Pluto Direct In Sagittarius…What Have You Learned?

sagittarius poker chipPluto will turn direct on September 8th, 2008 and leave Sagittarius the first week of November. The planet will not return to the sign for approximately 240 years. This means this is the last gasp (here on the galactic center) so what’s happening?  What’s happening in your life and what have you learned from this transit?

Pluto has spent it’s time in Sagittarius transiting my 11th house and I am telling you I am down to hardly any friends at all. It has been almost a total rout as I have mentioned before and I am hoping like hell no one else drops between now and November… however, I would not bet!

Personally,  I have learned all about the power of publishing, in particular the power the press has to manipulate. I really don’t believe a word I read anywhere any more and I mean a word.

I am also aware of the shadow side (Pluto) of optimism(Sagittarius) and if you’re not, I imagine you’ll soon find out when Pluto moves into Capricorn and delivers a reality check of what promises to be epic proportion.

Your turn!


Pluto Direct In Sagittarius…What Have You Learned? — 18 Comments

  1. Pluto’s been going through my 9th and I’ve dealt with everything under the sun when it comes to faith/spirituality/beliefs, etc. It’s been a long road and has actually gone in a bit of circle!

    It’s squaring my Mars now and pretty soon opposing my moon. We’ll see where that takes me!

  2. You’re scaring me o_o

    Lol :p

    I’ll be having my Pluto Square Pluto (11th H. natal – 2º libra) exact or almost exact:
    – January/February 2009
    – June and then again in Dezember 2009

    Right now it’s on my 2nd house with a conjunction to my lovely sag. moon – I grew up, I guess, and took action to redifine my finantial self. Took control(and I’m still taking) of things in that area. Anyway, it won’t leave my H. 2 in a while, so I have to endure. Also, I think, it’s probably the one to “blame” for my interest in Astrology – maybe the knowledge (lol, I’m learning still and will be for decades) of it is a “gift” that I already had and was unaware of it.

    Anyhow, future transits. Maybe the transit from the 2nd aspecting the 11th house pluto will manifest in this or these ways:
    – I’ll loose the few friends that I still have (they are less and less)
    – or maybe I’ll see my Hopes and Dreams Crushed 0_o
    – or I’ll learn how to make long term plans that effectivly help my soul progress (and some external event will Force me to Stick with them – I do too many plans, and never follow trough)
    – or I’ll join an organization and, like, Rule Them!, lol.

    Tell ya in a couple of years what happened ;p

  3. I’m not looking forward to Pluto transiting over my natal Sun before it moves into my 7th house of partnerships. How fast does Pluto move? Someone told me a few months ago that with my Sun at 7 degrees Capricorn it would be a few years before I feel the effects of that particular transit.

  4. As a Sag sun I’m looking forward to Pluto getting the hell out of my sun sign. Its been there since the birth of my son in 1995! Plus Pluto has been transiting my 8th House and I have transformed beyond recognition to what I was before. Plus I also had my Pluto square Pluto, Pluto conjunct sun and as an astrologer there was a lot of fear around watching these transits approach. It is with tremendous relief with Pluto going direct and finally leaving Sag. Interesting how some sun signs will never experience this Pluto transit through their sun sign in their life time. So it is a gift of strengthening. What have I learned? That I’m a survivor, I’m not afraid of death, choose life! That I didn’t loose anything I was prepared to loose.

  5. Pluto’s been in my 10th, will hit the 11th as it enters Cap again. When it crossed the midheaven, I got married and pregnant in short order, which changed my status from youngish single gal to full-fledged wife/mom/woman. I also went back to school and finished, which put me onto a better career track. While Pluto/10th didn’t bring a thirst for power or social-climbing, looking back, I’m hanging with a much more solid bunch of people, professionally. Socially, well… there’s not much going on. I got a divorce, so my status has changed once again. Friends have moved away either geographically or personally in the past couple of years, and no one has moved in to replace them, so maybe the friend purge of the 11th hit a little early.

    I’ve been spared hard Pluto aspects for the past few years. It will square my Saturn next year, then the Sun, then the Moon. There’s a lot of other heavy outer-planet action going on for me in the next few years, starting now, and I don’t know how easy it will be to tease out which aspect is responsible for what. As far as hopes and dreams… I’m not going into Pluto/11th with many of those, as this life has turned out to dash pretty much every hope I’ve ever had. Maybe Pluto will transform me into a person who has some again?

