Pluto Direct In Capricorn: September 30, 2018 – Details, Dates & Degrees

capricorn red sea goatPluto will turn direct on September 30th @ 18 degrees Capricorn.   If you have Cardinal planets between 15-25 degrees, it’s at this point you’re likely to become fully engaged.

I have planets are these degrees. It’s personal to me. I already feel this coming in. I see and I’m thinking about it.

When Pluto turns direct the planet will be squaring Mercury in Libra (conjunct my Mars Mercury conjunction). So yeah. I’m top of this and so far, so good. 

My Transit Calendar came back from the dead!  This is a great sign for me and it gives you some idea what to expect as we near the end of the month.

I’ve been going to funerals.
Ive had quite a few conversations about death.
A number of people have tried to establish contact with me; it’s like calling into a black hole. I’m not home!
I’ve formed extremely strong bonds with other people via conversation. We’re committed at this point, ’til the end.

I realize this sounds drastic but you’ve got to expect that when Saturn and Pluto are headed to conjunction as they will be during this period.  We’re all going to take some knocks. I mean this quite seriously.  Plan to get up when you’re knocked down, set back of humbled. Realize you may have to do this more than once.

I want to get into some details with this.  It can really help if you come to a point where you’re grinding it out day by day or even hour by hour, etc.

If details aren’t your thing, just be aware of the big picture here – we’re getting very close to the January, 2020 Stellium in Capricorn.

The Mega Capricorns, born 1991-93 should also be paying close attention to this. They will be greatly impacted.

First I want to look at the period between now and when Pluto will turn retrograde, April 24, 2019.  Think of this like a cold front coming in (or passing through if your planets are earlier degrees). These dates can help you get and keep a grip.

Pluto @ 18 Capricorn: August 30th – November 1st, 2018
Pluto @ 19 Capricorn: November 2nd – December 13th, 2018
Pluto @ 20 degrees: December 14th, 2018 – January 12th, 2019
Pluto @ 21 degrees: January 13th – February 11, 2019
Pluto @ 22 degrees: February 12, 2019 – March 30th, 2019
Pluto @ 23 degrees: March 31st – May 20th, 2019

This is one of the things I love about astrology. It offers a great illustration of how things do pass.  If you’re suffering, this list can help you see when “the darkest” is actually taking place.

It may also help to look at a bigger picture. For that, check this:

Pluto In Capricorn Stations – Dates & Degrees 2017-2024

In general terms we’re going gain ground at this time. We’re going to push ourselves and our families, our nations or whatever, further on the path of transformation.

This is generally not a pretty thing to witness. But hey! I just had my hip replaced. That means a surgeon went in and used my knee for leverage so he could dislocate my hip and saw into my bones.  Libra just about vomited to even type that. But do you think I’d rather keep my rotted hip? No.

If you’re feeling stalled between now and the end of the month, use this time to deepen your commitment to the path you choose once you’re focused on it.  Anyone who can do this and deal with various delays and/or setbacks, will be in a very good position heading for 2020.

Do you have planets near these degrees of the Cardinal signs?  What’s happening in your life?




Pluto Direct In Capricorn: September 30, 2018 – Details, Dates & Degrees — 35 Comments

  1. My Ascendant is on 20 Capricorn. I am changing a lot, but in a covert and hidden way. I am pretty sure that whatever happens, I’ll have to accept it 🙂

    • I have 20 Capricorn Ascendent as well, I don’t want to talk at all, I don’t have noone to talk to. Actually I hope that Pluto going direct will brings positive changes

      • I have no one to talk to either. My progressed moon is at 20 degrees Capricorn. For anyone that doesn’t think a transiting pluto conjunct progressed moon doesn’t manifest anything I call bull. My husband was just diagnosed with testicular cancer and he will be losing both. They are calling us this morning to schedule surgery. He is my only everything. He jokes I’m a hobbit. If you’d look at my recent calls it’s all him and some doctors offices now. I would do anything for him to just be healthy by my side until we are really old and gray. The cost will be our sex life, our bread and butter. He is a super aries and this is tough on him. Very alpha male! We both have early degree mars in aries with composite sun at 2 degrees aries. (Thanks Chiron, ya jerk!) my mars is 3 degrees aries and his is 6 degrees aries. Pluto is making aspects to other planets in our charts but I was really stunned pluto and progressed moon were EXACT when he got he news from the doctor.

        • Nina, you need to do some research on the web and also to speak to the various doctors involved. Even losing both testicles won’t wreck your sex life. It’s fairly likely that SOMETHING will change, but then you have the option of exploring a whole new range of things to do…
          I doubt whether ANY woman can fully understand how devastating it must be for a man to have to deal with this kind of surgery. Perhaps especially with so very much Aries and Mars energy.

