Planning For Mercury Retrograde

retrograde“Don’t wear a belt! Nobody in L.A. wears a belt… unless they’re a twiglet, crack-smoking fool.”
–Patti Stanger, Millionaire Matchmaker

Mercury is retrograde from August 3rd to the 27th. It’s a bit slow a few days on either end as well. Afterward, until it hits the point where it went retrograde it is considered to be in its shadow, the area it retrograded over. It’s a bit of a catching up period, going over the same ground it travelled before the retro period, fostering the readdressing of the issues it touched after a time of rumination.

Technology is affected, as are communications in general. Mixups in these areas are common. The senses are affected. That’s not such a bad thing. It allows you to take in information in a different way than usual, to readdress what you think you know, go back over old ground and reassess with a different viewpoint.

It’s a time to “re” things. Anything with a “re” in front of it is likely appropriate. It’s a time to slow down, go back over everything and rethink. It’s a good time to come up with ideas, but it is not a good time to implement them, to start something new. It is better to wait until you can compare this new perspective to your normal way of thinking, bring them both together.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that if you genuinely need to DO something you shouldn’t let Mercury retrograde stop you. If there are negative consequences to waiting to act you are better off just getting it done. Life isn’t perfect and sometimes you have to prioritize one set of consequences over another. Having things go wrong or having to rework something later may not be as difficult as dealing with the consequences of not acting. So if direct new action can easily wait, let it. If not, just do it. That’s life.

It’s been said that people with Mercury retrograde in their natal charts don’t feel the effects as keenly. I think that’s probable but no one is so isolated that they don’t feel the effects in the environment and those around them.

Do you have Mercury retrograde in your natal chart? Do you feel it affects you differently? And for everyone, have you started a project during Mercury retrograde? How did it go?


Planning For Mercury Retrograde — 18 Comments

  1. It went retrograde on the morning I was born haha.

    It takes me a while to formulate my thoughts & I don’t seem to have Merc RX problems as much as others seem to do during those periods.

  2. Everytime merc turns retrograde I get a job. At least for the past year and a half. And it never lasts; I leave or its otherwise temporary.. can’t figure out what that means..

  3. I have Merc rx natally, yup. 🙂 The retrogrades never seemed as bad until recently, when t. Neptune started opposing my n. Mercury — shit gets whack real fast here lately. *grins*

  4. vahcombusta, thats really interesting, does mercury rule or aspect your 10th or 6th house, maybe even the 2nd house?

  5. Thank you for the response jerriattricks. I do in fact have mercury ruling my 2nd house, and placed in the 6th, aspecting mars in the tenth!

  6. I’m just trying to understand astrology just like everyone here =) thanks so much for YOU’RE response, vahcombusta!

  7. I have Mercury Rx natally (in Gemini, 10th house) trining my Moon in Aquarius (6th house). I love Mercury Rx. I’m a writer and this is when I am able to really let go and allow myself (Virgo asc) to be messy in a productive, creative way. It’s almost always good.

  8. I have been thinking about this rx a lot. It will conj my n. jupiter/pluto thereby trining my n. mercury. I will be on the road traveling cross country re-turning home, you I have been thinking about this for a long time. The other funny thing about this is all my previous trips home between classes have all fallen on a mercury rx. Just trying to get all the transportation arrangements made before Wednesday though.

    Are some rx periods easier based on where they fall in your chart?

  9. This may be a time where job contract is negotiated… or I get a call on a job I applied for after weeks of nothing…I realise I’m meeting people that are going to give me new insights on the topic and that will give me new ideas, new vision on how to handle potential job interviews that may come up during merc rx period!…

  10. I once started a project during Merc Rx. Mine is not RX natally. Anyway, there was a big mix-up with documents, communication and legal details and I ended up losing around 700$. From that day, I always take Merc Rx very seriously and come prepared.

  11. It messes with me BIG time, (anyone who has been around on these boards for a while will have heard me going on & on about it!) but I have to be honest & say that some of these periods are worse than others.

    I am going to try & use this one to my advantage because I’ve been stuck with a work project that has stalled. I need a new way of approaching things to re boot myself & I’m hoping to find it in the “re” thinking etc of it all.

    One can only try, thanks Satori! =)

  12. Have it natally and it’s also my chart ruler. I def feel a difference. Especially observing other people. Everyone starts tripping up like I usually do.It’s nice:)

  13. Yep, I have Merc retro, in Leo! I find that when Merc is retro, I speak more clearly. When it is direct, I say thing but they sometimes come out backwords. Go figure!

  14. It retros opposite Chiron and Neptune. That should be interesting. Got the image if someone who gas been shot but runs around seeing who else was hurt then bam someone points out that they are running around with a bullet whole!

  15. You said you thought people with Mercury Rx were less sensitive to this retrograde. You gotta be kidding! I’m a 5th house Gemini born under Mercury retrograde and believe me, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who goes through as much trouble with these periods as I do. So I know to back up all my computer data, my IPOD music, allow plenty of time to get to appoitments, etc. That way I can rest assured the problems will come from somewhere else!

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