  6. oy vey! i’m also down to a few really good friends (sadly, most of them are in other cities far away). i stepped back from quite a few people. ultimately, it’s a blessing because those folks were toxic and i finally stopped pretending their behavior was acceptable. i live in LA, what should i really have expected.

    but, pluto has also stripped away my work. it has left me penniless and has another couple of years in my 2nd house. which could be why i’m taking classes and living on credit cards. it recently opposed my natal sun and that was no fun as it ushered in the worst.

    in my natal chart, i have pluto square saturn, so whatever i do, it’s a always a struggle. at least, it feels that way.

    alas, tomorrow is a new day.

  7. Sadge sun…6th house…and I was wiped out, came full circle and am much stronger to show for it. I left teaching in the 2nd year of the transit and came back last year and totally different person. I have experienced grief and sacrifice, reality and loss, more joy than I knew possible and despair I didn’t think was survivable..all in these powerfully long last years. What a journey….and I wouldn’t have the respect for or the coping ability to endure this transit without you Elsa. I’ve been around your blogs for the 2nd half of the ride and I definitely wouldn’t be the same without you. Thanks!!!!

  8. I am looking forward to it. I’ve been getting my ass kicked by Pluto since early on and I just don’t resist anymore. Saturn and Pluto came together on the exact degree of my Sun in 1982. My whole childhood was Pluto-scarred (I think you said yours was too). I am not looking forward to Pluto square my moon (which is more than 30 years from now) but I’ll worry about that then. Right now, as Pluto hangs heavily on my DC, I’m just stripped and ready to see what it brings as it moves forward. And I’ve come to understand what the deep bereavement of a Pluto transit actually is from reading your writing. “I am not sure what else God wants.”

  9. first week of november, huh.

    women in my family are making babies and dying. (4th house sag.)

    i don’t think that, in a year, my home will look anything at all like it does now.

  10. In the past 20 years, Pluto has squared my Sun/Mars (Leo), Mercury (mid Virgo), and now Venus/Pluto (late Virgo).

    I feel like I’ve crashed on shore after getting tossed around by the merciless deep sea. I stumble on shore and lay there with sand in my eyes and mouth for what seems like forever.

    Yeah, I’m wiped out.

    Pluto will eventually hit my Moon, but since she’s in mid Libra, it won’t be for a while. I’m thankful for that, because of Pluto retrograding back to square Venus/Pluto, and the utter chaos that followed. I’ve been deeply hurt by this transit, and I need some time to process it before the Next Big One hits.

  11. Shadow side of optimism… yeah.

    For the past couple of years I’ve been walking around thinking “where’s the Saturn?”

    I guess Pluto in Capricorn is going to show us where the Saturn is. I’m not looking forward to it, but damn have we lost our discipline and need it back (collectively).

  12. I am a 37 year old sag. now and I can hardly contain my excitement that the “dark force” pluto (ruler of both my sister’s scorpio zodiac sign as they were born 11-19 seven years apart) is finally once and for all leaving , going direct tomorrow, and making its way out of my zodiacal sun sign once again and for all. I am not surprised that the ruler of the underworld is announcing its eventual exit by going direct on such a poignant date, that characteristically plutonian date of 9-11. It has been a roller coaster ride since age 23 when it destroyed my life, wreaking havoc by annihilating the paltry successes I had up to that time only to rescue it under an umbrella of bazaar coincidences and then to drop me with such force so that I would crash down into despondency. Then through my own efforts I picked up my scattered remains and lifted myself to an ever new height never obtained ( a lot to do with sagittarian luck) and then in these last few years it has ferociously been after me with all of its machinations trying to push me off the steep cliff. I think I only survived because I recognized all of the games learned during the first half of its stay in my zodiac. Now it is making its final exit having a party of it dancing around the transit degrees and trying to causing havoc once more. I am hoping I avoided the chute that it has doggedly been trying to catapult me down these last two years, but resisted mainly probably in part to sheer determination. I am crossing my fingers that by it leaving my zodiac sign I may have avoided that 9-11 trap gate and that it goes away to leave with more security – what a date to go direct as 9-11 dates have been ever present and portentous in my life, hopefully this time I can celebrate – tomorrow at our work luncheon and then again tomorrow night with my husband!!!! And then again through the weekend!!! Let it wreak havoc on those caps – it’s their turn as they have been lazing around growing roots to their easy smooth water coasting lifestyles. I am definitely a different person now due to all of this. I want to know what life is like without having Pluto’s impact upon my life. My scorpio sisters were extremely moody and nasty growing up as it was transiting their signs then. I want it out!!! Away with it!!!!!!! Good Riddance!!!! What a ride.

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