Plot Twist 2022

Pisces mccalls horoscopeJupiter is in Pisces now and we’re all in a new story now. This may be more obvious to some.  While these changed affect everyone, the magnitude of if the impact on an individual is variable; shown by the aspects to their natal planets, among other things.

Two weeks ago we have the Saturn Uranus square, exact.  A few days later, Jupiter changed signs. If these things hit your personal planets, I’m pretty sure you’re in a new land.

A person doesn’t always register such a thing. For example, if you’re super depressed or something, you may not notice the sun has come out. But I am seeing this in consultations…

One gal was about to die from her job, early December-ish. The light at the end of that tunnel is clearly visible. I am pretty sure another gal is stepping into her first true love story.  She did not plan this!

My husband has a number of problems which he endures. He’s stepping into treatment now. He saw my back doctor today. He might be able to do something about his crushed spine, aka “paratrooper back”.

Another gal is considering going home, which means leaving the country she’s. Actually, I had two clients last week who are looking to do this. Jupiter in Pisces, slip out the back, Jack!

My son is changing jobs which is an EVENT for a Taurus.  I don’t know what’s going to happen to me or with me but I scan the horizon, constantly and I do feel a lot more detached.

Have you seen a plot twist in 2022?  What would you like to see happen in your story?


Plot Twist 2022 — 25 Comments

  1. Neptune just crossed my 2* Pisces Asc again. No big change last year but I sure could use a pick-me-up about now! Rough 2021! When Jupiter hits Neptune I have a grand trine with my natal Sun and Neptune in the 4 & 8th houses. I definitely feel like slipping into a more ideal situation.

  2. @Elsa I love the photo at the top!

    I feel the shift. I was going to have to go back to work physically into the office, but now am allowed to work remotely again, at least until absolutely necessary! Whew!

    Jupiter is entering my IC with Neptune. I am recommitting to meditation as with my commute and hours it was hard to do. Also plans are shifting all over the place and I do feel the urge to slip out the back (move to a new country), but I’m not so sure that would land me anywhere better. It certainly would not financially.

    I hear 2022 will be good and better than 2022, but so far, it’s been a redo of March 2020!

  3. I thought that Jupiter wasn’t ready to go into pisces yet, must retrograde back into Aquarius for a time? I know now that I actually “felt” Jupiter transit into pisces. I t felt like discovering a new room in your house or expanding in a very positive way. I have sun and mercury in pisces in the 10th

  4. That’s a quick transit of Jupiter (I’m a Sag Sun) through my 6th and I feel it’s a good one. Trine all my stuff in Scorpio. My progressed Sun is in early Pisces, I wasn’t too sure if I will like it (some Pisces folks have tested my patience and triggered me all my life) but actually I do. It feels strange though, I’m thinking new thoughts and am way more laid back and relaxed than I’m used to. Sometimes Im asking myself if I’m slipping into some optimism and faith cult of my own making…lol. But I know that there’s people who spend their life like this!
    So it’s strange but good. I think if I wouldnt know astrology I would doubt my mental agency, being used to capricorn useful and organised thoughts and thorough reflection. Now it’s dreaming all over the place although life says ‚you have to step up and fast!‘ Nay I’m rather floating….
    Looking forward to Jupiter in Aries too, my 7th.

  5. Yes I am one of those that was in another country and went home a week ago after four years. I can’t say I am thrilled though. The reality of what Neptune Saturn dissolved over the last years has hit home hard. I feel stuck in mud, unable to move so it is challenging to be enthusiastic about the horizon. I am in the gray space of how long will I have to stay here- I don’t know but it’s not fun. I am never comfortable here and it’s hard to keep a lid on my freedom urges and do the right thing of focusing on how I am going to rebuild myself starting with financial security that I lost during Neptune on my Saturn 2nd.

    Just ready for this to end, sucks.

    • as for the Jupiter shift… nope, haven’t noticed. It’s in my 4th, so please bring on the good juju and get me out of here.

        • Was thinking the exact same thing! I have Neptune Natally in Sag in my 2nd. ?

          Anyway, Pisces is on my 5th cusp, and I have Sun and Jupiter in my 9th in Cancer. I do feel that I will be taking a trip somewhere – however given that we are in the days of Rona, and I have the Saturn square Uranus in my 4th and 7th, it’s more than likely that I will be busy a) working (I work in the medical industry) and b) seeking medical care ?? Still positive about it nonetheless because I have Sun conjunct Jupiter! Maybe I should take to buy a lottery a week during this period.?

  6. I have a Venus and Mars conjunction (at 9 & 14 degrees) in Pisces in the 8th house. Any ideas or insight on how a Jupiter transit can play out or affect this? Thank you! ??