      • Yes, that’s it; I cannot explain what is going on to anyone, I just don’t know how. With Saturn transiting 12th house, and Pluto on Ascendant, it is really the dark night of the soul, but I’ve made a strict resolution not to be bitter and resentful of life 🙂

      • I just want to say I have my moon at 25 cap and I feel like I have no one to talk to either. It’s so strange I just said these words to the teen age children when they said mom stop talking I said u know I have no one else to talk to lol Maybe We will be going inside deep to see what’s going on with ourselves!

  2. Not sure Jupiter counts. It rules the seventh. Also Pluto will be transiting the eighth house cusp. Journey through the seventh was tumultuous. This year has been one situation after another in which i feel trapped dealing with people I wouldn’t choose to deal with. Sometimes it works out ok but I have to work hard at it.

  3. Dear Elsa
    It is great that you had hip replacement – It must be much less pain!
    I am worried about my 9 year old with difficult chart-his Moon conjunct Lilith is in Capricorn in second house at 22 degrees .he is so difficult already what will come next…

  4. September 30th is my birthday, which means Pluto turns direct THAT DAY. What does that mean for my solar return and the coming year for me? Anything?

  5. I’m actually looking forward to this transit. It will square my Mars in the 1st house, but when it did before it went retrograde, I actually resolved some real tough things in my life that I had always put off. I need more of that determined energy.

    Of course there were downsides, but no matter what life threw at me I handled it.

    It will also sextile my Mercury in Scorpio. This is just excellent for doing research and its what I need to make the transition to retirement at the end of the year.

  6. Damn right I do. And I’m on top of my game. I have a stellium smack in the middle of Capricorn. I’ve found I’ve become an authority figure, and a wrecking ball. I’ve uncovered a bunch of folk who hate my guts. But guess what. I have their energy; I own them. Once you sit down and bitch about someone, they have your power.

    Sending you lots of healing for your hip and general well being, Elsa. Where would the world be without you?

  7. I have Venus at 22. My husband is 31 years older,and my best friend. I´m 52. My progressed sun now in c 29 cap is going to change sign.Anything can happen. Venus trine pluto natally, scorpio rising in the relocation chart.Happy for your hip!

  8. Yep, that Pluto is just going back and forth and back and forth across my natal Venus @ 20 Cap. Tremendous changes happening in my family life right now, dark night of the soul stuff but hey, I’m strong and as Elsa points out, this too shall pass!

  9. I’m confused about the dates. The first line said that Pluto in Capricorn will turn direct on Sept 30th. Then later in the article, the dates show that Pluto @18 degree Capricorn: August 30th to Nov 1st, 2018. So is Pluto going direct on Sept 30th or Nov 1st? Thanks for any help clarifying this.

    • Oh NO! Should’ve read Elsa’s reply first.
      So Pluto will oppose my Saturn for ALL of September and ALL of October.
      AND the Sun sextiled my North Node on 30 August, and will trine it on 1 November. No squares in sight THIS time… except of course there is that Mercury square coming up soon – I picked a horrible fight with my partner about a week ago, and it hasn’t entirely been resolved. I told (Mercury) him some deep truths (Pluto) and maybe I should have been a lot more tactful. Or at least more KIND. Hope I won’t get a horrible surprise from Mercury (my final dispositor). He pushed a very painful button that involves Pluto.
      Don’t know what I was thinking when I wrote my last post. But the good aspects to my Node explain why Pluto and Saturn are not being fierce to me right now. At least, not more than usual. It’s been a long, scary road with Pluto in my second house. I’ve lost track of all the horrible things that have happened to me in – I don’t even know how many years. Humbled?? I’ve been ground into the dust (not just by Saturn & Pluto). Saturn opposition in March 2019…
      You really know how to tell it like it is, Elsa. But somehow the compassion comes through. I don’t know how you do it, but I sure appreciate it. And your Transit Calendar is SPLENDID, thank you for that.
      I felt quite faint when I read about your hip, Elsa. Arthritis is rotting my left hip as I write this. I hope your convalescence is short and relatively easy to handle.

  10. Pluto makes no aspects until a bit later but it doesn’t look too bad! I just have to keep going, don’t let set backs get to me and expect a bump or two in the road maybe.

  11. Capricorn in my 4th house neighboring my aquarius saturn in my 5th house.
    No capricorn planets but Ive been cleaning my house of useless clutter all summer. And eyeing my love life (or lack of) next door. Cleaning up my relationship with my dad
    I feel I will be moving soon. To a better place for me.

