting hidden-from-view facts of life courtesy my Pluto Moon transit that I have had no choice but the reformulate myself at a core level.

I believe this is relevant to the rest of you because Pluto in Capricorn is going to approximate a Pluto Moon transit for the whole collective and if I am right, this makes me is your early warning system. Based on that, I guess I will go ahead and ask:

Can you think of circumstances where violence might be the best recourse? Tell us.


Pluto In Capricorn = A Collective Pluto Moon Transit — 13 Comments

  1. That’s a very thought provoking post. If it’s true then we are in for something deep, and disturbing for quite some time.

    Where is violence the best recourse? In self-defense of course. Sometimes when nothing else works, violence has to be met with violence from the opposition. Otherwise it runs rampant. There’s always got to be some kind of opposition or things get out of whack. And with Pluto/Capricorn energy I would say it’s opposition that defends integrity.

  2. most of the men I have known have been either pacifists or cowards. when horrific things happened to me they did nothing. I fell in love with the man who, in all seriousness, asked: do you want me to have him killed? I didn’t, but the offer sure was welcome.

  3. I had a man standing over my bed when I woke up in the middle of the night many years ago…I’m pretty sure he was intending to do me harm, but I didn’t ask…I kicked and gouged as hard as I could. Granted, this was self defense, but it definitely woke me up to the fact that there are people out there that mean you harm and therapy may be helpful for them, but they can get that after they’ve gotten the hell out of your house!

  4. Yes, I know of a situation like this, and it’s so awful and difficult to judge that I can’t even spell it out here right now. Not to be a tease, but I just wanted to chime in to say…. yes. And I absolutely believe it’s a Pluto/Capricorn phenomenon, especially in my case where it relates to a father, and a son who has Pluto in 4th.

  5. You know, I am a BIG fan of the rule of law. But for the rule of law to apply, we have to be in a situation where the legal system (including law enforcement) is healthy. And I have to say, it’s looking more and more like every man for himself (in the U.S.).

    If the legal system gets unhealthy past a certain point, then it is no longer fair to expect people to respect the rule of law. Like if I was starving and living under a tyrannical regime, it is unfair for someone to expect me not to steal. Or if I lived in South Central Los Angeles, and the cops never showed up when people were robbed, then I’m not going to sit around defenseless…

    It’s a sad state of affairs, though, because when the rule of law is healthy, then it is truly the best thing going…

  6. I can see the “clan” becoming The Safe Place again, however you define that group. Individualism (however ingrained that is in our national psyche) will wane and we’ll see more tribalism than in recent decades. Safety in numbers, eh? Realism rather than idealism.

    And good time to have a really big, tough brother around.

  7. I know somebody whose arm I’d love it if the soldier might twist! I’ll give anyone who can find a way to get this man my UAC refund, I’ll give you 25 percent of it. Please, please help ya’ll this is making me a little upset. i sure wouldn’t ever think I’d be getting ripped off by a UAC person. I have called and written him 20 or 30 times. If you do break his arm find out first which hand he write with, we don’t want to injure his check writing hand!

  8. In self-defence of course yes, but before there is a real threat in the sense of the guy actually attacking I would say no. However inept I think the police can be the only law-enforcers. If they don’t do their job properly it should be addressed at political/ societal level, not by individuals guarding their own. I suppose my opinion comes from living for years in a household with links to the south-Italian maffia. The landlady would threaten to ‘have some of her friends come round’- her ‘defences’ as she called them when she wanted us to pay more rent even if the house was falling to bits and the rent was already sky-high. My flatmates would just go along with her, having accepted that violence was part of the deal. I don’t think under ANY circumstances threats or violence should be part of the deal. You don’t want it to be socially acceptable because then it spreads for good AND bad, and it’s dificult to differentiate.

  9. yes. been thinking about this stuff all my life, it seems. (i have a busy pluto and eighth house, go figure.)
    war is a primary example.
    but if you’re out in the woods and some psycho is coming after you with a knife, run him over. don’t wait for the police to come rescue you because they don’t know you’re in trouble until your family calls you in missing (if they will. hopefully someone will.)

    family troubles are really sticky. the law is just endlessly screwed up in that regard. sometimes it punishes victims or rewards perpetrators or doesn’t do anything until far too late… which is why i’m fond of the right to bear arms. there’s a reason Sam Colt’s six shooter was called “the equalizer…” then the sister can take care of the problem herself. and she’s got more legal rights to do so. less trouble for everyone that way, and if he knows she’s armed, maybe he’ll think twice about going after her.


  10. I’d like to pretend “I have Libra and I can’t decide”. Because my ninth house has jupiter in libra, and I want to have a nice glowy tea party acceptable sense of justice.

    But as I said on an earlier post I do believe violence can teach lessons and solve problems that might not sink it or be solved any other way. I believe it because I’ve seen it in action.

    I’m not saying a good beating will fix most offenders (most offenders are drug or theft or property damage related and I think rehab and good counselling can fix a lot – I’d say 80% without thinking too much). But there are people who only understand violence, and those who understand violence best. They just want what they want and if you’re in their way they will jack you up without a second thought. And if they have a second thought, it might be to come back and jack you up some more because it was fun.

    Sometimes a broken arm will teach a lesson that no amount of therapy will sink into someone’s head. And as I said on the other post, 6-8 weeks of staring a broken arm is a hell of a reinforcement on a lesson.

  11. What about a broken arm,leg,and ankle?Yep,that will get the job done.Get them in a situation where they’re forced to feel what it’s like to be hopeless,helpless,and without pride.

  12. I have been very blind. I always argue that violence is not the answer, but, can I argue withthis? It sounds sane, your point. I feel like, kill the man, almost, but breaking his arm sounds readily workable solution.
    I just ..I am air.. floating around.. Jupiter.. untouched?

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