Pluto In Aquarius – Innovate Or Die

innovate or dieI woke up this morning to fresh comments on Pluto in Aquarius – 2023 – Shadow Side Of The Internet. I then had a conversation with a gal about the possibility of her writing for this blog.

I explained the hold that Google has over all of the internet. Google runs through a website to classify and rate it.  If I fail to keep this in mind, I will kill my site.

It’s not possible to write the way I used to and survive in this climate. It’s innovate or die.

I tend to arrive at these points ahead of the pack. If you’re not to the point yet, I bet you’ll get there.

Have you drawn a similar conclusion?


Pluto In Aquarius – Innovate Or Die — 8 Comments

  1. I know that shadow side all too well. I’ve caught heat for my personal writing since I first got online in 1997. I’ve fought many a battle. The worst was when a raging psycho stalker reported one of my YouTubes to my mom’s employer. My mom works for Child Protective Services. She and her husband confronted me after my son’s fifth birthday party and took my son to their home several hours away. I saw him briefly at Christmas then not again for several months. I’ve put a lot of stuff out there and I have paid. Will I ever stop? Tear down all that I have constructed? Maybe. Aquarius is my sixth house. Contains my sun and Venus. I do not anticipate that transit.

  2. Theres a lot of talk about SEO – whether it’s dead (since everybody is doing it) – or not.

    Google is a network. Aquarius is a networker. I expect to see a lot of networks/networking business either die – or soar to the top. If you can gather people for a sake that goes beyond the ego, I think you’ll have succes. So, for you, Elsa, I could actually imagine that gathering a community of Writers as a community here, this will only grow.

    I think we will see some part of SEO go bump in the night. But good quaility content will ALWAYS win. Because the infusion from Pluto in Aquarius will make sure that communities will get their piece of the cake. For good or bad.

    Me? I have Aquarius rising. I too must innovate myself, and it will probably happen because I meet someone (or join a community) who will change me, killling the broken parts I don’t need anymore of myself. Kill my self image. Make me more of a networker. Bring me up into the online career (at least, that’s my hope) where I’m struggling to find ground right now.

  3. I just can’t imagine what the world will be like in 2024. Weird. Personally, I love (Venus) to innovate (Aquarius). It comes naturally to me, but I feel bad for those who aren’t the creative/innovative types, perhaps not everyone is meant to be that way.

  4. I explained the hold that Google has over all of the internet. Google runs through a website to classify and rate it. If I fail to keep this in mind, I will kill my site.

    That’s Pluto in Capricorn I think. Pluto in Aquarius is likely going to be weirder. Power of dangerous groups (maybe) rather than corporations.

    [‘Definitely weird, either way.’]

    • I agree, google is Pluto in Capricorn. But innovate or die / change or die is a Pluto in Aquarius concept.

      There are legions of people out there who don’t realize (yet) they are not going to be able to maintain their status quo.

      • I was thinking in terms of the specifics of your blog – by then, Google won’t be a problem anymore. More something like gangs of internet bikers demanding self-criticism sessions.

        But then, by that time, you might be on a new platform (that would be the innovate part).

        [‘I have no good intuition about this yet, possibly because I might not be here. {shrugs}.’]

  5. ‘Innovate or die’ will be applicable quite literally where climate change is concerned. Either we inaugurate new technologies and/or we inaugurate new human fellowship (Aquarius) – we do things differently and for the benefit of all – or we will not survive.

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