  7. I feel it. The fog has lifted for me a bit, I feel more like myself, and a bit more back in the driver seat. Going to therapy and I am so happy with my therapist, it is world changing for me every session. I would like to continue like this, finding solace in my own capabilities and creating new or recreating old relationships in a way witch is mutually supportive in these very weird times.

  8. Wow since pisces went in Jupiter i finally back home with my husband. But at the same time im sad about my elderly parents. I was there taking care of their needs for months and was trying to set them up with caretakers to help them in their daily life but thats been delayed;they need to see their doctors for the services to be allowed and they dont have transortation. Ive set up cleaning services for their home and the next step are caretakers and transportation which they are eligible. It took so long because my parents deny help or outside help and my mother has become a hoarder. Its stopped for this year since ive been there and the front rooms are free for access and cleaned. I just pray alot for them to see that they need to accept help from outside. Theyre not able to drive anymore or clean.

  9. I don’t know where to start from – I have alot happening in my chart.

    Firstly, I m about to have transiting pluto smack on (conjunct) my natal moon @ 28 deg cap 2nd house.

    As I have natal moon square node (@29 deg Aries-5th house) placement, this transiting pluto will also square off my natal nodes.

    I know I m going through deep transformation (around my self esteem, establishing boundaries) but this whole process is killing me.

    I would highly appreciate any guidance here on how to face this very strong forces at play ?

    • You’re probably feeling emotionally raw at the moment. ?

      My chart ruler is Pluto in Libra in the 12th and due to a conjunction in Cancer, a stellium in Leo and Mars in Virgo, have felt Pluto’s transformative hand through all the years of my life. In the last 5 years alone I have had Tr Pluto square followed by Tr opposite Sun conjunct Jupiter.

      So what can I offer you that might offer you solace? Acknowledge what you are feeling and experiencing. Embrace the transformation. Do the work that Pluto asks of you. Dig deep, reflect.

      Even though not religious, when Pluto was opposing my Sun and amplified by Jupiter next to Sun, I accepted the invitation of a friend to visit a Catholic Church. I didn’t pay particular attention to the sermon. I found it comforting just to sit in one of the pews and bask in the cool cavernous interior. My eyes would wander over the stained-glass windows, over the statues, as people around me read in unison. I can’t even remember what it is I heard.

      Learn to press pause on the world. Nourish your soul; look to what feeds it in your Natal chart. What does your Venus like?

      • I have venus in cancer
        So comfort food, the need to unleash loads of care and pampering.

        I agree with the emotional raw part – funny thing is i never thought of myself as an emotional person so the feel is still very alien to me.

        • You can log into the blog and look for a thread called Pluto transiting the 12th. Many people discuss their experiences with Pluto there.

          If you don’t have many Pluto aspects natally, Pluto’s impact in your life can be harder to adapt to.

          With harsh outer transits (I had the Saturn Uranus square crossing two of my axis last year) I’ve found that it helps to do what is asked. Eg. When I saw Saturn approaching my IC, I started a massive kon mari of my personal belongings. As Saturn natally aspects my L7 by conjunction, I also kon Mari my personal relationships. I applied myself to my family, to my work, to my duties…I did what Saturn transiting my IC and now fourth, opposite my natal Stellium asked me to.

          So with Pluto, you know the drill. Take care. ?

  10. What would I like to see happen?detaching
    Sounds good, I had dinner with old classmate
    Dec 18 was great on account of last winter/spring was beginning a steady thing
    Until I was asked to do an inspection? I did and then a bad moment with realtor which this guy was using to sell a house and I ripped off a foot-long text and two or three words later it was over ?so what would I like to see ?more casual dinners minus texting
    And my older brother had back surgery 25 years after diving off a bridge and he said he wished he did it sooner I think they harvested bone from his hip to make spacers in his back or perhaps they were another material but he said he wish he did it sooner he’s 75 now very active golf and swims every day lives in Texas so good luck to your husband

  11. Jupiter is in my 4th house, and I am looking to move closer to the city for the convenience. I live in a small Village and even though its only about 7 miles out I miss the hustle and bustle of the city. I will be able to go to a gym, be close to a variety of grocery stores and shopping, and close to health care which at my age is a must.

  12. Jupiter will form a grand trine with natal mars and Uranus as it transits my Pisces 4th house.
    I’ve been somewhat punch-drunk the last 2 years and could use a change of pace.

  13. Not long ago I started taking college courses again after a long break, and I’m studying something very different from my previous studies. My Cancer husband is now seriously talking about moving… which is kind of always in the background, but I think he really means it this time. What I would like to see… well that’s dependent on someone else, but I hope she has a big change of heart. But I’m very mutable, so change is my thing. Things have felt particularly auspicious lately. I didn’t realize there was a reason.

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