    • I have also been cleaning out clutter this summer! Not sure what astrological may be causing it…but it’s awesome. My clutter is mostly paper-related. Old magazines, receipts, etc. I feel like any time I clean up, clean out, it opens me up for something else, better. I don’t know if I’ll be moving but I always think that when I do move again, everything I’m taking is something I want/use. So maybe that’s the Capricorn aspect in my second house, what do I value, not clutter. My mother’s cluttered house serves as inspiration to not live like that. She’s a Cancer moon and I’m a Cap moon, so I see very clearly how we’re opposite in that way.

  12. My Sun is 24 degrees Cancer. I’m already terrified of the 2020 stellium which is going to be like a giant arrow shooting straight across to my Sun. Now I’ve got Pluto going back and forth opposite my Sun to look forward to.

    I love Astrology but sometimes I wonder if knowing about challenging aspects too far in advance is a help or a hindrance (for me.) I don’t want to live in fear, waiting for the planet-sized shoe to drop. I want to think I’m stronger than that. But it’s also really damn hard to be “chill” when it feels like there’s a runaway train coming and I’m chained down smack in the middle of the tracks.

    • I feel you. But guess what? Sometimes nothing happens.
      There was a total eclipse on my birthday 2 months ago. I was dreading it. Nothing bad happened.
      And the Great American Eclipse of July 2017? Everybody thought it would be the end of the Trump please presidency…but no… it’s been over a year and he is still in office. Don’t forget, God is even bigger than planets.

      • Thanks for that. I look back on many of my major life events and can see clear astrological correlations, which is why I love Astrology so much. I learned to calculate charts by hand, just for fun, for crying out loud!

        But, I will also admit that there have been some “misses” too.

        I’m trying to prepare myself (though I’m honestly not sure how to prepare for things like this?) without making myself crazy. I’m a worrier by nature, and a Life goal of mine is to stop worrying about things that havent actually happened. It’s difficult for me, but very liberating when I can do it.

        I really appreciate your comment.

  13. I have a strongly aspected Uranus at 21 degrees Libra, and it is opposed by Chiron in Aries in my natal chart. 2016 and 2017 felt like a royal bone marrow transplant with the square from Pluto in Capricorn, and then I was in a relationship where my partner’s Saturn was right on top of the transiting Chiron! I am still recovering from that whole thing and feel like I’m getting closer to being myself again (but different). Now Pluto AND Saturn will be on that sensitive angle? I have a stellium in the first 15 degrees of Libra, but the Chiron-Pluto transits to Uranus were far more difficult than the Cardinal Square to the earlier planets! I almost feel like I should just go into hiding or join a monastery for the 2020 transit!

  14. Squares my natal Sun-Neptune-Saturn stellium at 18-21 Libra, which squares my natal Uranus. Transiting Pluto is currently also squaring the stellium (as is transiting Uranus). Should be an interesting ride and an opportunity to accomplish a LOT with all those square aspects!

  15. I’m going to court to obtain custody of my son, whose mother is unstable and whose grandma has Munchausens. I dropped a business venture and a great job to move and be with my son since his mother kept playing games with me regarding moving.
    Also in college and working FT.

  16. I was born on April 22nd, 1992 and thus have Uranus conj Neptune in Capricorn and my NN in Capricorn I also happen to have a Capricorn moon. Capricorn is my 7th house. Transiting Pluto has not only wreaked havoc on my love life via its 7th house transit, it’s also been squaring my 19 Aries Venus the past year too. My ex (a Cap stellium born 1-20-92) is probably really going through it right now. As are other Cap exes of mine… But karma comes around and karma’s name is Pluto. My exes are in for a treat.

    I just hope the Jan 2020 Capricorn stellium transiting in my 7th house will be a sign of a relationship for me, or something auspicious regarding my love life. God knows it’s about damn time something good happens for me in my love life.

  17. I have sun and mars in libra at 15 and 17 degrees and I met a guy last year when my mars was squared by transit pluto and conjunct transit jupiter…during lunar eclipse from 7th august…and obsession is the least I can say happened to me. I have venus conjunct pluto in libra which was activated by this lunar eclipse.

  18. I have Pluto conjunct my cap asc @20°, Aquarius sun in 1st house and Mercury conjunct my asc in 1st house too. That’s all I know about my chart. I’m 74, sold everything I had in CA, condo, teardrop trailer and car and all belongings. I now live in MX, have lost 40 lbs. over a couple of years, cut my hair very short and struggle a lil bit financially. (I have two cds that I don’t touch.) I ended a 9 month relationship with a guy half my age. I’m taking yoga, rebuilding the children’s section at the library in my town and tutor 3 people. I’m happy most of the time but really suffered over this guy. Pretty much ok now. I don’t know what will take place in my future but thrilled my health and energy are good to help me thru all the changes at this late time in my life.

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