Pluto In Aquarius: Tracking, Manipulation & Killing Technology

VirusPluto will enter Aquarius in 2023. I started writing about the Dark Side of Innovation & the Internet in 2015. I track things that interest me so I’ve added to the topic since. See tag – Pluto in Aquarius

I don’t think it’s a secret, people are becoming more and more fed up with being tracked.  Most people have some sort of ad-blocker installed. People are abandoning Facebook. They’re deleting apps from their phones.

I’ve recently discovered “container tabs” on the Firefox browser.  They restrict activity to a specific tab. This allows you to be logged into two accounts on the same site using one browser. 

You can also get specific containers for sites like, Twitter, Facebook., Youtube or Google, for that matter. Supposedly this prevents these entities from tracking activity outside the contained.

It’s funny, really. We have to contain these companies like we would a virus.

I doubt these tools are 100% effective but I’m pretty sure they have an impact.

There are also groups of people blocking any company that advertises on Twitter.  The intent is to harm the company.

Imagine paying to promote your product. As a result, they never see a tweet of yours again.  What a reversal.

I’m happy to say, these changes favor a site like mine. I work for the money I make on this site, rather than selling the user.  I also allow people to participate anonymously. I am the only one, exposed! My name. My face. My concern.

Have you taken any steps to thwart tracking? I think the worm is turning. You?

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