Planets Retrograde In Capricorn: Spine Surgery Cancelled / Delayed

Capricorn face to groundI was scheduled to per-certify for surgery, Monday morning.  I just found out I’d have to cancel my surgery, unless I wanted to pay for it myself. This is because my insurance has new rules, unbeknownst to me; I am restricted to specific surgeons at specific facilities.

I will say this: the surgeons available to me are wholly competent (I think). But I really liked the surgeon I had, so I’m pretty upset.  Never mind, I have had back problems for 20 years… this was to be resolved directly but not anymore.

I do think my insurance is going to get me in pretty quickly with another surgeon. But I don’t know what “quick” is, so I have opened my calendar for consultations for now.  It’s just up in the air.

I am sorry for anyone I’ve inconvenienced with this. It came as a total surprise.



Planets Retrograde In Capricorn: Spine Surgery Cancelled / Delayed — 19 Comments

  1. What a disappointment, Elsa.

    I’d be very upset too 🙁

    What Mokihana says might be spot on…yet for now what a turn of events, gosh.

  2. Maybe it will be better that way?
    All of my surgeries were during rx and it would have been better to not have them during rx but it’s not like these types of surgeries are elective. With the first one they had to put me right down on the bed (they were ready to take me to the surgery room but my period magically appeared). A delay. Second time, it was again mercury rx and it rules my 6th house health* the puryifing air machine broke up and had to wait doing nothing for five days in the hospital and it was their decision, then after the surgery they sent me unfully recovered because I stayed more than the manager was willing to agree. They basically brought a senior lady whilst I was in the bed being unable to move. Like they wanted to put her in my bed! I was discharged without painkillers, no food and necrosed tissue. Nearly fainted climbing the stairs.
    What I am trying to say, there is a reason why stuff happens during planets rx and even if it sucks, maybe it will be better without the complications they bring. Hope everything will turn out fine.

  3. Elsa, I am so sorry to hear this. But! I remember you’ve mentioned your faith in the past. I will pray for you. You are most brave.

  4. Maybe this is for the better right now and the universe is looking out for you. One of my privates with Spondylolisthesis (when I helped people with back problems with therapeutic yoga) chose not to have surgery for as long as possible despite pain and discomfort, and hopefully never, because it’s not necessarily a cure.

  5. What the heck !! I am sorry Elsa.You had so much confidence in your surgeon. What a rollercoaster. Again I am so sorry.

  6. I’m so sorry to hear of you experiencing this setback. I can only echo what Mokihana said, in that the universe will still take care of you. I have faith that the desired outcome will still be achieved on this alternative path 🌞🦋.

  7. It’s shocking. Kinda like being blindsided. There’s a lot of prep and planning for a major surgery. A very disappointing turn of events.

    Really sorry you had a wrench thrown into your plans Elsa and hope you are able to work things out to your satisfaction.

  8. So sorry Elsa! That just sucks! Let’s hope your insurance company does in fact turn this around quickly for you! Very disappointing and they didn’t let you know personally! I’m rooting for you!

  9. This is awful. I am upset for you. I know how excited you were to get this over and done by a great surgeon.

    What if you changed your insurance? I would look into that. I liked the idea of using the surgeon who would do it minimally invasively.

    Hell, I think I would even opt to pay for it out of pocket if I couldn’t get someone with his talent and his technique.

    This is a big deal.

  10. Technically, a trained monkey should be able to perform the procedure correctly. That is easy for me to say from afar, and I am embarassed for the seemingly benign problems that I have been stressing over lately. I should be able to handle my issues in stride whereas what Elsa is going through is obviously life or death. My mother did officially die yesterday at 12:10 PM.

      • That sucks that the one you planned on and trusted and had such high hopes to alleviate your pain and give you freedom of movement has been removed from your care. You know that I know exactly how that feels Elsa, only opposite, 1st vs 7th house. Only seven more months to go?

    • I was sorry to read this. I wish you comfort in your memories of your mom during what will be a very painful period.

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